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10 September 2016 @ 12:45 am
I am looking for a specific fic.  I am sure I was reading it on AO3 I lost my bookmark and I don't remember the name of the author or fic and I can't seem to find it.

 What I remember is that is was a WIP Its has a soulmate/truemate storyline.  Also I think its Sub/Dom/Switches.  Dean is Sub. its starts off with John taking Dean when he was little and told him that Sam and Mary were dead (I think) John tells dean that people like Bobby don't like Subs so not to bother trying to contact them but John had told everyone else that Dean was dead.  John treats Dean like crap says he isn't good for anything because he is a sub.  Sets him up in a house somewhere to act as his personal research library and medic as John travels hunting.  Dean has a job as a mechnic.  I think he works with Benny.  Anyway he ends up fixing Cas' car and he turns out is Sam's roommate.  Also later in the story Dean has an accident at the shop and get run over by a car and bust his leg.  I would really appriciate help finding this its been driving me nuts for weeks
09 September 2016 @ 03:54 am
So I believe this vid used to be on YT, but I'm not a 100% on that... It was essentially a serial killer Sam AU. The beginning had a voice over from the vid's creator like a news report about Sam being released from prison after attacking a girl a year ago. Dean picks him up from prison and then Sam escapes from Dean and starts traveling the country killing women. It had Dean tracking him down, Sam shooting him, I think Sam raping Dean at some point if I'm not confusing vids. The whole thing was set to Flyleaf's "I'm So Sick" I think. Anyone recognize this, know where to find it, or know who the vidder was? Thanks guys!
I'm dying to read again an old fic I lost and cannot for the life of me find on google
- it was eventually Sam/Dean
- teen!Sam is kidnapped, tortured and rape by a supernatural creature
- Dean and John never knew he was kidnapped
- Sam is let go by the creature with a curse written in his inner thigh (or something like that I'm not sure) that cause him to constantly seek pain and sex and to be unable to say no
- to break the curse he has to find someone that knows about the curse and love him nonetheless but he can't reveal to anyone what happened
- I remember Sam had sex with a teacher, kissed for the first time a class mate, and met Jen in a bdsm club
- Dean finds out about the curse thanks to the ghost of another victim of the same creature
ETA: FOUND in the comments

And for the general search, I'm starving for Sam/Dean or Jensen/Jared fics
with sexually abused Sam or Jared (NOT by Dean or Jensen)
that focus on rape recovery
with Sam-Jared being insecure, having nightmares, PTSD (etc) and Dean-Jensen helping him
novel-length fics are better, but I'll read everything
AU or not AU is the same;
I feel like I've already read every single fic about this topic (including all the ones I could find here) so please help me out!
THANK YOU and sorry for any mistakes: english is not my first language!
08 September 2016 @ 05:58 pm
Does anyone have a copy of any of dante_s_hell's fics? Their journal's been flocked, and I sent them a message a few weeks back but unfortunately, they haven't replied. (Seems like they've just moved on from fandom/LJ?) I'm specifically interested in their Mine!verse and 'There's Only One Thing You Can Count On', though again I'd be really happy to be able to read any of their work. If they've mentioned anywhere that they'd rather their fics not be shared, do let me know! I'd appreciate any help :)
07 September 2016 @ 11:56 pm
This is bugging the heck out of me. I can't seem to find the right tags to locate it.
It was a story of a young (20 something) J2 (maybe, possibly Sam/Dean AU, but I think it was J2) I seem to remember Jensen being the next best thing to homeless and he starts hanging around with Jared. Jensen has been horribly scarred in a fire and is very self-conscious. I also seem to remember Jared being kind of cruel or oblivious. Jensen thinks he's finally found something, but Jared may announce at some point that he's interested in someone else. Or I might be misremembering it.
[Spoiler for ending (click to open)]
The story ends with Jensen rushing to catch the bus and is so distracted he is struck and killed.

Does this ring any bells with anyone? It was a SPN_J2 Big Bang three or four years ago.
Any help appreciated.

FOUND by the awesome wusswooand I had everything wrong about the story except the scars!
Lick The Valleys Up by xxamlaxx
Summary: SPN AU based off Marianela. Dean and Sam's parents died in the fire that left Dean disfigured and Sam blind. Sam is adopted by the Winchesters, Dean isn't. In simpler terms: Dean is ugly, Sam is blind, and they meet.
07 September 2016 @ 11:02 pm
I heard Hey Jude today on the radio and now I'm craving stories where Wee Dean sings it to Baby Sammy. I seem to recall one story where he sings it to Sam because he remembers his mom singing it to him only when he sings it to Sam, the words are a little messed up....Hey dude.....

