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10 September 2014 @ 06:55 pm
I'm looking for any Wincest fics that take place during season 8 that deal with the fallout of Sam being with Amelia and Dean and Benny's relationship (or friendship) in Purgatory. I'd like for the boys to have an established relationship before Dean went to Purgatory. I don't care how angsty the fic is just as long as they make up by the end of it.

Does anyone know of anything remotely close to this?
EDITED based on the first comment below... I read this story and this one scene is stuck in my head and I want to reread it, but I can't figure out what it's from. DEAN is a mess with post-hell trauma and SAM is trying to take care of him. Something sets DEAN off and they end up in a bar fight (maybe?) and then when a police officer shows up SAM recognizes that the officer is acting like he was in the military, so SAM makes it sound like DEAN fought in Iraq (?) and the officer keeps the bystanders away and lets SAM take care of DEAN.

FOUND! See comments.
10 September 2014 @ 04:53 pm
Hey everyone, I'm feeling sick and miserable so let's add some seriously emotional death fics to that. Because we can.

I'm looking for stories where Dean dies alone. It can be on a hunt, an overdose, a car wreck. During Stanford Era when John had sent Dean off on his own to hunt, or any time when Dean and Sam had separated later. Sam, John, Castiel, or Bobby can find out later or find his body, but I want Dean dying alone. Any pairing or gen is fine.

Bonus points:

• Dean makes some last dying calls like in Sharlot's Jai Guru Deva Om [] and nobody picks up the phone or they hold on and hear his last words.

• John goes to Sam at Stanford for help finding a missing Dean.

• Dean's body is Incorruptible, like Catholic Saints. So when Sam/John/Bobby/Castiel finds Dean's corpse it is pristine and untouched by age, decomp, or animals.

• Aftermath of finding out, sadness, angst, and guilt.

10 September 2014 @ 10:16 am
I'm looking for a specific high school AU. In it it I believe Jensen has a thing for Jared who is a football star. The only detail I remember is that Jared wears dog tags. I think there was a scene where Jared is washing a car and Jensen is musing about how hot he looks with the dog tags.
10 September 2014 @ 09:27 am
Hello, I've been trying to find this old J2 non-au fic.

I remember the plot as kind of future fic-ish, I believe they're approaching 40s in the story. where Jensen is a huge movie star and Jared is still doing TV works. Jared just got a divorce and Jensen invited him to Paris (his latest shooting location) and they play tourist for a few days in Paris where Jared can avoid the media for awhile.

I've been wanting to re-read the fic but couldn't remember the title.

Hopefully someone remembers! Thanks in advance :)


I've been trying to find a timestamp to the Tractorbeam Verse, where Jared, Jensen and their daughter, Penelope, go to Washington to an award ceremony for Jensen.  They also attend a dinner at the White House.

I've looked through the tags, but couldn't find anything.

Hope someone can help!

Thank you.


EDIT - Found
09 September 2014 @ 04:50 pm
1. It's a short fic with UST and it it revolves around Jared buying a mattress

2. It is based on the Blake Shelton song Austin. Jensen has moved to California and is engaged to Danneel. He makes a phone call to Jared and the call ends with p.s Dallas (Jensen's nickname) I still love you.
09 September 2014 @ 11:32 pm
Hi all,
So in an effort to be a little less dependent on all you good folks I went through tags and tried to find some new stories - I was after RPF and featuring Christian Kane. An author that was recommended a few times in the past on here for various fics was Caarirose but I can't seem to find the stories anywhere - his/her livejournal appears to not be active? (it's still there but no posts). I know they've done alot of RPF and some leverage fics but I've attempted google fu and no luck! - only found yet more people recommending them and saying how good the stories are... now i wanna read!

Was wondering if anyone knew where this could be found or had PDF's of his/her fics they could share (if sharing is ok)? Looking for any and all please!

*Found - link in comments!*
09 September 2014 @ 10:31 am
I'm looking for a story where Jared is a parent to a child (not sure if it's twins) and he works in a hotel where I think Matt Cohen is his boss and comes onto him. The child is at the hotel with Jared and I'm sure Sandy helps Jared look after him/her.

Jensen walks into the hotel and sees Jared (I'm thinking the child is Jensen's?) and helps him. I also think that Jared's landlord is very creepy and chases Jared for rent.

I think Sam and Jeff also help Jared but details are very hazy....

If anyone could point me in the right direction, I'd be really grateful.

