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23 January 2011 @ 05:41 pm

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I'm looking for a fic where Sam has been kidnapped (I think it's because of someone finding out about his powers) and is in some kind of hospital compound. The fic is from the POV of a nurse that is new to the compound. She looks after Sam when the doctors aren't looking and eventually gets a visit from Dean who asks her to help him get his brother back. The nurse and Dean are successful at rescuing Sam. I'm sure there's also a epilogue where she sees the boys in a diner a few months after the whole incident where Sam thanks her for helping him.


I would also love it if you could suggest some:
1. Deaf!Sam
2. Dyslexic/learning difficulties/diabetic/asthmatic!Sam or any other kinds of illnesses, conditions, etc
3. Good hurt!Sam reads
4. wee!chesters/teen!chesters
5. Brother fluff
6. Abusive!John/Asshole!John
7. Adopted!Boys/Homeless!Boys/Boys raised apart
8. Genderbend!Spn
9. Older Sam
10. Hunger/Starvation fics
11. Depressed/Low Self Esteem/Suicidal/Self-Harming/Eating Disorder Sam
12. Fics where Dean places Sam in a mental hospital to get help for his depression
No stories which contain slash, rape or sexual abuse please.
Thanks :)
19 July 2014 @ 01:26 pm
Hi everyone

I read a story many years ago and it's just popped up in my head and now I want to read it again, so here is what I can remember.

* I'm sure it was on
* There are a bunch of guys who take Sam.
* They get Dean to do jobs for them.
* One of the jobs I think was to kill someone and then give them a finger from the dead guy but Dean doesn't kill them, just gets the finger.
* I'm sure another job was to get a diamond ring.
* They made Sam go get the items from Dean and the bad guys would shoot at them if they took too long.
* Dean noticed that Sam was looking worse each time they met.
* I'm pretty sure it was long

I hope someone can help me

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07 July 2014 @ 02:50 pm
When I got my new laptop my bf took his back and then deleted firefox along with every single bookmark I had there.  So I'm looking for some of the Wincest fics I really liked where I can't remember the title.  Two are non-con/rape the last is Sam getting Dean back from hell.  I'm not sure how much information would be needed so forgive me if I run on a bit.

1.  As a young teenager, Sam is looking for Dean and John in the town he's in because they left on a job and haven't returned.  He finds them in a house where a demon is keeping them, the demon is weird, like the father of all of the succubi and incubus, I say father but the demon supposedly looks androgynous, it makes a deal with Sam where if Sam stays with it for a certain numbers of months participating in a lot of sexual depravity, the demon will let Dean and John go and then it will let Sam go when it's done with him, neither Dean nor John will even notice his absence.  When Sam's time is up, the demon bestows some "gifts" on him, something about how this certain curse on him will end when he finds some one that knows what happened to him but loves him anyway????  The last part though is binding his mouth so he'll never be able to actually TELL anyone what happened.  After Sam is back with his family, whenever anyone wants to have any kind of sex with him he's compelled to comply.  He also seeks it out because that's part of the curse (what the demon called a gift).  I remember the whole story but I won't go on.

2.  Sam is taken and raped by . . . I think it's like some sort of offspring of Cupid, like THE Cupid/Aros.  Anyway, it takes him and rapes him and Dean finds it and kills it.  That's actually a separate story that's connected to the story that I'm looking for, the one I'm looking for is the aftermath in which Sam now basically suffers from a fuck or die curse that the "thing" gave him and Dean tries hiring prostitutes for him and everything but eventually, they have to start having sex.  The sexualization of there relationship is actually quite smooth, like no fuss involved.  Until they finally find the old lair of the thing and find a way to break the curse.  The only way to do that though is to go back to the beginning and make it so Sam was never kidnapped to begin with, which would also end the sexual relationship with his brother.  Sam finds out that this thing had hundreds of victims, all dying and I think being trapped it hell afterward or something to that effect, so that and the fact that both Sam and Dean LIKe their new relationship they decide not to break the curse.

3.  Sam trades his voice for five years to get Dean back from hell.  I'm surprised I can't remember the title.  Basically Sam has to not talk, nor communicate in written word for five years to get Dean back, if he does either, Dean will be sent back to hell permanently.  He only gets a little it back at a time, year one he gets Dean's body, year two his heart starts to beat and he starts breathing, year three he wakes up but he's just sort of vacant, he doesn't speak and Sam has to lead him everywhere, feed him and make sure he uses the bathroom, then year five, Dean is all there but Sam has a whole 'nother year in which he can't speak but when Dean isn't around he gets anxious and needs to be with him and eventually sex happens.  Anyway, there's art work in the fic.

