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19 August 2015 @ 06:57 pm
Hey Guys,

I'm looking for any fics you have about Dean doing wood work, metal work and/or mechanics(cars) in high school and him being really good at it. It can be AU or Canon I'm not bothered.

For pairings I will take gen, Destiel or Dean/OFC though NO WINCEST PLEASE!!

19 August 2015 @ 12:16 pm

I am looking for a verse I think it was called second chances. In it Sam and John fall into a different universe and they had to save Dean (who was bejng abused) from their version of that world.

I also would enjoy any recs that follows a similar theme.

18 August 2015 @ 08:22 pm
  I remember bits of a story and I believe it takes place season 9 without mark of cain.Dean develops powers including wings.While he is learning to use them Cas is helping heal Sam.He ends up saving the day
19 August 2015 @ 12:16 am
Yup, pretty much what the title says! Any and all fics with a dark!sam or dark!castiel. (I'm particularly fond of possessive!castiel or possessive!sam) Anything is fine, except no-con please (dub-con fine)

Thanks! :)
18 August 2015 @ 09:16 pm
Hey everyone. I'm in a bit of a mood to read something different, and I've been wanting to read so good rare pair fics. So I was wondering if any of you could be so kind as to link some fics to me. I'm particularly looking for Lucifer/Michael, Dean/Lucifer, Dean/Gabriel, Gabriel/Castiel and Castiel/Lucifer (in fact any non-conventional pairing involving the angels) but any other pairing is fine so long as it's outside the conventional main ships that we have. I'm also looking for fics on livejournal of possible, because I've read most of the fics on Ao3 (that's not to say that if you think there's a good fic on Ao3, to not rec it!). No non-con fics please! Dub-con is fine

I know I probably won't get much recs (if any) as not may people are into the rare pairs, but any help would be much appreciated :)
18 August 2015 @ 01:16 pm
i read this fic a while ago, but I think I lost it. Help me find it. In it, Jared and Jensen are filming Supernatural, and they become fast friends and Jensen moves into Jared's house, then one night Jared and Jensen sleep with each other and it is really awkward for a while, then they go back to being friends, then they get together in the end. I don not remember if there was any Sandy or Danneel, but there was probably.

I really liked this story, so could you help me find it? It was probably on LJ.
Hello spnstoryfinders!

I am looking for a Dean/Cas fic I read on A03. The only really definite detail I can remember about it is that Cas (or possibly another angel) were looking at something, trying to work out how it would work, and the author wrote a specific piece of description about how it looked (paraphrased) as if someone who wasn't sure they were going to be able to do something was looking down a challenge, but nevertheless committed to bringing their not-inconsiderable talents to bear on the task.

I know this is a really weird request, but it's bugging me badly, and I don't have any of the usual context that I use to find it, so I thought it might light a bulb for someone. :)
So in this story that I can't googlefoo, Dean and Sam are fighting about the last piece of candy/chocolate, and Dean wins, but Sam is a little bitch about it and says "you always get the last piece" or something. So Dean, being Dean, gives it up. Gabriel sees this (or goes through memories, idk) and is all 'come to my bossum' and sexy times. Next day, Dean smothers his pancakes in syrup and Sam goes to complain. Gabriel is all 'why so selfish?'. And Cas is there.


(about 2 minutes after I gave in and submitted here, I found it. Less sexy times than I thought, but still makes me want to cuddle Dean)
16 August 2015 @ 04:45 pm
1I noticed when jeff is in a story with one of the boys or john with one of the boys he is always a top and there are hot for sure but I was hoping there where fics where he is a bottom I am up for anything really I like it all underage death nothing bugs me and this could be with any male not just the j's

2.bottom dad wincest this is something I only want with sam or dean all 3 no one else please I am okay with anything all kinks are fair game please and thank you

I would just love some bottom jeff john fics please self rec always welcome

any type of fic for both request I love it all
After rereading the Journey's End fics and Learning How to Fly I now want more fics where Dean either runs off or somehow becomes military and ends up on the Stargate program which Sam learns about somehow. Either when it goes public or he someone learns of it. What I really want is him needing to confront all of the 'good little soldier' stuff he said when he left for Stanford and the fact that Dean is a lot smarter and more able than he gave his brother credit for.

