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13 April 2014 @ 08:33 pm
hey can i get any J2 fics that have other pairings that they focus on too, like steve/chris or anything like that. and by focus on i mean they show pars of their storylines and have sex scenes. and with the j2 part, only bottom jensen if possible. thanks! (no side pairings with one of the j's and someone else though)
13 April 2014 @ 07:19 pm
SPECIFICFIC Jared (i think) is a bit... Strange? He is obsessed with the moon and all the Apollo missions. I know Jensen and him are together at some point, but that's all Ive got :/

SPECIFIC Either Jensen or Jared is a murderer? The other is a cop or FBI agent. But they fall in love and in the end, instead of happily ever after, one arrests the other because they made an oath or something to avenge a killing.
13 April 2014 @ 07:24 pm
Are there any crossovers with Criminal Minds or similar related to the Season 1 episode 'Skin'? I've seen a few mentions of it, of course, but that usually has the team trying to profile Dean based on the skinwalker's actions, which isn't quite what I'm looking for. I'm wondering if there is anything out there where the BAU is called in for the case, and profiles the skinwalker without having any idea it's not human, and obviously without the preconception of 'It was Dean Winchester all along.'

Related, are there any fics showing how things might have been different later on if Dean wasn't blamed for the murders? For one thing, they wouldn't have had Henricksen looking for them at the bank with the other skinwalker. How would it change things if Dean wasn't a wanted criminal/legally dead?
13 April 2014 @ 12:21 pm
I loved the story "A Little Home" by Iorhael that she wrote for BB2009. I went to the page I bookmarked to read it again, but found that the fic isn't listed anymore on her site.

Does anyone know have a PDF or Word doc of this story they can share? Obviously, if the author doesn't want it shared, I'm totally OK with that.
13 April 2014 @ 01:28 pm
In this story, Dean is beaten and kidnapped outside a bar (betrayed by a redheaded female truckdriver, if memory serves), then taken to a secret location where he is traumatized into becoming a submissive sex slave and taught that he is no one, nothing (captors do their best to wipe his memory of past life). Sam eventually finds him and poses as a wealthy investor looking to buy one of the sex slaves (Dean). Eventually they escape, destroying the 'training school' in the process, but then there's all that submissive training to undo in Dean's head.

Should have bookmarked this story - didn't. Any direction is much appreciated.

FOUND (see comments): Phantisma's Broken!verse - on her LJ page or on AO3 (members only).
13 April 2014 @ 10:04 am
Are there any stories where John forces Dean into prostitution? Preferably with a somewhat happy ending, but it's ok if they're not. Thank you!
13 April 2014 @ 03:44 pm
Hi everyone,
do you know of any fics with torture, in which one of the brothers is hurt in front of the other who can't anything to help? So lots of pain and hurt/comfort.
I would prefer Wincest stories, but Destiel, J2 or Gen are fine too.
Thanks a lot - I have read a few stories like this in other fandoms and I loved them.
Jared is a slave or Indentured Servant and all I can really remember about the story is that Jared was kept in the stables,he cleaned the tacks and saddles, he tried to eat rat poison and found it was a test and that the stuff he thought was rat poison was really poprock candy and to punish him for attempting to damage himself when he is someone else's 'property' Jensen makes Jared kneel in a corner on some sort of grains (sand, rice, barly.. some sort of grain that dug into his knees)
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Hey all! I'm looking for fics where a doctor visits Sam or Dean, or Jared or Jensen at home. Preferably set in modern day, because it's so rare. Blizzards, other bad weather, or simply refusal to go to the hospital might bring the doctor to them. I've found a couple:

The Raven - a doctor who's actually a ghost or dead guy visits sick Sam when he and Dean are investigating the history of a hotel. It's pouring outside, roads are flooding, that sort of thing. The doctor is supposedly on-call for the hotel. One of the first things Dean says when he opens the door is, “You’re a doctor? What, from the eighteen hundreds?"

