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23 January 2011 @ 05:41 pm

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Hello All,
I've been going thru Google and all fan sites and I was wondering were there any fan written stories where Sam never got a growth spurt remain small- (still a great hunter and super smart)? Because of this it makes Dean more overprotective. These can be set from Season 1 to season 8 I don't care as long Sam is the smaller one of the brothers.

Great example there were only two like these that I found in Fan Fiction site.
" Dean's Rules" by thoughtyouknewr and "Dean's Mistakes" by thoughtyouknewr.

These were awesome and that's what got me hook and I've been craving more along these lines.
I hope there were more than just two written stories in the whole written fan fic fandom of supernatural?
Thanks and really grateful
08 July 2014 @ 07:40 pm
I know I've read this particular story at least twice but it never made it to my Delicious list.

I think it's set around Christmas - the main action at the end takes place in the town square and has to do with lighting the tree. The reason the boys are there in the first place has me a little mixed up. It's either due to Sam's visions or just a regular hunt. I think at one point there is a rescue of a boy that fell into a river. There might also have been a mass rescue of kidnapped children. Also, I think it's early, maybe season 1-3?

The bit with the tree is what I really remember. I checked the Christmas tags and didn't see it.

Thanks in advance!

Foreseen by PL Wynter. No mass-rescue of kids but there is a river rescue. Thank you hybrid_cookie
30 June 2014 @ 10:02 pm
Dean was in a motorcycle gang, Cas was his (librarian, I think) boyfriend. Dean is the leader, Sam is his second in command who is dating Amelia, Bobby is the ex-boss.

It starts with Cas being smitten watching Dean shoot a man outside a bar, they fall hard for each other, despite their differences.

Eventually Cas gets dragged into the life by Dean's rival, in order to keep Dean safe. There's a scene at a town fair or something where Dean runs into Lisa and I remember feeling really bad for her, because from the conversation they had it's very clear that Dean shares more with Cas than he did with her, and that lack of communication is why Lisa broke up with Dean.

There are a couple of explicitly violent scenes where Cas kills people...

I know this is little to go on, but I will owe you your choice of favours if you can help me!

eta - I swear I tagged this. I don't know what happened.
19 June 2014 @ 09:40 am
Hi everyone! I'm looking for a fic that is during the Stanford era where Sam is a total bad ass. I was thinking about him having to protect Jess, or having him avoid questions and all that. I was also hoping to find something where he has to save his friends in some display of badassery, like a hunt that is at Stanford or just some regular douche bag human. Lengthy is always welcome. No Wincest please, you would think it wouldn't happen in Stanford era but it has come up. Hurt!Sam is ALWAYS welcome. So yeah, maybe he gets hurt saving his friends or Jess. Something along those lines. Anything you find will be much appreciated, thanks!
01 June 2014 @ 07:41 am
I was hoping to find some Dean/Castiel fics. Which you'd think should be easy enough, right?

Thing is, I have specific preferences.
1. I prefer the emotional focus to be on Dean. I like Cas well enough, but I do not connect to him emotionally, so as a result I have no interest whatsoever in hurtCas, woobieCas or Cas as the center of the story.

2. If the fic is abo, a trope I love, I would prefer for Dean to be the Omega, and Cas to be the Alpha. (and if Sam has a major role in it, I prefer for him to be an Alpha as well. It distracts me out of the story when people try to write Sam as anything other than the dominant guy he is in canon)

3. In most stories I prefer for Cas to be the dom to Dean's sub, the top to Dean's bottom...

4. I love wingkink stories where Cas uses his wings protectively, covering Dean with his wings, carrying Dean. With a focus on how much more powerful he is than Dean.

5. I just love stories where both of them are BAMF, but with a focus on Cas looking after Dean and taking care of him.

6. And if the fic is m-preg or egg fic, I'd prefer for Dean to be the one who's pregnant or carrying the egg or whatever
30 May 2014 @ 07:23 am
Hi! First of all, sorry to the mods. I'm pretty sure my first attempt to post broke just about every rule - and the subsequent attempts havn't been that great!

Can't remember what I was after last time so we're going to go with what I like now - I'm fickle that way!

I would really appreciate links for any of the following (i've gone through the tags on here so if you know of any that might not have been recced all that much that's be awesome too!):

1- boys raised apart - Love love anything to do with this trope! Especially if one of them gets the worse end of the stick (not too fussed who is the one in the bad situation- or what kind of abused). I absolutely loved In Shadow so anything along those lines would be wonderful.

2- feral boys - again, anything at all in this line would be love!

3- Dean post purgatory - Just starting season 8 and I want anything showing dean as a BAMF post purgatory. Or at all really. Dean or Sam being completely bad ass. Yes please!

