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22 February 2015 @ 10:36 pm
I'm looking for recs where Dean and Same take care of an injured Castiel.
Similar to "The Demiurge" by takadainmate ( Thanks.
22 February 2015 @ 06:20 pm
Jared was in a monastery and comes home in secret and his fathers second wife meets him in secret.

Jared's mother is a beta and has a close relationship with JDM, who's human.

Jarred has a twin who is spoilt and Jared agrees to marry Jensen to save his sister from an arranged marriage. Jared's father is old school alpha but loves Jared very much. He sees Jared curled up with his other pups in the nursery and his second wife is more of a mother to Jared than his own.

Any help in finding this story would be greatly appreciated.
I'm obsessed with the End!verse and every time I find a story set in 5x04 through people's rec lists that has been taken down I feel the instant need to come running here and begging for your help.

Does anyone have a copy saved or knows where I can find one? As always, I really appreciate your help!


Title: All Unquiet Things
Author: wandersfound
Artist: slinkymilinky
Fandom/Genre: Supernatural
Pairing(s): Dean Smith/Future!Castiel
Rating: R
Word Count: 25,112
Warnings: 5.04!verse, some violence, references to torture, drug use, past character death
Summary: Six months after the apocalypse begins, Dean Smith passes out in the woods and wakes up in a cabin at Camp Chitaqua. He is greeted by Castiel, Risa, and the news that their leader — Dean Winchester — has been missing for weeks and is presumed dead. They don't want to cause panic by telling the other members of the camp, so when Dean Smith shows up, Risa has an idea: Castiel will teach him how to become Dean Winchester. Dean and Castiel work to move forward, to turn Dean Smith from a salesman into a hunter, but both must also confront the ghosts of their past.
21 February 2015 @ 04:08 pm
After Stanford, Sam goes to work for Wolfram & Hart.  Dean gets caught/imprisoned by him, and Sam has to fuck him in some sort of ceremony to ensure Dean's survival.

Thanks for your guys' help!

21 February 2015 @ 09:55 pm
I am looking for a specific fic, don´t remember much.
Sam and Dean are in their teens. They are in a Walmart and Sam wanders around I think. Then a shapeshifter in Dean´s form grabs him and kidnaps him.
Doesn´t take Dean all too long to find his lil bro missing, with the help of the security he is able to find out there are lots of shapeshifters in the walmart...

Sorry for my bad english :D
Greetings, Anni
21 February 2015 @ 01:47 pm
non au is amazing but i can never find long (80k+) fics! so please give me any you know
21 February 2015 @ 11:08 pm
Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a J2 college AU fic, that contains the following details in the story-line,

1) Jensen and Jared are roomates, and Jensen is kind of a nerd who spends loads of time in the library.
2) In the library, Jared is talking with his friends, Genevieve and others about how "weird" Jensen is, Jensen overhears their conversation and is hurt by what Jared and the others say,
2) Both Danneel and Genevieve work in a cafe/coffee place together and Danneel ignores Genevieve and gives her the cold-sholder after she finds out what they said about Jensen in the library
3) Jared invites Jensen to join him and Chad to head to the fair/carnival, but Jensen declines, saying that he doesn't not like such things as he knows Chad doens't like him
4) Jensen however ends up going to the fair/carnival with Danneel and Jared ends up seeing them together having laughing and fun

I do hope someone whould know the fic which I'm asking about, I think I read on AO3 a while back (but I can't be too sure) and thank you all in advance.
Hi guys- haven't posted here before, and boy do I have a list
So I have way more Notp's than OTP's, and way more 'Nope!'s than tropes. I'm picky, is what I'm getting at here. So. What I'm looking for.
1. Any quality, in canon Destiel, with optional past!abusive!John, Chuck as God, interrupting moose, and/or a side of Sabriel.
2. Any quality, in canon Sabriel featuring hurt!Sam (no abusive!dean) or hurt!Gabriel (no permanent depowering or species change).
3. Any quality gen H/C featuring Sam, Dean and Adam. (no cage!fic)
4. Any quality gen H/C featuring Cas, Gabriel and/or Lucifer (no angelcest)
5. Any quality Lucifer/OFC or Lucifer/Jo H/C
6. QUALITY WING!FIC (like, NorthernSparrow levels of quality)
7. Any quality 'Cas looks after Claire' fic

