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03 February 2017 @ 06:38 pm
I'm looking for stories with Sam or Dean being deaged to a child. For any reason they stay that way and the other brother decides to raise him as his own. They could change back, but I would prefer either of them to stay a child. I've read some a while back,but for the life of me I can't find them or anything similar. Please help.
03 February 2017 @ 04:43 pm
Hey everyone

Ok, so I'm looking for a new link to a story that was on Samdean archive. I can't remember the Title or author, and stupidly just added a note on my own list which just reads "Dean blind, John's fault". Not helpful, lol.

In this fic, Dean got kicked in the head by a lesser demon wearing a teenager, during the a showdown with the YED, and John is too obsessed with killing the YED to even notice Dean was in trouble.

I think John had drugged Sam or something to keep him out of the fight.

Dean is now blind and suffers from seizures. John tries to send Dean to some nursing home or something, but Sam steps in. Sam and Dean move to a small town where Pastor Jim helps them set up a home. Jim knows about the boys' sexual relationship.

Dean goes along to a kindergarten class and tells them stories. There's a scene where the boys are ice skating on a pond and John is spying on them and sees them kiss.

Can anyone help, pretty please?

To clarify; I need a link for this fic that's NOT to samdean archive.

The brilliant Calysta has now posted this story - "Love is never blind" on AO3

Thanks, lovelies.
Guys, I'm looking for a specific story where Dean is kidnapped and forced to fight. Dean is kept in an underground cell and his kidnappers, pretty sure it's one very rich man, make him train for the fights and then transport him to the fight venue in chains.

I remember big bodybuilder type guys are Dean's minders and I believe that the man has also kidnapped Sam and is keeping him in a separate location to use as a hostage against Dean, he makes Sam hold up a newspaper as proof of life.

Sorry I can't remember if this is Gen or slash but I sure hope someone out there recognizes this because I'm keen to read this again.

Thanks for you help and fingers crossed.
03 February 2017 @ 11:20 pm

I've been looking for a specific fic.
I remember that Castiel is a doctor at a mental hospital, and he meets patient Dean.
Sam works at the same hospital as a nurse or something.
Dean thinks he and Sam are brothers, but they aren't.

I think I read it at AO3, but I'm not sure.

Can anyone help me?
I'm going out of my mind.
03 February 2017 @ 12:41 am
Hi again! In this fic, john has just died and in order to support himself and Sam, Dean seeks out Cas to join his pack. He's human at this point but Sam is a wolf, an alpha, thanks to Yellow Eyes.

Dean gets repeatedly harrassed by the members of Castiel's pack because he is human. He gets attacked at one point and Cas is forced to turn him. There was alao a scene where Dean grabs the scruff of Castiel's neck and he attacks him on instinct only for Cas to realize that is how Dean interacts with Sam so he didnt know any better. Needless to say, Sam and Cas do not get along but there is some Sabriel, too.
02 February 2017 @ 10:01 pm
Hi guys, I've been having a bit of a problem lately. I cannot load any page from the samdean archive. I've already tried to use different phones, computer - yet nothing works. Is any of you having the same problem? Is there a way to solve it? (or is it - hopefully - just temporary?)
I know there has been similar entry two or so weeks ago but they apparently managed to solve it but it haven't worked for me.
I don't want to spread panic or anything, I just want to know whether the problem is on my side or something else :( I may be going a little bit crazy...
02 February 2017 @ 02:09 pm
I'm looking for a fic around season 5.
What i can remember is that Sam and Dean are locked in a room or a cell and there's a person (the one that locked them in) and is watching them. There's two guns in the room and this person told them that only one of them can get out alive and one have to die, Which means that one of them have to kill the other. I think Sam already knows he's Lucifer vessel.

Sam then asked Dean something like:"Do you want me to kneel?", thinking that he would kill him. But Dean won't do it.
The time past and Sam made a plan, he asked the person about the rules, Dean is looking at him like his crazy. Sam place the gun to his head.
Then Sam said something like: "I'm getting you out, come back for my body,I'm leaving you with the mess." When Sam is about to shoot himself, Dean pushed him to the floor and a gun is heard but is not Sam's, his guns doesn't have bullets, the sound of the gun is coming from outside and then Bobby and i think Ellen saves them.

