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23 January 2011 @ 05:41 pm

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Frequently Searched For Recs, PDF's/Podfics and others // Deleted/Purged Journals // Deleted stories (authors still active)
Hey guys. I'm looking for 2 fics, and I don't care if it's a self rec, if you wrote it, or if you found it after I post this. Anyway, these are them:

1) John finds Sams Stanford letter and ruins Sams plans for his attendance. Sam, heartbroken, tries to kill himself.

I don't care if Sam dies or not, but Dean has to be devastated and John has to see the error of his ways.

2) Sam thinks that John doesn't love him and runs away, only to be taken in by Gabriel and turned into a Trickster.

John and Dean (and maybe Bobby) have to run into them eventually. Gabe and Sam have to be a couple.
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30 November 2014 @ 11:19 am
Hey! I'm looking for a fic in which John puts an obedience curse on Sam. Sam now has to obey any order from Dean. I remember John and Sam fighting and John told Sam to do push-ups and Sam refused. Dean eventually ordered him to do them. The second part of the fic was Dean comforting Sam afterwards.

It's definitely pre-series and it was gen/pre-slash. Most likely on livejournal and in two parts.

I'm also interested in any other fics involving curses/spells. No slash, please!

Did I create a livejournal just to find this fic? Yes. Yes, I think I did ...

24 November 2014 @ 08:29 pm

I feel like I've read all the good fan fics out there- I need help!

I'm looking for well-written multi-chapter, angsty, hurt!Dean fics with lots of brotherly love (AUs are my favorite- I like plot twists that take me by surprise!)

Please no angels, no destiel and no sexy business :P (doesn't have to be gen, just no sex scenes)

To make it easier for you, here are some specific things I'd like:

  1. Permanent injury

  2. Bullied!Dean, abused!Dean

  3. Weechesters

  4. Pre-series hurt!Dean

  5. Dean hiding injury or abuse

  6. Permanent injury due to torture

  7. PTSD (not hell related tho)

  8. Domestic fics

This is probably a shot in the dark but a long time ago I read a great roleplay fic on a site called "Devil's Gate" or "". It was called "Blood Moon" and it was by two writers, Ithiel Dragon & Cas. The site is gone and I can't find any other place that the story was shared.

It was a Sam/Dean story. Dean gets turned into a werewolf. I remember John was still around so I guess it was pre-series. Sam might have been a teenager.

I just remember several scenes in particular...Sam and Dean trying to be really quiet with John in the next bed. Sam and Dean sneaking away in the Impala...Sam and Dean staying at Bobby's cabin and they were going at it on the top bunk. Dean getting locked in a cell in the basement and Sam going in and they start going at it...I think Bobby hears them that time.

Like I said, this was a roleplay site. The two authors took turns adding to the story. One gave Sam's perspective and the other gave Dean's.

I would love to read it again if I can find it. It's been recc'd here several times over the years to others looking for good werewolf!boys fics...but all those links are dead now.

I am really hoping someone knows where I can read it again.

Thanks guys!

P.S. I googled and looked all through the deleted/purged journals and stories links.
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17 November 2014 @ 06:49 pm
This was definitely on Archive of our Own. Basically, Sam is suicidal, but can't flat out kill himself (duty to his family, maybe?), and instead, while going around checking the salt lines, etc., he prays to god, or a deity or an angel or someone to have a monster come and kill him. Dean overhears him praying, and they get all emotional and comforty and stuff.
Thank you!
I am looking for a specific fic on ao3. It involved Sam being out with this guy, just something simple, nothing serious. The fic starts where the guy is driving Sam back to wherever the Winchesters are staying. When they are parked, either the guy kisses Sam, or something else happens. Sam can kinda see Dean or someone on the front porch, or can kind of sense it (I'm a little hazy on details), but the guy insists on walking Sam up to the front door, where Dean is sitting. Dean kind of a gives a terrifying shovel talk speech that's really more just threatening the guy to stay the hell away from Sam. And Dean also had a gun. Or several. He was just super possessive and protective of Sam. Needless to say, the guy runs away, and then Sam gets kind of pissed off, and I think the fic just kind of ends there. I tagged this as wincest because I feel like I remember seeing that tag for this fic, but Sam and Dean never actually interact in a physically romantic manner. Again, this was definitely on AO3.
Thank you so much!
I am looking for a specific gen pre-series fic, in which Dean is at a new school. The school has a programme organized by a rich woman who teaches the students how to cook and provides meals for hungry or poor students. Dean is given detention at school and is sent to work with her in the kitchen. He gradually learns how to cook and starts to like it. I think it was written during the last season because it explained how Dean learnt to cook so well and how he got the chance to cook in the bunker but I may be wrong about the last part.
I hope comeone can recognise it.
mary-key 84

Found in comments!
01 November 2014 @ 06:19 pm
So i'm looking for a fic and to be honest I remember very little about it.
The boys were kids and I just remember one scene where Dean made Sam dinner (I think it was spigettios?) but Dean hadn't eaten in a long time cuz John hadn't left enough food money for them. I think at one point Dean was staring out the window and started to wonder what the window would taste like or something? Then I think John comes home and realizes that he hadn't left enough money after Dean collapses or something like that.
If someone could find it I would be so greatful!
28 October 2014 @ 04:43 pm
Hi guys,

While perusing past entries over at spn-gen-bigbang I found this summary for a fic in the 2012 bigbang that I'd love to read. However, I can't seem to find it anywhere, and was wondering if:
A) was it actually posted,
B) was it posted but later taken down, or
C) posted but my Google foo has deserted me.