It's okay if the Sam bit is just a small part of a much larger fic.

Other crossovers that result in a similar soldier!Dean or successful!professional!government!Dean are also welcome. I'm always willing to expand my horizons show-wise. Or if it's not a crossover with the same results then that's fine too.

Gen, het or slash welcome. Just no Sam/Dean or Sam/angels other than Lucifer.
15 August 2015 @ 10:05 pm
Looking for any fics in which either Dean or Jensen does/says something and gets really embarrassed about it. Sam/Jared may laugh/make fun of him at first but in the end he comforts him and makes him feel better.

For some reason I'm really craving second-hand embarrassment, so I'd really like one of those cringe-worthy moments in which you're just writhing in your seat and blushing and feeling so bad for the poor guy. So please! Help fulfill me!
15 August 2015 @ 06:58 pm
So i recently read a fic where the boys had just hunted a basilisk and it gave Dean mind-reading abilities for a week but he could only read Sam's thoughts when Sam was especially stressed or feeling something strongly. and then Dean heard/felt all of the feelings/thoughts Sam had of him and that led to doing the do.

anyways i really enjoyed the thought of that and I'd like to know if anyone had any fics where either sam and dean can read the other's mind for some curse or hunt or whatever and it eventually leads to canon wincest and the frickle frackle. yup yup thank you.

I am looking for a specific Dean/Castiel fic with slave Castiel. Also, Dean has Meg as a demon slave too. I think there might be a side paring of Sam and Slave Ruby but I cannot remember for sure. It is in a world where angels and demons are slaves and when humans turn 18 they are able to have their own demon and angel slave. I do not really remember any specific parts (besides dean punishing meg by locking her in a cage)

 I thought it was somewhere on AO3 or FF.net and have looked both places but did not find it.

Thanks in advance :)
I'm hunting for three fics which are very old so my hopes aren't high but...

The first one is Jensen has gender issues and wants to change sex and become a woman. At first Jared is supportive but then he is confused and leaves for a while. Jensen has surgery and becomes 'Jenny'. Jared comes back and declares his love.

The second is Sera Gamble catches Jared/Jensen having sex against their trailer. She gets the idea for the sex in Heart from that scene.

The third is a really old one - Sam goes with Dean to Jericho but there is sex and Sam comes so hard he has come on his chin! Any help??

15 August 2015 @ 10:58 pm
Looking for fics where Dean and/or Sam through some means revisit their childhood and look at it froman adult perspective

Give me anything you got - any ships, no ships, angst, crack fic, porn I don't mind

Thank you !!!!
16 August 2015 @ 12:44 am
So. Because I'm a masochist and angst is how I roll, I was wondering if there were any fics out there where Sam has to deal with the fallout of a suicide attempt? Like, at some point he tries to kill himself, but Dean finds out in time and stops it. But then maybe Dean's still in panic mode or freaked out or just plain tired - for whatever reason he loses his temper and slams Sam down for being so selfish, running away from his problems whenever things get hard, etc.

Just, something where almost-suicide doesn't immediately bring the boys back together, as usually happens in fics, but brings about other negative repercussions. It could even just be a brief scene where emotions are running high and Dean says something he later regrets.
Not actually looking for any Sam-bashing though, please. Though do bring on the Sam-whump. Ensuing hurt/comfort and a happy ending would be nice, if possible :D
15 August 2015 @ 01:54 pm
I'm looking for a fic with Omega Crowley. As in Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics - demons have those dynamics, I'm not sure if humans do (though I doubt it). Anyway, each time an Omega goes into heat, several Alpha-demons basically gang-rape him. The same has always been with Crowley, and he dealt with it as his Heat came.

In this fic Crowley is the King of Hell. And with his new Status, his Heat attracted a whole lot more attention than just the usual several demons. Think an army of demons. Hundreds. All horny and willing to rip Crowley apart just to get a piece of him.

Understandably, Crowley runs. He runs to Bobby, cause he has the best wards against the barrage of aggressively horny demons. Except Bobby doesn't really understand the dynamic and forces Crowley to leave the safety of the house. Heartbroken, Crowley does, and Bobby goes to read a bit on Omega!demons. When he read about what happens during Heat, he realised that he essentially threw Crowley out to be raped by a hundred demons.