Many thanks

FOUND: Link in comments
08 September 2014 @ 08:35 pm
Here's the thing. I'm battling a depression which promises to put me in bed for weeks, and frankly, I need to keep my job, so....

I need some light reading. I tend to prefer AU for this type of reading - the show is way too angsty for me right now.

For reference, I love the Fusion Verse (ratherastory), and Sky Verse (starandrea), and I've reread PWP: Pie without plot (MajorEnglishEsquire, orange_crushed) several times - adore that one, but it encourages me to binge on cookies and coconut cream pie. I also really enjoyed Entwined Branches (strive2bhappy). If by some chance you haven't read these, do yourself the favor.

The common denominator seems to be domesticity; I like the boys indulging their love of food; I like arranged relationships that are are at least mostly happy. I like Dean being able to relax and be happy, and I like Sam not being certain of his own evilness. And, I just generally love Castiel however.

I'm good with pretty much any pairing (I'm tagging characters instead of parings because I'm not picky). I'll also read RPF, but I really only prefer AU when it's RPF. It would be crazy long if I list all the tropes I could read, so I got tag happy in genre and career.

So, please rec me something wonderful. Anything that just made you sigh at the end and immediately save it so you could read it again. (And if it's on AO3, that will make it easier for me to transfer to kindle.)

Thank you!
08 September 2014 @ 08:24 pm
I'm looking for any good Harry Potter crossovers where Sam is a central character. I've made my way through dozens of crossovers in the past week or so, and I am having difficulties finding ones where Sam isn't portrayed as whiny/demanding/selfish/evil/incompetent. One I really liked was the Sam at Hogwarts series on ao3. I don't have a preference of it being Sam going to Hogwarts and being a wizard, or the Winchesters happening to run into Harry on a hunt, or any of these AU scenarios, as long as Sam has a large role. Also, I don't want Destiel or graphic scenes of any ship if at all possible. Thanks for your help!
08 September 2014 @ 01:45 pm
I suddenly have a craving for good interogation fics, and am suprisingly flexable about what I'm after. I don't care if it's a cross over with a cop show (NCIS, Criminal Minds, Bones, Numb3rs, etc.) or if it's just a police station somwhere in the supernatural verse. I don't mind who it is that's being questioned (Dean, Castiel, Sam, Bobby, John, etc.) as long as it's about either what the cops think the winchesters have done ie serial killers or about something to do with John. I don't care about pairings for this one (though if given a choice I am a destiel girl at heart) or it could be gen. The interrogation doesn't even have to be what the whole story is about. I just want to read a story where we get to see the cops (whoever they might be) try to puzzle through the winchester logic and break past the heavy sarcasm that goes hand and hand with the supernatural boys. Hope that made sense to other people and not just me. Thanks in advance for the help.
08 September 2014 @ 09:08 pm
Real life sucks! I need some stories with a lot of hurt Jared/Sam and happy ending. I will take everything abuse, illness,
a/b/o as long as it has a happy ending. I need some cheer up!
08 September 2014 @ 12:39 am

Primarily I'm looking for a specific story, but all kidnapped Dean/Jensen fic recs would be most welcome.

Here's what I remember about the story I am after:

Pretty sure this is a Gen fic, Dean and John are working a case and while doing door to door investigations, Dean is napped by a bad guy (only human). He keeps Dean drugged, he uses heroin or something similarly addictive, and chained up to a bed. I think there is non con involved, I'm not sure if it gets that far before John rescues Dean. I remember that the guy moved the Impala somewhere out of sight, maybe a garage across town.

Kinda vague, I know, but any help would be appreciated, and if you have a favourite kidnapped Dean/Jensen fic rec to share well that would be awesome too.

Thanks guys.
07 September 2014 @ 03:20 pm
Today I hope someone can find a fic that I have spent over 6 months looking for via searching my browser's history.

Details: At some point after Cas met the Winchester brothers in canon, he removed his grace and was reborn as a human. When he is a teenager, he meets Dean again but has no idea who he is. Meanwhile, Dean owns a business and has been living in Cas' hometown for a while. (In fact, their first meeting occurred because Cas rode his bike near Dean's business, which was either a mechanic shop or a salvage yard.) At some point during the fic, Cas regains his memories as an angel and possibly starts a relationship with Dean.

I'm pretty sure that I read the fic on AO3 and that the fic was long & complete.

PS: I'm also looking for any recs where Cas is reborn human after he has fallen. The fics can be gen or Destiel.