Growing Pains - a doctor is fetched for injured Sam in Chapter 11 of this pre-series story. John stays with Sam while Jim goes to find a doctor and bring him to the motel. (Dean in otherwise injured and thus, temporarily out of the picture). One of the first things the doctor mutters in way of a self-introduction is, "Hal Birdstrom, freshly kidnapped from County General. Is this my patient?"

There was also one I can't seem to find in my bookmarks wherein Sam and Dean were both injured and broke into some kind of animal hospital or something. Pre-series, I think. It was from the "doctor's" POV. Sam was stitched up on the table first, while Dean held the doctor at gunpoint. True, it's not exactly a home visit, but it was a unique situation and I liked it. I get tired of reading about normal clinic/hospital/office visits.

Other situations might have: mob doctors, doctors that "won't ask any questions", field doctors, mad scientist doctors, EMT park rangers, Jared or Jensen as the doctor (outside a hospital setting), and more.

Any other fics like these out there? Any rating, wincest or not, self-recs, Jared and Jensen fics welcome. I'm open to pretty much anything. Thanks!
12 April 2014 @ 11:44 pm
I don't remember if it was sam/dean or jared/Jensen. I do remember that sam just got out of prison and didn't have any money besides what his parole officer gave him. He gets on a bus and tries to find a small town. He ends up walking and passes out on deans lawn. Dean wakes up and finds him and takes him to his shop where he is the owner and gives him a job. Dean is a mechanic. I remember dean had lost a foot or something when he was in the army. At some point sam is digging in the dumpster for food because he didn't have any money and didn't want to ask for help. The boys are NOT brothers in this fic.
Any help would be GREATLY appreciated! Thank in advance!

FOUND! (in comments)
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I'm still working on reassembling my fanfic library from mmemory after my latest laptop was stolen and it's slow going, coming back to me in bits and pieces. Dean and Sam aren't together at the sudden apocalypse, either a meteor or explosion of unknown cause. They had fixed up a place to meet if this ever haped so Dean heads for their safe house, a seemingly condemned house by the sea. He finds a little girl unhurt under the body of her mother in a store and when he too her out to the car they were surrounded by ghosts. Dean calls out that they're dead and he can't do anything for them. Th ghosts go into the woods except for one who Dean recognizes as the girl's mother. He assures her he'll take care of her and mother thanks him and disappears. He meets a man who was underground when it happened. He knows who Dean is; he was a librarian/info man for hunters. They make to the house, finding the ocean water black. Sam does show up after a week or two, like Dean, trailing his own group of mostly kids he picked up on the way.
As usual I recall just about everything about a story but what it's called, who wrote it, and where I can find it.
12 April 2014 @ 08:45 pm
I don't have enough details on this one, I'm sorry. So, somehow Sam 'owns' Dean, or Dean is Sam's guard dog, something along those lines. I think Dean has to obey Sam. I don't remember why it happened or how. The one scene I remember clearly is Bobby noticing Dean wearing one of Sam's shirts, and maybe thinking that Dean seems more settled than usual?

Not a lot to go on, but I'm hoping it's enough for someone to recognize it. Thank you.

Hurray, Found! Link in comments. Many thanks.
12 April 2014 @ 09:12 pm
I just read a Master/Slave Dean/Gostiel fic and re-read 'Love the Way You Lie' on with Dean/Godstiel non-con until Dean figures out a way to get the souls out of Castiel and bring him back. Are there any other fics like this - where Cas absorbed the souls from Purgatory, became God!stiel and there was serious dub-con and non-con? There's another one that I read where God!stiel stalks Dean's dreams and tricks him into thinking there's a Castiel left to save. I'd prefer a "happy" ending (as happy as one can be given the situation) with Destiel getting back together.

AND, any fics that go AU after Dean was bitten by Eve? Maybe he becomes a monster or the new mother of monsters? Destiel preferred!

I've looked through all the side tags for powers, hurt, blind and demonic Sam, but cannot find this fic.