I'd love it if that story could be found even though that's all I can remember from it (although that has never stopped this community from being amazing and finding stories with less!)

I would also very happily take any stories where Dean sings to Sam whether it be when they are little or when they're grown. Doesn't have to be Hey Jude that he sings. Could be anything he sings to Little Sam when he's scared during thunderstorms or when John's been gone for a while. Maybe he sings that song or something else to Sam as an adult when Sam is going through his grief about Jessica and can't sleep or when he's recovering from the trials.

Wincest and Gen is fine. Please no WIPs and, as always, self recs are welcomed.

Thank you in advance!
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07 September 2016 @ 09:47 pm
I've read a couple of stories where Sam and Dean have completely normal lives but still contain Wincest and I'd like to read more. Can anyone rec me some more?

No AU's where the brothers are raised apart/dont know they are brothers or anything like that.

07 September 2016 @ 04:54 pm
Hi guys!

Hope you can help me find this story:

In this story Jensen is Jared's prisoner, more like a sex slave. I remember one of the first scenes Jensen is naked and tied and Jared orders the guards to bring dogs so they can smell him and find him if he tries to escape.

I think Jensen had tried to escape before so Jared's guards cut one hand of Jensen's brother (I think was Chris).

I have been looking for this story for days I already looked on slavery tag and abused Jensen tag, and other tags and no luck, hope you can help me.
07 September 2016 @ 01:35 pm
I read this story years ago on LJ (and vaguely recalled the author claimed she was embarrassed about writing the story. Sam and Dean encountered a Charmander and Slowgro (but not sure I recall accurately). I think there was at least one leveling up that involved a gemstone, some time spent in or near woods and maybe Dean fishing using his Slowbro at the end of the story? It was a fun little story despite the side of wincest (may have only been implied, but not certain). Not sure in which season it might be placed, but season 5 or lower and no other characters were involved. Can you help? Thanks.
07 September 2016 @ 12:38 am
Looking for a specific fic I read years ago...that is hopefully not deleted, should be on AO3

1) Dean and Sam and the rest of the family/crew are a werewolf pack and Dean and Sam are mates. It's completed and I remember that Dean and Sam were in the forest and another Wolf attacks Sam and tries to rape him, Dean flips out and kills/injures the other alpha before taking an injured Sam to safety and they finally mate. They come home and everyone congratulates them.

Help? Thank you!

DELETED- If anyone has this fic, Claiming by Nanoks (now cozy_coffee on ao3), please email it to me at tikikat29@gmail.com, thanks! (Thank you to Phoenix1996 for telling me!)

I was now told that the author unfortunately did not give permission to share her fic, Claiming. Sorry!
06 September 2016 @ 10:01 pm
This is completely random but I read a j2 fic on ao3 in August and all i can remember is that there was a link in the story to some pics of Jensen from his high school yearbooks?? If someone happens to know it lol wow you're lifesaver cause it's driving me crazy!!
It was a short non-au story, when Jensen was being stood up by some crew guy yet again. Js were living together, and Jared didn't want Jensen to be disappointed that he's not going on a date, so instead, Jared took him to one. Does anybody recall it? I read it on A03. Thanks!
05 September 2016 @ 09:47 pm
Hey guys I'm looking for fics where Dean and Sam or just Dean find out about Adam pre-series
Maybe with Dean telling John he's not raising another one of his kids or just being bitter that he has to but loves Adam anyway and develops that same parental bond he has with Sam como season 1.
05 September 2016 @ 05:08 pm
Does anybody have any fics where dean or jensen are alphas but instead they want another alpha or beta whatever or any where they get turned to an omega?
Basically bottom!alpha!jensen or dean
05 September 2016 @ 12:32 pm
I would like to know of any stories where Sam didn't die at Cold Oak without him going darkside. Gen or slash but please no Destiel or Sam/Castiel Thank you.
05 September 2016 @ 10:29 am
Simple request this time: I'm looking for any fics which Sam/Jared has bipolar disorder. I don't care if it's teenchester, canon, gen, wincest, or J2. Literally just any bipolar Sam fics are very much welcome.

Sorry, I've been on the interweb all day looking, and can't find much. And I've been hyped up on chocolate icing and can't seem to stay away from fanfiction. Thanks!
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04 September 2016 @ 09:27 am
1) I'm looking for fics where Dean has an eating disorder. It doesn't have to be the sole focus of the fic and I'll accept just about any eating disorder. He can get treatment or not, the issue can be named or not, people can try to help or tell him to suck it up, gen or ship, it's all good.