Then the boys come back to their motel and talk about it.

Thanks :)
01 February 2017 @ 10:21 pm
Hello everybody,
I've been looking recently for a story i thought i had bookmarked or could find using the filter in ao3 but turns out i couldn't find it.

So the first one is a J2 fic that centers around Jensen. obviously it is AU .So the story is of Jensen and Jared become stepbrother or something Jared's dad gets together with Jensen's mom. And i don't think i actually finished reading it but i hope I'm not mixing 2 stories up. In this story Jared's dad is raping Jensen and Jensen doesn't tell anybody. He and Jared aren't close but soon start to talk and i know that their is a scene where they drive to school together. Jared finds out about Jensen being raped i think. I"m not sure what happens after though.But it was a really good story and i would love to read it again. Im starting to doubt if im remembering the story correctly now.....well anyway any story similar to this would still be a good read.

Okay i wasn't planning on adding this one but i can do two in one. This story is a destiel one it is AU. It's actually quite short i think. So it starts of i believe with cas and dean talking or something but the jist of it is that i think they might have known each other in high school or heard of each other anyway whatever they are doing had a school refrence in it and they hadn't seen each other in a long time. Well dean leaves and starts walking home and he ends up taking a shortcut but some guy attacks him and tries to rape him i think he does end up raping him..but cas i think ended up walking in the same direction i don't remember the reason why but cas has a knife or something which he uses to save dean from his attacker i don't know if he kills him or not. but he comforts dean in the end i think telling him he's safe.

So please help me find them. And thank you in advance. also if their are stories similar to these that you want to tell me about or link go right ahead cause i would love to read them.

Your all such wonderful people!

I've been looking for a specific all day. Sadly, I don't remember much from it except for one specific scene. In this scene, Dean is at his (or Cas's house) and he is attacked by a group of people and left severely injured. I think he and Cas may have broken up prior to the incident because when Cas got a call from Sam, he was states away. I think Dean is in a lengthy coma as well.


2nd Update- Link to ePub source is in the comments.
02 February 2017 @ 12:23 am
Looking for Destiel fics set around s4-5 but it doesn't have to be about what happened during those seasons. I'm looking for that feeling where Cas was an awkward angel, we had cases with Bobby (I love that guy!), motels... and things were just better and easier.
I don't know how to describe it really, so I'll make points:

- preferably not ao3 ones (cuz they're give that s8-11 feeling, feels too new)- gimme ones from lj or other communities/sites
(- preferably written around s4-5-6 airing)
- slowburn please (UST is good), gimme long ones, preferably with Cas and Dean not knowing they like each other romantically and slowly building it up (well, Cas would know pretty quickly so that's good too), I prefer pre-slash -> slash rather than established relationship
- no big au (no abo, no 5x04 timeline, no affliction other than what the boys already have, no genderbender), just Sam and [Dean & Cas] + impala + hunting monsters, maybe dealing with angels (liked that storyline but I also like it if it's about Cas being an angel and the consequences of that)? and Bobby if he's alive - just the normal shtick
- pretend couple is good but only for a short time (like before the motel manager or something), not through 95% of the fic
- pov Dean or Cas
- no Sam hate (just no) but also no threesome with Dean and Cas
- it can be case fic or not, as long as it's interesting

Please tell me if I can help in any other way!
Me again, seeking help from those with better recall than mine. I read a fic a few months ago that I simply cannot find it. Jensen had been in a relationship with Jeff, who suddenly ended things. Jensen then meets and egts involved with Jared, who is pretty much Jeff's opposite. Jared is sweet and earnest and loyal, but not sophisticated or worldly, and maybe even still a student? Jeff comes back to town, and Jensen begins getting together with him for dinner and movies and things, neglecting Jared. Then something happens - I think Jared is in an accident? - and Jensen realizes where he really wants to be. I'm sure this is one is blatantly obvious, but I'm just not finding it. Help please!
31 January 2017 @ 09:50 pm
Hey y'all,
It's a bit alarming, but I went to visit sinful-desire.org for their archive of fics, specifically "Riot Gear" and the entire site has been suspended.
Anyone have a copy of Riot Gear? Or any others off the site? Riot Gear is possibly one of my favourite stories to read.