Its an old fic and was futureish.  Its set at a roadhouse, can't remeber if it was Harvelles, but its from an outsiders point of view.  Sam and Dean come in and Sam is leading Dean as if he's blind.  Anyway, some hunter/customers start making trouble and Sam holds them up with powers against the wall, then an old man tells the girl to cover  her eyes and Dean takes off his glasses and theres a bright light (like angelic powers) and the troublemakers are gone.

Does it sound familiar to anyone?

Its driving me insane, so if anyone knows it pls help! :D


EDIT: Found - See comments.
11 April 2014 @ 08:51 pm
Sam/John fics set during Stanford or Season 1. No non-con fics please.

Though I want Sam/John as the main pairing / one of the main pairings, I don't mind if there are also side pairings that also include Sam or John.
11 April 2014 @ 05:03 pm
Does anyone know of any good fics where Sam never goes away to Stanford and instead stays with Dean and John?  Where Sam continues to hunt with them?  Maybe he makes the decision to stay for his family, for Dean?

Give me your favorites!  I'll take anything and everything.
Hey y'all! So I'm looking for three things;

1. Stories, preferably high school/college au's with slight age difference, where the older boy is totally smitten with the younger, who is totally oblivious and doesn't realise. Happy endings only please, and as little angst as possible would be lovely. But if the ending is happy, a little angst is alright as well.

2. This one I may have a hard time explaining, but I'll try. I'm seeking stories where one of the boys gets really anxious/stressed when there's a lot of tension and/or fighting/arguing going on amongst people they're in the same room. They can't really leave or do anything about it, like if they're home for some holiday or something, and feels a total loss of control/anxiety. Their partner helps them through it, and I wouldn't mind them getting overprotective as well. :D Any dom/sub or a/o/b would be lovely, but not necessary.

For either, any of these pairings are more than fine; J2, Jensen/Misha, Destiel, Wincest

And for number three, does anyone know of any good Jo/Charlie fics? Couldn't find a tag for that, but I'm hoping some exist! 
11 April 2014 @ 10:24 am
just watched 8x3 where Sam said he wanted his life to Count for something, so my Fantasy went nuts and I would like to know if there are wincest mpreg fics out there in which Sam wants a Baby and has to persuade Dean into starting a Family?
10 April 2014 @ 09:38 pm
I've been thinking about a fic that I have been wanting to read again and it's driving me crazy that I can't find it.
I remember it was a oneshot and it wasn't super long. It was about wee!Sam and wee!Dean and how Sam was slightly crazy as in he couldn't tell the difference between fiction and fact. Like he would think a make believe story was real because his family hunted things that they said were real and everyone else said was not real.
There was a part in it where Sam gets in trouble at school for some kind of paper describing what he did for summer or something and he wrote outlandish stories that he truly believed were real and Dean confronted him about it at home saying they didn't do any of this stuff. Then he realizes that the things Sam described in his paper were things that he watched on television or Dean read to him or something like that. Dean realizes Sam is slightly crazy and can't tell the difference between reality and fiction and hides the fact from his Dad and fixes the problem by teaching Sam the difference before his Dad can find out.
Sorry I suck at descriptions and summaries but I hope I wrote it clear enough.
10 April 2014 @ 11:39 pm
I am looking for a specific SPN/BTVS crossover fic. I honestly dont remember much about it, but maybe it will trigger something.

Here is what I remember:

1. It is set in the SPN universe. Sam and Dean pick up Faith (don't remember how or why).

2. Faith and Dean start a relationship (or at least they are sleeping together). Sam feels a little left out. At some point the story becomes Dean/Faith/Sam. I remember from Dean's POV he had a little freakout after the first time they had a threesome, and he was like "I know what my brother's orgasam face looks like."

3. At some point the boys trap Faith in a Devil's Trap and she has to explain about the little bit of Demon in a Slayer.

4. I remember it was pretty long (more than 20k words), and I'm almost positive it wasn't completed when I read it (but that was at least a year ago. I also am almost positive I read it at AO3.