Y'know while I'm thinking about it, I THINK there's another fic, not wincest but about non-con.  I have one I've saved that is about Sam hating his birthday and telling Dean that it's because on his sixteenth he was raped by a friend of John's.   Now, I don't know for sure but I THINK there was a follow up fic where John find the guy and kills him . . . I think, not sure.  Thought I'd throw that in there while I was at it.

Sorry about the rambling and thanks so much in advance!
I am looking for a specific fic - I really hope that someone can help me! Here is what I can remember:

Sam & Dean are left in a motel room by John while he is off hunting. John does not return. They have to leave the hotel because they have no money. Dean is too worried to call anyone for help. Sam is maybe 10 or 11 and Dean about 15. I seem to remember they had the Impala. Dean ended up prostituting himself for money so they could eat, etc. He didn't look for it on purpose but wasn't able to hustle pool or something and was desperate and someone comes up and offers him money for a blowjob.

Dean is with a guy who is paying him to have sex. They are parked near the woods. Dean tells Sam to go for a walk because he doesn't want Sam to see this happen. But Dean knows as usual that Sam won't go far, only out of sight. But when it's over and Dean calls for Sam he is nowhere to be found. Dean is distraught. Not knowing what to do he goes into town for help and ends up hearing about people going missing in those woods. Following clues he finds out that there are vampires in the woods. He goes back to the woods (of course) to rescue Sam.

Dean ends up finally calling Bobby and admitting what happened. They end up - I think - living at the Roadhouse with Ellen. Years later they find out that John is alive. That he thought the demon was getting close and so he purposely abandoned the boys thinking it was for the best. Obviously Sam and Dean are very pissed off to find this out and really angry with John but they end up hunting together again.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? I really hope someone is able to help me find this story!

Thank you in advance!
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Hi All, I have been searching for a fic and can't find it anywhere. Have even trawled back through searches here in the hopes someone else had been looking for it.
What I remember is this:
Both boys (I'm almost certain its Dean and Sam rather than J2) are kidnapped by a man.
They are kept seperatly.
He has inserted some sort of device that causes them pain/pleasure. Sam works that out.
He makes them call themselves puppies (I think).

Its a WIP as far as I remember.

05 May 2014 @ 11:22 pm
Looking for a fic where Sam and Dean were kidnapped by some guy and put in a basement. It wasn't supernatural related he was just a crazy serial killer. He had killed two brothers already.

I know they get discovered because they are banging on the pipes and someone hears.

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03 May 2014 @ 10:36 pm
Specific: teen!Sam & Dean started tailing a car that had a kid (or two) in the trunk. I think the kid kicked the tail lights out and stuck their fingers through the gap? I think Sam (or Dean?) got a concussion or something and the police were relying on him to get better so they could question him about the license plate? It was gen, I think. ETA: Found!!

General 1: are there any similar fics where young/teen!S&D (though older!S&D is okay) save the day, basically? Preferably something involving law enforcement/authority figures to whatever extent. Antagonists need not be of the supernatural variety.

General 2: any fics where young/teen!Sam and Dean are just being extraordinarily badass, particularly in comparison to other normal people.

General 3: I'm looking for something like "The Promise" by Gillian Middleton where young/teen!Sam and Dean get kidnapped and have to survive against less-than-promising odds. I've already read that one where John abandons them in the middle of the woods as some kind of survival training thingy.

Fics can be gen or any slash pairing. Thanks in advance!
23 April 2014 @ 05:29 pm
Hello. I'm looking for a fic where either Sam or Dean were kidnapped/taken when they were children, then the other thinks they're dead. Of course, they find each other and they figure it out. Any that come to mind? I've read quite a few already but I'm always wanting more. Can be canon or AU.

I have no triggers either, so any whumpage is OK.

Please no wincest. Just gen. Destiel is great, but I prefer if it wasn't in this fic.