31 January 2017 @ 10:40 am
I'm in the mood for some Wincest Dean POV fics. Seems most out there are Sam POV with Sam silently pining away.

If not Dean POV then a clearly pining Dean where Sam isn't making a move. The longer the better and angst and pining slow builds would be awesome.

Some I've already read:
All stories by candle_beck
Summer Blackout by nutkin (and everything else by them)
Two Queens by belyste (more humor but at least Dean POV)
And indeed there will be time by Greta
And the Devil Makes Three by Killa (and sequel)
Milestones by intrepidheart

Pining!Dean but from oblivious!Sam POV:
Crush by BewareTheIdes15

If you know of others to rec or know of complied lists that include Dean POV/pining Dean as a tag, let me know. I have looked through the tags here but did not find much...
31 January 2017 @ 01:01 am
Are there any stories with Dean owning a smarter than average cat, With Sam off to Stanford Dean is feeling depressed and a cat wanders into his life and sort of adopts him. The cat picks up on Dean's emotions and his feelings of being abandoned and doesn't like Sam because of it. If there are any out there with the animal being a dog, I would love to read those too, Thx to all in advance.
(Not sure my tags are right, couldn't seem to find the right ones)
30 January 2017 @ 02:10 pm
Looking for some sam-centric fics, preferably about the following (gen)

-sam as a werewolf/shapeshifter/ghost/vampire/creature
-sam with powers (telepathy, empathy, mind-reading, whatever)
-pretty much any guilty!sam
30 January 2017 @ 06:38 pm
I'm looking for J2 fics were one of the boys outs the other; could be set in high school, college, ect. I'm in the mood for angst so the more angst the better but preferably with a happy ending. Can be either short or long I'm not fussed. Thank you!
Hello, I'm looking for the a/b/o fics that are just graphic/vivid/something filled with details details details that would impress a biologist. One that comes to mind is usually The Thaw by meus_venator. The writing of the details of the sex and the transformation, especially in the penis, wowee!
30 January 2017 @ 08:41 am
Yeah i think they are sitting around smoking weed and they want the cheerleaders to kiss but the cheerleaders make them kiss first? But they are together so of course they do it
31 January 2017 @ 12:40 am
Hey guys :)
Are there any fics where Dean is a total sub, not just in bed, but in everyday life? I don't necessarily mean in the bdsm sense, but just any fics with a subby, bottom Dean, who defers to Sam (no non-con/dub-con please; although the 'deferring' part isn't necessary and I'll even take bdsm fics if there aren't any fics in the genre I want) . I'll take any fic, even if it's totally ooc (and I realise any fics like that would have to a slight ooc element to them anyway).

Hello! Been looking for these fics for a while and finally got up the courage to post.

1. This one is a Destiel AU in which Dean is really close friends with Cas and they both are mutually pining for each other and Dean is under a lot of stress mostly due to John. Dean is working in Bobby's shop and since he's so stressed out he gets careless and ends up being pinned under a car or large toolbox. He is found by Bobby and taken to the hospital. When he wakes up in the hospital he has amnesia and doesn't remember anyone, but he definitely knows he's attracted to Cas and wonders if he's his boyfriend. Dean eventually gets his memory back, tries to deny his feelings, but eventually gives into them and it's a happy ending.


2. I don't remember much about this one but it is a Destiel high school AU that involved Dean bullying Cas and then them eventually getting together. Dean may have had some stuff going on in his home life or denial of his homosexual feelings that made him act that way? There was also a sequel (I think) where all of Cas's siblings hate Dean for bullying Cas before they got together and didn't understand their relationship which made Dean's self-loathing kick in. I also think Dean had some sort of confrontation with Gabriel at some point. Everything gets worked out in the end.

