gentlelines (driftinghorizon) wrote in spnstoryfinders,

J2 fics & Wincest

I'm looking for Wincest and J2 recs that are long, and the relationship slowly develops. Can be any scenario, any setting. I read Doors Of Time by felisblanco, and I want a story like that. Any J2 recs are welcome, actually, but nothing kinky.

With Sam and Dean, I want emotional scenarios, and I don't mind if there's trauma and some darker themes. I want the best long fics out there.

I know this is vague, and self-recs are welcome. Just give me good, long Wincest or J2 fics. Preferably no other significant characters, or OCs that stick around for long periods of time. 
Tags: genre: angst, genre: slash, pairing: dean/sam, pairing: jared/jensen
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