Bobby to the rescue, and he manages to get the demons off of Crowley and to drag him back into the house. Bobby tries to take care of Crowley, sticking him in a shower I think, but, as this is kinky fanfiction, they end up bonking. And mating. When they woke up the next morning, Crowley's scent changed to indicate he's mated to Bobby, and Bobby takes his responsibility seriously.
15 August 2015 @ 01:16 am
  Hello, well im looking for a couple things so i hope anyone could help i am perfering Gen, but Sam/Dean is ok (In the mood for Dean fic)

  1. So im looking for a fic where Dean is raised by azazel and looks to him as a father figure. Ive already read Damaged goods and the sequel its just a shame she stopped writing the story. Ive also Consquences of Phophesy. I just really wanna see dean look up to azazel like a father. I really wanna find this one!!! I also dont mind if both sam and dean are raised by azazel but i rather it just be dean.

2. Some negected dean! John favores Sam more than Dean like picking sam over dean in a life or death situation, azazel said how sams johns favorite.. Stuff like that.

3. Where sam is being a total asshole to dean. Saying something or doing somthing just totally mean and ingreatful. I just dont want anything to justify his sams actions. I want some Guilty!Sam and Hurt!Dean.

4. Some bobby and dean fics where he comforts dean some how kind of like a father and son relationship.
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I just finished reading Sure Got a Dirty Mouth by JustineDelarge and I can't seem to get it out of my head.

I want more.  What should I read next?  The longer, the better.  Must be Wincest with a happy ending, and I would prefer pre-series, if possible.

Thank you for your recommendations!
Hello! I was wondering if there are any Au fics where Dean chooses to stay at the boys home instead of going with John? Like one that followed Dean or John and Sam in the aftermath.

I'd prefer Sam to be featured in the fic, but I'd still be interseted in others. No wincest.
14 August 2015 @ 03:04 pm
I am wondering if anyone has any recs for fics where character A is an alcoholic (recovering) and character B is their sober companion? A sober companion or sober coach provides one-on-one assistance to newly recovering drug addicts and alcoholics, possibly someone who lives in that person's house.

I've definitely read at least one so I know they're out there, I just don't remember how to find the fic/what ship it was. But I will take anything, any pairing, any AU or rpf. Double points if you can find the one I originally read.
14 August 2015 @ 10:22 am
I read a fic awhile back and can't remember what it was called. In it Jensen moves from Dallas to a small town after his father dies (IIRC). Jensen intends on selling the ranch and going back to Dallas. I don't remember how but Jared is there and works on the ranch in some capacity. There is an attraction between them but Jensen resists because he fucked up his previous relationship by constantly cheating on his partner and doesn't trust himself, or he's in denial of his homosexuality (he'll fuck guys but doesn't love them, kinda thing) Eventually Jensen gives into his attraction for Jared, and run the ranch together.

I love cowboys stories so it is possible I'm confusing two fics. Can anyone help me out?

ETA: its probably a Top!Jared fic and it is not "The Dirt on His Boots" Fic found in comments. Thanks, y'all.

I've lost one of my fave fics, I think it's on fanfiction.net, it's a hurt/comfort fic I think taking place someone in S4 or S5 era with Sam and Dean waking up in a tiny room with one locked exit, a single gun, and a speaker with a voice that says one can leave with one of them is dead. So Sam can either shoot Dean or Dean can shoot Sam. Except that Sam decides to shoot himself, but it turns out the gun was jammed purposefully and they reconnect as brothers. And Jo and Ellen (it might be Rufus) are the ones that let them out (they came to their rescue).

If anyone can pinpoint this fic that would be awsome, I've spent all week trying to remember it because I just read it like a month ago.
Hey guys,

Looking for two specific fics that I have lost, and have been craving like nobody's business.

The first is Pursuit, by hansons_angel. Have been searching for at least a week, finally found the title and author, but can find no actual version of it anywhere. If someone has a copy they might be willing to share with me, I would be forever grateful!!!

The second I can't remember the title or author. It's a college au, Dean and Sam go to school. Dean works full time (I think?) and Cas is his advisor or professor at college. At one point John burns down their house and Cas invites Sam and Dean to move in with him. Also I think they get a dog?