Please no wincest, pre-series fic, Mpreg, amnesia!fic, ABO or AU's of any kind (UA's are good, though)

21 February 2015 @ 02:38 pm
Okay I'm back again guys cause my sister wants me to find this fic for her. Im looking for a specific fic where dean grows wings while on a hunt with Sam. I think they are hunting something demonic in a small town. Dean ends up growing angel wings. They try and call Cas but they can't because some sort of barrier around the town is keeping both Angels and Demons out. Also Dean casts a glamour so his wont be seen but I think he makes Himself look like a teenage girl or something. Anyway the people in the town are guarding something I think it was some sort of artifact from God. The people in the town kidnap Dean when the police find him in the woods cause they think he is an angel. And Sean gets shot at while captured by one of the towns people and his wings save him by going really hard and the bullet just bounces off.
I think it's on

Thanks Guys

Hey, all! So I'm looking for two specific fics:

1. Dean Kidnaps Sam from Stanford. It has something to do with Sam's father. Dean eventually grows to like Sam. Sam likes astronomy. Dean's boss tells him to kill Sam, but he refuses. The boss' men show up to finish the job themselves. Sam runs into the woods and gets hypothermia. Maybe Dean gets hurt, but I know he retrieves Sam from the woods. Anyway, this fic (or heck, any fics where Dean/Jensen kidnaps Sam/Jared) would be much appreciated. Resue and Redemption.

2. I'm also looking for a mafia fic where Jensen or Dean (I think it was Dean) was quite a jerk. It's not the wonderful, amazing Red Like Blood in Veins of Blue, but another fic sorta like it. Sam is pregnant and he runs away, but Dean finds him and drags him back into the mafia life. It's a dark, disturbing fic. I've just forgotten the name of it. Dark Love and Love in the Dark.

Thanks, all!
21 February 2015 @ 12:38 am
I read this story a while back in I can't remember how the whole thing goes in beginning. So I will just list what I can that happen around middle to end of the story.

!)Jensen had some type of profession not sure again what it was, but Jared was trying to protect his money finances. Someone was trying to hack into the business.

2) Jensen did think Jared had something to do with it in he took it out on him in a very brutal way in later threw him out on the lawn.

3) Jared had a friend that took care of him in took him to hospital where he can heal.

4) Jensen later found out the truth in tried to make things right. In I think someone was after Jensen. Because that guy came to the hospital to shot him but Jared took the bullet for him.

So yeah that's all I got.

Story Found -
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21 February 2015 @ 12:18 am
I have a tremendous amount of love for Sam, but right now let’s have a Deanfest. What are your most highly recommended Dean-centric, Dean point of view, or Dean worship fics? The stories where everything is about Dean, or you’re right inside Dean’s head—you hear his thoughts and feel his feelings--or if Sam or others narrate they’re obsessed with Dean and constantly admire him and think about him. I would love your favorites—the stories you couldn’t put down that you keep thinking about that you return to again and again and that changed you in some way—made you think or feel differently about the Supernatural universe and its characters (especially Dean)  ;)

Any pairing or situation or time period (just alert for any sex involving John or death fics—not crazy about these).  Wincest, Destiel, Gen and any rating, although I prefer the adult stuff, and I love the long stories but include the short stuff if it’s your favorite and it’s all about Dean. Old classics and new fics welcomed. 
20 February 2015 @ 08:35 pm
Hi guys, this is a further update to the status of  [You can reference to our last post here.]