3. I have been searching for download links for all 4 books of Bloody_Adorable and evil_twin's Smoke & Lightning 'verse, which is a J2 AU fic, and all the links I've come across have been broken. Does anyone happen to know where to find working links to all 4 books or have copies they'd be willing to share?


Thanks! :)
29 January 2017 @ 04:43 pm
This fic popped into my head the other day and I have had no luck finding it yet, so I'm hoping you guys can help.

In it, Chad and Jensen are in a serious relationship and have been dating for a while, though neither of them are officially out. Jensen is up in Vancouver shooting and has been blowing Chad off who is in LA. Cue angst of Chad putting up with it because he just wants Jensen any ways he can get it. Christian Kane shows up and buddies up with Chad when he see what's going on and how no one is supporting him. Jensen finally gets a clue and there's a confrontation between Chad and him to resolve everything.

Thanks for your help!
30 January 2017 @ 08:11 am
Hey Everyone.
So i've really been in the mood for some angst lately, does anyone know any good stories set after Johns death, maybe around ELAC, but when Dean is still pretty angry (like when he took a crowbar to the impala) and starts a fight with Sam, or starts punching him and stuff, Sam can still be hurt from the crash or just grieving any of them, i want them. Thank you in advance.
29 January 2017 @ 12:28 pm
Okay, so I have a very specific scene in mind and I cannot remember what the larger fic is for the life of me. I'm looking for a crossover fic with Harry Potter. The scene I keep think of is Sam and Dean (and I think Castiel and Gabriel) are about to go on a hunt, and Dean locks Harry in the hotel closet so that he doesn't try to come with them. Flash forward to them coming back to the room, Harry has gotten out and throws a lamp at them when they come back in. He had a panic attack while locked in the closet, and says something among the lines of, "I told you I spent the first 10 years of my life in the cupboard under the stairs and you, you lock me in a closet." Cue guilty Sam and Dean, and Harry not wanting anything to do with them and hiding in a corner crying until I think Castiel hugs him and comforts him.

I'm pretty sure this is part of a large fic, and I definitely read it on FF.net, although it might have been cross posted to Ao3. I don't know if this is a shipping fic or a Harry Winchester fic, although I was reading a lot of the latter at the time so that is totally possible. Any ideas you have would be fantastic! Thanks!
29 January 2017 @ 10:32 am
I'm looking for a story where Sam is dead and Dean is living with Lisa.Gabriel comes back and moves across the street and ends up in a relationship with Dean.
The latest episode has reminded me of how much I love fics where the Winchesters are just huge BAMFs.
I'm looking for fics that show how actually dangerous Sam and Dean can be, especially against "normal" enemies (i.e. nothing world-ending (although they do kick ass there too)). Can be monster or human related (e.g. law enforcement etc). Outsider POV is always cool for these kind of things, but that's not a requirement.

Can be Sam and/or Dean centric (although I'm more of a Dean!girl *cough*).

Double bonus if you could point me towards "Dean being a dangerous bamf in Hell/ Purgatory" fics

I'd prefer no Wincest, but I'll read it if you think the story is just that good.

Thanks! :)

[Is there no "Hell" tag or did I overlook it?]
I'm looking for some fics where Dean is physically injured, and claims to be fine. Except he actually is seriously hurt, and refuses to tell anyone.

What also would be cool if Sam was hurt as well, and all the attention goes to him, and not Dean. Like maybe it's a pre series fic where Sam gets hurt and John focuses on only him, ignoring Dean, thinking that he hasn't sustained any injuries, until Dean passes out, or has a seizure, or anything really.

I don't mind pre series fics, and I don't mind other characters in it as long as Sam and Dean are the main focus. Please, no smut or pairing between Sam and Dean, or other sexual relationships between anyone really.