Edit: The fic I was looking for has been found. It's By the Unseen Light by yellow_pomelo aka melo. Links - LJ, AO3.
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07 September 2014 @ 02:19 pm
Hi, I'm looking for a fic where Omega Dean adopted his son Castiel which is thought he is an omega and is raised that way and later Castiel and Dean find out he is an Alpha and they mate tho I remember how Dean has some problems taking an alpha because of problems with his biology.
07 September 2014 @ 08:01 pm
Hi all!!
Please rec me some mob/maffia fics!!

A big bonus if Jensen is hurt and Jared gets all protective! ;)

07 September 2014 @ 12:30 pm
Hi all,

I read this fic a while back and for the life of me, can't find it again. Dean was cursed to spit up cum, and Sam started noticing his perfect lips for the first time. Dean was grossed out and somewhat traumatized, Sam was turned on.

This, and pretty much and any other great curse fic rec would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!
07 September 2014 @ 11:45 am
Hi there!

I'm looking for a specific hooker J2 au. It was written from Jensen's POV and he lived on the streets with Mike and Tom. He had taken Jared under his wings too. None of them went by their real names, Jensen was Dean, Jared was Sam, and Mike and Tom were Clark and Lex, I think. Jared and Jensen fall for each other but Jensen leaves the life behind him. Years later he has a good job and is friends with Chad, when he meets Jared at a restaurant. Mike and Tom are dead but they were drawing a comic book about their lives, and Jared wants to finish it. There were a few parts to it but I hope this is enough!

07 September 2014 @ 04:38 am
I've recently read a couple WIP AU stories about human Gabriel (Not Your Typical Coffee Shop and Any Colour You Like). I desperately need more, and google isn't helping. I'd love anything you guys have, especially if it involves Sam/Gabriel deliciousness, and even more especially if Gabriel has to help hurt!Sam.
07 September 2014 @ 11:34 am
Hi! I'm looking for this story that i read years ago early in the series. It's gen. Sam and Dean went to a town cause Sam got a vision about Sam miners trap in a mine (maybe) and after they saved the miners some a guy kidnapped Dean cause he's convince that Sam is psychic and he wanted Sam to find his kidnapped daughter.

Thanks in advance!
06 September 2014 @ 02:58 pm
Hi! I’ve been going crazy about this one story. It’s about how Sam wants John to come home for his volcano science project and John tries but doesn’t make it back in time. Dean gets mad at him when he gets back so John goes to talk to Sam who’s reading on the bed. John finds the trophy in the trashcan and Sam acts like he doesn’t care about it but then John gives him a pamphlet for a science competition at Stanford so its a happy ending:)

Thanks in advance!
06 September 2014 @ 02:34 pm
Set in season 7 and Dean overdoses on his pain killers for his broken leg, he washed the pills down with whiskey.. I remember Sam sticking his fingers down Dean's throat and later putting him to bed saying "I hate you so much right now" or something like that.

Anyone? :)

Are there any fics where John and Sam have an argument, and Dean ends up taking his father's side, only to regret it later on? For example, fics where Dean had incomplete information about a situation, or his faith in his father prevented him from looking too closely at Sam's POV. Preferably with Sam being hurt at Dean's apparent lack of trust in him, or Sam getting hurt emotionally/physically as a result of whatever the argument was about. Whether John regrets his actions or not doesn't matter to me. Both are fine. Please and thank you!

Season 9 spoilers in request:

I'm looking for a specific fic taking place in early season 9. Sam knows something strange is going on but he doesn't know about Ezekiel, he thinks that his demon blood is overtaking him (or Lucifer, I can't quite remember).

He does a ritual to test himself that involves taking a lot of his blood. The ritual is negative, he thinks he might have done something wrong so he takes more blood and does it again. He keeps doing it again and again until he passes out from blood loss.

I think at that point Ezekiel takes over and tries to get help from Dean.
Does anyone remember this fic?

05 September 2014 @ 01:36 pm
I may have read this on, but I'm not sure. and the only detail I remember with any clarity is that Sam is severely injured ( car accident maybe) and Dean sells the impala to pay the medical bills. The title may be Gifts but when I tried searching ff for that title, nothing came up.
05 September 2014 @ 10:09 am
I can't really remember the details of this story, but I think there was this psychotic bad guy who wanted revenge on jensen or something, and Jared was a cop. I think that Jensen was in the medical field? There was this one scene whereby Jared, jensen and a bunch of other officers were hiding in the county, and the bad guy was out there threatening to blow the place up if jensen did not give himself up. Jensen eventually gave himself up (after stopping Jared from stopping him) but the bad guy brought jensen to some place whereby he started slicing him up. Jared comes in to save jensen and the bad guy quickly hid jensen in one of the cooler in the morgue? Jared found him eventually.