4- Your personal favourite fic. The one you go back to time and again. I prefer long and plotty and I'm not that keen on wincest but to be honest I'll read anything that's well written.

I'm new to the fandom so any recs you have would be lovely.. Thank you wonderful people!!

(Mods - i've got no idea what i'm doing with tags so hopefully this is tagged ok)
15 May 2014 @ 11:03 pm
Just got the urge to read hurt Dean, like he is badly hurt or beaten but still keeps it togheter.
And he is saying that he is fine and dont need any help, insisting that others need more help and 
making others around him impressed and making them want to take care of him.
Please help me!!!
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03 May 2014 @ 10:36 pm
Specific: teen!Sam & Dean started tailing a car that had a kid (or two) in the trunk. I think the kid kicked the tail lights out and stuck their fingers through the gap? I think Sam (or Dean?) got a concussion or something and the police were relying on him to get better so they could question him about the license plate? It was gen, I think. ETA: Found!!

General 1: are there any similar fics where young/teen!S&D (though older!S&D is okay) save the day, basically? Preferably something involving law enforcement/authority figures to whatever extent. Antagonists need not be of the supernatural variety.

General 2: any fics where young/teen!Sam and Dean are just being extraordinarily badass, particularly in comparison to other normal people.

General 3: I'm looking for something like "The Promise" by Gillian Middleton where young/teen!Sam and Dean get kidnapped and have to survive against less-than-promising odds. I've already read that one where John abandons them in the middle of the woods as some kind of survival training thingy.

Fics can be gen or any slash pairing. Thanks in advance!
Hello! I haven't posted a request myself here before, but since I feel like I've been pretty good at answering other people's recs on here I thought I'd give it a go myself :) There are four (really more, but right now this is it :P) types of fic that I look for:

1. Is there any Captain America fusion fic out there with Dean in the role as Steve Rogers? This is really the only type I'm interested in, I've seen many versions with Cas as the captain, but that 's really not what I'm looking for. Alternatively any type of fic where Dean goes from zero to hero is gold in my book - especially if this involves some kind of physical transformation!

2. I've always been a huge fan of the Billy Elliot movie and musical and thinking about it a couple of days ago the story is perfect for a destiel-fusion with Castiel as Michael and Dean as Billy (they even have the same colouring!). So if anything like this exists out there I will be eternally grateful to the author who wrote it and the kind person who found it for me! (I know Billy Elliot isn't very big in the fanfiction world..)

3. Any fic where Dean discovers that he's really a prince, a chosen one in a fantasy!AU or rich or anything like that. Something that would entail a big change in his lifestyle, maybe he would need to undergo training, deal with the press or be expected to act differently. Anything that involves major lifestyle-changes really!

4. Any good Narnia/SPN-fusions/crossovers. I think I've exhausted anything that exists on ao3 and, but I might have missed some really good ones, and I'm also hoping there are some on LJ or tumblr floating around, that I haven't found.

As for pairings I don't really have any OTP and am fine with both het and slash, though I do prefer to not read wincest, if possible (I'll read it because if not I'll miss SO many good fics, but then I always have to imagine them not being brothers and it generally makes fic slightly less enjoyable for me). The most important part for me is really that it's Dean-centirc. Thanks in advance to anyone that answer my requests! :)
07 January 2014 @ 09:35 pm
Hello and happy New Year to everyone!

I’ve just read some awesome awesome fic by Jassy over at Sam/Dean slash archive (It’s Just a Jump to the Left, Finding Home 1 & 2, Learning to Breathe and Out of Breath), and now I want to find more like it! So basically I’m looking for pre-series / early seasons Sam-centric fics with confident, kickass Sam (which isn’t to say he isn’t normally kickass)))).

Maybe Sam gets kicked out of Stanford, maybe he doesn’t get there at all for whatever reason after John’s ultimatum, or maybe something entirely different happens and he runs away from John and Dean long before he even laid eyes on a Stanford pamphlet; whether or not Stanford, or, indeed, any sort of higher education is in the cards doesn’t really matter, end result - Sam strikes out on his own, staying off of his family’s radar for a good long while, reuniting with them for whatever reason under whatever circumstances some time down the line.

What I’m really looking for in all of this is lots of Winchester interaction and a confident, no-nonsense Sam who can really hold his own in whatever, be it hunting solo or something else, and doesn’t take any crap from John or, should it come to that, Dean. Make no mistake, Sam still loves his family very much, he’s just very calmly not going to stand for John barking orders at him and expecting soldierly obedience; or being guilt-tripped over going to college, if he did go.

