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23 January 2011 @ 05:41 pm

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Hello! I’m looking for this fic “Pink Satin Panties Saga” by Ciaran. The first time I read it, was a translation. The translator does not have the original version anymore, but she said it was in Ciaran’s LJ.

I think the original summary was something like this: “Rhonda Hurley did Dean Winchester use her pink satin panties. And it seems that Sam liked.”

The fic is a Weecest but started with Dean and Rhonda Hurley trying to have sex, where she suggests he dressed her pink panties. Dean keep wearing the pink satin panties the whole time and then Sam gets turned on and give him a blowjob in the Impala.

The translation is here:

But I really want to read the original. Can someone help me?
05 July 2014 @ 05:59 pm
I have seen a few good stories that mention Sam and Dean around/avoiding CPS so I wanted to find some more. Give me any stories with CPS being involved from Sam and Dean dodging them to being take in by them and getting away or taken in by them and in a home/fostered out. Any with CPS investigating to filing suit against John or Sam and Dean slipping through the cracks. Maybe they get the boys and split them up, or they get the boys and John, Bobby, Caleb or Jim or even Ellen come get them. Can be a major or minor part of the story. Also any cases where as adults they solve a case involving CPS or the kids in CPS or a CPS worker they ran into as kids. Can be gen or a pairing (don't care who pairs with who). Crossovers are cool too (think Criminal Minds/NCIS/CSI or something with cops) Happy or sad endings, angsty plot, dark plot, heck I'll take fluff too, or holiday stuff.

Any recs or help pointing me in that direction I would be grateful for. Thanks.

Also not sure about tags so I added a few.
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I'm looking for any stories in which wee-Sam or young-teen-Sam sees Dean almost die or injure himself on a hunt (perhaps protecting Sammy), and is suddenly aware of how easily he can lose his big brother. Sam can be terrified at this notion, or angry at Dean for being so reckless, or even guilty for being the one who needed to be saved. Basically anything teen!chesters with lots of brotherly love and protective big!bro Dean. Don't want anything where Dean actually ends up too seriously injured - I want him being the one to offer comfort in the end. Gen only - no slash please.
28 May 2014 @ 09:25 pm
I have three requests i've been looking for for a while, and I thought I'd finally ask here.

1. Any fics where Dean has issues as an adult from his childhood, non-AU. Malnourishment, old injuries that didn't get to heal properly, etc. I read a few amazing fics (by roque_clasique, I think?) where Dean was essentially illiterate, and anything along those lines would also be wonderful. Sam finding out about these would be preferred.

1b. Along these lines, basically any fics with Sam finding out what Dean sacrificed for him as a kid would be great.

2. Fics where Mary Winchester either comes back to life or time-travels forward to canon times, and finds out about the boys childhoods, what they're like as adults, etc. Destiel would be awesome, but completely not necessary.

3. Non-angsty demon!Dean fics. Fluffy, humorous fics revolving around Dean being a demon. post-9x23 is great, but not necessary. Again, I love Destiel, but gen is absolutely great too.

27 May 2014 @ 09:35 pm
I'm here from again from thej2library. We get multiple requests looking for certain fics and I just don't recognize these. If someone can help me out, I'd really appreciate it.

1. fic where J2 have been sleeping with each other and Jared knows that Jensen is in love with him but chooses not to do anything about it. Jared spots Jensen moving on with another actor on set, they've just exchanged handjobs or blowjobs in Jensen's trailer and Jared comes over furious and ends up taking Jensen outside his trailer.

2. There's one I read while back and it's a mpreg!Jared one, and Jensen's in love with his chest and Jared's really self concious about the size of it, and Jensen asks him to wear this sort of bra and he doesn't like it. I can't for the life of me remember though. Any ideas? I think it was on AO3.

3. There's one fic i read a while back and I think it was omega!jensen and his pups were jared and misha and he was like learning to feed them or something? and I think it was set in the bedroom cause they'd come in and woken him up? I think jared and misha were quite young too?
Hi, I'm here from thej2library. We get multiple requests looking for certain fics and I just don't recognize any of these. If someone can help me out, I'd really appreciate it.