Any idea which Fic this is? I've been desperately trying to find this, to no avail :( thanks in advance!

EDIT: Fic link found in the comments by the amazing bibigongirl, thank you!! :)
04 September 2014 @ 09:17 pm
Hi, I'm looking for a certain Destiel fic and here's what I remeber about it:
1. The boys and Cas are investigating a town where people suddenly start singing their secrets/feelings
2. Dean sings a version of "Halo" to Cas
3. It's told from Sam's POV, but it's not first person
4. It's part of series
5. Pretty sure I read it on LJ
If someone could at least give me the title, I'd be thankful. An actual link would be even better.
05 September 2014 @ 03:08 am
Hey,I've been driving myself crazy with these two storys I just can't find. This is what I remember:

* Sam runs away. Not quite sure why but he does.
* He ends up in a church with two small children and a werewolf right outside the church.
* The church is The Church Of Gabriel, and Sam tells the small children about the archangel Gabriel while Gabriel is listening.
* Gabriel saves them.

Number two:

* Sam runs away. (I think.)
* He meets Gabriel but only knows him as the Trickster, Loki.
* He becomes his partner and lover.
* He gets a new Trickster name.
* They have a dog.
* He meets Dean and John years later.

Hope you can help! Thanks ;3
04 September 2014 @ 08:30 pm
Hi, I'm looking for a fic I read some time ago. I believe Jared was a were!lion who is trying to find his own territory. He finds somewhere to settle but Jensen is already there. They eventually mate and start their own pack/pride. Jensen also has their children.

Would be most grateful if anyone knows this fic.
04 September 2014 @ 07:39 pm
Hey everyone,

I wanted to re-read Hot for teacher by jjjia912 but the lj account has been deleted. I ADORE the story, and I was wondering if anyone had it as a .pdf or knows where it can be found??? (I checked the authors deleted/deleted stories tag, but couldn't find it)

Your help is as always greatly appreciated!
03 September 2014 @ 10:03 pm

im looking for a hurt sam fic... and all i know is that it was on and sam was cursed or something and he slowly started to loose control of his body. Him and dean stay at bobby's house also sam's symptoms are that he goes stiff and can't get of bobby's couch at one point. I also remember a scene where he has to drink shakes because he has lost most control over his body...

03 September 2014 @ 07:57 pm
In this story, Jared was an actor (I think?) and a relative died leaving him property that no one else in the family particularly cared for. He gets there and finds Jensen out in the cold and sick and he, along with a woman who also cared for the house (Sam Ferris, maybe?), they take care of Jensen. He's perceived as being challenged, I believe, but he and Jared bonded and eventually got together. I'm sparse on the details, but I'd appreciate any suggestions.

(Any other fics like this featuring a down-on-his-luck Jensen that eventually leads to J2 or Cockles??)
03 September 2014 @ 06:25 pm
I'm looking for a fic where all the children in a small town go missing and one night a badly beaten Dean stumbles out of the forest with all of the town's children that he saved. He doesn't remember who he is and as gratitude, the people of the town give him a place to live and work and they take care of him. Meanwhile, Sam is looking for him and he stumbles across the story in a paper and goes to find Dean, only Dean doesn't remember him, so he makes up a story for the townspeople and befriends Dean so he can help Dean try and get his memory back.

Needless to say, AU.

03 September 2014 @ 03:41 pm
With season 10 approaching I was hoping to find some good season 10 speculative fics. Anything covering what people think is going to happen in season 10, or that start where season 9 ends.

Gen or any pairing (het or slash), I just really would love to see something about what happens next in the show.
03 September 2014 @ 01:34 pm
howdy all.

I've read pretty much everything by dodger_winslow and I was hoping y'all could rec me some other authors who write in a similar vein, where they show John as a good, if flawed, man/father and not the beast fanon made him.

Gen or Sam/Dean is preferable but no PapaCest or Destiel or any other pairings.

ETA: Nothing AU where John doesn't hunt or Mary lives or Sam and Dean are raised apart or anything like that, please.

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02 September 2014 @ 07:02 pm
I hope I'm posting this right... I'm new to LJ.