2) I'm also looking for fics that specifically deal with Dean having an eating disorder where he starts making himself puke after normal meals because he feels like a pig for eating stuff like burgers and pie, and then it just slowly progresses and spins out of control to where he's puking after every meal or barely eating. I've only found one fic like this and I really hope more exist.

Any help is much appreciated!
03 September 2016 @ 11:47 pm
I think I need a refresher in "Google 101". Could I please ask for assistance in finding the following types of stories:

1. Dragon rider stories where Jensen is either rider or dragon. Would love one similar to Eragon. (Looking for more recent stories but will take any recommendations in case I missed some.)

2. Stories where Jensen has scars and he's afraid that Jared won't like him once he sees them. Jensen could have gotten them from a fire, or accident or from an injury caused in the line of duty (fireman, police or even military) or even from an abusive childhood.

3. Looking for a specific story but not really sure it exists or the premise just popped in my head....what I do recall is that Jensen was a Healer (magical not literal)but he and his friends tried to keep it a secret because each time he healed someone it took a little bit out of him. Of course he falls for Jared who is then severely wounded and Jensen heals him almost dying himself. There were little incidences in the story where Jensen did heal his friends (paper cuts, broken arm). Really hope this story actually exists.

Please no death fics or WIPs. J2 or Gen is preferred. Self recs are always welcomed.

As always, thank you in advance for any offerings you have.
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03 September 2016 @ 07:13 pm
1. I had just recently read a story called Two for One by Marianna Morgan on fanfiction.net, and started thinking about how cool it would be if Sam somehow landed himself in some trouble, and ended up at Sonny's just like Dean did. I don't know if there are any fics out there like that, but if there are, please let me know in the comments.

2. Kinda along the same lines, but I've a taste for certain teen!chester fanfics recently. One in particular features Sam getting arrested. And I am now hooked. I'm not too particular about things, so if you guys could just send some my way, it would be very much appreciated. (If there's some hurt!sam mixed in there, I would be 2x as grateful)

Thank You!
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02 September 2016 @ 10:21 pm
Greetings fellow addicts! I am looking for any and all stories where John has just decided that Sam is never going to be the hunter/son he has with Dean and is intent on dropping him off at one of their friends and leaving him there permanently - and Dean is NOT having it. Or, stories where Bobby realizes that Sam is the odd man out in that trio and tries to keep Sam. Could be slash or gen. Thanks!
03 September 2016 @ 11:52 am
Hi guys, I'm looking for a specific J2 fic. Jensen and Misha had been in a relationship and had a kid when Misha goes missing after his plane goes down. Jared and Jensen meet and are about to move in together when Misha is found. Misha moves in with Jensen and Jensen starts to neglect Jared who then thinks Jensen is just using him as a booty call. Does this ring a bell with anyone please?
02 September 2016 @ 03:40 pm
Okay, so there are two fics that I am currently trying to locate.

This first one involves Sam getting attacked in the locker room. I think he defends himself and attacks the others with a (hockey stick?). He is later sent to a police station where John finds him, apparently the police beat Sam with their clubs. I know that the attack was recorded and there was a somewhat sexual nature to it.

The Second one is a one-shot I believe. Sam comes running home, his hair is wrecked. Apparently, it's all Dean's fault because Dean was dating the ex-girlfriend of a football play and Dean now has to calm down is emotionally wrecked little brother.
1. Any recommendations for stories where Sam is jealous of Benny's relationship with Dean. It doesn't have to be a sexual relationship between any of the characters. I would prefer no Destiel but if it's really good I'll give it a try.

2. Any backstories about Bobby would be great.

3. Any stories with Bobby interacting with the boys, not just providing information or cover up by phone, as a father-figure or as a family friend.
01 September 2016 @ 08:50 pm
Okay so you know how in all the evil!sam/dean/whoever whatever the captured one eventually succumbs to stockholm syndrome are there any fics where the pet decides that they'd rather be dead then you know a pet.

Like if Sam is the boyking of hell and has Dean as his prize, Dean commits suicide instead or something instead being trapped with him forever. Vice Versa.

Just wondering because we all know the phrase fate worst then death if it's worse then death then why haven't they offed themselves yet. Speaking of death any Dean/Death fics would be welcome to.