1. There's one I read while back and it's a mpreg!Jared one, and Jensen's in love with his chest and Jared's really self concious about the size of it, and Jensen asks him to wear this sort of bra and he doesn't like it. I can't for the life of me remember though. Any ideas? I think it was on AO3.

2. I'm looking for a J2 that I read on AO3 where both Jared and Jensen have /slight/ mental disabilities and Jared's dad is an ass who runs some apartments, Jensen moved in out of his parents house because he wanted to try life on his own. They meet, get together and go back to Jen's parents to get away from Jay's dad who tracks them down and tries to burn down Jen's parents house and Jay works in a pet store. -- FOUND

3. There's one fic i read a while back and I think it was omega!jensen and his pups were jared and misha and he was like learning to feed them or something? and I think it was set in the bedroom cause they'd come in and woken him up? I think jared and misha were quite young too?

4. I am looking for a story where Jensen gets turned into a werewolf by a rare alpha wolf and scared finds and talks to the head of mythology at the local university. Jensen is alone because of family problems or deaths anyway the professor (?) gives him a phone number for Jared who is a member of a pack that has it's own town. Jensen is being stalked by the wolf that changed him. I hope that is enough info! -- FOUND
Hi again guys. This time I'm wondering if there are any fics that have Sam as a child or as a teenager and has powers. I don't even care if it has to do with the powers that the YED gave him or not. I just need him to have any powers.

Which leads me to my second request.

Once again with a child or teen Sam are there any fics that show him and his connection to the Yellow Eyed Demon in any way? Seriously, I'll take any versions there are of this concept.

Thanks everyone!
05 May 2014 @ 11:22 pm
Looking for a fic where Sam and Dean were kidnapped by some guy and put in a basement. It wasn't supernatural related he was just a crazy serial killer. He had killed two brothers already.

I know they get discovered because they are banging on the pipes and someone hears.

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I am looking for a fic, from which I remember just one scene, I don't remember if it was a short story or a longer fic, but Jared and Jensen were best childhood friends (Jared was a bit younger), they were trick-or-treating with a group of friends (Danneel among them), other kids were slightly mean to Jared, because his parents were not rich and he was always wearing the same costume for Halloween. Jensen of course potected Jared (even tough he really liked Danneel). Jared suffered an injury (he fell and hurt his leg) and Jensen helped him ( I think he carried him in his arms).
Thanks in advance!
Hi all,

I read this story a number of years ago, and it's stuck with me, but I have no memory of the author or name. Basically, it's a story told  post-Swan Song, with flashbacks to Sam and Dean's childhood. Dean is missing Sam in the present, and takes on a past hunt from his childhood. In that hunt, set somewhere in the mountains (I think), people keep encountering something dreadful.  It's linked to the present, and to Sam's fall into Hell.

Hopefully that gives enough detail that anyone else who knows and loves this story can link me to it!
26 March 2014 @ 07:09 pm
Hi, I'm looking for a fic I believe I seen it once on There both young kids, and Sam had only just realized that Dean wasn't eating much so that the food would stretch. So he stops eating and hides that by making his own lunches for school and what not. Then he ends up passing out from not eating. If someone could please link me the fiction again or something like it, I would be ever so grateful. So in short that specific fic if anyone knows it or anything where Dean gave something up (like food, cloths, ect.) and Sam found out and went and did the same secretly to help Dean out. Dean can find out about it or not. I just really want some fiction where Sam is the one giving something up to help protect Dean in some way as a child. Thank you to everyone who helps with this!

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I'm looking for three stories. Maybe you guys can help me...

1) The first story is Wincest. Sam and Dean live in the Men of Letters bunker. Dean has a beard. Sam wants him to shave it off, because he looks like John and it's just weird when they are in bed together.
Edit: FOUND! Links in comments

Becaus of possible triggers I put the next two requests under a cut:
Read more...Collapse )

Any ideas where I can find these stories?
Sorry for the mistakes, English ist not my first language ;)

Thanks in advance!

