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Looking For A Specific Fic & Other General Requests

I'm looking for a fic where Sam has been kidnapped (I think it's because of someone finding out about his powers) and is in some kind of hospital compound. The fic is from the POV of a nurse that is new to the compound. She looks after Sam when the doctors aren't looking and eventually gets a visit from Dean who asks her to help him get his brother back. The nurse and Dean are successful at rescuing Sam. I'm sure there's also a epilogue where she sees the boys in a diner a few months after the whole incident where Sam thanks her for helping him.


I would also love it if you could suggest some:
1. Deaf!Sam
2. Dyslexic/learning difficulties/diabetic/asthmatic!Sam or any other kinds of illnesses, conditions, etc
3. Good hurt!Sam reads
4. wee!chesters/teen!chesters
5. Brother fluff
6. Abusive!John/Asshole!John
7. Adopted!Boys/Homeless!Boys/Boys raised apart
8. Genderbend!Spn
9. Older Sam
10. Hunger/Starvation fics
11. Depressed/Low Self Esteem/Suicidal/Self-Harming/Eating Disorder Sam
12. Fics where Dean places Sam in a mental hospital to get help for his depression
No stories which contain slash, rape or sexual abuse please.
Thanks :)
Tags: abilities: powers!sam, affliction: kidnapped!sam, character: dean, character: john, character: sam, point of view: outsider
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