But yeah fics where the evil!whoever has whoever for a pet/slave/f__kbuddy and they decided they'd rather be dead then a slave.

Any paring but I'm partial to Wincest and Destiel. And I kinda want Dean to be the one who kills himself in a last screw you, they can't have him kinda way but not impartial to it being Sam or whoever.

One last request any fics where when Dean comes back from hell Ruby is jealous even if she won't admit it.
Hi, I'm looking for something I read a while ago, not sure if it was on LJ or AO3. It featured werecat Jensen living in an apartment block that is populated by a werewolf pack and Jared is the pack alpha.I think Jensen starts off terrified of the wolves and transforms into his cat form to go in and out of his apartment. Then he kind of gets adopted by the pack because of Jared's interest in him.

Anyone have an idea on this one?

Thanks in advance.
01 September 2016 @ 10:28 pm
Hi all, can you please rec me longer fics that are Destiel or J2, and set in a high school or college/university where both boys are students? I prefer stories over 10,000 words. Please no A/B/O or WIP. You're all awesome!
01 September 2016 @ 01:44 am
I'm on a bit of a bad-father!John kick at the moment (mostly because I love the angsty h/c it causes for the boys), hence my two requests:

1. Are there any fics out there where John mistreats or abuses Sam (physical, mental, etc.), yet when Sam tells Dean about it Dean doesn't believe him (at least initially)?

2. Conversely, are there any fics where John is hard on Dean or treats him unfairly and Sam protects him/stands up for him? This can be physically or verbally protecting Dean from John's actions, or just backing Dean up when John pushes too hard. Not looking for age-regression fics. I've seen this theme come up in deaged!Dean fics, but never in scenarios where their ages are kept unchanged.

Really appreciate any recs you send my way! Any pairing and timeline are accepted. 
I recently read The Georgia Incident by MarquessaS, and got me in the mood for stories that were like that, where Sam used his demonic powers on Dean causing him great injury, whither it be permanent, fixable or a deathfic.
My second search is a story where Dean is the real antichrist, not sure if Sam is playing the role to take the heat off of Dean, or not, that's about all I know if it, Hope someone out in the spn universe recognises it. An upfront thanks to all how reply.
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Hi! So a while ago I read a fic that I guess was few years old and I found it on A03. It was J2, Non-Au, maybe around 10k words? I think it revolved around season one or two. Jensen was gay and Jared was very curious about gay stuff ;) he was constantly asking Jensen all those question about being gay and he was searching Google for the answers. I remember there was a scene where Jared, Jensen and I think the stunt double Todd all went to gay club because Jared really wanted to go and he was trying to fit in so he dressed all funny :)
I was re-reading the 'Redemption Road' series when I remembered this fic existed and I adored it. Here's what I recall: it is definitely an OLD story (at least 5 years ago), it was a 'Cas goes to Hell to save Dean' pre-start of season four fic, and it isn't any of the stories mentioned in THIS: http://spnstoryfinders.livejournal.com/8710379.html similar request. I'm not sure if it was Destiel slanted or not - but it was more about the journey through Hell then the torture stuff. I also think it started with Cas and Uriel (maybe Balthazar?!) discussing the plan, though in the end it was just Dean and Cas. Last but not least - I'm fairly sure it was NOT on fanfiction.net. Sorry I can't be more detailed and any help would be much appreciated. :)
29 August 2016 @ 06:46 pm
I'm back with another request!!

So this story takes place in Season 4 (I believe) and I barely remember much, but in the story Dean was very gentle with Sam -- helped bathe him and would put warm rags on his forehead. Sam also was very sick and im not entirelly sure but I think most of the story took place in the panic room.

I remember Sam got the flu and i also think he had a few seizures. The story was also on a03 but its been so long since I read it that I cant remember anything.

If it helps any, I do know Sam bottomed.

Hope someone knows the fic :(((

If theres any other story like that, I'd be okay with that <33

Tysmmmm xxxx
Hey guys! Time for another 'I can't find that fic' game! I'm about 95% sure I read this on AO3.

From what I can remember, Sam and Dean aren't related. One of Sam's school friends (high school I believe) bets Sam a large amount of money to sneak into Dean's house and steal his underwear. Sam gets caught by Dean and 'punished'. Dean gives Sam his boxers and they split the money. I think they're a couple at the end.