So when we last updated you, we were able to reach the owner of the site in time and get permission formorgandawn to pay the $120 hosting fee in time. So the sinful-desire's hosting fees have been paid through December 2016. We were waiting to hear back from the archivist if she has plans to allow the archive to be managed by someone else (hopefully with a knowledge of e-Fiction, the software the site uses) or have it hosted at A03 but hadn't heard back yet.

We now face a new issue that we knew was approaching, the domain name is up for renewal. Only the registered owner is allowed to pay the fee. We're trying to work with the the archive owner and the webhost/domain registrar to renew the domain name, but if that is unsuccessful, then the site could go down on March 17, 2015.

The only action item at this point is if you are an author or a reader, please take steps to ensure your work or your favorite stories are backed up. A SIGNAL BOOST of this message would be appreciated to spread the word so folks can grab what they need.
More news when/if we have it.

* Thanks to spnstoryfinders for letting us post these updates!
20 February 2015 @ 09:45 pm

I'm looking for a J2 AU in which Jensen is (or maybe he's in the running for the position) of Lieutenant Governor of Texas. J2 meets during the campaign, and although Jensen's not technically in the closet, there are some difficulties in being together in the open.

I don't remember many details of the story, except that it was long, plotty, that there was little angst, and it was one of the few political AUs out there.

I hope it rings a bell to someone and that the story still exists somewhere! If anyone could rec other J2 political AUs that would also make my day. Thank you!
Hi All,

Just looking for any and all first time J2 or Dean/Sam. All your favorite BOTTOM JARED or Sam fics.

Would love it if Jared or Sam where Virgin in regards to gay sex. Also I do love romance or hot porn sex with or without plot. But okay if you sent some dark ones but eventually bitter sweet happy ending with the pair.

After all they are soul mates (sigh) I love watching them together (who doesn't!)

no switching. Only bottom Jared and bottom Sam ;)

Thank you Have a great weekend
I'm looking for a specific fic I read about three years ago. I *think* it was written before season six started. It was set after season five. Here's what I remember:

1. Sam was the new ruler of Hell. Demons would only posses people who had already died because they knew Sam preffered it that way, something about "recycling" hosts or something.

2. Dean was living with Lisa (or he had gone to live with her and she rejected him), he was definitely a part of Ben's life.

3. Becky was pregnant and was going to go to Planned Parenthood but Gabriel appeared and took the number/address from her that she had written down. Apparently she was pregnant with the future savior of humanity.

4. Castiel was the new ruler of heaven, but he had become angry and strict, not the nicest ruler anymore. To prevent another apocalyptic event he started a buddy system, every angel had to hang out with another angel. Gabriel was assigned to Cupid.

5. At some points Becky was at Lisa's place (for thanksgiving or something) I think, and she may have been knitting, but I might be remembering that part from a different story.

6. Eventual Dean/Castiel

That's as far as I got in the story before my computer crashed and I lost all my links. It was multi chapter, and I would really love to find it back if this sounds familiar to anyone.
20 February 2015 @ 12:04 pm
Hey Guys! I'm looking for a specific fic where dean is sexually abused by one of his teachers. The teachers is male and he always gives dean detention for small things like arriving a minute late to lesson or something. Dean is abused by the teacher during the detention. Also Sam waits outside Deans locker for him and bitches at Dean for getting another DT while Dean explains that he didn't do anything. Anyway later on I think Dean gets hurt on a hunt or its something that requires him, Sam and John to make a trip to the hospital and I'm pretty sure Dean was unconscious and the doctor/nurse tries to take his pants of and he wakes up and starts shouting and begging and then John is questioned and I think the teacher gets caught.

I remember it really well just not the title or author so of anybody knows what this fic is it would be really appreciated! Also I think it was on though I'm not entirely sure.