This is really all I remember and I know it's not a lot but y'all are miracle workers :).

I'd like any other SPN/BTVS recs you may have too, any pairing is fine.
10 April 2014 @ 11:23 pm
I lost all my bookmarks a while back and couldn't remember the names of two specific fics (one of them has a sequel, but both fics are on ao3, so I don't need to find that sequel's title/author)

The first fic is a re-write of season 3 where Dean meets Castiel as the "dumb angel who got stuck in a ring of holy fire about a thousand years ago" in a cave while trying to run from a Wendigo. He agrees to let Castiel (who wears a toga) out if he heals Dean's broken legs. Reluctant friendship ensues, au season 3 with Cas occasionally helping out and the fic ends with Castiel dragging Dean out of hell 4 months post!death.

The 2nd fic is basically an au where Dean and Sam killed Lillith before all 66 seals were broken, so Michael is all like "fuck it" and sends angels down to bring about the apocalypse by killing all humans. Dean and Sam + practically all the human characters that were killed off in the show form a resistance and give Zachariah a headache, so he sends Castiel down to destroy said resistance and to find Gabriel, who they suspect is the reason why they can't find the humans. Castiel poorly pretends to be a human (it works) and eventually is won over with the power of hope by Dean's existance. The fic ends with the Castiel and Gabriel tearing out their Graces so that the continuously activated angel banishing sigil web they spread around the Earth doesn't send them back to Heaven.

Also neither fic actually has ~*Destiel*~ in it (the <3 kind anyway). Like the other characters imply it (it's really heavy in the second fic), but Dean and Cas don't really get past being INTENSE BFFs.

Thanks for the help! (I could not get lj-cut to work).
10 April 2014 @ 09:57 pm
All I remember is that Sam crossdresses for Dean (I'm pretty sure he goes all out, waxing or shaving and tucking) and sings(?) for Dean in a bar. It's not weecest.
10 April 2014 @ 02:08 am
Im hoping to find some dubcon or noncon of any pairing from the following characters:

Dean, Sam, Castiel, Crowley, Lucifer, Balthazar

I specifically need some noncon Lucifer/Sam. Preferably with Sam as the bottom XD
I forgot to mention in an earlier post that i also like Lucifer, but i figured i'd just write up a new request.
I prefer dubcon, but i think noncon works better for Lucifer and Sam.. or for any character being possessed.

I especially like first-time fics, bondage, teasing, threesomes, light torture, cross-dressing, name calling, possession, possession-masturbation, the boys getting ruffed-up or man-handled (ect)
Also, please dont refer me to underage fics, they just dont do it for me.

So thanks everyone in advance! You guys are awesomeee<3
10 April 2014 @ 06:24 pm
Hi everyone!!

First I'm looking for a story I read some time ago, in it Jensen is younger than Jared, Jensens mother works as a cop and Jared is her new partner and after some time Jensen and Jared falls in love.
Really want to read that one again!!

Secondly and an general search: stories that have abusedJensen and him trying to hide it from Jared and his friends, and of course Jared and Jensen ends up togheter! :)

Please Help!!!
Thanks in advance!!
09 April 2014 @ 11:11 pm
Hi, I'm looking for any fics where Sam is a cambion or a nephilim. I've already read New World Man and Nephilim . Oh, and if you have any recs for antichrist!Sam besides the Teen Antichrist 'verse , that would be great! Thanks in advance!
09 April 2014 @ 08:25 pm
I am looking for a specific post apocolyptic J2. It starts off with Jared and Gen together, possibly with their child, but she succombs to the same virus that killed most of the women. It ends up with Jared and Jensen together. I thought I had saved it, but I can't find it.
09 April 2014 @ 06:35 pm
i once read a J2 fic, and while i normally only read bottom jensen, i think this may have been bottom jared, and it was basically that J2 were in a relationship and J1 was never fully satisfied sexually. its not that J2 didnt do a good job, J1 was just super horny all the time. I think J2 either thinks J1 is cheating on him or just not happy or satisfied with him, and J1 is afraid to ask for more or let J2 know that he is just so horny all the time. does anyone know this story?
I seem to have lost my bookmark for a story I read recently but can't remember the name of. It was an AU where the boys are not related. Dean is a mechanic I think but it's mainly about him being a foster father, Sam is a social worker.