Hi there!
I'm looking for two stories, both old, as in read them a few years ago.
1: it was wincest, and I know I managed to find it once using spnstoryfinders but for the life of me I can't seem to find it again.
the boys were separated when young, Sam was either kidnapped or taken in by child protection. I think he didn't have a good time there. Years later Dean stumbles upon him, but they don't recognize each other. I don't remember how but Sam sends up going with Dean hunting and they end up in love. I remember at one point Dean was telling Sam about his brother Sam who him and John we're looking for, and how both his brother and lover had the same name and how he was worried that Sammy might hate him for not finding him sooner, and Sam was talking about how he wants to find his family but thinks they abandoned him. Later they find out that they are brothers.

2: I think it was on Something happens and Dean is turned into a panther. Could have been another big cat but I seem to remember him having black fur. At one point they were in a park or somewhere and a little girl, that was playing with Dean, was in trouble, and Dean roared and brought everyone's attention that Sam was going around with a pet panther. The police come, and after some talking he was ready to let them go but then some animal protection guy comes and is all "wild animals need to be in the wild". He was depicted as a real jerk, being all smug about quoting laws and statistics about big animals in captivity, in the end a vet had to come to asses wether or not Dean the panther was healthy. He finds some white fur which is aperently an indication that the panther had been hurt, and Sam tells him that some time ago they were in a car crash (meaning the one at the end of season 1 - I think) and that Dean almost didn't live through it.

Thank you!

1: FOUND - The Other Sammy by Rini, Saklani
2: FOUND - I Thought I Saw by The Cat's Whiskers
Lately, I've been searching for something like:

1. John, Dean and Sam are kidnapped by someone who want to revenge John by making John decide which son to be torture, ect. I've already read "Vengeance", "Privilege of Choice" (and "Breaking Point" too, even that it's not exactly what I wanted, but good anyway). I want it to focus on hurt dean.

2. Sam with power or not with power, accidently hurt dean, I mean physical damage, not permanent but was really bad (and I don't want little brothers accidently punched each others though it's cute). Bonus point if Sam is guilty because he hurt Dean and Dean is always forgiving, and comfort will be nice.
Some good example: "Crash", "Not By Your Hand"

3. Wincest established relationship. Every people (bonus point if it's John) think that Sam is taking advantage on Dean (but he's not) and Sam started to wonder if it was true that Dean didn't love him as a man but couldn't refuse him. Dean comfort Sam would be nice.

I can take rape-fic, Wincest or Daddycest as long as it's bottom!dean. But no Destiel, and no Castiel in number 1 and 2.
Thank you :x

oh and pretend that you don't see the abused!castiel (sexual) tag because I acidently tag it and can not put it down.
09 April 2014 @ 01:31 am
Hey guys,
I read a story a couple of months ago and I can't find it in my bookmarks so hopefully someone can help me find it.

The fic is based on Sam and Dean getting captured because of their bond (I think) and I remember a scene where the torturers would go between the brothers and up the stakes whenever one of the brothers volunteered to take the others' place. I remember John was captured at some point as well.

Thanks in advance :D
26 March 2014 @ 11:55 pm
Hi friends! I'm looking for any stories like Vengeance, where all three Winchesters (John, Dean, and Sam) are kidnapped together, for whatever nefarious purposes be it other hunters, monsters, demons, whatever. The longer the better but I'm good with short fic too. Just please find me kidnapped Winchesters?

Thanks guys!
13 March 2014 @ 11:01 am
Hi guys!
So, here's the thing. I'm kinda new to this whole SPN finders community thing, and i was hoping that you guys can help me find some new fics that i can read.

1)I'd like to read fics about Sam getting kidnapped AND tortured by anyone or anything. Whether it be a ghost or some creature or even a hunter looking for revenge, etc.

2)Fics about Sam being raped by anyone (But not by John or Dean) and if the fic talks about the aftermath of the rape, that would be even better and much appreciated.

3)I recently read this AMAZING fic called "The Long Way Home" (Which you should probably read if you already haven't) and it was about Sam having HIV. So if someone knows about any other fic with Sammy having any kind of STD, then please tell me about it :D

4)And finally, I'd like to read fics about Sam (Again!) being depressed, bipolar, suffering from PTSD, having panic attacks, anything about self-harm, or ANYTHING related to mental illness (You name it).