Thanks :)

Found In Comments
Hello All,

I'm looking for a fic with a scene where Sam, Dean, and Cas are fighting a lava/fire elemental in a factory/warehouse. The place catches fire, of course. Cas gets stuck under debris and forces Dean to leave the burning building to save himself. Dean does and watches outside with Sam while it burns down, thinking Cas is dead because he didn't have any grace. After a while they notice a light and find Cas ok because he had just enough grace to save him (or maybe some outside force helped). I remember this being in the middle or in the second half of the long fic.

Any help would be appreciated.
19 February 2015 @ 11:47 pm
I'm disappointed. I haven't found a single fic with Dylan Everett (recent teen!Dean) in it! Where are the Dylan Everett/MC fics!? Puhlease tell me you've found them!
Hi - I'm looking for a specific story I didn't save anywhere. It was on (which I almost never read because of the format).

It's a case fic. Slow build Dean/Cas. Sam/OFC. Cas comes across an abused/neglected baby while interviewing a witness. The baby has only one hand, and the mother hates him because of the deformity. Cas takes the child and explains to Dean how his soul shines like Dean's does. I also recall that the author describes the loneliness the child feels from his neglect (it made me want to go hug babies).

The case has to do with dog/skinwalkers. The OFC has a jewlery shop, and she enters the story when Dean/Cas are shopping for baby supplies.

It's a fairly long story. I think Meg is the big baddy (or one of the female demons - Lillith?, but I think it's post apoc).

Does anyone know this?
20 February 2015 @ 03:07 am
Hi guys, I've read Courtship of Jensen's Co-star. And I really want to read more stories of this type where Jared is all cute and really cares for Jensen. I want the fic to be long. And if there's some hurt!Jensen, then bonus. I've read all of Qblackheart's stories and also the Just one Breath verse! I hope there's some more stories of this type out there.
19 February 2015 @ 05:15 pm
Hey everyone,

I'm looking for 2 different types of fics, I hope you can help!

1. I've been in the mood for J2 "post-apocalyptic" stories, where earth has nearly been destroyed (war, disease, etc.) and everyone is just trying to survive. I'm looking for something along the lines of "Every Old Town's Just Our Pasts Burning Down" by akitay, just to give you an idea what I have in mind. But I'm also open to other suggestions! I'd prefer J2 but gen is fine as well.

2. Stories that are set on a farm or ranch, or maybe where there is an emphasis on hiking and being outside. It's pretty vague, but I've just cam back from Texas and I want stories that have that open space feeling, or maybe where they are outisde during a storm or something. J2 or Sam/Dean or Gen are all fine

Thx in advance!
19 February 2015 @ 02:12 am
I'm looking for one specific fic in which teen!Jared is working for a phone sex line- one his dad, Jensen, decides to call. One thing leads to another, and they have sex (bottom!Jared). I don't remember if Jared was underage or not though.

Also, I'd love any other reccomendations that consist of consensual dad!Jensen and son!Jared, with bottom!Jared only please. Thank you!
18 February 2015 @ 09:04 pm
I can't remember to much about this story, so sorry in advance.

I don't think Sam and Dean are a couple at the beginning of the story and this might be after Dean comes back from Purgatory, I think Sam is feeling guilty for Gabriel's death and somehow Kali gets involved either with helping Sam find a spell to bring back Gabriel or going to Sam to make a deal to bring Gabriel back, maybe that she can bring Dean back if Sam brings back Gabriel. I believe by the end Sam and Dean become lovers.

Im sorry I really can't remember much, the only parts that stick out is Kali, Gabriel coming back (I think he possesses Sam for a little while) and Sam and Dean are lovers by the end.

Help please???
18 February 2015 @ 02:33 pm
I'm looking for a story where Dean is cursed into losing his memories. He develops an attraction for Sam and Sam for whatever reason decides not to tell Dean that they're brothers. Sam fends off Dean's advances until he can't. I thought the story might be by RivkaT but I'm not sure. I tried to find it on Ao3. Anyway, by the end, Dean regains his memory and is angry that Sam lied to him. They part ways (temporarily).