Details behind the cutCollapse )

Thank you for your help!

FOUND (Link is in the comments) Thank you so much for your quick help!
09 April 2014 @ 07:07 pm
Hi guys,

Wondering if anyone knows the title to the story as I forgot to bookmark it.

I t think it starts of with jensen in his mom's car. He new and meets jared in the cafeteria I think jared ends up tripping and gets food on him.

Jared I think it out and proud but jensen isn't, he ends up with jared and ends up living with him and his mom as his parents kick him out.

Any help would be appreciated xx :D 
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hello, have searched the site but can't see this fic anywhere so hope you can help!

In it, Jensen comes from a free family but he falls in love with the house slave, Grady (I think) and they start a revolution to outlaw slavery.

Jensen rescues Jared from slavery and they start a tentative relationship.  Jensen is a famous freedome fighter and is often referred to as 'Grady's Jensen'?

really hoping to read this again and stupidly didn't bookmark it :(

thanks in advance!
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09 April 2014 @ 01:50 am
  I was searching through old fic lists and I stumbled upon:

Basically, John and Dean constantly leaving Sam for hunts or friends begins to take a toll on Sam and his relationship with his father and brother. I'm interested in reading fics that explores how being left behind by John and Dean may have impacted Sam.

Also, if there are any recs for stories that deal with Dean not wanting to hang out with Sam/be seen with his kid brother b/c he has a new group of friends (and wants to seem "cool"), I would be interested in reading that as well :-)

The angstier the better!
08 April 2014 @ 10:59 pm
Hi, I'm looking for a fic I read awhile ago and I just remembered it, but I can't remember the title or author, so hopefully someone can help me!

What I remember is that Cas lives in the basement (I think of Gabriel'a house) and he never leaves the house. Dean ends up robbing the house with a few other people. Dean ends up saving Cas's life when the rest of the robbers find Cas. Cas kept in contact with Dean while he was in jail and I think it ended up being Dean/Cas.
08 April 2014 @ 11:48 pm
I'm trying to find a J2 au story where one of them is a political prisoner, and the other broadcasts over a public radio station in the hope that he will hear him. One of the guards provides batteries, but at a "cost" ( I dont want to spoil it all.) it's a one shot,not very old, and very moving. Thanks for any help.
09 April 2014 @ 01:31 am
Hey guys,
I read a story a couple of months ago and I can't find it in my bookmarks so hopefully someone can help me find it.

The fic is based on Sam and Dean getting captured because of their bond (I think) and I remember a scene where the torturers would go between the brothers and up the stakes whenever one of the brothers volunteered to take the others' place. I remember John was captured at some point as well.

Thanks in advance :D
08 April 2014 @ 06:44 pm
Okay, I've been looking for this for months and can't find it, so maybe you guys can.

I'm pretty sure it's called 'Wish You Were Here', and it's a season 5 set fic.

Basically, Dean gets kidnapped (it's a very distinctive scene, he and Sam are in the Impala and Dean gets grabbed out of the drivers seat as they're driving along the road, leaving Sam to control the car) by Angels and Demons, as part of a plan to force Sam to say yes to Lucifer.

He gets kept down a well, and both Cas and Sam are looking for him (Cas even asks Zachariah if he has Dean, if I remember correctly).

It's not a hugely long fic, maybe 3-6 chapters, and I'm 90% certain it's on LJ somewhere, I just can't find it.

It is also a gen fic, if I remember correctly and I'm semi sure I originally found it recced here, not that I can find that post either.

Help? Please?

(mods - I think I've done the tags right, it's been a long time since I used LJ to post)
08 April 2014 @ 06:34 am
I am looking for 2 specific j2 fics & some other stuff.