Anyway, help on both accounts would be very much appreciated, and would go a long way towards satisfying this reader.
13 August 2015 @ 04:02 pm
I have a somewhat specific, somewhat vague story search request. I'm looking for stories where, for some reason, character A is afraid of character B, but character B ends up being extremely protective of Character A.

A few examples of fics I've read along those lines: Jensen Ackles Doesn't Exist, The Wild Ones, A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing, Playing for Keeps and the revamped version of Playing for Keeps, Under the Gun. All of them are very good and well worth reading.

Gen or any pairing (including het and femmeslash). I'd prefer no serial killer AUs, major character death or non-con between the primary pairing (past non-con is fine though).

I know this is an odd request, but ANY story recs with this theme would be greatly appreciated, self-recs and WIPs are welcome.
Hi all looking for one specific fic that I know I read a while ago but can't find it, I've written what I can remember down below.

1 - Sam and John are fighting so much that they forget about Dean, I think they might have left him after a hunt and drove off, I'm 99% it was pre series. Also any fics that are like this one with Dean being forgotten during one Sam and John's fights.

2 - Also any fics with Sam and Dean having a massive fight, extra points if there is lots of Hurt Dean and it takes a long time for them to make up.

3 - Any decent Dean attempted suicide fics, I have been through pretty much all the tags and wondering if anyone has anymore.

4 - Any good crossover fics with any of these fandoms - The walking Dead, Buffy, Vampire Diaries, Originals, NCIS, Dark Angel, CSI

Also I haven't been apart of the Supernatural fandom for about two years lived in an area with really slow internet and couldn't afford the TV Lisence (I'm from the UK). So any older fics I probably haven't read and I'm still catching up with the last couple of seasons of Supernatural but spoilers don't bother me in the slightest will still read the fics.

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13 August 2015 @ 07:44 pm

I'm looking for this J2 Fic, but since I'm a little hazy with the details, here's what I think happened in the fic:

Jensen is the son of someone influential (perhaps a politician?)
Jared was someone Jensen met before the incident on the plane, I think he was the pilot for Jensen's plane.
Jensen was with his family in the plane when one of the engines blew, because a group of people were out to get them, probably for some cause of theirs. Jensen's family was held hostage.
Jared and Jensen decided to work together to bring down the bad guys when they found the dead bodies of those who worked on the plane (e.g. the chef and co-pilot)

I'm sorry for the messy details, and thanks in advance!

Also, if anyone has any recommendations for survival!J2 Fics (only with bottom!Jensen please), that'll be great :)

13 August 2015 @ 02:03 am
I can't remember the name of this fic but Jensen is afraid of huge cock. I remember he tried to have sex with his boyfriend but he couldn’t do it because he eas afraid of his size. Jared comes in later and actually relieves his fear. I think they meet in a diner? I'm unsure. Note: Jensen was not raped. Just bad sex experiences.
12 August 2015 @ 10:05 pm
Don't remember all the details, but there's a specific scene where Sam wakes up to tension in the front seat after a hunt and realizes that his brother is willing to let him pretend to continue sleeping to not be involved in it. But he stretches and wakes up so one of the three in the front could move and Jo gets out to sit in the back while Ellen sits angrily in the front.

Other things I remember: Jo joins them for a hunt against her mother's wishes. Sam is sick and Dean keeps forcing him to take medicine that makes him sleepy and is generally protective.
12 August 2015 @ 09:04 pm
Today, I was reading a fiction which begins with Sam and Dean at a tattoo parlor both getting anti-posession tattoos Sam designed. Sam's is finished and the tattoo artists asks Dean to strip so she can start inking his. The inking job both terrifies and arouses Dean, which makes him slightly embarrassed, and it is soon revealed that he is getting off on the pain, in particular because of something that happened in "Vegas" where Dean was raped and later stitched up by his brother. Sam wants to distract Dean from the inking so he says that he wants to talk about something "supernatural" to which Dean tells the tattoo artist to play some music. The tattoo artist puts in her earbuds and Sam and Dean talk.