Please help!

FOUND: only sweeter
18 February 2015 @ 06:44 pm
Does anyone have a complete ebook of Gekizetsu's Salvation Futureverse?

There's the "Masterlist" on her website, but it's like a gazillion different links and before I start compiling my own ebook I thought I'd ask at this community.
Hello lovely people. I've just reread Just One Breath by kkgee for the millionth time (my ABSOLUTE favorite J2 story) and realized I would really like to read more stories along the same vein. Stories where Jensen protects Jared and literally takes the hit for him - steps in front of a bullet, pushes Jared out of the way of an oncoming car, or out of the way of a knife wielding psycho or steps in front of Jared to protect him from a fist being thrown in a bar fight - anything on this line. Maybe stops a kidnapper from grabbing Jared and gets taken himself or they're stuck in a bank during a robbery and the robbers are paying just a little too much attention to Jared that Jensen keeps deflecting their interest onto him so Jared doesn't get hurt. Having Jared have an epiphany that Jensen loves him (whether as an actual love interest or just as a "true" big brother) would be a great bonus. No WIP's please.

Thank you in advance for any recommendations you could make.
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Hey guys! I love my Sam hurt/comfort, and I was wondering if you could point my in the direction of a shapershifter impersonating Dean and hurting Sam, like in "Skin" (1x06). Sam can be aware that it's not really Dean, or be fooled by it. I'd really like to see pre-series stories, but I'm open to recs from any point in the timeline. I really want Sam to be rescued (or save himself/defend himself well, like he did in 1x06).
I'd prefer gen or Wincest, please! Also, please no non-con, or if there is, put a warning so I know to expect it. Thank you!
I'm looking for any fics with:

1) abusive/drunk/asshole!john abuses dean in any way.
Bonus for (especially) Sam, or maybe even Bobby (or some other character) intervening on Dean's behalf.

2) fics with Jared/Jensen where either J1 or J2 (or both?) is being abused by their spouse/partner/parent, etc. Especially fics where J1 saves J2 from the situation - lots of hurt/comfort.

I've been dealing with some heavy verbal and emotional abuse lately on top of being sick and classes. So if anybody could help me find fics like this... it would make me very happy. <3
17 February 2015 @ 07:48 pm
I read this fic a while back where I think it was Jensen who was a chef. He owned/worked at a organic restaurant near Seattle or San Francisco.
I think Jared was working with a farm that Jensen was trying to negotiate supplies with.

if not, any reccomendations of fics where food plays a big part in would be lovely.

Garlic and Butter
Oh my, I feel really bad to ask this, but...  Fic found!!!
It's a dark and kinky fic, sorry...Collapse )
Also, any recs for dark J2 fics with a "happy" ending would make me very happy!!! I don't mind if it's a true happy ending or only a perceived one... (ie I don't mind if they're still serial killers in the ending, as long as they're happy together)
I think this is quite clear, but please no death fic!
17 February 2015 @ 03:49 pm
HI All I want to thank everyone who always help me finding the specific story I need. I am eternally always grateful for your guys help.

I hope once again you can come to my aid. :)

SO here goes, I don't remember the name or writer of this specific J2 fic.
I do remember the story it goes something like this.

Chad had bet Jared he would never get Jensen to have sex with him. For all who knew Jared, he never back down from a bet or challenge and he always won. So he accepted Chad's bet. Thinking it will the easiest 50 bucks he'll win.

Next day on the set he was trying to come up with a plan on how to get Jensen without him knowing. So he comes up with a truth and dare game on the spot thinking this will work and Jensen will fall prey.

Unfortunately it back fires a lot on Jared. Jensen just keeps getting the upper hand on him. To the point where in the end Jared does not know which way is up or down and he finds himself in the back seat of the IMPALA with Jensen seducing him, being very in charge "top" and Jared completely caving in to him and bottoming.