(speaking of Dean, some initial tension between them is of course to be expected, but I’d love it if they didn’t hate each other’s guts and eventually hashed stuff out and got along, with maybe Dean going so far as supporting Sam in an argument with John)

Please NO BoyKing!Sam, demon!Sam, psychotic-killer-or-otherwise-evil-and/or-dark!Sam. Totally okay if he’s somewhat rougher around the edges than in Canon, though. Pairings-wise, wincest or gen bromance, please.

Thank you muchly in advance!
04 January 2014 @ 11:26 am

I'm looking for SPN/Phantom of the Opera crossovers.
Castiel/Dean or Gabriel/Dean preferred, but I'll take Sam/Dean also.
bottom!dean only please, also no non-con fics please!

thanks in advance!
24 October 2013 @ 10:40 pm
There's been a few too many bottomJared, bottomSam and bottomCas fics for my tastes lately.

I was hoping that you guys have some links for bottomDean  fics set in s7-s9, or bottomJensen

I'd especially love abo and/or slave fics, or anything with non-con and other angsty hurt/comfort fics but anything that centers on Dean or Jensen's emotional needs would be welcome. Esp. when despite being the one hurt, Dean or Jensen is still a BAMF

Pairing isn't really important, as long as Jensen or Dean bottoms and is the emotional center of the story. Even if I do prefer Dean/Castiel, Jared/Jensen, but I'll generally pair Dean and Jensen with just about anyone. Though I prefer any wincest to have evil Sam.

Please no Dean written as an asshole.
19 October 2013 @ 10:02 pm
I'm looking for any J2 stories that has either Jared or Jensen has a crime/mob boss. I'd appreciate any help you can give!
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26 September 2013 @ 01:13 pm
Are there any fics about that deal with other people finding out how much of a BAMF Dean is, and or find out about his time in hell or purgatory?

No wincest and long fics preferred! But to be fair I'll take anything!!!

Please and thank you!
25 September 2013 @ 10:34 pm
Does anyone know of any fics, whether gen or sam/dean, where Samuel Campbell finds out what has happened to his grandson and finds out how badass his grandson are. maybe some hunters tells him their "legend" or anything close. thank you!
15 September 2013 @ 09:05 pm
Hey guys! I tried searching tags but couldn't find exactly what I was looking for and my Google skills seem to be lacking. I am looking for a moderately specific type of fic. Pergatory!Dean was beyond hot with the whole "it was pure"-savagery-lurking-under-the-surface attitude. So if anyone can rec a fic where either:

Established Relationship but Dean's new almost-darkside lurking brutality changes the dynamic of their sexy times is explored or...

First Time where an almost feral Dean doesn't even flinch about the whole gay incest bit and just gets down to ravishing Sam

I want it rough, and hot, and I want BAMF!Dean and overwhelmed!Sam...and I want it to be because of how purgatory changed Dean. If anyone knows of any fics like this I will be eternally grateful :) 
13 September 2013 @ 07:41 am
Hi all!
For some time I`ve being reading SPN/Avengers stories from, and somehow it was very disapointing. SHIELD allways recrutes brothers by force or gives them aditional training etc. BOOOO!!!! Is there stories where SHIELD came to Hunters and ASKED for help? Like in PaBurks SULFUR series? With respect!?
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05 September 2013 @ 03:05 am
I just rewatched the Season 8 finale a few days ago, and it got me craving a particular type of fic...

Basically I would like to see a fic where, having fallen from Heaven due to Metatron's machinations, Cas is now completely human and powerless. Hence, when he first meets Sam and Dean again, they expect him to be pretty useless as far as hunting is concerned, nothing more than a burden. Cas, being generally confused and clueless as he is (even more so now that he's human), does nothing to dispel this notion. Then after some time, when Sam and Dean get into a fight with a demon/monster/random supernatural hoodoo, Cas proves to be surprisingly and effortlessly efficient in human forms of combat (can be hand-to-hand, shooting, whatever). This takes Sam and Dean completely by surprise, as they never imagined that a human Cas would be useful in battle.

If anyone can recommend any such fics to me, that would be really nice.

Thanks in advance!! :)
Hi, I'm looking for a specific story where Jensen is a Politicians son who is saved from an assassination attempt by Jared, who then won't let him go.

Now, Jared & the rest of his unit (Jeff, Chad, Steve, Chris etc.) were experimented on by a secret agency & enhanced but they did more to Jared & now he is obsessed with keeping Jensen safe. I think Chris may have been CIA.

I remember starting this but for some reason not finishing it. Please help me find it.
Hi guys! I'm looking for some kidnapped!Dean stories.

Specifically, ones where Dean is kidnapped as a child and Sam and John think he is dead. Preferably ones where Dean escapes his kidnapper(s) on his own and keeps hunting by himself to the point where he becomes some awesome, mysterious, BAMF and lone-star hunter. Bonus points if he was kidnapped while protecting Sam in some way. Mostly I'm looking for fics where Dean survives on his own into adulthood with the same goals: saving people, hunting things.