And that's it. Thank you in advance :D

P.S: I'd really appreciate it if the fics were multi-chaptered and long. And please NO incest or WIPS.
03 February 2014 @ 12:01 pm

Am looking for a certain fic. The link has been saved somewhere on my computer but I cant remember which it is.
The details I do remember are as follows:

- Sam and Dean are kidnapped after escaping from prison (I think it was set afer Folsom Prison Blues)
- They are kept in a basement or cellar.
- Sam specifically is tortured by being strapped to a table and use of electricity.
- They are rescued with help of Bobby
- Sam has a limp in the end.
02 January 2014 @ 06:03 pm
Does anybody know any good stories where
1) Sam was raised by Azazel/Lilith/Lucifer or someone like that but isn't (completely) evil? It's fine if he's misguided or something but not cruel and evil.
2) Azazel/Lilith/Lucifer/someone like that messes with Sam's memory to make him do what they want and Dean or John has to fix it?

Thanks in advance!
I'm looking for fics where Sam or Dean are sick in the company of the enemy. Meg, Lucifer, Crowley, Dick Roman, Lilith, Ruby - it doesn't really matter as long as everyone is in character. I read these fics, and I'm looking for more like them:

Half Past Dead Summary: Sam and Dean are both sick, but while buying medicine for them, Dean is abducted by Meg. There are some people you can sure do without when you have the flu...

An Unlikely Partnership Summary: When finding a way to release Dean from Purgatory Sam gets an epic case of the flu. Crowley's is forced to take care of him... He does so grudgingly and with much complaint.

Whoever the enemy is doesn't need to outwardly care that Sam or Dean are sick. In fact, if they're in character, they probably don't. I'm not really looking for slash but self-recs are welcome. Thanks!
11 December 2013 @ 12:30 pm
Heyy guys,
I'm looking for a story that I read a long time ago. I'm pretty sure it was on I thought I knew the title but when I went to look for it it turned out the story I thought it was, was something else. So, this story is about Sam when he is younger/a teenager. He is kidnapped buy a couple (a man and woman) and they both abuse physically him physically and sexually. The part that I really remember is the couple move out of the house/run away and leave Sam and their dog behind at their house. An animal rescue worker goes to the house because of reports of a dog and finds Sam upstairs in the house beaten and half conscious on a dirty mattress and nothing else. I can't remember a whole lot that happens before or after that but if you can help that would be awesome. Please and thank you.
06 December 2013 @ 12:49 am
Hi, everyone!

Most fever fics take place in a motel or at Bobby’s. I looking for ones where Sam has a fever while kidnapped (A+ if these are found), or during a hunt or something. While something is happening. Fever fic with plot. The only one I’ve come across is “Catch Your Death” and it was amazing. I prefer longer fics, but I’m not picky. Wincest is fine (in fact, after Catch Your Death, I’d consider having sex with a fever a unique situation). “Fevers & Visions” was pretty funny and sorta unique, but it mostly took place in the motel and hospital.

If it’s really hard to find fics to fit this specific bill, sick fics in unique situations are acceptable, as is fever!Dean. Doesn’t need to be a fever specifically, I guess. I just like them, especially when the vulnerability of a fever entirely clashes with a situation in which you need to be at your strongest. Like during an abduction.
23 November 2013 @ 05:19 pm
Hello everyone! Please oh please, won't you help me not go crazy? :)

I've lost a fic, and it was a good one, too *sadfish* As luck would have it, I of course also can't rememeber its title, author, or location. The little bit I do remember is: it's a oneshot, set in season 5. The boys are rescuing a bunch of civilians when they get jumped by demons (I think, could be other unfriendlies), who grab Sam. Dean is torn, because obviously he wants to go after Sam, but he's got all these frightened people holding onto his sleeves and they're somewhere pretty far from civilization (forest?) so that he can't simply point them to the nearest police officer. So he does the responsible thing and gets all of them to safety, fretting over leaving Sam and starting to pack to go after him as soon as the people are safe. Meanwhile, Sam gets worked over by the unfriendlies, but somehow manages to bust out on his own, thinking that he doesn't deserve Dean coming after him. He finds his way back to Dean (I think just as Dean was gearing up to go after him), and of course the boys Talk. There have been no specific pairings.

I feel like I've looked pretty much everywhere and it just up and vanished((( Do any of you wonderful knowledgeable people know the one I'm talking about?

Please and thank you.

ETA: found (and authored))) by kelhome, Finding Sammy
I'm looking for a specific fic I read a while ago on livejournal.