Thank you! Hope you can help me find it!
28 August 2016 @ 12:40 am
Jensen is a human/cat-like person and is a slave, Jared is an army commander that wants Jensen, it is later found out that Jared is an omega, he and Jensen go to his home I think. Then things get a little crazy, they are either kidnapped or go somewhere, and it's found out that Jensen is supposed to be their leader, Jared is in prison and not being treated too well. I know my description doesn't make much sense but maybe someone will recognise it. Thx to all who reply.
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27 August 2016 @ 06:32 pm
Hey guys, I just have a quick search this time for the following:

1) [FOUND]crowley+sam - a specific fic where crowley follows sam around the bunker, probably post human blood addiction. i'd also like any other fics where crowley and sam are reluctant friends.

2)lonely!sam - any pre-series fics where john and dean leave sam behind and the consequences there of, like someone trying to kidnap him or the monster coming for him and he has to take care of it himself. also, any fics where sam thinks he's being abandoned on purpose, because he's slow or in the way or something.

27 August 2016 @ 01:30 pm
After rewatching Season 11 and Season 6, I've suddenly been craving Soulless Dean stories but I've basically come up to a blank. Any rating is fine, all ships (though I'd prefer Wincest) and any characters, there isn't really anything specific to it apart from Soulless Dean.
26 August 2016 @ 11:34 pm
I'm looking for a fic I read a while ago, what I remember is it's an au of the apocalypse. Team free will along with Gabriel decide the only chance they have to beat Lucifer is for Dean to let Cas use his body as a vessel, but when they're fighting Lucifer he rips Cas out of Dean but is killed by Gabriel inside of Sam. Afterwards Dean is super depressed and almost comatose for awhile, but manages to start pulling himself together. At one point Dean stumbles across Cas's empty vessel and breaks down. Cas comes back to life at the end. The pairings were destiel and possibly sabriel. I'm pretty sure I read it on ao3 and it's been driving me nuts hopefully someone can help.
27 August 2016 @ 12:59 am
Hello everyone!

I read an amazing fic by Anniespinkhouse where Jared was a dragon stealing ornaments from Jensen to build his horde. Now I'm super interested to know if there are any fics around where Jared/Sam is a dragon/weredragon/something of the sort? If so, I want ALL OF THEM. If I were a dragon, my horde would be Dragon!Sam fics.

Also, if possible, wincest/j2 with bottom!Sam/bottom!Jared. But I'm also 100% fine with gen fics/fics without penetration. Just not bottom!Jensen/Dean, please.

If there aren't very many of these fics and you know of similar fics where Jared/Sam is some kind of mystical creature (fairy? mermaid? elf?), then I appreciate those, too (with the same bottoming preference/gen). I've just got a thing for dragons :)

Thank you all so much in advance <3
I remember reading a fic where Jensen is dog sitting a dog for a ex/girlfriend(?) and has to take it to the vet for some reason. However the dog was called something like Rainbow Sparkle and nobody at the vet's office wanted to deal with him as they thought he was a brony? I seem to remember it was hilarious but I can't for the life of my remember the name! And also searching for anything related to bronies comes up with some odd results... Thanks!
I don't have many details other than Gabriel took Sam as a child from John and Dean. Maybe to spare him the pain in his life?? He took him, erased his memory (maybe Dean and John's too) and raised him as his own. When he saw Sam's love of books he decided to name him 'Book'. Through some series of events Sam and Dean end up together. Sam may know who Dean is but I'm pretty sure Dean does not know Sam. The fic wasn't complete at the time I read it. I am hoping now maybe it is.

26 August 2016 @ 05:41 pm
Hi y'all, I'm looking for some nice and long (the longer, the better) stories. No wincest, no slash, just general entries. I don't care about rating, as long as it refers to stuff like harsh language, I also wouldn't mind some torture or more graphic descriptions of injuries etc.

About the plot, Dean doesn't need to be in the hospital in particular, it can be any other place (but I would prefer if it wasn't motel room, so more like Bobby's or the Bunker). He has to be incapable of taking care of himself (nice h/c please, preferably with Sammy as the 'protector'). I don't really care about what the reason is and if that's permanent or not, but I'd rather read stories with purely physical injuries, for example many broken bones after a hunt gone wrong or some other accident. Oh, and please no blind/deaf stories, I've read quite a few of them already.

Big thanks for any help :)
I'm really getting into a lot of ABO fics, but some are a lot of early Season J2 or Dean and Sam

I was hoping maybe there were any later season ABO like Jared in Season 7ish to Season 9ish as an OMEGA and of Jensen as his Alpha or becomes his Alpha

SO Any favorite ABO where Jared/Sam is an OMEGA and Jensen/Dean is an Alpha, either establish relationship or first time (finally getting together after working together for so many years?)

keeping my fingers crossed
Anyone remember the title/writer of a fic based on (or paying homage to) Ray Bradbury's Something Wicked This Way Comes - ? Evil carnival comes to town at Halloween, investigated by two young boys (pretty sure it was Sam and Dean, although not sure whether it was Gen or S/D).