I remember Chad picking up his cell phone the very next day and hearing Jared Saying "fine I'll drop you off the 50 bucks" and Chad gleefully saying " I knew it he rejected your ass" But Jared answering "no actually he likes my ass", then laughs and then finishes "he likes it a lot" and hangs up on Chad before he says anything else.

So does anyone know this fic? I really want to read it again :)
While googling for something new to read came upon mention of 'Blazing Saddles' by hobnailedboots that incorporates several of my favorite things in SPN fics. It sounds great and I would love to read it but the link to the fic doesn't work and I couldn't find it anywhere else. Does anyone have a copy or knows where to find one?

Title: Blazing Saddles
Author(s): hobnailedboots
Artist: the wonderful votaku
Crossover: SPN/SPN RPF
Word Count: ~17k
Characters/Pairings: Dean/Castiel, Dean/Misha/Castiel, Vicki/Misha
Warnings: Mentions of self-harm (i.e. Sam's Lucifer-coping mechanism), some portrayal of mental illness (again, Sam and Lucifer), meta
Spoilers: Up to 7.10 or thereabouts
Summary: Misha wakes up in his very own French Mistake. When Sam and Dean meet him (at some point after 7.10) they think he's something evil: a Leviathan, perhaps. He's taken to what remains of Bobby's house, where they interrogate him. At that point, Castiel appears inside Misha's head. With Misha's intimate knowledge of the characters, the Winchesters refusing to talk anything out, and the hordes of flesh-eating Leviathans determined to take over the world (not to mention Hallucifer and Crowley) it promises to be a bumpy ride. Oh, also, there is porn.

Summary taken from the following link:
I'm looking for a specific fic that's I'm almost positive was called "Cherished," with de-aged!Dean/Sam, that I use to have a copy of on my kindle (which has since sadly died) from Ao3--its summary had something along the lines of Dean gets de-aged and Sam just can't keep his hand out of the cookie jar. cut for detailsCollapse )

The story seems to have entirely disappeared, though, since I downloaded it. anyone know where to find it, have a copy or even just know what happened to it?
Hi everyone!
I've been looking through the suicidal tag and I gave up for like 2 pages, cuz they're ALL suicidal!Sam. So I decided just to try my luck here...

I'm looking for stories where Dean is suicidal for whatever reason(Sam leaving him, feel unworthy, being tortured/raped, etc), and he tries to hurt or kill himself and Sam or John or whoever finds out about it and feels guilty or something like that.

I prefer gen fic and stanford!era, or stories set in the first few seasons, but other eras are OK. If the fic has slash content I'd love it features a bottom!Dean. I love long fics, so that I can cry over and savour Dean's pain. ;)

Bonus if the person finds out about it feels super guilty (cuz they are neglecting Dean or something they've done hurt Dean very very badly) and becomes super protective over Dean.
Bo-bonus if the fic also has some delicious hurt!Dean. Cuz Dean is so beautiful when he's broken. XD

Hope I can get manysome recs. ><

Thanks in advance!
16 February 2015 @ 10:04 pm
So I found this fic a few months ago...
-Dean was drunk and raped Sam in a bar
-Sam was sober that night
-When Sam told Dean that he raped Sam, Dean was appalled and didn't believe it
-One day, Sam finds out he's pregnant
-Sam was a virgin
-Bobby urges Sam to tell Dean that Dean raped Sam...
-I am 99.99999% sure this was on
FOUND: (its a series tho)
16 February 2015 @ 11:44 pm
Remember those fics, before fandom got used to the incest, that focused on Dean and Sam dealing with issues relating to - that is - regarding incest? Like Leonidaslion and Candle_Beck's fic - pining, guilt, the horror of wanting something so unthinkable, love that defies social rules.... I'm glad fandom is nicer about it, and that the boys get to be happier, cause I really want that for them, but I miss reading fic that really deals with those issues. Not necessarily guilt etc - anything that deals with it being an issue .