As long as Dean is badly hurt (physically), and nobody knows the full extent of his injuries, until the bomb drops, and Dean's condition is revealed in some sort of a "bad" way, I'm okay.:)

Thanks to anyone for commenting. I appreciate it.
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27 January 2017 @ 02:37 pm
Hi! I just remembered this fic that I read a while ago. It was posted on AO3, and now I can't find it for some reason. What I remember is that it was a human AU, set in a hospital. Cas is a doctor/surgeon known for being kind of a dick. Dean is a technician/EMT who is the only one that Cas can work with. I think the tagline was something like, "the best person gives you not what you asked for, but what you need." Something along those lines. Thank you so much in advance!
27 January 2017 @ 10:13 pm
1. This is what I remember from the story:
- It is about dean and sam exchanging gifts for each other as pranks throughout december, and each tried to outdo the silliness of the gift (i think they had a rule that the gift must be used/worn immediately after receiving)
- At one point Dean gave Sam a reindeer headband, and Sam gave Dean a sweater with a red plusg reindeer nose on it (which Dean gladly wore since it's really warm)
- Purely Gen, and I it was a humour fic

Maybe I'm imagining this fic (I sure hope not) but I'll be really grateful if anyone could find it for me :)

2. This one is a general search
please rec me a fic from outsider pov which shows how much Sam regard Dean highly and/or choose Dean over anyone (could be from Jess or Amelia pov, I've read some really interesting pov of them) -- Gen only please (preslash or gencest are fine)
AU, crossover, self-rec are all ok
The longer the better :)
27 January 2017 @ 09:57 am
Please recommend interesting, well-written stories set in Hell. Gen or Wincest - no Destiel, please.
27 January 2017 @ 05:55 am

So in this fic Jared and Jensen break up (i cant remember the reason) and Jared has a hard time coping. His friends take him on vacation and he runs into Jensen and the guy they assume Jense left him for. Turns out, jensen was being blackmailed and was forced to break up with Jared. They find out ans rescue Jensen at the end.
27 January 2017 @ 11:52 am
Hi! Does anyone have anything form the author nocturnal08 ? Maybe it changed the name or deleted all the work. I really would like to re-read his/her stories if you could help me, please.
27 January 2017 @ 09:23 pm
Hi I'm new to this so sorry if i get anything wrong.
But i'm looking for a fic that i read ages ago that i can't seem to find anymore.
But basically Sam gets turned into a dog (you dont find out till near the end) but he is found and bought to a pound or something along those lines. The caretakers take care of him but are amazed by his behaviour and stuff. I think they want to put him down cause he was there for so long but one of the workers keeps putting it off. i also think he like hurts his paws (self inflicted?)
near the end Dean comes and rescues him claiming its his dog.
Thanks in advance
26 January 2017 @ 09:04 pm
I'm looking for some fics where Sam seriously hurts Dean. By this I mean physically, not mentally. The injury could be near death, or just really painful to Dean. Sam might do this by accident, like maybe he screws up on a hunt, or maybe he might want to hurt Dean in some way, but accidentally takes it too far, such as maybe Sam and Dean are in one of their fights, and Sam hits Dean too hard, or possibly he might do something really serious like stab or shoot Dean whilst in a really angry mood. Any of these would be amazing, or any other suggestions. I don't mind pre series fics, and I don't mind Castiel or other characters in it, as long as it is mainly based on Sam and Dean. No love or smut, especially no Cas/Dean or Dean/Sam pairing, all just Sam hurts Dean, and NO DEATH FICS! I know, I'm a horrible person, I just love these kind of fics. for a bonus, maybe Dean doesn't tell Sam how badly he is hurt, until he collapses or something, and Sam is guilty as hell. Thanks in advance! :)
26 January 2017 @ 06:07 pm
I'm looking for a fic where the brothers find out that they are not biologically related. Instead Dean's younger brother is a guy named Matt. The demon switched Sam and Matt so Sam and Dean grew up together while Matt grew up in another family. Sam and Matt both had demon blood in them.
I'm pretty sure this took place in Lawrence and Matt worked at the motel the boys were staying at.
I read this fic a long time ago and just can't find the name again.
Thank You.
26 January 2017 @ 03:24 pm
Hey guys! So, I was wondering if you know any good Dean/Reader fics. I'm looking for well- written stories of any length that are angsty, but with a good ending. I would be really grateful if you could help me out. Thanks!
I'm looking for a specific fic and this is driving me crazy! I read this about a month ago but haven't been able to find it since.