That is literally all I can remember about it. But I have faith in this community's collective omniscience! Please - and thank you!

P.S. I know it was not Sylvanwitch's excellent All the Dreaded Cards Foretell.
25 August 2016 @ 09:31 pm
So, I read this awesome fic - namely, Sam Lucifer Winchester by kirallie (https://www.fanfiction.net/s/6233300/1/Sam-Lucifer-Winchester) - and now the idea behind the fic is stuck in my head. Are there any other fics out there that revolve around the idea that Sam is not just Lucifer's vessel, but Lucifer incarnated/manifested/born/whatever as a human that eventually gets his powers and memory back? It seems like no matter how I phrase this in trying to search with other methods, I always get fics where Sam is Lucifer's vessel, nothing more.

If they exist, I would love to read them. If there are ships involved, I'm not all that picky. Dean is a okay paired with anybody, although my all time favorite is wincest.

Thank you in advance. :)
25 August 2016 @ 03:30 pm
I just read Road Side Assistance by obsidianromance and absolutely loved it! It had me gripped tight until the end even though I knew what the outcome was going to be.

So, having read that and really liking the premise, it has made me want more stories along the same lines (or close to). Basically I am looking for stories with mpreg Jensen/Dean who is hurt and having to deliver his babies. Maybe he's shot while protecting Jared/Sam or maybe an ex lover comes to take Jensen back and hurts him and sends him into premature labor. Or a demon attacks Dean. I'll take any story where Jensen/Dean is hurt while pregnant. (I can't believe I am actually asking for these stories...always thought mpreg would squick me out but have found some to be quite emotional and well done if you can suspend your belief and you know...accept male pregnancy!).

Please no non-con.

Thank you in advance for any recommendations you can offer. Please only J2/Wincest, no WIP's and self recs are always welcomed!
25 August 2016 @ 08:19 pm
Hi friends,

I never ever thought I would be asking for this...but well here I am :P

I recently read "Do I seem bulletproof to you?" by fleshflutter. It was amazing...

This story has a sizzling hot scene where Jared watches Jensen having sex with someone else...and it's consensual. It's seriously hot and made me want to know if there are other such fics.

I don't want non-con or non-con voyeurism ....threesome...exhibitionism...or public sex.

Can you rec me some fics which have such awesome consensual voyeurism? Someone is watching the boys with their consent?
I've gone through spnkinkmeme and ao3...but didn't find a lot.

Thanx a million in advance

Help me please?
During my switch to a new computer, I lost majority of my bookmarks. I looking for a specific wincest fic, where Sam is giving CPR to Dean and if I am recalling correctly the Bee Gee's song "Staying Alive" was playing the background. I believe it also had art with fic if that helps. I also think it may have been set in Season 3 but I am not 100% certain. Thank you so much!
24 August 2016 @ 12:56 pm
I am looking for a specific story that's plot revolved around Dean and Castiel's children (1 girl and 2 boys??) , who are unaware of the supernatural, coming home from school to find Dean and Castiel missing and the house looked like there had been a struggle. I believe Sam and maybe Bobby show up to help them and eventually in the end Dean and Castiel are find and reunite with their kids. Any help finding this fic would be great!
23 August 2016 @ 07:56 pm
Here's what I remember:

Jensen is a senior? and for some reason, freshman Jared is assigned to the same dorm suite. I'm pretty sure Misha and Mike Rosenbaum live there too.

Basically, Jensen is an asshole to Jared until they both get so pissed at each other that they hook up.

Danneel, Jensen, and Jared all work at the same coffee shop/bookstore.

It's not the one with the muffin art titled "It isn't easy (but it's worth it.)

Pretty sure that at one Jared tries to hit on Misha and gets shot down.

At the end of the fic, the Js declare their feelings in a screaming match (possibly during a rainstorm?) and Mike keeps count of how many times a variation of the word "fuck" is used.

Thanks anybody who can help!

*I suck at tags, I'm sorry. I tried to do them better this time.*
23 August 2016 @ 11:21 am
Yeah forgot to bookmark it. He has a condition or surgery-forgot where he needs to take medications, a shitload and he starts to put on a lot of weight?