Edit: All three stories found in record time!!! Thank you so much!

15 February 2014 @ 01:40 pm
1. I love established relationship fics, specifically fics where Dean and Cas find themselves doing really mundane/normal things. This time around I really want some fics about them fighting, bickering, or annoying each other. It'd be cool to see them in a hunting situation but I also love AUs. It'd be even better if Sam or any of the other side characters are just completely done with their shit. (No Sabriel or Wincest please)

2. I would love a fic about little Dean getting to act like a normal kid or teenager. I would prefer him as a little kid but I'm fine with him being older. I would really like seeing him either getting excited over something like a toy/movie/play date, him getting scared and wanting his daddy, or (most preferred) him throwing a tantrum. I'm also totally cool with deaged!Dean.
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14 February 2014 @ 12:55 pm
Hi! I hope you can help me with this :)

I am lokking for fics where:

1. Dean does not follow John unconditionaly, takes Sam's side in aguments and so on.

2. Dean grows up being different, where he has powers, is highly intelligent or maybe not human.

3. Sam realize how much Dean does for him.

4. Dean does not come and get Sam in the pilot, either John does or Dean only comes much later.

5. There is a much bigger age difference between the two broters.

6. Dean is the youngest brother

I am also looking for a specific fic. It is a crossover, Dean is very young (i think deaged?), and Sam is an adult. Dean gets kidnapped, beats the kidnapper and sends Sam a text, and Sam and the police comes pick them up.

I am sorry for any spelling mistakes, and thank in advance!
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31 January 2014 @ 05:59 pm
I am looking for two types of stories, both inspired by elements of stories I have just read.

1) I am looking for stories where Dean and Sam are well known in a town. Like they spent enough time with Bobby or Pastor Jim as kids that the townspeople recognize and know them. (Inspired by Dee's Daddy by 1Pagen3)

2) Stories where Dean and/or Sam were raised by Bobby, Pastor Jim, or both together. (Inspired by Relative Gold by Dayspring)

Any pairing welcome. Please no genderbender or crossdressing.
19 January 2014 @ 05:35 pm
Hey there. I'm looking for any story that has Sam and Dean being raised by Bobby for whatever reason. Maybe John died, or abandoned them, what have you. Any pairings okay. 
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15 January 2014 @ 01:06 am
Hiya everyone! I'm looking for a fic I read a looonnng time ago when I first discovered Supernatural and fanfiction, I can't find it ANYWHERE! Anyway Sam and Dean were mutants and they went to Xavier's school and it had wincest in it. I'm pretty sure Sam was telekinetic and or telepathic and Dean was some kind of feral/animal mutant. Thats basically all I can remember for now, they might have been evil or dark, I'm not sure, it could have been either that or they were protecting each other, I think they were possessive of each other also. Leave a comment if you need any more details, I may remember more later. PLZ AND THX!
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05 January 2014 @ 09:19 pm
I found a good J2 fic then my computer crashed and now I can't find it was hoping some one out there could help me. I don't remember much as I had just started it. It was a WIP and J2 that was an AU take on a Criminal Minds episode called bloodline. Jared and his family move around like gypsies. Jared is now of age to find a mate/partner. He sees Jensen and picks him, so Jared and his dad kidnap Jensen. They take him on the road and keep him in the closet of their RV. Jared will take care of Jensen and gain his trust so Jensen will stay with him. That is as far as I got. I remember Jensen seemed to be unafraid and Jared's parents were proud that Jared had picked well. I think it was a kink meme but am not sure, it was on livejournal.

If anyone knows this fic any help would be wonderful.
Thank you.

p.s. I hope I got all the tags right.
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27 December 2013 @ 01:40 am
Hi all!