A reunion between the three would be great, too! Any kind of reunion is good as long as they are all alive. I'm looking for something with a lot of angst, hurt/comfort, and some mystery to it. Gen is preferred but not required.

11 August 2013 @ 09:34 am
Hey so I am looking for any fics where are boys come into contact with someone from the military. Like one of John's old marine buddies, or men or women who have served in general. Also maybe there is a fic out there where the boys had to go to military school or training camp in canon and they excelled and impressed the people in charge. Outsider POV would be a bonus, but really anything with Sam and Dean dealing with the military or be compared to veterans would be awesome. completed fics please, gen is preferred. thank you :)
02 August 2013 @ 08:25 pm
Hi guys! I'm looking for a few different types of fics:

1.) Fics where there is an emphasis on Dean being a guardian towards Sam, whether it be in a legal sense, supernatural sense, brotherly sense, etc.

2.) Fics where Sam thinks Dean is dead, and Dean lets Sam believe it.

3.) (Goes along with #2) Dean follows Sam around after he is believed to be dead, watching over Sam and making sure he doesn't get too injured. It'd be cool if eventually the secret got out that he was actually alive.

4.) Any fics where Dean dies and gets sent back to the past (maybe as an angel or as himself) to either raise or act as a guardian to his younger self and/or Sam.

5.) This request is kind of long, but are there any fics where Dean decides to leave John's crusade to enlist (in the army, marines, etc.), promising Sammy that he will stay safe and return to get Sam away from a now furious John? One where he seemingly keeps his promise until his entire squadron goes MIA overseas and is then presumed dead. (Maybe some from Sam's POV about hearing the news and his reactions and grief) And Dean, however, is not dean and instead spends years fighting to lead his remaining comrades home.

I prefer longer fics, but any fic length is good. I'd prefer gen., but some slash is okay as long as the story is good! Thanks guys!
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18 July 2013 @ 10:56 pm
I need help with finding two fics:
Number one: where Jensen is a superhero and Jared a villan and somehow Jensen ends up injured in the evil villans lair and Jared helps him escape  somehow.
Second one: Jensen's family are superheroes and Jensen doesn't have any Powers and gets kidnapped or somethin.
Please help!
Thanks in advance!

Number two: Jensens family are superheroes and he doesn't have any powers and he gets kidnapped or hurt... Please help!! Thanks!!
14 July 2013 @ 10:46 pm
Hello! I was looking for some mob or gangster AUs, preferably J2 or wincest. Something along the lines of All In the Game, Yo or How White My Shirts Can Be. Basically badass, kind of scary boys - no victims or unwilling participants. Thanks!

I was also looking for one specific mob AU, I'm pretty sure it was J2 and Jensen was going to try and revenge the death of his whole family by a rival mob, but Jared, the son of another mob family, stopped him and took him home. And then they maybe killed people.
I'm looking for a fic I read years ago that was long, multi-chaptered and gen in the SPN universe. The boys were kidnapped, maybe at a truck stop? Dean was forced to cage fight to keep Sam from being hurt and/or assaulted by the other prisoners and guards. They eventually manage to make their way out and escape, killing several people in the process. I also remember a specific scene of maybe where Sam did something to make the guard or person in charge mad and he locked Sam in this metal coffin like thing outside in the desert heat.

Anyone know of this? Thanks in advance! Apologies to the mods if the tags aren't right. For some reason, they weren't coming up like they usually do.
23 June 2013 @ 03:17 pm
I just read 'Crap Job' by SciFiNutTX where Sam and Dean are filling up the car and are in the store when a guy comes in with a gun to rob it. That led me to reread 'Nobody Loves a Moron' by Clair Beaubien, where Dean walks into a robbery while picking up takeout for dinner. He's amused when the robbers point their guns on him. He tells them his brother is waiting for his dinner but when Sam calls to see what's taking so long, he mentions a case and the robbers think he's an undercover cop. In each story one brother is very protective of his brother, going stone cold when a gun is pointed at him. (Both stories are at FanFiction.Net) I'd like to find any other stories where one brother is angry, cold, and protective of his brother when there's a gun pointed at him and he's threatened. They can be very young and appear innocent and helpless until the kick major butt. Or they can be adults in their full six-foot-plus glory.
15 June 2013 @ 04:20 pm
Could you guys please rec me some non-AU complete fics (or WIP fics which are not abandoned) in which Dean and Sam somehow end up with one of the kids they've met along the way? I don't care about the rating or length (though longer is definitely better for this request), but I do want to see first time Wincest in the story. Also, I don't care if they're raising the kid in the hunting lifestyle or have settled down or some mix of the two.