It was preseries and John knew about the demon blood in Sam. There's a little part about Sam being into magic tricks (card tricks etc) at the beginning.
In the fic they are kidnapped by hunters who want revenge for when John accidently got one of their own killed, like he had a choice which hunter's kid to save and he picked the closest one or something.
So the hunters decide to do the same to John. They're holding John, Sam and Dean in a cave and they make John choose which son they will kill. John can't choose and so they do a coin toss to decide.
John picks which son will be 'heads' but the twist is
that the coin is double heads and so basically John picked Sam to die and Sam knows this (but not Dean). But there's a cave-in before the hunter kills Sam and so he doesn't die.

Does anyone know it? It was a really good fic.

Okay, here goes. I've got a lot of bits and pieces and I hope they're enough.

It's pre-series. wincest. Underage, Sam is 15 and Dean 19 when the relationship begins.

John and Bobby torture and kill a demon sympathizer's son.

In revenge, the sympathizer - the victim's father - kidnaps and tortures Sam, exactly replicating what John did to his son. It turns out the son wasn't infected with demon blood.

John, Bobby, Dean and a group of hunters rescue Sam. Dean is so angry with John that he won't let John help him take care of Sam in the aftermath.

Bobby guesses/knows about Sam & Dean's relationship.

And - I'm not as certain about this part - a legendary old hunter (OMC) gifts the boys with a set of magic knives, which they use to create a bond between them.


Gleeful thanks tocmsserenity

Mods - some of my original tags turned out to be wrong; can I fix that?
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09 October 2013 @ 09:58 pm
So I've been kicking myself trying to find this story, and it's a no-go far - so some help would be great!

basically, I found it on LJ, I think, and the tital was in Latin. I think it might have started with an F or a T. It was pretty long, from what I remember, and set in season 7. Basically, the entire premise was that Sam was continually hallucinating Lucifier as well as developing a fixation with doing things in threes. Things like three showers a day, only eating dinner before five, always doing laundry on Saturdays, I think, even if they were in the middle of a case. In the beginning on the story, on a case, he ended up getting burned while on a hunt for a witch. He ended up grabbing a red-hot medallion and the words, something religious in Latin, got seared onto his palm.

There's an entire scene of the Winchesters buying pens in a Staples, basically, and Sam being super picky about it - how many black pens vs. blue - and it not being played for laughs.

At some pointt some point, Sam was kidnapped by Crowley and chained to a pipe in some warehouse, arms above his head. Crowlery tortures him a bit, but the thing that bothers sam (and Lucifer) more is the fact that there's a puzzle/crossword book laying crumpled on the floor).

Pairing were sort of a back-seat, but I remember that there was wincest and maybe implised Lucifer/Sam?

Thanks for the help, guys.
06 October 2013 @ 03:05 am
I just re-read "In Harm's Way" and I started craving more fics like it...anything which has Jensen (or Dean) as an agent or spy or anything like that, who kidnaps Jared (or Sam) because of some specific skill that he needs to complete any kind of operation.
I know it's really vague, but you never know! I hope someone will be able to help me :) Oh, and possibly J2 or wincest (I don't care if they're brothers or not :))
Thanks guys!
08 September 2013 @ 01:27 pm
I've been looking for this fic for a while but I don't remember the author.  Here's what I do remember:

- Sam was kidnapped when he was a baby by Azazel
- He was rapped and abused regularly by demons and humans
- The first time he met Dean, they had sex
- Dean has a daughter by Cassie and she's as powerful as Sam
- Sam has a lot of scars on his body

I hope somebody will remember this fic... Thanks!

ETA - Found in comments! Thank you!
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15 August 2013 @ 09:32 am
Hi all, I'm looking for a specific pre-series hurt!sam fic. Dean is on a hunt with Caleb and John takes Sam to a really run-down cabin in a remote town. John leaves for a hunt and gives sam a list of chores to do (i.e. chop wood, fix furnace, clean guns) but Sam is in a car accident with a man who owns the gas station who tries to molest Sam. He hides the injuries from John and gets really sick and delicious angst ensues. I think I read it on FF, but am not positive.

Sorry for the confusing description, but hopefully someone recognizes it!

Also I would love any recs for hurt/sick Sam fics, especially weechesters or pre-series fics.

The two fics I'm looking for are hurt!Sam(obviously) and I hope someone can help me ifnd them quickly.  I've been looking for them for a long time and if you help me I will love you forever.