I am looking for stories where Sam's safety is somehow threatened, which causes Dean to absolutely lose his mind with anger. Like... Dean goes f***ing feral with big-brother rage, but then quickly transitions to gentle/comforting when dealing with hurt!Sam. The boys can be any age, but I particularly love stories that are set during their teenage years (Sam= 12-14, Dean= 16-18). Abusive!John stories are OK too. Please Gen only; no slash.

Thank you!
17 November 2013 @ 01:08 am
Hello guys,
I've read a fic a few months ago and I can't find it anywhere.
It was a Wincestiel AU in which Sam and Dean spent their summers at Bobby's and Cas lived next to them (I think Sam and Dean eventually really moved there). They had a tree house where they spent a lot of time. Sam and Dean had been fooling around for a while and then they let Cas join too. I think Sam and Dean wanted to go slow but things didn't go as planned and Dean inadvertently took Sam's virginity without either of them really wanting it. Then Sam asked him to keep going not to spoil his first time.
I also remember Cas lived with a violent/abusive family member (an older brother maybe?).

--Found in comments!
10 November 2013 @ 11:20 pm
I'm looking for any pre-series fics in which Dean is a teenager (ie. physically grown up) and Sam is still a child. Any stories where Dean acts big & tough, but has a soft spot for Sam... providing physical protection or comfort such as a parent would provide to their child. Things like hugging him, carrying him, or shielding him from harm. No pairings, please. Gen only.

I'm looking for fic where young Dean takes care of baby or toddler!Sam.Sam loves when Dean carries him.Dean is like Sam's daddy.No de-aged fics.
I'm okay with wincest fics as long as the boys are of age when any sexy-times happen.

Search was prompted by this fanart
See hereCollapse )
01 November 2013 @ 01:18 am
I read a fic about two years ago I really liked but didn't bookmark and have now forgotten the name and author of, so hoping to get help finding it again. I believe it was of Here is what I remember (which isn't much)....

It started when Dean and Sam are little and the story progresses to them being adults. I think it was Dean's point of view or Dean centric. The start has Dean handing down the gun John taught him to shoot with to Sam and teaching him, as they grow Dean protects Sam and gives in to the thing he wants which cumulate in wincest. There may have been a driving lesson in there too in which Dean rewards Sam with Kisses. It ends when Sam leaves for college I was sure. It wasn't a long story a few chapters and it was complete.

Any help would be great, and I know I am asking for a long shot. Also any recs to similar stories would be cool too. Thanks so much for all the help.

Hope I got the tag right, so sorry if I didn't.
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24 October 2013 @ 07:22 am
I'm looking for another fic I lost when I lost my bookmarks. I just go along and suddenly remember, hey, there was this fic.... then i start looking. And if I can't find it, I come here, where there are a lot more people with better memories. I hope you can help this time.

I think it's AU, and possibly sam and dean were adopted or raised in a foster family. I'm pretty sure it was just sam and dean, but maybe adam was there too. Or I'm wrong about all of that part. It could have just been the Winchester family living a normal non-supernatural life.

Teenage Dean gets a girl pregnant and winds up raising his son with help from his family. There was one scene where Dean and the toddler (I don't remember the kid's name) go to visit Sam at Stanford and someone snotty woman (maybe related to Jessica?) was really rude to Dean.

It might be a story in a series. I know that's not much to go on. Thanks for any help you can give.

Found in comments.
19 October 2013 @ 01:07 am
I am looking for a certain fic. Sam had somehow got turned into a mermaid. An adorable kid mermaid. An adorable, miniature, kid mermaid. I remember that Sam had a red fin. For Dean, it was like having Sam as an infant again. He loved it. The was even art work posted on Deviant. Please help. Thank you.
I have been looking for a fic for sometime now where Jared and Jensen were best friends growing up. Jensen fell for Jared and then avoided him for years and refused to have anything to do with the Padaleckis. Fast forward a few years and Josh and Jeff kidnap Jensen up to a cabin for a vacation. Jared lives in a tepee, and Jensen thinks he's married...