Also, are there any fics in which John gets resurrected or both boys travel back in time to when he was alive to fix their mistakes and he has to face the fact that his sons are WAY better hunters than he could ever hope to be? Also, Dean should definitely refuse his orders and John should definitely be pissed about all of it and be a total asshole. It can end with John realizing how wrong he was to be like that or the boys sending him away because they can't deal with his crap anymore or whatever. No AU's, no abandoned fics, and I'd like to see first time Wincest in the story too even if John doesn't find out about it. If he does and freaks, though, that would be awesome. Please help, guys!
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09 June 2013 @ 09:50 pm
Hi everyone!

Ok, so I've a soft spot for Jared being shoved around only to be rescued by Jensen. I like knights in shining armour, okay? It's a serious problem.

Anyway, I was reading one and it occurred to me that Jared is like 6 feet tall and built like a brick house... I somehow doubt he'd take being shoved around very lightly, no matter how much of a good guy he is.

So that's the fic I'm looking for: some guy tries to either force Jared into something non con, rob him or they even just get totally in his face... but Jared holds his own and is altogether a BAMF. Maybe he uses that strength of his an wipes the floor with the would-be assaulter?

If Jensen is there to henpeck over Jared (because he's sweet like that) that would be an added bonus.

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02 May 2013 @ 09:00 am
Hello, I'm just after a specific fic today.

I only remember one line from it. It was either Dean saying to a demon 'I'm the monster under your bed' or someone referring to Dean as 'The monster under every demons bed.'

Vauge, I know, but any help is appreciated.

14 April 2013 @ 02:54 pm
I read this fic years ago and fell in love with it but lost it afterwards. All I remember from it was that Jensen was on vacation (to Hawaii or somewhere like that) and was given a room that was already booked. Someone tries to kill Jensen, thinking he was the original person who booked the room and Jared saves him then has to protect him. Now I may be completely off or right on the dote or close to it. Like I said, it's been a long time since I last read this story. So I just hope it's familiar to someone and they can help me :)
03 April 2013 @ 09:01 pm
Read more...Collapse )

Wincest, sassy, and sabriel are my favorite. Destiel is secondary. Thank you so much!
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1. I for some reason copied and saved this part of a summary/author's notes to a fic I wanted to read but managed to not save the title, author, or link. :-P So if this excerpt seems at all familiar to anyone, I'd greatly be obliged.
I'd also love reading any similar fics, namely Jared(Sam) in an abusive relationship/domestic abuse situation where he's the abused; or anything where he gets cheated on.
The quote: "And thirdly, I want to apologize to Tom Welling! I made him do some really horrible things in this little world of mine. I like to think of it as a role I cast him in. He was an actor I could see playing a street saint and a private devil, one I could see having the ability to dominate Jared physically and mentally. I in no way think that he or any of the real life actors I cast in this story are in any way like this in real life. So I guess that's my disclaimer. I don't own them. I don't think they would act in this way in real life. All I can claim are the words on the page. I hope they bring some enjoyment." (If it helps any, the background of the layout the person used on the journal I think was sort of an olive/brown-green color.)
2. Anything with germaphobic!Jared/Sam. Please, please, please, there has to be something out there! :-D
3. Jared/AU!Sam as a black ops agent/secret agent/undercover cop/soldier/whatever? who gets captured and tortured. 'Cause I'm evil. XD
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28 March 2013 @ 09:45 pm
1) Dean is devoted to Castiel (he could be an angel, a demon, another person/hunter or some other creature) for some reason. Castiel could send him on jobs that have Dean massacring Vampire nests or killing werewolves or anything really. Castiel role with Dean is something like a kind mentor / loving employer - or they could be in a relationship. I am currently craving a fic along these lines. It came from this pic [x] Give me many as you can; it'd be awesome if Sam or John or even Bobby find out about this especially after they'd abandoned (not in Bobby's case) him.
Dean and Castiel could be evil or neutral or good. Anything really.

2) Dean in a drag / as a prostitute / pole dancer / dancer / gymnast / ballerina.

3) Dean's hunting family (Bobby, Sam, John mostly) are surprised that Dean is married to Lisa / Castiel / Gabriel. Or he has kids. OFCs / OMCs are so-so.

4) Dean has amnesia and the other Winchesters and their hunting buddies (heck even supernatural beings) find him living his life.

5) Dean has OCD.

6) Dean ends up on the ceiling.

Destiel is preferred. Debriel is fine. Warn me if it's Wincest please.
Slash is preferred. Gen and straight are fine too.
Self-recs are fine too!