I think it was on Archive of our own and was multi chapter and long(ish)

Here is what I remember (I could be slightly mixed up but pretty sure this happened):

-Sam was on his way to Stanford and got a ride with Castiel.
-Castiel realises Sam is apparently an angel who he was with in a past life and kidnaps Sam.
-Castiel starts completing a ritual to help Sam remember his past life (I think the ritual may have involved branding and sex)
-Sam convinces Castiel he loves popcorn and then gets the microwave in his room and uses it to hatch an escape plan of some sort
-Sam starts to gain strength and power from the rituals cas is completing.
-Castiel does metal work or sculpture in his shed and Sam pretends to be interested to gain access to materials to escape.

Thanks for you help!
25 January 2017 @ 03:47 pm
Hello. I was looking for some Sam/Dean podfics to download and saw that I have none of the ones read by ursa1ita. These include:

The Allegory of the Cave by tryfanstone
Moths on the Mirror by fleshflutter
The common fate of all by gretazreta

Maybe some of these are found elsewhere online or maybe someone would be kind enough to upload them. Thanks!

I would like to read
1: Lucifer-centric hurt/comfort stories; like some kind of angelic-family-fix it stories where Lucifer get comfort/protection/understanding from his family, and
2: any angel-family(fix-it) h/c fics.

I looked hard but I barely can find any. Anyone know any well written fic like that?

What I need:
1: hurt!Lucifer
2: any physically hurt!angel brother
1-2: protective angel-family/brothers
1-2: Lucifer only in Nick (if it's mentioned)
1-2: keep the characters in the show (no full human Au, or kidfics)

Please don't link
angelic incest
incurable injures
any school centric fics
sad ending

Gen or Destiel or Sabriel is okay. Any level of torture is okay until there are aftercare/comfort too. Human Luci or other humaned angels are also okay. THANK YOU!

[No hurt!Lucifer or fallen!Lucifer tags, can we get them pls?]
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25 January 2017 @ 09:13 pm
Hi there,

I am looking for some stories that centre around sams visions.
I have read quite a lot of those out there so I'm really looking for something a bit different I haven't read before.

Other things I like-
-the longer the better
-dean and others caring for Sam during and after visions
-symptoms of visions (such as headaches, dizziness, fainting) worsening and effecting Sam.

Thanks for your help!
24 January 2017 @ 09:38 pm
I'm looking for an older story where Dean is high (post-curse or hospital maybe) and while Sam is driving, Dean is looking down at the road and sees squares fighting circles and checks and squiggles, I think. It also might have occurred in a motel room. It was hilarious and I need a good laugh these days. Thanks for a moment of your brain time.

Edited: That's it! Thank you so much.
24 January 2017 @ 11:52 am
  Hey everyone,

To the mods: I tried posting this awhile ago but my post was deleted for not having tags. Originally I think that I didn't put tags because I didn't see any relating to the topic of self-inserts or oc's (probably because they're not very popular, lol) so I just put the au genre tag this time. If there are any other tags you feel should be added just let me know.

Alright, so I'm bascially look for exactly what the title implies. It's universally agreed that 95% of self-insert fics are wish-fulfillment garbage, but I've read a couple before that were actually pretty good. I was wondering if anyone had some recommendations of their favorite self-insert stories. I don't especially care about length, pairings, genre, etc. It just has to involve self-insert in some way. Thanks!
24 January 2017 @ 12:49 pm
So...I've read every story in Ridley and Tidia's Brotherhood 'verse multiple times. I love them so much, mostly because of Caleb. I love the dynamic between him and Dean, the way he looks out for Dean in the same way that Dean looks out for Sam. I'm looking for more stories like that, they can be stories written by other authors in the Brotherhood 'verse or stories with another OC who takes on the role of big brother or protector for Dean. Hurt/Comfort is my biggest kink. Anything well written and the longer the better. Thanks so much!!!
25 January 2017 @ 01:11 am
Hi all. I'm looking for a specific fic in which Dean died saving Jess. Jess then became a hunter and went onto a road trip with Sam who was seeking revenge.