I don't remember much else, but if anyone knows what fic this is, I would be ever grateful.

18 August 2013 @ 05:55 pm
I'm looking for any and all fics where Sam or Dean is de-aged and while it is preferable that they don't remember the life of hunting I'll take what I can get. I'd also really like it if the boy who isn't de-aged has to take of the other and I will give you my first born if you can give me any where the obe bot de-aged decides to give the other boy a normal life like school and a house.

Thank you!!!
02 August 2013 @ 08:25 pm
Hi guys! I'm looking for a few different types of fics:

1.) Fics where there is an emphasis on Dean being a guardian towards Sam, whether it be in a legal sense, supernatural sense, brotherly sense, etc.

2.) Fics where Sam thinks Dean is dead, and Dean lets Sam believe it.

3.) (Goes along with #2) Dean follows Sam around after he is believed to be dead, watching over Sam and making sure he doesn't get too injured. It'd be cool if eventually the secret got out that he was actually alive.

4.) Any fics where Dean dies and gets sent back to the past (maybe as an angel or as himself) to either raise or act as a guardian to his younger self and/or Sam.

5.) This request is kind of long, but are there any fics where Dean decides to leave John's crusade to enlist (in the army, marines, etc.), promising Sammy that he will stay safe and return to get Sam away from a now furious John? One where he seemingly keeps his promise until his entire squadron goes MIA overseas and is then presumed dead. (Maybe some from Sam's POV about hearing the news and his reactions and grief) And Dean, however, is not dean and instead spends years fighting to lead his remaining comrades home.

I prefer longer fics, but any fic length is good. I'd prefer gen., but some slash is okay as long as the story is good! Thanks guys!
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Hi there!!

I've been searching erverywhere for this one specific fic but it seems that i can't find it.
The story goes like this. Jensen was very young when he went with his parents to chose his angel. he chose Jared because he only had one wing and Jensen felt sorry for him and he was scared that nobody would pic jared because he wasn't perfect like all the other angels.
From what i remember is that Jared falls in love with Jensen but he is sure that jensen doesn't return his love ( and I thinsk he walks in on jensen making out with a girl or he finds out that jensenw went on a date or smoething similar) because he has only one wing so he tries to cut off his wing and ends up in the hospital
I think Jared's mood shows but only to his mother because he glows different kinds of colours.
I could be mixing up two different fics but i would be very glad if you guys could help me find them!!

Thanks very much in advance
18 July 2013 @ 01:12 am
Feels bad for not including this in my last post, which you guys rocked at helping. Looking for 1 supernatural fic and 1 prf fic. I have looked through all the tags and used my google fu to no avail. So here is what I remember and I hope someone knows what I am looking for. Thank you for taking the time to help or read this post, you guys rock.

1. A Supernatural slash (I am sure it was in that is a few years old. Started out with Sam and Dean as kids, (I think it was Deans POV). Dean remembers how he watched over Sam and gave him everything he could over the years (one particular scene was how Sam got a hand gun that used to be Dean's and was very proud to shoot it like dean, Dean gave him hand me downs too?). When they grow up Sam has feelings for Dean which he tries to put off. Eventually Dean gives in and they have a relationship. I think it ended when Sam went to college. That's what I remember, not much but I hope it helps.

2. RPF slash fic. There are lots of superhero themed fics out there I lost this one somehow. Jensen comes from a family of superheros and hates it. He has the power to grow/talk to plants, his brother was really fast? could fly? and hid working for the circus? Jensen meets Jared who likes superheros, then Jensen gets saved (bank robbery/falling building) by a superhero who he may like and comes to think it's Jared. A supervillian is after Jensen's superhero crush when Jensen confront Jared and finds out Jared is the superheros handler. They run to a park chased by supervillian and Jensen saves the day by growing the plants/trees and defeating the supervillian.

