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23 January 2011 @ 05:41 pm

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25 July 2013 @ 05:32 pm
I'm looking for a few different fics I had saved and have lost the links, this is what I remember about them, sorry if it's a bit vague...

1) Jared has asthma and goes running one morning with his dogs, when he gets back he has an attack and needs a nebulizer. Jared and Jensen were living together I think, and possibly in a relationship. Jared has an old nebulizer in the back of his closet that he kept hidden away.

2) Jared and Jensen grew up together and I think they were dating. Jensen moves away or goes to college and had planned on Jared coming with him, or meeting up with him later. Jared's dad stops him going by beating him and getting a priest involved to "help" his son. Jensen comes home, thinking Jared doesn't want to be with him, but they get back together and Jensen eventually learns the truth about what happened and why Jared didn't leave.
27 May 2013 @ 08:14 pm
Hey guys! I'm just looking for a few recs today.

1. Anything where Jared has allergies, or asthma, or is lactose intolerant or anything of the sort. I would like to maybe see Jensen talk about it/tell people who don't know etc. But that would be a bonus. Jared/Jensen for this!
2. Any S8 fic that features some hurt!Sam with some H/C to go along with it. I really want to see protective!Dean again. Can be wincest or gen.
3. Something set in S4 or 5 where Sam get's hurt or sick and because of their relationship he hides it from Dean. After Dean finds out he feels guilty afterwards and takes care of him. Can be wincest or gen.
4. Anything where Dean stands up to/protects Sam from the angels. Maybe he tells the angels off for talking bad about Sam or anything of the sort. Can be wincest or gen.

And that's it! Thanks guys.
Hi, I'm looking for a few stories that I saw a while back and a general search to see if there are any existing stories that cover what I'm interested in.

1. First off is a story about Sam having asthma. I remember reading how Sam let himself have a bad asthma attack purely to torture and punish himself. If anyone knows or has written any stories similar to this, I would love to hear. [Found]

2. Secondly I've seen stories where Dean becomes blind, an OC becomes deaf and Sam becomes mute. I've also seen a few stories where Dean is mute and am interested in an AU story in which Sam is mute either from birth or some point during his childhood.

3. Third is a little odd, but I'm really interested in Sam's relationship with food. Over the entire series I've only seen Sam eat about four times and it's only ever one tiny bite, all other times we see Sam looking disgusted by Dean's eating habits and declining offers for food (mainly also is that Sam is pretty ripped, how is he getting like that when he never eats more than a nibble?). This one covers eating disorders or supernatural influences (vampire, demon blood, maybe even a vampire-demon hybrid of sorts, perhaps Sam can only drink demon blood? etc). I would just like to read something that addresses this odd phenomenon of the show. [Found]

4. Is there any stories where Sam, or Sam and Dean, are some kind of were? Not a bizarre hybrid of man and beast, but turning completely from a Human to an animal. Shapeshifter-esque.

[Edit] 5. Does anyone know of a story where Sam has to protect his Stanford friends from something Supernatural, or even just Human? Stanford days would be great. On the same note, is there anything on an AU where Sam stays evil, and someone who knew Sam back in Stanford or remembers him saving their lives on a hunt gives their point of view seeing Sam evil, as like King of Hell or something?

They're all mainly Sam centered, but I'm open to Dean's POV or even stories where say Sam's eating habits are only briefly mentioned. I'd prefer no Wincest, but I'm not 100% against it. Slash is absolutely fine, as is het.
08 July 2012 @ 11:08 am
1. I just read this and now I'm craving asthmatic!Jared. Hurt/comfort is best, but anything involving Jared having asthma, really.

2. I'm also looking for any kind of season 2 era hurt-comfort with s2 style angst in it (visions, powers, Dad grief, creepy warning, psychic kids...) Said angst doesn't have to be the focus of the story, really just an s2 feeling works. Either Sam or Dean in the hurt/comforted role, gen or Wincest.

Self recs are awesome. :)
08 February 2012 @ 03:42 am
Well after quite a night with my little brother (he's diabetic, his blood sugar dropped to severely low levels, suddenly lost coherency, then nearly lost consciousness- essentially made me a nervous wreck) I'm looking for some fics where Dean has diabetes, epilepsy, cancer, heck even asthma! Anything where something he has causes a medically life threatening event. Bonus if Sam is the one taking care of him/helping him!

Forgive me if none of that made sense, my brain is still kinda fried from all the panic it went through and I'm simply looking for something to read to calm me down a bit.
29 January 2012 @ 08:16 am
I need some of the guys with asthma (Jared, Sam, Dean, Jensen, whatever), so whatever you have, send it my way!

Also, I remember a story about Dean and Sam with a werewolf baby? Sam was scared of her, and Dean didn't care, and it was fairly long. Does anyone know this one?
15 January 2012 @ 06:00 pm
I remember reading a series of drabbles on and one is where Sam had asthma but never told Dean. Sam had an asthma attack shortly after John had died and ended up in the hospital where he had another one after Dean yelled at him. Sam had found out at as a teen of his asthma

found this story but now would like any asthma/sick Sam story as long as it's not slash