1) I don't remember what season it was in but I think it was season 2.  Anyway Sam was kidnapped by a monster(don't remember what) and he was tied up in a basement that had a bad leek and it was storming.  When Dean and Bobby find him the water is high eough that he almost drowns and that is pretty much all I remember.  Oh and it also contained awesome!Dean and Bobby with hurt!and-possibly-sick!Sam

2) Set in either season 1 or 2.  Sam fell down a mine shaft on a hunt(I'm thinking it was for a wendigo) and ended up with a concussion.  It took Dean a long time to find him and Sam was out of it and possibly sick.  I honestly don't remember much more so I hope someone can help.

3) Sam got hit by a car and was left on the side of the road.  Dean found him and he knew Sam was dying so he stayed with him and cuddled right there on the side of the road.  After Sam dies he comes back (temporarily) as a ghost to talk to Dean before he moves on.

Sorry if any of these are really vague but I haven't read any of them for a while.

Oh and please recommend any hurt/sick!Sam from either season 1 or 2!
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15 July 2013 @ 08:03 pm
Hi I'm looking for a story I read awhile ago, in it Sam was kidnapped and sold as a plaything or slave, and he escapes/is rescued and is taken in by Ellen and Jo and raised as part of their family.

I remember that Sam was really traumatized and it took Ellen a really long time to get him to adjust and feel safe with them. I also remember that when Dean finds Sam, Sam believes that Dean and John were responsible for selling him (-I think John might've planned something behind Dean's back), and that was why Sam didn't want to go home.

I'm also looking for any other good stories where Sam is Kidnapped/Tortured/Sold into slavery for years and finally gets free and has to re-adjust to living with his family again, and his family learning to cope with having him back in their lives.

Thanks in advance
10 July 2013 @ 06:01 pm
Right its driving me mad i had a random thought ages ago about a fic i read a while back and I cannot think what its called or find it,
it was post case in some random town, Sam was abducted by a girl (think her name ws violet?) and kept in a vet cage in her basement because she loved him, her best friend (a guy) helped her because he loved her but he eventually rings Dean because Violet has hurt Sam,(think it was electricity somehow but cant remember)
any ideas?
I'm looking for a fic I read years ago that was long, multi-chaptered and gen in the SPN universe. The boys were kidnapped, maybe at a truck stop? Dean was forced to cage fight to keep Sam from being hurt and/or assaulted by the other prisoners and guards. They eventually manage to make their way out and escape, killing several people in the process. I also remember a specific scene of maybe where Sam did something to make the guard or person in charge mad and he locked Sam in this metal coffin like thing outside in the desert heat.

Anyone know of this? Thanks in advance! Apologies to the mods if the tags aren't right. For some reason, they weren't coming up like they usually do.
I am looking for Stanford era fics where Dean is permanently injured and tries to cope with the injury alone. Blindness, deafness, loss of limbs, whatever- it's all good. And then of course, Sam finds out and helps him. I've read the drive 'verse by roque_clasique but that's a good example of what I'm looking for.

I am also looking for fics where either brother is suffering from some major illness/disability that he tries hiding from the other.

Lastly, anyone know of any good stories where one or both of the Winchesters are kidnapped?

As always, please no slash and multi-chapter is greatly preferred although I will take anything :)
17 June 2013 @ 10:37 am

1. im trying to find some stories in which Sam and Cas are bonding or consider each other to be friends.

2. Cas and Sam hugging for any reason really.
(An example for the first two is I Would Hug You )

3. Any de-aged Dean or Cas stories, ive read most of the ones on and quite a few on A03, so i really want to find some on LJ.

4. Sam and Cas saving each other. (An example would be The Other Guardian in which Sam gets taken and Cas is the one to find him).

5. I really want to find some delicious accounts surrounding Cas!whump and people being there for him.
05 June 2013 @ 10:32 am
Hey so I'm looking for a story that involved a great deal of hurt!winchesters, and I can't seem to find it, so I figured you lovely people could help.
From what I remember, Sam and Dean were kidnapped by this dude that liked to test peoples relationships by torturing them (because he had some unresolved business with his brother, or something like that). It was set in s1, and about two thirds of the way through the fic, the torturer managed to bring in John as well. I remember that throughout the story, the guy torturing them brought Sam and Dean would take them into his office and make them do puzzles or answer questions and if they failed he'd torture the other one. I remember when John was there the dude asked him to recite the first line of A Tale of Two cities, and he does (to the great shock of everyone involved). There was another scene where Dean had to guide Sam through a maze but Sam had been blinded.
Does anyone remember this story/can link it to me? I'd really appreciate it if you did.
Also if you have any other stories where the three winchesters are kidnapped and tortured together that would be great too.