Hope all my tags are right and someone can help find these.
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Hi all,
I'm looking for fics where Dean is raised by someone other than John or Bobby, namely Leroy Jethro Gibbs from NCIS or Jack O'Neill from Stargate SG1 or Cas. I"m not sure if any such crossovers exist, but any fics with Dean being raised by either Jack or Gibbs would be amazing : )
Also, any fics where Dean is raised solely by Cas somehow(deaging, time travel?) would be great. I read one fic like this once, but lost it a long time ago. It had Cas, as Jimmy Novak, finding Dean and Sam in a hotel room and raising them.
Sam is always welcome : )
Thanks guys : )
02 July 2013 @ 06:18 pm
Hello! Are there any J2 AUs where Jared and Jensen maybe work on a show or a movie as child actors? Or maybe they are famous for music or something as children? I'm curious to see if any fics have dealt with the pressures of growing up famous for one or both of the Js. It can be gen, het, slash, and have any warnings. I don't mind really dark fics and I don't mind really schmoopy fics!

I was just thinking about how crazy and difficult it is for famous kids like the Culkins or Lindsey Lohan or Justin Beiber to grow up normal and was wondering if there were any fics exploring that phenomena.

22 June 2013 @ 12:34 am
I mainly have general request for anything you guys can throw at me.
Any fics can be gen, Destiel, or anything!, please just no Winest or J2

1) girl!Dean Fics! I have exhausted the search on and AO3 and can be born-as-a-girl or changed into one, but I would like them to be where Dean stays a girl in the long run. I would really like this to be Destiel.

1.5) Dean(na) has a kid with Cas or Gabriel would be awesome!

2) wee/teen!chesters I will bake you cookies if you throw me a fic that has John and maybe Sam realizing just how much Dean does after he is hurt. Please no death!fics, I'm a sucker for a happy ending.

3) Any fic where Dean is raised by Bobby for whatever reason, Sam can also be raised by him. Also if Dean is somehow disabled in some of these, but is still able to hunt would be amazing!

4) Any Destiel fics dealing with the fallout of season 8.

5) powers!Dean where he is also the younger brother would be amazing!

6) Gabriel, I love his snarky butt and love pairing him with Dean. (1) can also be Dean/Gabriel.

Thanks! I have a great need for fics right now! Also any fics can be mixed and matched! Self-recs are accepted! Also would be appreciated if Bobby were in the fics! (He is my spirit creature)
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I'm looking for a fic I read a couple years ago where both Dean and Sam disappeared when Sam was a baby. John and Mary took up hunting. Years later, John hires Dean to be bait for a harpy or something? Also, there was a curse preventing Dean and Sam from sharing their real name -- whenever they did, people started dying?
06 June 2013 @ 11:56 pm
Hi all,
I'm looking for two different fics where Dean(and Sam in one case) are raised by someone other than John.
In one fic, Dean was being raised by his maternal grandparents, Samuel and Deanna Campbell-I think John kept Sam for whatever reason, and there's a scene where a young Dean doesn't want to see John, or go with him or something.
In the other fic, John leaves Dean and Sam in a motel room one day, and they are found by a young Jimmy Novak, who is actually Castiel using Jimmy as a host earlier than in canon, and Cas raises them. I think both these fics were over on
On another note, any fics where Dean and/or Sam are raised by their grandparents-Samuel or Henry, or by Cas, for whatever reason, would be amazing : )
Thanks : )
I'm looking for a fic where John uses Sam as bait in a hunt when Sam is quite young, I don't think Sam knew he was the bait, and he was perhaps waiting for John near a swing set. Sam was either actually taken, or came very close to being taken by the monster.
Dean gets very upset when he realises what John has done.
I'm sorry for how vague the details are, but the swings and the bait stood out in my memory, it was either part of a gen pre-series fic, or a flashback in a wincest fic
Hi all!