I know my description above is vague and confusing because I was trying to read the first chapter in a rush. I hope that from these details someone will be able to identify this fiction. I know this fiction is on ao3.

Thank you in advance!
Hello everyone,

Just looking for any and all fics with Dean or John disciplining Sam while growing up and as an adult too (would love more adult fics).

I read some but lost them, so I'll take as many as you guys know that are old and new ones would be great too or can find?

Please no Dean being discipline or John- just Sam.

Or always wonder if there were any Jensen spanking Jared fics?

Well cool and thanks!
12 August 2015 @ 11:11 am
Hey guys,

I have a couple general requests and I'm hoping you can help me find them! (In the requests I've used J1 and J2, but I would also love to read any of these as wincest!)

1. A/B/O verse where omega!J1 rescued by alpha!J2. I've read a couple like this, but I'm looking for something with a really vulnerable (underage, homeless, captured by mob, arranged marriage, etc) J1 who fights J2 every step of the way, and a J2 who is very ruthless (mobster, businessman, royalty etc) but is instantly taken with J1 and works to earn his trust. Bonus points for super long fics!

2. Any sort of fic where J1 is hurting J2 but doesn't realize it. I adored fizzicks's Fancy Rained Like Grace and was devastated when I realized it was still a WIP! I especially love dragons and mating fics, but any sort of relationship works!

3. Any highschool AU's where popular!J1 shamelessly flaunts unpopular!J2 as his bf? I loved locknkey's Becoming What We Pretend to Be and am looking for anything else along these lines.

4. Also looking for some long, super heavy angst fics with happy endings. Seriously, I'm talking heartwrenching, tear jerking angst. I've been looking through J2 recs and spnstoryfinders, but I can't seem to find anything that is all three (long, angsty, and has a happy ending). With respect to this, I'd take any sort of fic at all, as long as the pairing is J2!

Thank you guys!! *virtual cookies for everyone*
12 August 2015 @ 06:59 am
Basically a while ago (unfortunately before I got into the habit of saving my fics) I read this one story where Sam lost his memory. I cant remember how or why. But he wakes up to Dean and assumes they're married which Dean doesnt deny. They fall in love with tons of angst from Dean who feels guilty, and then Sam finds Out they are brothers but he doesnt care, he's just afraid to lose Dean.
Castiel and Ana were involved.
and I also seem to remember that Dean had a hole done in the middle of the living room which was where he put all their hunting stuff.

Long I know, but if you could point me in the right direction I'd be very grateful.
11 August 2015 @ 10:28 pm
Hey, I hope someone can help me! I read this fic a long time ago and for some reason I just thought of it again, but now I can't find it. I'm 95% sure I read it on ff.net, but that could be wrong... Anyways, I remember that Dean is deaf but does a good job of hiding it and somehow he ends up injured and he and Sam have to rely on two OFCs to help them because Sam gets migraines. I also remember a scene where the OFC turns the sound off on her phone/alarm so it doesn't wake up Dean when it goes off, but he notices and gives her a hard time for turning the sound off on something for the deaf guy. I think Sam and Dean end up together with an OFC each, but it could've also been gen. I hope someone can help me find this story because I really want to read it again!
11 August 2015 @ 10:45 pm
Either they already have an established relationship that continues on when Sam leaves for college, or they get together while he's there.

Please and than you 😊
10 August 2015 @ 09:56 pm
I'm in a weird mood where I want to read but can't seem to find/settle on anything. Can you rec me some of your favorite fics? My requirements are fairly simple, J2 or related Sam/Dean pairings; bottom!Jensen/Dean, no deathfics or explicit non-con, no PWPs (those are easy to find if I want them). Fics of a fairly decent length, well written with good plot/characters.

I'm partial to hurt/comfort that feature Hurt!Jensen. AUs, High school or college, schmoop, age difference with Jared being older.

Thank ya much.