I'm looking for some multi-chapter plot driven gen fics that are Castiel!Centric with a focus on his friendship/bond with the brothers (please no pairings). Specifically I'm a big fan of hurt/comfort, with a big enphisis on the recovery portion. If I have to be picky, I'd say I'm looking for stuff taking place after season 4, since that's when I think the charatcers'; relationships are strongest.

I really appreciate any recommendations out there. It's been really tough finding gen fics, and I'm really a huge fan of really strong friendships and brotherly bonds.

Here is a list of some of my favorite fics, as reference or in case I can help anyone else looking as I am:

Forgotton by Northern Sparrow
Summary: Sam and Dean are working a case in Wyoming, but are distracted by news of a dangerous angel called "Castiel"; who they can't remember ever having heard of before. The name seems a little bit familiar, but neither of the boys is sure why.
This is BY FAR my favorite fan fiction for Supernatural yet. It is very well written and has a great plot! I've seriously read it about 5 times over. Northern Sparrow is currently working on a Destiel/Slash sequal called "Flight", but has promised a gen version, which will be called "Broken".

Comfort to the Enemy / The Devil You Know by REB Jenn
Summary: Lucifer's rising in front of Sam & Dean ; an archangel's descending on Castiel. Picks up where the 4.22 finale left off.
I know a lot of people recomend this fic, and for good reason! I know I said I'm not really a fan of stuff from season 4, but this fic is a good exception. It is so well written and hits all the right whump spots.

The Hallowing of Pain (Four Men in a Car To Say Nothing of the Devil, When Angels Deserve to Die, Another Angel Down, The Hunter and the Hunted by Amynion
Summery: Team Free Will are reunited and back on the road! Though they seem to have an unwanted passenger... Picks up after 7x17
This is a series of smaller fics that really should have just been posted as one big fic. I recomend it highly. It has the most creative Purgatory description I've read yet. The links above are in order.

Pride and Pestilence by Celtic Amazon
Summary: The Winchesters and Castiel go hunting for the latest horseman to be summoned: Pestilence. But there are things the angel isn't telling them, and his pride may prove to be his downfall.
This is a good plot driven sick!castiel fic.

Again I really appreciate any recommendations anyone has! I've honestly been scouring the archives for two months, and the above are really all I've found... I could use some help!
03 September 2014 @ 03:13 pm
Hey, I suddenly had the hankering for smart!Dean, and I particularly liked bjwolfs_playpen's Baby Mine series where Tony Stark hunts up Dean to hire him after letting him slip through his fingers years ago. When I went to the journal, imagine my shock and horror when I found that the journal had deleted! Please help!

There were three stories in the Baby Mine series, I've managed to find the first story only. Is there any kind, thoughtful soul out there that saved the second two? Please?

I thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart for your help!
03 September 2014 @ 01:21 pm
Hello!  I am lookiing for recs that have either Jensen or Dean in a car accident and talking to Jared/Sam over the phone or J/S makes it to the scene of the accident and is there for J/D to keep him alive/awake until help comes.  Perhaps this is the time they confess their love for one another.  Just looking for J/D to be stuck in the car and needing J/S to get through it.  Maybe both J's or D/S are in the accident together but J/D is trapped or worse off and J/S keeps him awake until help arrives. Maybe the J's fight and Jensen goes for a ride to cool down and then gets into an accident and Jared calls him to apologize and realizes that Jensen is hurt. All those years driving on the back roads, Dean must have been in an accident well before the one with the semi and caused by a demon. Any stories you can recommend would be greatly appreciated.  Gen, slash, Wincest is fine.  Thank you in advance.
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03 September 2014 @ 02:08 pm
Hey, People.

Looking for a story that I can't remember the name of or where I read it. Erm...It was Wincest and I think throughout the story Dean kept saying Baby and Sam thought he was talking about the Impala. I remember the end scene: Dean and Sam bump into someone they know - or Dean knows, or something - and, I think, the guy invited them to dinner with him and his wife or something, and Dean asks Sam but calls him Baby, at first Sam ignores him, until he realises Dean's talking to him.