Thanks guys!
26 April 2013 @ 04:28 pm

1 - It was very short. Started off with Cas pushing Sam to his knees in front of Dean and telling Dean that this is how Sam will redeem himself, pay for his sins. He proceeds to encourage Dean to force Sam to have sex, that it is Sam's idea on redeeming himself. All the while Sam is quiet. In the end Cas tells Sam that eventually he will manipulate Dean so much that Dean could kill Sam and not feel a thing, Sam (who is manipulated and believes he is a sinner) quietly agrees. (this story could be considered dub-con)

2 - Sam is somewhere (heaven?) and there are lines and lines of angels who are one-by-one forcing themselves on him. Eventually Cas arrives and Sam is relieved and crying to be freed, however Cas apologises and proceeds to rape him too (not of his own choice, he was forced) suddenly Dean appears and saves Sam. The story fast-forwards - A stumbling and sickly Sam is being led into a diner by Dean, upon closer look it is discovered that he is now blind (a result of the rapes?) Cas attempts to help him but Dean is angry and vengeful ...I think it was a WIP

Any help is much appreciated, especially since I have a bad memory and I probably did not describe these well.
Thank you!
03 April 2013 @ 05:42 pm
I read this a while ago but I seem to have lost it

I think it was pre-series, it starts off with a group of men kidnapping Sam from his motel room, they take him some place and ultimately rough him up a lot. Somehow he breaks free and finds his way back to the motel where Dean finds him. The entire things turns out to be a set up by John who wanted to use it as a kind of test.

There's something about Dean and Sam leaving John (I think?) and Sam really struggling to trust people again - he starts a fight in school just because a guy touches him.

I hope someone recognises a fic along these lines. Thanks!
Sam is kidnapped by demons while at college. I think yellow eyes was involved. Sam ends up as a demon blood slave. Bobby hears about it and contacts Dean and John. they all get together and rescue Sam. Then afterwards, Sam needs to have someone in control and Dean steps in because his blood would affect Sam the most and he does not trust John with Sam. This develops into a Dean/Sam dom/sub relationship.
I'm pretty sure it was on, although there's always the possibility that it was posted to lj as well. In the fic, when Cas breaks the great wall of Sam, Sam just remembers everything from his time in the cage and gets constant, violent flashbacks. Gabriel comes and turns Sam into a four year old (only physically, mentally he's still his real age) so that he's easier for Dean to manage during the hell flashbacks (they're really intense, etc.). Also, I'm pretty sure that Samuel Campbell comes at some point and kidnaps Sam to torture him for information on Mary or purgatory or bringing Mary back from the dead or something along those lines. Oh, and I'm pretty sure Dean and Sam were at Bobby's throughout the fic, and I remember a specific scene where Sam wanted coffee but Dean gave him chocolate milk instead since Sam's four year old body couldn't handle coffee or something. If anyone can link me this fic (or a similar one?) that would be lovely!
09 March 2013 @ 09:26 pm
I have 2 fics I've read before and can't find them. (I actually had one more I wanted to ask about but I can't remember what it was, I'll probably post it later.) Anywho...

1. I remember this was a weird mix up of I think Cas, Dean, and Jared. Dean and Cas were a couple who had an apartment together. One day Jared sneaks in their apartment and Dean finds him and "keeps" him. Jared ran away from home because his dad was mean to him, he had a disorder that made his really clumsy. It's not my usual type of story but it was so cute.

2. This one is a little more vague. It involved Sam, Dean and John. They boys are younger/teens. I just remember Sam being taken by a group of guys who drug him so that he is still concious but can't maove his body. They take him to an ally and try to rape him. I remember they were trying to videotape it but John and Dean get there in time and save the day. I remember Sam just laying there trying to see what was going on but he couldn't move to see everything.

Can anyone help?
06 March 2013 @ 12:10 am
I just finished reading Good Country People where Dean is kidnapped by the Benders and lives with them for a few years.
Are there more stories along that line? One of the Winchesters staying with the Benders?
No WIPs please.

I've read The Woods are Lonely, Dark and Deep already.
04 March 2013 @ 07:48 pm
I remember reading this preseries fic where Sam gets himself kidnapped and is almost sacrificed, but then Gabe/Trickster rescues him and they hang out and fall in love and stuff, and I remember that at the end, John made Sam make a choice to kill Gabe, and he walked out.

