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Looking for 2 specific J2 fics (BOTH FOUND)

Guys, I'm looking for 2 specific J2 fics.

1. Now I know a few details about this fic and I remember a scene from it:
It is not long. Maybe around 10,000?
It is non-au.
Jared is with Sandy in the beginning. Then he breaks up with her. Meanwhile, Jensen is pining over Jared.
In one scene, the guys get drunk with their friends and crash in one of their friend's homes. Jared falls asleep on Jensen's lap. Jensen wakes up when its still dark and just looks at Jared. He thinks cheesy stuff like how his index finger fit perfectly in the sleepy curl of Jared's fingers? Jared wakes up then. He asks Jensen why he didn't wake him up. Jensen wants to give a cheesy answer but he just says, "to watch your face when I do this" and he pushes Jared off his lap. Jared then gets a phone call from Sandy. He apologizes to her and tells Jensen that he is leaving. As he falls asleep again, Jensen wonders if him touching Jared was what woke him up and he smiles as he wishes that it was.
Now I know that's not a lot to go on but can you guys help me?

2. I know a lot of details about this story. Actually, I know the whole plot. But, I can't remember the title or find the story. Help me?
It is a college AU. There are many different kinds of weres. Jensen is a werecat (of the lynx variety). Jared never was able to shift into his were form so he doesn't know what species he is. He comes from a varied were background and the doctors have conducted all kinds of tests on him to find out why he didn't shift. He got bullied a lot as a kid and even had suicidal thoughts. In college Jensen is his TA (or RA, or whatever). He once rescues Jared from being bullied by a group of kids from his floor. Then he befriends Jared. They watch Lord of the Rings. Jensen shows his true wereform to Jared (which people don't usually do in front of people other than their pack). Jensen has a pack. And he introduces Jared to them. They all like Jared. There is an intercollege laser-tag game or something and Jensen recruits Jared to their group. Someone attacks Jared in the library. Jensen and his group rescue him. Jensen takes Jared back to his dorm. They have sex. Jared shifts. He turns out to be a weredog and all werecats are afraid of/hate weredogs so Jensen is a little uncomfortable. Then Jared leaves for his home. Jensen thinks Jared's left him and mopes. But, Jared comes back and tells him that he had to go back to get some tests run. Jared tells Jensen that when Jensen asked him to watch LoTR with him, he was about to commit suicide but since he stopped for Jensen. He tells him that he loves Jensen and that he would like to make it work. And then in the epilogue, I think, the boys who attacked Jared - werewolves - harass Jensen in a park when Jared is in his wereform and Jensen tells them that Jared's breed is known for hunting down wolves before he sics Jared at the boys.

Thanks in advance, guys :D
Tags: !specific fic, !status: found, affliction: bullied, affliction: hurt!jared, creature: werewolves/were-creature, genre: au, genre: college, genre: non-au, genre: pining!boys, pairing: jared/jensen, warning: self harm
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