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Seeking specific fics (mostly Destiel) and some recs.

I’m looking for some specific stories, mostly Destiel. I know the titles, but not the authors, and the titles are generic enough that my Google Fu has failed me, so I’m hoping you can all help, since they’re apparently awesome fics.

The first two are called “Waves” and “Twelve Steps.” I don’t know anything more about them, beyond them being Destiel. The third is a dragon!Cas fic called “Silver Wing(s)” (or some variation thereof.)

I’m also looking for the Silk!verse (which I think is Wincest?) I’d read the original story, and have only just learned that now it’s a ‘verse. I haven’t had any luck finding it.

I’d also love some good RPF recs, preferably Jensen/Misha but I’m open to some J2M (as long as it doesn‘t turn into just J2). I’m craving some long, plotty fics, something along the line of emwebb17’s SPN RPFiles and Off the Reservation series, or paleogymnast’s Helix ‘verse.

If I’m slow to respond to any posts, it’s because I’ve been busy at work and don’t get online as much as I’d like, so thank you all in advance.

Tags: creature: dragon, pairing: dean/castiel, pairing: jensen/misha
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