Thanks for the help :)
P.S Hope I got the tags right...
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26 March 2013 @ 05:44 pm
I've just finished reading the fabulous Wolverines, Wendigos and Winchesters by SciFiNutTX and now I'm in the mood for more X-Men crossovers! Can anyone help me out?

Also, any recs for other SPN crossover fics or time travel fics would be greatly appreciated! If dean happens to play an important role in these fics, that would be even better, cos I've got a real soft spot for him!

Does anyone know any good fics where Dean doesn't go and get Sam from Stanford and instead hunts on his own or with someone else? I'd love to read a few fics where Sam or John is amazed by Dean coping on his own or doing really well without them.

Thanks in advance for your help!
16 March 2013 @ 07:47 pm
I'm a total dean girl and in the mood for fics that reflect positively on him. Here are my requests!

1. fics where someone (Bobby,John, Dean, Cas, Outsider) realizes how much Dean really does for others and just acknowledges it if they don't show their appreciation to him directly

2. Dean is shown how much his actions really affect people on a day-to-day basis. Like someone he once saved meets him again and thank him once again. Or maybe he helped out someone who was in a bad place and they meet him again when their really successful and tell him how he changed their life.

3. fics that showcase how amazing dean really is and other people appreciating him for more than his pretty looks or them being almost in awe of him.

4. Fics where Dean was really cool and popular in high school and everyone wanted him or wanted to be his friend and he's totally charming. Destiel fics are accepted.

5. fics that show Dean being a total BAMF and legendary in the hunting community for feats he did while he was on his own. Other hunters appreciating dean's help and liking him and maybe getting angry at how Sam and John underestimate and take advantage of dean

6. fics where other people are protective of dean for some reason. Maybe someone said something cutting about him and hurts his feelings, or someone hits him or something, whatever. As long as someone else blows up on his behalf.
Just finished reading the latest installment to alexjanna91's Adventures in Babysitting (Apple Pie Life) verse, and there was a line there that I thought pointed out a really interesting facet about Dean - that he seems like such an outwardly fun-loving, (gorgeous) and laidback kinda dude, but he's also dangerously competent and highly trained.

So, I kinda wanna read fics where Dean surprises people with just how deep and dangerous and BAMF he can be, especially if its juxtaposed to their perception of him being a joker/geek/softie for kids.

In tandem with that, I'm hankering for fics where Dean has innocuous/adorable/harmless jobs (like being a nanny or a baker or a pre-school teacher) but then he shows that he's also maybe an ex-spy or ex-delta force or something, or maybe a PI on the side. Or it can be the other way around, and he's like an FBI agent who watches over kids during the weekends. Something like that, if there are any.

Also, kidfics kinda fit real well with what I'm looking for. So you guys, I love those too!

Oh! And Destiel is my main OTP, if there are any pairings. No Wincest please. But I will also love any Lisa fics, especially if Ben is in it as well. Also, Charlie and Dean being bros is always welcomed.

Thanks you guys!

This was a fic about the boys as hardened versions of themselves. At one point, Sam gets drunk in a bar and tells a producer a little bit about what happened with Jess, and so their lives are now a TV show. Dean (may have been both of them) are really into watching the show, even though they comment on how pansy-ass the TV show version of them is, and how "pretty" they look (none of the scars, etc the real boys have from living the hunting life). One line mentions how the only time Dean actually ever cried was when he had to give up that car. I'm pretty sure this was gen and took place in the early seasons (definitely before S4 at least).

---Found: Thursday Night by oselle

Gen 1:

Kind of similar, but stories where the boys, the hunting world, has a much harsher tint to it. Where they are basically psychopaths. (Though to clarify I'm not looking for AUs where they're serial killers.) Basically stories like Wolfpack by tabaqui, where they're barely less scarier than monsters. It can focus on any SPN character and any pairing and any season, but you get a million bonus points if it's during the apocalypse and has Destiel. (I wouldn't mind fics that have the angels even harsher than they are on the show.)

Gen 2:

Kind of similar to the gen request above, but Destiel fics where Cas uses sex and whatever else is needed to control Dean during S4. Where he really is as manipulative as some of the things he does suggests. Basically fics from S4 when Cas knew the whole time how the Angels wanted the Seals to break. It can end heart-breaking or with Cas turning away from that anyways because he loves Dean. I'm also good with AU versions of this theme (like non-supernatural worlds where Cas manipulates Dean into doing what his family wants him to do.)