1: I am looking for a j2 fic which it is set post SUPRANATURAL, In which Jared is a huge movie star & Jensen is a famous producer or director. They had been together during Rhett series but they had broken up & Jensen had had a son with Daneel after a inner night stand & they had married to raise the boy, Daniel I think, but they had split up amicably after a loveless marriage. Jensen had never really dated anyone else after & had only been hanging on until his son was of legal age to take care of himself & then was going to kill himself. The son figures out his father what his father was going to do, find out about Jared & goes to him, trying to get him to stop Jensen from dying. I know they eve up married & together in the end.

2: I am looking for a copy of ” The Billionaire's Reluctant Husband” and other stories like it in which one of the J's is rich and/or powerful & somehow tricks it coerces the other into being with them & they end up together for real.
08 April 2014 @ 02:10 am
I really hope someone can help me! It's J2, the boys are filming Supernatural and Jensen's been sick. Jared thinks he's not really sick and that he's just not into Jared anymore. Jensen ends up getting injured in a fight scene and it turns out he had mono the whole time. Anyone know this one?!
07 April 2014 @ 08:39 pm
I'm looking for some recs that are centered or focused on season four, i have a hard time watching any episodes during then because i absolutely despise ruby and the whole coercing sam thing, so i'd really like lighter noted stories, but definitely don't have to be.

can be of any length, but absolutely must be wincest, and pertaining to season four (or how they were both in dark places). I have an extremely high preference for bottom!sam, so if it is bottom!dean throughout please don't rec it for me, if they switch that is more than fine. sorry about the strictness, but i've got a craving,,,,
hi everyone! i'm looking for a specific fic where cas hears dean want his little brother back and brings both of theirs younger versions from the past. It was in season 4. Sam and Dean had to live with younger versions of themselves for a while. Sam was getting jeaolus by the attention his dean was giving to his little self. I was looking for that fic for DAYS now i really wanna read it again. If anyone can remember the name i would be soo happy.
07 April 2014 @ 03:52 pm
Hi, I'm looking for a specific story where Sam and Dean transform into an animal every time they go to sleep. Go joins into the fun as well when hue transforms into a walrus. They end up going to Bobby's and become dogs at the end. I thought I bookmarked it before, but I didn't. Thanks!

I'm looking for a fic I read a while ago and forgot to bookmark. It was a wincest fic, the boys settled down probably bought or rented a house and lived happily for some time but in the end Dean was killed in a car accident. I was bittersweet and very beautiful but I cannot find it so perhaps someone can recoginse it.
Thanks in advance.

Found in comments!
07 April 2014 @ 01:54 pm
I'm looking for three fics.

1) Jared and Chad are living together and Jared goes on a dating website where he then meets Jensen.

2) Jensen and Jared discuss having a threesome but can't decide who to do it with. Jensen wants Christian Kane, which Jared vetos, and Jared suggests Chad, and Jensen says no. Ultimately, they agree to go with Chad. Jensen wants to complain the whole time, but is distracted by Jared keeping his attention and Chad being good at what he does. *Found*

3) Any Castiel!stripper fics with Dean watching then receivng a private show with Castiel.
Hi guys! Any help with this would be phenomenal! I saw a post on her a while ago about a specific story the op had read and I have been searching for it ever since! Unfortunately, I haven't been able to locate it, and I can't find the original post either to see if it's been found :( Luckily, I still have the description saved on my computer, it went like this:

" Sam is only 16 years old and meets a 23 year old guy that he falls in love with and he is very insecure since he has zero experience with men. The guy Sam is dating is really trying to push him into having sex with him and I remember him threatening to leave Sam if he doesn't "put out" soon. Dean overhears that conversation and goes all protective-big-brother over Sam and ends up almost dragging/carrying Sam to the Impala and then refuses to let Sam see the guy without him being around. He also makes Sam promise to not sleep with the guy until he is 18. I think the story ends with the guy leaving when Sam won’t have sex with him and Sam seeks comfort from Dean. Somewhere in this story Dean has a sex-talk with Sam since he realized no one had ever had that conversation with Sam."

