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three general - dark Dean and Sam - outsider's POV - human foes

1)I just read Wolfpack verse by Tabaqui and I thought it was refreshing to read her/his interpretation of Dean and Sam, as they were both depicted much darker. I liked that. After all those boys are in fact canonical serial killers and they sure had a difficult childhood. I'd like to read something along the lines of Wolfpack, something that shows the boys scarier and darker. Any recs?

2)Another thing is that this story had an outsider's point of view and I think that's a nice way to explore characters, I always liked finding out what other people were thinking about the Winchesters, because we know them with all of their history and emotions while I'm sure they're kind of scary for the people they meet. Two expertly trained fighters; tall, dark and strong professionals, that's gotta be scary or leave an impression or whatever. So do you know any good stories that have an outsider's POV (doesn't have to be throughout the whole story)?

4) I liked The Benders. And I'd like to read something where the boys are up against human foes because like Dean said monsters I get, people are crazy.

I don't care if there's Wincest or not and I don't care about the rating.
Tags: genre: bamf!boys, genre: casefic, genre: dark!fic, pairing: dean/sam
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