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I'm looking for a specific fic where fallen Castiel is getting used to being human in the Bunker, and handling it pretty well.  The destiel is slow burn.  Castiel began practicing to become a hunter, and there aresome practice fights with Dean that established that human or not, Cas is still very badass.
What stood out to me was Cas working out with Sam and setting up his own yoga room.  Dean is coaxed to meditate or do yoga with Cas at some point.
I had this bookmarked at one point, but lost all the files in my CasDean folder.  Please help!  I love this fic and need to read it again!
09 August 2015 @ 09:40 pm
Hello -

Not much to go on here, but I am looking for a fic - a one-shot that I read on LJ (I think...).  It was set in a futuristic/post apocalyptic world where Jensen was a highly trained/programmed assassin or soldier who had escaped from/was in hiding from the people who had trained him.  He was with Jared, in a remote place - cabin in the woods or on a mountain, somewhere.  They were doing all right, under the radar, but then Jensen came back from town or wherever, with a body - someone had tracked them, and Jensen had killed the man to protect them.

It was a beautifully written story, gorgeous language - spare, almost, and I think it was a winter setting.  Anyway, I would be very grateful if anyone can help!  I swear I had saved this fic to memories, but I just can't find it!

Thank you!

Story found - author has locked journal, but has been granting access on request.  See downjune
09 August 2015 @ 08:08 pm

I hope I'm doing this right on here as a lot of communities have different posting rules. Correct me if I get anything wrong or point them out and I will fix them.

Anyway, on to the story I'm looking for. I don't remember much but here is what I do remember:

- there is a scene where Sam and Dean are arguing and Dean accidentally triggers Sam's memory of when he allowed Dean to be turned into a vampire and then how he almost attacked Lisa and Ben
- the story was on archiveofourown.org, as that is the only site I use
- there may have been a pairing, Dean/Gabriel, but I could be wrong
- Castiel is in the story as Dean calls for him when he realises what he's done to Sam

Thanks to anyone who can help me to find this story as I really want to read it again.
09 August 2015 @ 12:01 am
Does anybody have a copy of the fic Dark Intentions by rah-ram/dreamwithcolor? I can't read it because comm. is closed :/
I am in need of some completed fics. I go through books and fics too fast and I cant seem to find any by myself today. So help, please. Here are some things which I would like to read more of but not limited to:

1. Sam get Dean out of hell or saves him because:
  a. a pre-existing contract that Sam owns
  b. a bond of some sorts
  c. a loophole in the contract
  d. time travel
  e. dimension travel
  f. SPACE travel

2. Sam and/or Dean actually dealing with their problems

3. Season Eight AUs or Fix-its

4. Dean and/or Sam being abused by John pre-series
  a. the other one doesn't know until the series
  b. the other finds out pre-series and AU

5. A race against time fic for any reason (ex. ran away, stalked, kidnapped, cancer, deal)

6. Crossovers
  a. Harry Potter
  b. Friends
  c. Criminal Minds
  d. Marvel, x-men, or Avengers

7. Powers, Ablities, and gifts, - either the boys using them
  a. Sam actually using his gifts with out the feather instead of locking it down
  b. Dean uses what he learned in Hell and Purgetory

8. They grew up hunting and hunted almost all their adult life like six years each for Dean that's like 30 years and Sam it's around 20, been to Heaven, Hell and Purgetory, Sam housed an archangel's grace, drank demon blood, and was breifly an actual demon
and Dean actually hunted in Purgetory and been a incomplete VAMPIRE, Death. Are there some fics that we can see some fics with actual consquences of this, please, like they become something unearthly or unhuman not evil but not human.

9. Badass fix it fics, of any kind, whether fixing stanford to fixing a entire seaon *cough*season four/five/eight*cought*

Any pairings, throw them at me.
Delicious accounts and my ipad are friemenies, and my ipad closes the site and restarts my safari if I stay the site longer then ten minutes.
Also self-recs are welcome.
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09 August 2015 @ 03:18 am
Right, im looking for a one-shot... I think.
Basically, it was about Dean coming back from the army and he was visiting Stanford - most likely to see Sam.
And there was this group who were anti-military and were giving Dean abuse. Saying things about how hes a murderer and stuff like that.
Then some girl - i think it was Jess but im not sure - defended him and thanked him for his service.

If anyone could help me find this fic it would be greatly appreciated :)

Also any fics - long or short - with Army!Dean would be amazing too.
08 August 2015 @ 10:03 pm
Hey guys!