I'm looking for any & all stories where:

1) Dean is around 15-19 years old, making him much bigger and stronger than Sam, who would still be quite small during this time period - before he hit his growth spurt. Basically any fics where Dean is physically an adult and Sam is physically a child (I'm thinking "After School Special" time-frame). I want Sam to look up to & idolize his older brother (but not to the point of extreme weakness), and Dean to be his usual protective, loving, cheeky, larger-than-life self. Hurt/Comfort is a-okay!

2) The age gap between the brothers is larger than in canon. Similar general themes to above.

3) The "Dean interacts with younger Sam in heaven" scene from episode 5x16 (Dark Side Of The Moon) is expanded upon. I absolutely LOVE this scene (the look of absolute adoration on Dean's face... gah!!! It kills me), but it's such a short scene - they barely get to spend any time together! I want to read more, if any such stories exist. :)

Gen fics only please - no slash.
Thanks guys!!!
17 May 2013 @ 07:47 pm
Hey all,(
I know this a bit of an unusual request, but I'm looking for any fics where Cas raises Dean somehow-either because of de-aging, time travel, au, etc. I vaguely recall one fic I read on once where Cas goes to a motel room in the 80s, and finds Dean and Sam as kids, John has left them, and Cas ends up raising them. I've looked for it for years, without success. Anyone? Really, any fics at all where Cas raises Wee Dean, and/or Sam, would be amazing : )
Thanks a million : )
15 April 2013 @ 10:52 pm
I am looking for any fic in which Dean was born premature and was very weak for the first few years of his life.
also if you can give me any where dean was adopted by john and mary and he didn't know.
11 April 2013 @ 08:42 pm
Hii :)

I'm looking for a J2 fic where one of them is the father of the other. It doesn't matter who is who.

Rating can be PG-13 and over!

The length doesn't matter either, but I sure like long fics :)

Thanks for any help!!!
08 April 2013 @ 09:42 pm
My computer crashed and I’m searching for the following fics that I lost the links to! Hope someone remembers them! Thank you!

1- Jared is shy and watches Jensen swimming from a distance. Jared lives Jensen gifts like coffee and cookies.

2- Wee!chester story. Dean does not like newborn Sam. He tries to get John and Mary to take him back to the hospital. Dean finally starts to love Sammy after he saves Sammy’s life when the baby stops breathing. I remember a part in the end with Dean trying to move Sammy’s baby crib into Dean’s own room. It was too heavy for him to move so Dean climbs into the crib with Sammy instead.

3- Jared is in a mental hospital. Jared can’t sleep because the bed is made wrong. Jensen works there and takes care of him.

4- Jared and Jensen get stuck in an elevator. Jared has claustrophobia and freaks out. Jensen tries to calm him down. I think it was set at Christmas time and that’s why it takes ages for anyone to rescue them.

5- Wee!chester story. John thinks Dean has been stealing painkillers to sell. John spanks Dean before finding out that Dean really took the pills because someone had hurt him. John feels guilty and looks after Dean. I remember a line where Dean asks his dad who would want to buy some stupid pills?

Thank you again if you can help!
06 April 2013 @ 09:08 pm
Hi, I'm searching for three specific fics, 2 Sam/Dean fics and 1 J2. My descriptions are pretty vague and fuzzy and any help you can give me is very appreciated. This is also my first post to this comm so please let me know if I've done it wrong and I'll fix it.

#1. Sam and Dean AU (pretty sure non-Wincest). Present day Dean is sent to an alternate universe where his mom never died and both his parents have been raising the boys who are teenagers. Unknown to his family, the Dean of the AU has just died (drowned?) and "our" Dean takes his place while he tries to return to his own world. From what I remember AU!Dean was kind of a jerk and Sam is surprised by how nice Dean is being to him and eventually finds out the truth about where the "new" Dean came from. FOUND: There's a Hole in the Fabric of My Reality

#2. Sam and Dean (pretty sure is Wincest). Dean is cursed or under a spell that won't let him stand up for himself. There may have been a university professor involved but what I mainly remember was that the boys were researching in the library and when Sam leaves Dean alone for a few minutes someone tries to molest Dean and he can't stand up for himself. I know, it's vague...but less vague than my next one. :) FOUND: Courage

