wusswoo (wusswoo) wrote in spnstoryfinders,

Looking for recs for Slavefics, whorefics and WTF moment fics

I have a weakness for slavefics, my favourite being A Kept Boy verse by poisontaster and Sundown Verse and of course Deathknell Verse. I'd love some more slavefic, J2 or Jeff/Jensen and bottom Jensen please.

Pretty much the same request, bottom Jensen prostitute fics please.

Finally, I've asked for this before but no one replied. I'd like some angsty fics with WTF moments. What I'm looking for is fics with a shocking moment, normally a hugely angsty moment. The two stories that I'm thinking of establish the story and lure you in emotionally to care for the characters then out of the blue something awful and unexpected happens, in the two case I'm thinking of, one character lets the other down. Nothing Ever Happens which was a fanfic once upon a time and Bareback which wasn't. If anyone has read these stories then they'll know what I mean.

Ooh and one last thing if anyone could rec some infidelity fics too, I would be grateful. I never used to like infidelity in my reading but now I love the angst it causes.

Many thanks
Tags: career: hustler!jensen, pairing: jared/jensen, pairing: jensen/jeff, position (sex): bottom!jensen, warning: infidelity, warning: slavery
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