I'd appreciate recs of any rating, additional pairings, au or not - even stories that deal with the issue well that are not Dean/Sam - just - if you know any good fic and are willing to share, please do!!
16 February 2015 @ 09:18 pm
Hi, I'm a bit nervous at posting as I've never posted before and I've also only just joined LJ, so apologizes beforehand if I don't include something.

I believe Jared/Jensen belong together, it's just obvious in both real life and on screen as Dean and Sam. I love to read both J2 and Wincest.

I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction where I could find J2 fics that include Mike/Tom as a couple?

I know that's probably wrong to ask that question but I enjoy reading fics where either Mike/Tom have gotten J2 together for some reason or other. I would be extremely grateful for any help that people offer and you all would be amazing!!

I don't mind if the fics are AU or MPREG. Just don't include ones where Mike/Tom are a couple but they are the bad guys, that just ruins a story for me.

I've read a J2 fics which include Mike/Tom such as Holsters, Handcuffs and Hookers which is really good, another one is Jensen 4.1 which is just amazing, it's such an unique idea. I have so much praise for both authors of those stories. I have a slight crave for fics that include the characters being in college, one of my favorites includes 'To the beat of our noisey hearts' it's just amazing!

Thank You for any help!
16 February 2015 @ 04:21 pm
I am looking for a J2 story where Jensen is kidnapped and used as slave labor. I believe they were in college and were swimmers. When Jensen disappears everyone thinks he is dead. Sorry, that's all I remember.

16 February 2015 @ 11:14 am
Hi! I'm here from The J2 Library and we could use some help tracking down some requested fics.

#1: Non-AU, hurt!Jensen. J2 are on set and they are not really on speaking terms, but there’s an accident (I think they were both crashing through one of the prop walls) and Jared get’s knocked out, Jensen puts the disagreement aside and crawls over to Jared to check on him while the crew (and I think it was a fic with Kim Manners too) tries to stop him because he’s sort of impaled with wood, but Jensen doesn’t notice because he’s to focused on Jared.

#2: Mpreg. Jensen is a businessman and Jared is a college student. Jared's parents don't like Jensen because Jared got pregnant and dropped out of school. Jensen learns a Polish nursery rhyme to make it up to Jensen.

#3: Soulmates. Jared is a rockstar, musician, celebrity of some sort. Jensen works in a diner or a flower shop or something. Goes to meet him, they have sex, but Jared rejects him not knowing they're soulmates. Jensen suffers a lot of sickness from being rejected.

#4: Non-AU. Jensen's on a plane flying overseas when Jared calls him to tell him he and Sandy broke up. Jensen tells him to stay on the phone with him until he catches a flight back.

#5: Jensen moves into the street Jared lives on, and he's a fair bit older and helps out with jobs around Jensen's place and Jared's friends make fun of him every now and then.

Thank you for any help you can provide!
16 February 2015 @ 11:20 am
Im looking for a fic with sam/jared with a little brother who he takes care of. I cant remember if it was sam/dean unrelated slash or if it was j2. In the fic sam/jared has an abusive parent so his little brother lives with him. Dean/jensen begins a relationship with him. Towards the end of the fic sam/jareds dad tries to rob him and sam gets beat up pretty bad. Sam/jareds little brother finds dean and dean saves the day.
15 February 2015 @ 12:46 pm
fic recs for addict!jared and therapist/social worker/sponsor!jensen??
15 February 2015 @ 06:27 pm
I am looking for help finding a specific fanfiction that I read years ago and used to have bookmarked but have since lost. I cannot for the life of me remember the name or the author but I can remember general plot points and that it was quite long (10 chapters I think - or around that).