#3. J2 AU. Jensen is in love with Jared for a long time before Jared realizes it. Once they are on the same page they go on vacation and end up having their first sexy-times up against a window in a cabin/inn in the snowy woods. I realize the chances this will ring any bells are really small so thanks for trying.
27 March 2013 @ 01:35 pm
Hallo!!! I hope this time I have more luck and someone will know that story. Dean is a teen and Sam,not sure, a kid. But Dean rented another room for his brother and he was having a party in the other one. I remember he fed Sam with oreos and junk food to keep him quiet. John came home (motel) and Sam felt sick, Dean got punished..Anyway is a spanking fic. I am not sure if a pool was involved or I am mixing with another story. If anybody has any kind of idea, please....please halp me!
11 February 2013 @ 12:24 am
I'm looking for a story that has Dean and Sam coming back as adults to an area they had lived in for a while as kids. When they were kids and John would leave them alone for periods of time they'd get short on cash and there was a guy waiting around for the time when Dean would be desperate enough to turn tricks. Also, it's near woods. There is something going in the woods. Sam hits it off with a vegan chick in the woods or near the woods or something. I seriously remember nothing else other than that it was good. I think there was logging, in it.

20 January 2013 @ 07:46 pm
Because you're all awesome I'm pretty certain you can help me locate these two stories (I been looking through tags for days!).

1. This story is relatively short and it's a J2 story where Jensen's always hangs out with Jared and one of their friends mentions to Jensen to bring his boyfriend Jared; Jensen protests that they're not dating but after thinking about the matter, comes to the conclusion that apparently they are dating. What I remember is that Jared is a little disappointed and makes a comment that maybe he (Jared) was moving too fast

2. Crackish fic. This was a collection of stories (maybe 2?)..1st story in this was that John worked at a nursing home where all the female residents were hitting on him, Sam and Dean generally wandered around the place pretending to be the grandchildren of multiple residents. Both boys really hung around one resident in particular (because she didn't move much). Later the reader finds out that she was the zombie John was unsuccessfully hunting 2nd story in this dealt wit John working at a convenience story and a bunch of potheads keep calling him Joan (the previous cashier's name); they called Sam 'Little Dude'; John made the kids he caught shoplifting sweep and mop the floor because the owner didn't pay him enough to do it; also John punched out a guy for thinking an underage Dean was a child prostitue.

So any help you can give would be extremely appreciated.
04 January 2013 @ 10:05 am
Hi all,
Can anyone please rec a fic where as kids, a physically larger Dean picked on Sam for being smaller (not actual bullying but friendly teasing)? I'm picturing kid!Dean giving kid!Sammy noogies and just being an older bratty (but still protective and loving) brother, and wee!Sammy being annoyed at being smaller and easily pushed around.

Annd then little Sammy grows up (and grows and grows) and dishes out revenge (be it sexy times or simply returning the noogies).

Can range from sweet platonic teenchesters to wincest with toppy!Sam topping the hell out of Dean (and getting off on how much bigger he is than Dean now). I also welcome a similar plotline with J2! Maybe Jen and Jared grew up together as kids and then *bam*, Jared gets a major growth spurt! (If applicable, would prefer bottom!dean/jen since that kind of goes with the whole idea).

Thanks in advance! <3
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27 December 2012 @ 05:28 pm
Hey I am looking for a specific Dean/Cas fic that starts when Sam and Dean are kids. Cas ends up hurt and John finds him and takes him in. At first John is disturbed by Cas because he doesn't seem like a young child, Cas realizes this and hides his grace from himself essentially becoming a child. John raises him with Dean and Sam to be a hunter. Dean and Cas end up together and John finds out and kicks them out, or at least Cas out. Dean makes the deal same as canon and Cas rescues him again, but I don't remember when he gets his angel memories back.

I don't think its a timetravel fic but I could be wrong

Any help would be appreciated! Thank-you!!