Sorry I can't remember much else, but any help would be appreciated. Thank you again! xx
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03 September 2014 @ 03:04 am
I have read this fiction sometime ago but I cant remember what the name is and I didn't bookmark it. All that I remember is that the Castiel that was in season 5 episode 4 who had no angle power's and did a lot of drugs and drinks had died. He wakes up on a empty street in River Grove and the year is 2006 ( season 2 episode 9). He has no memory of how he got there. He runs into Sam who tells him to run because he is being chased by croataons. The two of them go to the doctor's office in town. Castiel still has no powers but can tell when someone is infected. They kill the demon and when everyone leaves Castiel goes with the Winchester. I think that was the first chapter. The only other thing that I remember is that when dean was captured and being held in a cabin as bate for someone to kill same Castiel is the one that saves dean. Does any of this ring any bells? Please help
Hi! I'm trying to track down two specific fics.

1. SPN Gen, written in the early seasons, Sam and Dean are hunting a fairy ring (?) and Sam ends up turned into a deer?

2. Mistaken-for-a-hooker, Jared goes to a hotel bar with Chad and Jensen thinks he's for sale. I think at one point Jared was hiding behind a potted plant in the bar? And it's kinda d/s.

FOUND in comments, thanks all!
02 September 2014 @ 10:44 pm
I seem to be on a bit of an mpreg kick at the moment and I seem to recall reading a fic a while ago that I enoyed.  I don't remember much but I'm pretty sure Sam was pregnant by Dean and that Sam didn't tell him.  One thing I remember is that Sam calls the foetus pip after having an ultrasound.

It's definitely not Riot Gear which I re-read recently.

I know it's not much to go on but any and all help is appreciated.

FOUND: Forbidden Love -
by rockondean

02 September 2014 @ 04:59 pm
Hey, y'all! So, I have a pretty vague description of this fic I'm looking for.
You know that song, "Hooked on a Feeling" by Blue Swede? Well, in this fic, Dean annoys Sam by chanting "ooga chaka, Sammy chaka."

Yep, that's it. That's all I've got. I'm pretty sure it's preseries & underage, and I know I loved it to death, but that's all I can remember about it. I know it's a long shot, but I really hope somebody can help me find it!

Found! It's "[Untitlted {13}]" by drvsilla.
03 September 2014 @ 04:57 am
Looking for one specific short fic where I think it was Chad who gets extremely jealous over Jared's new girlfriend "Jen" because she seems so perfect; letting Jared stay out late and not complaining or calling all the time to check up on him etc. Of course in the end he is incredibly disappointed to find out that Jensen is a guy.

Would also love other fics where people hear all about Jared's "Jen" and want to meet her and their suprise when they know the truth.

Thanks so much in advance!

[sorry I'm not sure what other tags I'm supposed to be using]
Found super fast!!!


I've been racking my brains to try and find this fic again but no joy - so hoping you wonderful people can help!

its an RPS, with Jensen having to deal with (I think) someone from the studio stalking him, and Michael is a good guy in this fic and comes in to help (the issue Jensen had was also on Dark Angel). I think it was jared/jensen but can't be too sure.

sorry, I know it's not a lot to go on but it was such a fantastic fic, and I know there aren't that many fics out there that have a Michael as a good guy that the short summary might jog your memory.

virtual cookies for anyone who can help x

thanks :)

Mods: I've tagged it as a search for a crossover as they're's a small part of the fic that is in the genre, but there isn't a tag for Michael? 
01 September 2014 @ 10:19 am
I have been searching so long for that I even can not read any thing becouse of that so i wish you guys could really help me hhhhh English is not my first language so it is my bad >>

1- there is a fic i read a few months ago and i really wanted it so bad coz i can not find it any more sam and dean was going to alline and go and dean was sick have a headach but he did not tell sam then the impala broke down and it was raining badly but they walk to the road house there dean get more sick and he puked his breakfast but he did not tell any one then he falls extreamly sick he had Gallbladder it was about to explode and there was no doctor and i rememper that sam had to make him a surgey by his own with the help of an so old doctor and go was not there the whole fic just elline

2- i want a sick dean fic not pre series or young or wee pls and i read only gen
and not just dean being sick but hides that or denay it and all that with gelty sam it will be so good if all that was in the same fic pls
excuse me the tags is a mess iam new here so have some mercy pls hhhhhhhh
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Hi friends,
I recently got to read the awesome fics of freaknout in the journal fic_freaknout and seriously fell in love with stories about insecure and depressed Jared. And I am really craving for more.
So can you please rec me Non-Au J2 fics where Jared is really depressed/suicidal or has self-esteem issues? Stories where Jared is hiding some deep scars within his cheerful exterior and Jensen helps him get over it? Any Non-Au fics are welcome as long as they have a happy ending.

Thanx a million for always being so helpful :)