Anyone know what I'm talking about? It was on Ao3.
I am reading the series Sure Got A Dirty Mouth by the supremely talented justinedelarge which is Sam/Dean pre-series and deals with Sam being taken and hurt/tortured as payback to something that John and Bobby did. It is an amazing fic and if you haven't yet read it you should go there now! Also has some serious bamf!dean which is always awesome!!

I would love any reccs you can give me where Sam and/or Dean are taken by someone or something trying to get revenge against John or Bobby. Self-reccs are wonderful!

Thanks in advance!!
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19 January 2013 @ 09:40 pm
Hello There.
I've skimmed the tags but I am looking for some more. I'm after fics where Dean is replaced by a shifter and really hurts Sam. If it deals with the boys trying to fix things afterwards that'd be nice too. Or maybe the shifter gives Sam some sort of long term injury.

NO wincest or any form of slash. None, please.
Sorry if I don't tag right.
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14 January 2013 @ 03:42 am
Sam and Dean are captured by a scientist and kept in cages, along with a bunch of civilians. I believe the scientist's name is Victoria. She has an army of zombie-like minions to do her dirty work. Sam gets injected by a drug that is supposed to accelerate stem cell growth. Victoria wants to use his cells to improve her zombies.
Does that sound familiar to anyone?
I recently was reading a fic and thought I saved it but now cannot find it to finish it. Help please anyone who recognizes the story.

The title was something like "Other People Stop Looking" from the line that Sam told Dean in the episode in the first season (Dead In The Water mabye...) People don't just disappear, other people just stop looking from when they were looking for John.

It starts with Sam waking up finding that he is chained, in a cage in only his boxers and tshirt. He is kept in the dark. Every so often two men - one younger with a scar and one older wearing a baseball cap - come in, give Sam a cup of water then lock him back up and leave him chained in the dark. They talk about someone named Jacob coming, how Jacob said not to talk to "it" (referring to Sam). They don't think Sam is human. Meanwhile Dean is searching frantically for his missing brother. Sam left the motel to get them coffee when the woke up and never returned. They weren't in a town on a hunt, just stopping for gas/sleep.

I was loving the story but my computer shut down and once I got it back up I cannot find the story anywhere. Any help would really be appreciated.

Thank you!

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08 January 2013 @ 11:37 am
Hi and happy new year to you all!

I´m looking for some stories where Dean/Jensen are in a relationship Jared/Sam but Dean/Jensen hurts (starts hurting) Sam/Jared. All together with a lot h/c or suicede or drugs or selfharm. I think you get the picture...

Second I´m looking for fics where Sam/Jared is kidnaped or realy bad abused and takes on revange in the end. H/C from Dean/Jensen is more than wellcomed

Thank you for your help.
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31 December 2012 @ 03:26 am
Hi everybody,
            I'm looking for 2 specific fics that i started a long time ago.

    #1: Dean and Sam were taken as kids by a guy and in the beggining it said that Dean made a deal with te guy to let go of Sam and just keep him. Actually, the guy just made it look like he got rid of Sam, but Sam actually is hidden in the basement. The guy abuses both Sam and Dean. John is searching fro them and finds them when Dean is a teen. He finds Dean when he sees Dean walking 'home' from school. I think John is with someone, someone like Caleb or Bobby I don't know for sure when they see Dean. When they get Dean they all realize that Sam was with the guy and Dean the whole time being abused and hidden away. After they rescue Sam and they are somewhere safe I'm pretty sure that Sam won't come out of his room.

     #2: Dean was taken when he was young and when Sam finds him and he is feral. Sam finds him in a dark basement and I beleive that Sam killed who hurt Dean. Dean is in his mid-20's and he can't see well or talk well and he repeats what people say. Sam did not go to Satnford either.

That is all I remember from both of the fics, thanks in advance!
28 November 2012 @ 12:18 pm
I don't even know where to start looking for this fic but I remember a few specifics if anyone can help me out.

Sam was a demon with huge wings and he is taken by angels (I think) and held in a small room in heaven. He can't stretch his wings out and it's hurting him, being in heaven for so long because he is a demon. I'm pretty sure it was Castiel, but someone is there with him watching over him, making sure he doesn't escape. I think Dean is a demon too and is the one who rescues him in the end.

Sound farmiliar?