goldenboat (goldenboat) wrote in spnstoryfinders,

Looking for Alpha Jensen/Omega Jared mpreg/kidfics

Hi friends,
I am craving for some awesome Alpha Jensen/Omega Jared mpreg or kidfics. I have read all the stories of Fatebegins and the amazing Christmas Tree Verse by anniespinkhouse (in AO3) but am unable to find more. While there are quite a few Alpha Jensen fics..very few of them are mpreg or kidfics. Can you please rec me you favorite ones ?

Thanx a million

****Please don't comment on the thread asking for pdf of certain fics.My inbox is getting flooded with comments completely unrelated with original entry. PLEASE STOP. Thanx a lot
Tags: creature: werewolves/were-creature, genre: slash, kink: mpreg, pairing: jared/jensen, person: jared padalecki, person: jensen ackles
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