As always, self-recs and gender-swapped are welcomed. Thank you!! 
19 February 2013 @ 11:19 am
Hey there guys, i was really hoping that anyone knew of a few good Supernatural/Doctor who crossovers that deal with Martha and/or Donna. Specifically if you can recommend fics that deal with/ contain:

  • The Year that Never Was/ Dean's Deal (since they coincide)

  • Sam/Martha romance/ bromance

  • Sam and Dean becoming a part of UNIT/ Learning about UNIT and Martha

  • BAMF! Dean and BAMF! Martha being total bros

  • Donna and Bobby being awesome (perhaps in a romantic sense)

  • Jack flirting shamelessly with a flustered Dean

  • Master!Dean (just trust me on this)

Any and/or all would be wonderful.
Please do not include fics that have:

  • Rose as a character (she inspired a lot of mangst, but the less of her the better)

  • Amy and/or Rory

  • preferably, not 11

The doctor does not have to be in the story. Please and thank you for your help!
18 February 2013 @ 02:22 pm
I'm looking for any fic that has Sam or Jared as a loyal soldier/fighter/right hand/assistant/servant/whatever to Dean or Jensen.

Basically, any story that stresses the loyalty and respect Sam/Jared has for Dean/Jensen, where Sam functions as a shield or weapon for Dean or even addresses him with a formal title. I'd also like it if this respect, even though it's clear that Jensen/Dean has a higher status, were mutual so no slave fics, please. Maybe even a story where Jensen/Dean doesn't like how formal the younger man is with him or that he'd do anything for him, but that's not necessary. AU, canon, gen, J2 or Wincest are all fine.

Thanks in advance!
09 February 2013 @ 11:05 pm
I've had the worst couple of days, and my new meds have turned me into a crybaby and I can't settle down at all, even with the Klonopin, so all I can do is stop trying to be productive and *calm down*. To that end I have a couple of requests.

The first is a specific story that I've been looking for since I lost my bookmarks. I believe it was D/C - Cas bought Dean a pair of panties and it really worked for both of them I remember Dean thinking that Cas had gone into a lingerie store and chose them for Dean and the way Cas would do anything to make him happy. It was very hot, with a touch of sweet.

In general I need that touch of sweet. Not saccharine, not sucrose, but sweet, and caring. Hot is good too. I'm happiest with Sam/Dean and Dean/Cas. No permanent disability please (h/c welcome), or mpreg, born-a-girl, transgendered or changed-into-girl or food sex fics, please, and no shapechaing or sentient animals or anything with overtones or undertones of slavery, sexual, biological *or* legal. Just a couple, preferably on a case, exhibiting love and concern for each while still gettin' it on hot-n-heavy and being BAMFs. Being out, rejecting other advances, all good - but an equal partnership, not one taking care of the other with no reciprocity. And there must be sex, of the NC-17 sort. (But I'll try one rated R is you say it's worth it. OPV adored.
It's probably not the easiest request to fill, but I'm hopeful.
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03 February 2013 @ 02:01 pm
I watched a fanvid with evil/gangster Sam and Dean and now I really want to read any j2 fics with gangster or mobster Jensen who wants innocent civilian Jared. Or anything of the sort.
18 January 2013 @ 04:43 pm
Okay so for the past couple of weeks I have been thinking about a couple of stories and I cant seem to find them? I have a feeling they might have been deleted or removed but I figured if anybody you guys would know about them. Here we go...

1. FOUND! It was a sam and dean are rescue swimmers (kinda au). I found it on FanFiction. Dean had always wanted to be a rescue swimmer and they had to go through the process of becoming them in order to help the government track down a ghost (ship?) that was killing people.It was VERY subtle wincest; that was building as the story went on. I know when I left it it was incomplete but it was GINORMOUS. If anybody knows were it is or has a copy I would appreciate it.

2. FOUND!! (AND ADJUSTED) his one has sam going back in time to change the past. I dont remember what he changed exactly but because of it Dean was able to get out of hunting and settle down with Cassie. I think there was a period of time that Sam was dating/sleeping with Ash. Then Dean has a kid and Sam winds up coming back into his life. I dont remember if they were in danger or if it was a conicidence. Sam has feeling for his brother and I believe he is trying to stay away so that dean can have his happy normal life. Something happens to Cassie and Dean leaves with Sam to go back to the Roadhouse, where Sam has been building an army of the psychic kids. Sam and Dean wind up rekindling thier relationship and Sam tries to take care of Deans son. I believe the story is broken up into parts and is also incomplete but I cant find it anywhere so anything would help. The author was really talented and had a lot of other stories that I liked but for some reason I cant find them.