I'm looking for an oldie but a goodie. Sam and Dean go on a hunt, Dean has a terrible cold, ends up breaking both his hands. Later, he's trying to blow his nose in the bathroom, but can't, because of the hands. Sam has to help, and Dean just ends up crying miserably.

Thanks in advance!
08 August 2015 @ 08:14 pm
Hi all,

I'm looking for long fics where Cas takes care of Dean. Whether Dean is injured or very hurt emotionally, or some other affliction, I'd love to read fics where Cas is getting invested in Dean's well being, and taking care of him. I'd prefer Destiel fics, but gen in fine in a pinch.

Thank you!

Attention: I have already read Unexpected Destinies by otp-destiel. I would love fics in the style of Unexpected Destinies, however.
09 August 2015 @ 02:10 am

I'm looking for a specific fic where Sam and Dean are recruited into the coastguard as rescue swimmers in order to solve a case. Dean showed how smart and kind he was. They eventually fall in love, and end up in Oregon as rescue swimmers. I think it was a WIP, and Dean had a cat called Jethro that he saved from drowning as a kitten. It's quite long, and very character driven, with some good OCs.

Many thanks

Does anyone have a copy of "Sugar and Cyanide" by hansons_angel?

It isn't on the journal or anywhere else. Help?

Also why doesn't the /anemia/ tag work over at hoodietime?
09 August 2015 @ 12:39 am
hi guys, i'm looking for any kind of fics where castiel's relationship with his siblings is explored. i'd love destiel, with an emphasis on gabriel's importance to cas and vice versa! in particular, i'd adore anything that has gabriel as a 'big brother' figure to cas. but failing that, anything that shows castiel's relationship to his siblings would be awesome. not a big wincest shipper, and i'd prefer in-universe fics if possible, but anything would be great! thanks!
08 August 2015 @ 03:13 pm
I am looking for a specific fic written between 2009-2012, where angels/demons/etc are not real, but the boys are raised in a hunter-type/paramilitary lifestyle by John. It's very dark, essentially has the Winchesters as serial killers. Castiel is in it but as Jimmy Novak afflicted with religious delusions.
I'm pretty sure it's gen fic, but it's been three years since I read it so I'm not certain, and I don't care what pairings it has or not.
06 August 2015 @ 11:48 pm
Hi everybody. I was wondering if anybody had saved a copy of explosive_gnome's Haunted fic which is a SPN/Harry Potter crossover fic. It features Hogwarts, Severus Snape and the Winchesters in the form of ghosts. I loved this fic and had bookmarked it. Unfortunately, I didn't have the foresight to save a copy of the fic myself because I didn't think that explosive_gnome would disappear completely. Fingers crossed! Please? Anybody?

If someone replies an affirmative, I will reply with my email. (I don't just want to post my email on this main post.) Thanks!
07 August 2015 @ 12:55 am
Hey so it's midnight and I'm frustrated because the House headcanons that I felt in my heart had to be the most obvious and popular I can't seem to find anywhere. There seems to be a common theme of Dean = Gryffindor, Sam = Ravenclaw, and Cas = Hufflepuff. Sometimes Cas is a Ravenclaw too. But.

Dean is totally a Hufflepuff. Hard and dedicated worker? Definitely, he spent his whole life taking care of Sam and busting his butt to impress his dad. Loyal and chivalrous? Absolutely, when he loves someone he loves them fierce and will do anything to keep them safe. I feel like everything about Dean screams Hufflepuff.

Sam is definitely a Slytherin. Like, sure he reads a lot and loves to learn and is super smart. But, like, everything he ever did, even the getting good grades and going to school, was all about moving up in life and being super ambitious. Everything about his character is Slytherin, from getting good grades in school to leaving his family to go to Stanford to drinking demon blood in the hopes of saving the world. Sam's whole being shouts Slytherin.

Cas is absolutely a Gryffindor. I'm not as passionate about this particular headcanon, but Cas is a wicked warrior, risks everything just to protect Dean, and was brave enough to defy Heaven and fight for free will.

Anyway, I'm looking for a Hogwarts crossover AU in which the boys are in these particular Houses. If it's impossible for all three to fit, I mainly want Dean to be Hufflepuff, with Sam in Slytherin a little less important to me. So, if you know about any fics that fit my headcanons, please let me know.

Gen or Destiel, please.