Please help! Love you all! xoxo
07 April 2014 @ 09:41 am
Okay,so there is a story I just thought of that I would like to read again but the details are hazy. I think Dean and Sam were estranged and Dean meets a little girl on a hunt. They become close and he is very protective of her. She turns out maybe to be an angel or something and through her Sam and Dean become close and start to love one another again. It was most years ago and I think that there was some small token that the girl gave Dean or the other way around that played an important role.
07 April 2014 @ 06:28 am
Im new to the site, so please excuse any noobish-ness ^D^'

Anyway, im hoping someone out there knows of any good dubcon.
I like Dean, Castiel, Sam, and Crowley in any slash-able way, it doesn't matter XD

Thanks in advance? <3
06 April 2014 @ 11:57 pm
1. Jared and Jensen on a kiss cam or on a date at any sports type game? They could just even be goin as friends and leave as closerthanfriends :)

2. The exact same for number one except for Sam and Dean

3. Marriage vows (i want so much emotional sweetness that i will need to see the dentist after reading these)

4. Dean teaching Sam how to kiss.

5.SPECIFIC Either Jensen or Jared is a murderer? The other is a cop or FBI agent. But they fall in love and in the end, instead of happily ever after, one arrests the other because they made an oath or something to avenge a killing.
Hello again, finders!

I'm going crazy about a J2 fic. I don't really remember when is set, I'm sure it's after season 3 'cause Misha is in it at some point. It starts with J2 pranking on each other, but their pranks got out of hand and Jared accidentally hurt Jensen, not in a phisical way but he makes Jen truly embarassed in front of the rest of the crew. When Jare realizes it, he tries to apologize over and over, but Jensen just shut him out. In the end, Jared is a little pissed himself, so they kinda avoid each other on set, but Jared notices that Jensen is really quiet and pissy for the rest of the day, and he feels guilty. Jared hopes to kiss and make up at home, but Jensen keeps avoiding him, barely talks to him and sleeps on the couch (I seem to remember that the boys are together). The day after, Jared tries to make it up to Jensen by making an ass out of himself, but Jensen is not impressed and keeps ignoring him. Then Jared asks Misha to pull pranks on him, hoping that it'll be enough for Jensen to forgive him, but it still doesn't work. In a last attemp, Misha pulls a particularly mean prank, and Jared is in pretty much the same situation Jensen was, embarassed in front of the whole cast. So Jensen is angry and yells at Misha, then takes Jared in his trailer, and there Jared explains all of it to Jensen and rambles about how scared he is Jensen is going to leave him for a stupid prank, he's so sorry, he didn't relize how stupid it was and shit like that, and Jensen in the end kiss him and they are good. I think the last scene was Jensen promises to apologize to Misha and both of them agreeing on pulling pranks together on others, instead of on each other.
It's pretty specific, and that's why I'm going crazy! Please, if you reconognize it, or know something quite similar (even not in detail) post the link!

For the general search, I'm searching for long J2 slow burn fics non-AU (so, with them on Supernatural set trough the seasons) from friends to lovers. Also, I'd like to read fics with jealous and insecure!boys (either Jensen or Jared) but I'd prefer without angry sex (I don't mind sex, but not for "staking a claim", please). Deaged!boys is another thing that I've not read much about, so if you have something, feel free to post it here!

I don't mind self-recs, don't be shy! I'd prefer only J2 non-Au fics, but I can live with well written AUs, too. I'll be grateful for every suggestion, thanks in advance!
Hi! I'm looking for some Supernatural/Criminal Minds crossovers. Have read a lot of these on AO3 and I'm new to this fandom on livejournal and have no idea where to start. So could you guys help me out and send some of your favourites?

Any fics featuring Victor Hendrickson or any situation with the Winchesters and law enforcement would also be very very welcome!

Thanks! (and to the mods, first time posting, tell me if I got something wrong and I'll change it ASAP)