Okay from what I remember here are some key points of the story - one is s major spoiler for the story but, you know, it kinda helps with finding it:

  • It takes place when Sam is at Stanford and he gets a call from the cops that the Impala has been found and Dean is in hospital. I think Dean was found on the side of the road and was unpresonsive and remains that way

  • Sam goes to the hospital and Dean is pretty much catatonic - John is no where to be found and because Dean isn’t talking Sam has no way of finding out what happened.

  • I think Bobby is in the story - I think Sam contact's him to help with Dean when he realises that there is a case here.

  • They go to a house and Dean like flashes back and they find out Dean killed John and that’s why he is catatonic - he was possessed by a ghost?

  • If it helps the story would technically be AU since the story takes place before the Pilot episode when Sam is at Stanford.

15 February 2015 @ 09:37 am
I recall reading at least one story a few years ago where the boys were old and took daily walks in the park. There were several park regulars who recognized them. By the end of the story only one of them was coming, and it was implied the other had passed away.

I think there might have been two similar stories - both were responses to a prompt from one of the LJ communities. I don't believe the stories were slash, exactly, but they could have been read that way if I remember right.

Thanks if you can help me find one/both of these! :)

ETA - One has been found (if there are actually two), link in comments.
15 February 2015 @ 07:29 pm
Hey guys. So since recently, I've got a hankering for Samifer fics. So I was wondering if any of you guys could direct me to any Samifer communities? Anything is fine.

Thank you!
15 February 2015 @ 12:00 am
Does anybody got any fics with jared being a womanizer or a (manizer?)
Prefer bottom!jen but anything is okay :D
15 February 2015 @ 01:52 am
I'm looking for a specific fic I read a long time ago. Here's what I remember:

Jensen is a dragonrider and is bound to the King dragon, and is part of some guard, and that guard goes to Jared's village and has each child hold the Queen dragon egg to see if anyone bonds with it. I think whoever bonds with the Queen dragon egg has to be with the person who bonded with the King dragon so that's why Jensen is looking for whomever that may be. For some reason they take Jared with them, but they all think the Queen dragon egg must bind with a female....
Later on in the fic, only by accident, Jared catches the Queen dragon egg to stop it from breaking on the ground and bonds with it. Jensen is mad at first because he thinks Jared cheated or there was a mistake or something, but as it turned out the Queen dragon egg CAN bind with a female OR male, depending on the King dragonrider's sexual preference...
I think it was a longer fic and there was a happy ending...

Hope this is enough and thanks in advance!

edit: FOUND "And Mars Rose In The West"
14 February 2015 @ 07:49 pm
I'd like to apologize in advance because this is going to be vague. Everyone in this comm is amazing, so I have no doubt that someone will be able to help me out.

I'm looking for specific j2 fic where Jensen sings "Shameless" by Garth Brooks to Jared. I think Jared may have been in college and Jensen was either working or in graduate school. They were together but taking it slow because Jensen wanted to. I really can't remember why. They end up taking a break, even though they both know they want to be together, because Jensen needed time/space/whatever. Jared ends up going home to his parent's house and Jensen realizes he's being dumb. He works with Jared's family to get him to a bar so Jensen can sing to him, something that Jared had been waiting for for a while. They make up, happily ever after.

I don't remember what Jensen was doing for work, but I'm pretty sure he wasn't a musician. He was really shy about playing his guitar and singing in front of Jared. There might have been a scene where the Js were hanging out with friends and they started teasing Jensen about playing but he didn't want to.

Thanks guys!

Thank you to the lovely anon that found my fic! What's Left of Me by tmn1966
14 February 2015 @ 03:53 pm
I saw a fic called "Of Forgetting And Remembering" by AussieChick21 on FanFiction recommended on a Delicious account, but unfortunately the fic has been deleted. It sounded like it would be right up my alley, so I was hoping someone has a copy somewhere.

This was the synopsis:
"Sam fears he has damaged their relationship beyond repair when Dean forgets his birthday."

If anyone has it, I would love to read it!