I remember how Jess tried to fill gaps Dean left and Sam wouldn't let her. She cannot blame Dean because he was her saviour.

You will.make my day if you can show me where I can read this fic again. Thanks in advance!!!!
23 January 2017 @ 09:08 pm
Mods, sorry about a separate post for this one.

This is a pretty old story. I cant remember for sure if it was J2 or Spn but im 99% sure it was j2. Jared was kidnapped a few years ago and his kidnappers abused him and i think there was some non-con. He was out woth his friend and some people come and chase them down with tranquilizers i think. He is found years later and taken to Jensen who is a doctor because his ankle was damaged from the abuse. They become good friends. I know thats not very specific but im sure if you've read it you know what story I'm talking about. Please and thank you if you can help.
Hey guys,

I looking for two specific fanic:
1: human setting AU, Cas was homeless and travels on bus all the time (for safety??), fell asleep beside Dean and used his shoulder for pillow while he slept (Dean didn't wake him up). Dean invite him to home for a dinner (he lived with Sammy), then asked him to stay for a while. I remember Cas painted out Dean's room with a gigant picture on the wall, but it was half finished. Dean gave him clothes and money and they got together, happy. One day Cas packed and leaved without a word, leaved a letter said he needed to go home to make his family together and make his mistakes right (he was the reason his rich family fell apart and became pretty poor). Dean was a mess, there wasn't any adress or phone number he can contact with Cas, but Cas sent letters for Dean time to time: sent the money he got from Dean and told how much damage he made already right. Dean was a mechanic at Bobby'. Later Cas came back, have money and asked Dean for a date, but Dean slapped the door at his face before throw his old clothes at him, along with all of the letters Dean wrote reply for Cas' letters (but he couldn't sent it bc Cas didn't leave any address). Dean was pretty heartbroken. Later Sam allowed in Cas (while Dean was away) to finish his paint on the wall, but Dean came home early.

2: I think it wasn't au, and somehow Cas got raped. The brothers supported him and it was a damn long recovery, bc he was afraid a bit and jumpy, so his mind was fucked up pretty much. He was fucked up emotionally, and that couldn't be healed fast. Dean know him very much and was really protective. I remember Cas avoid contact, like touch and hugs at all, but later he asked Dean if he would like to hug him, and Dean of course he was happy to Cas started open up for a bit, so he hugged him. And laters Cas started to eat a lot of chocolate but only one kind, that had a name "Kisses", and Dean needed a time to realise Cas eating that sweet because he want kisses, but real kisses, not the chocolate. It was a long fic, but my phone broke down when I read so I lost it.

23 January 2017 @ 03:26 pm
Does anyone know a fic in which is in Bobby's POV and little Sam asks him if he likes him better than Dean and Bobby says yes which hurts little Dean's feelings?

I know i read it but for the life of me i can't find it

Please help?
Looking for an older story where Dean goes on a hunt and finds a wolf (Sam) who was kidnapped and kept by a monster. He keeps the wolf but doesnt know he's a werewolf. I dont remember many details aside from he takes Sam to Bobbys and at the end, he finds out Sam is a werewolf by Sam jumping in front of a knife or bullet to save him. Please help. Also, anything else similar would be nice as well. Pleasd thank you. d
22 January 2017 @ 12:21 pm
Hello everyone, I am hoping someone can help. I wanted to re-read Baby Steps by Juli but have been unable to access it. I have the following link that was provided to me from a wonderful member of this community when I originally was searching for this story (oddly enough)last January. http://samdean.archive.nu/viewstory.p​hp?sid=347&textsize=0&chapter=1 It keeps telling me that the page can't be displayed. Does anyone have another link or perhaps a PDF version that they could share (with author's permission of course).

I really like this story and I'm mad at myself for not keeping a copy of it. Any assistance you can offer would be greatly appreciated.