Okay thats it. If anybody knows where to find these stories or a way to contact the author I would really appreciate it. Thanks for the help!!
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Okay, so I have several requests here, and they're all kinda long:
1.  I would really like any fics that depict Dean and Sam coming to the Roadhouse or a hunter gathering and all of the hunters whispering about them and being scared and/or awed by them. I have already read the fic where blind!Dean kills some hunters for shooting him with the Colt by using his angelic-like eyes.
2.  I would love to read some fics where Dean doesn't like Jo at all when he first meets her, where there is no flirting between them, or where he thinks she is playing hunter and ends up being right.
3. Any fics where Dean shows how amazing he is. Maybe he is hunting without Sam, and everyone thinks he's going to fail, but he is awesome at it. Or he might do something that proves he is an amazing big brother to Sam, i.e. taking abuse for Sam when they were kids, being tortured (not in Hell) for Sam, taking care of Sam while they were growing up, ect. Also, fics where Dean is surprisingly good at something that no one thought he's be good at. Oooooh! I would REALLY love a fic where Dean never shows his true self to anybody, but he puts up a front of being a shallow, womanizing jerk... but when his walls come down, he's this really sweet and charming guy that is a soft teddy bear.
4. I'll also take any fics where people definitely notice how good-looking Dean is and comment on it. In one episode, Gwen Campbell commented that Dean "[had] such delicate features for a hunter." I'd love to read a fic where the Campbell's think Dean is just a pretty face and a nice body and he totally proves them wrong. Any story where the Campbell's don't like Dean, and he ends up being a Badass and Sam sticks with him instead of them will make  me happy.
5. I would also like any Stanford-Era fics where Dean either goes with Sam to Stanford and they try to make a life there, or Dean leaves John completely to do his own thing after Sam leaves.
I would really appreciate you guys helping me with these requests. Have a nice day! :)
01 December 2012 @ 09:57 am
We know that the Winchesters are scary, violent men. They seem to have a reputation with the hunter community (Roy and Walt were great examples), and they must have a hell of a reputation with all the monsters they hunt. Maybe monster mommies tell their children to be quiet, clean up their messes and move towns at irregular times or the evil, deadly Winchesters will get them? Monster teenagers dare each other to go and sit in the same diner, monster families (ones that just live peacefully in the community) pack their bags and run when they hear the hunters have come to town.

Are there any fics about the Winchesters from the monsters' point of view? Gen, het, slash, I don't mind, as long as the monsters are scared.
18 November 2012 @ 07:38 pm
Hi, I´m looking for any fics where other characters are frightened by the boys, whether because of their reputation as serial killers, or because they saw them killing creatures which look human. Basically, afraid for their lives. :)

If the fic features any law enforcement officials in it, the better. A great example what I´m trying to describe (hopefully I´m actually getting my point across :) ) is aleo_70´s fanfiction series, crossover with Numb3rs, starting with Unexplained:

Gen or slash, I don´t mind either.

Thanks for your help!
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04 November 2012 @ 01:35 pm
A while back I read a post series AU law enforcement fic. It might've been a crossover, but I'm not sure.

In the fic Dean had turned himself into prison, Sam was gone (presumably dead), and the team of criminal profilers were at their wit's end as they were unable to track down the serial killer they were assigned to catch. The character who interviewed Dean was a woman, and she provided him with crime scene photos and such in an effort to get a new perspective on the case. Dean noticed that there were Latin inscriptions carved into tree trunks that were located at the murder scene, translated them immediately, and informed the woman who the team needed to look for.

It was in two parts, and the ending of the sequel was never finished. Damn good writing, though.

It was on LJ and, last I remember. I haven't been able to locate it.

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01 November 2012 @ 08:56 pm
I wonder if there is any fics out there that are about Dean where he is famous or known for his hunting abilities, other hunters are in awe of him, wanting to hunt with him and they talk about him like he is a legend or something like that. 
It would be awsome if Sam, Castiel or Bobby overhear it. But Dean is kinda oblivius about it.
Please help!!
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28 October 2012 @ 12:16 pm
I'm searching and searching and finding nothing. So please help a desperate Sam-Girl to find a few stories in which Sam Winchester play the major role in saving the world. In most stories it's Dean for some reason and when Destiel is a topic in the fic, Sam can be lucky to have a few sentences. Does anyone know Sam-saves-the-world stories?

I don't mind pairings or the length. Can be the apocalypse, later, earlier in the series or completely something else, I just want to read some fic's in which Sam is giving credit.

So please, can you help me?
I will read everything, but Dean = Michael stories.


P.S I'm not sure about the tags, but I hope they are correct ...
28 October 2012 @ 02:28 am
I'm looking for a story where Castiel finds Dean on or near his Impala sulking, and the angel finds out it's because the Campbells (specifically Christian and Gwen I think), were belittling and putting Dean down at every chance they could. Castiel then realizes that the Campbells are trying to summon him to trap him, but it doesn't work. Castiel confronts them on his own and flings and pins Christian and Gwen to the walls and threatens them for what they did to Dean, which resulted in Christian getting his eyes burned out.
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