Here is the original summary:

Take My Hand, Rescue Me

Warnings::: Hurt!Sam, Hurt!Dean, Catatonic!Dean, Bad Father!John, Child Abuse - mostly in the form of verbal and neglect, Mentions of 9-yr-old Dean in diapers, Mild Gore, Foul Language, Author's complete suck at summaries.

Summary::: This is an AU Wee!chester fic. It begins when Dean is nine and thus Sammy is five.

With John off on another hunt, something evil attacks Sammy - and Dean - on Dean's watch. It leaves Sam half-dead, and Dean shattered. While Sam heals, John holds a grudge against his eldest and sends an already fragile Dean into a catatonic state.
Nearly eighteen months full of doctors and treatments go by, however the only small changes that come in Dean's condition are through the patient and persistent care of his younger brother.

After putting hunting on hold for close to two years, John goes back to it, this time leaving a seven-year-old Sam in charge of his invalid brother. It doesn't take long for DHS to get called in. Barely managing to get off with a warning, John takes the boys and hits the road with them - where he eventually crosses paths with Bobby Singer.
Bobby's always held his tongue when it came to John's boys, but with the new turn of events - and witnessing the state of the boys first hand - he's not about to let things continue on.

Bobby ends up the enemy of the older Winchester...and the guardian to the two younger ones.

Some scenes in the story that bring up strong visuals for me would include:
~ Dean 9, Sammy 5, putting away groceries.
~ Dean draped over Sammy's bloodied body after the attack.
~ Sammy getting Dean to eat for the first time in the hospital - feeding him chocolate pudding.
~ Sammy taking Dean's hand and leading him everywhere.
~ Bobby looking through the diner window, hasn't seen the boys in years, and horrified to see an eleven-year-old Dean a thin and pale shell of his former self.
~ John saying goodbye to his sons in the diner parking lot, Bobby watching on with a tear in his eye.
~ Bobby holding Sam - the boy hugging him tightly - in the kitchen while running a hand through Dean's hair.
~ Bobby grocery shopping with Dean - Dean in the rear basket of a shopping cart, covered in groceries.
~ Sam, Dean, and Uncle Bobby all having a picnic down by the pond.

This story will eventually be part of a Verse, but can indeed stand on its own.

I'd be most grateful if someone out there could put me out of my misery, because I want to read this in the worst way.

Many thanks and fingers crossed,

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27 October 2014 @ 02:46 pm
OK, so I'm basically looking for some hurt!dean - emotional or physical, I'm not fussy :). Any suggestions welcome, but please NO WINCEST in any form, unless its not explicit in the fic. I'm happy with most pairings, but I would prefer it if they are gen.


#1 Dean hiding a physical injury from Sam & John

#2 Dean feeling depressed about the Hell / Heaven situation (preferably Season 5 onwards)

#3 Stanford Era - Dean feeling abandoned

#4 teen!chesters fic - John leaves Dean too little money / goes for a long time and Dean struggling to cope

#5 teen!Dean gets a boyfriend / develops feelings for a guy and John is a homophobic asshole

Thank you for your help :)

*) Specific/Wincest :

I've this fic I've been going crazy looking for but I can't seem to find it.

The story is about Sam and his life at Stanford, I think he has a half-time job as a waiter. His life is kinda lonely (I don't think he met Jess in that fic)

He still has contact with Dean, they're used to texting each other. One day, Sam realises that he doesn't belong to Palo Alto, he belongs with Dean.

I remember that Sam stole a car, but it broke down and he went on walking on the road and it was raining and suddenly Dean was there and shmoopy kisses ensued and everything was perfect.

*) General/Wincest :

Also, do you know some fics where Jessica is not the lovely girl Sam fell in love with ? Like she's hiding smth or is playing with Sam ? I'd like Wincest but Gen is also fine =D

*) General, J2 :

Is there any non-AU fics where J2 are taking care of their children together ? Like they're divorced from their wife, and have custody for their child(ren) ? Please I don't like Gen! or Danni! bashing unless it's very well done ! ^^
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Does anyone remember a story with Sam pinning after Dean with Dean being oblivious? They where both teen-ish and got short on cash (John took too long on a hunt?). So Dean took Sam to a bar with no warning and heavily made out with him for a paying lady to watch. They were posing as not brothers, with Dean 'seducing' a Sam 'younger' than he really was. Later he said it was way quicker this way than Dean on his own (meaning he was doing prostitution-y things regularly). There was lots of Sam angst cause it was no big deal to Dean when Sam was head over heels for him and pretty inexperienced. Can't recall anything else, was quite a while back.

Thanks in advance!

It's 'For love or money' by Gecko. Link:
21 October 2014 @ 08:59 pm
Hi, I was hoping you guys could help me find a fic. Dean's solo for a while, I think he's either on a short vacation or has a minor injury or something (it's during Stanford era, and John and Sam are mentioned but aren't a major part of the fic). Anyway he's missing Sam and he's reading a book Sam gave him (Kurt Vonnegut I think) when some dude starts hitting on him. It's Dean's first time with a guy and he initially refuses, but ends up spending a few weeks with the guy. I think he's a teacher or something, and there are some really sweet scenes where he's reading to Dean in bed. That's all I really remember. I think that later he goes back to that town with Sam and says hi to the guy or something and it's bittersweet. It's bottom Dean. I'm really craving this fic and I can't find it anywhere! It's driving me crazy. Please help!
Set pre-series, Sam works hard to clean the tub/bathroom in their newest dwelling. He gets sick to the point of needing a hospital. I think it was on
19 October 2014 @ 09:40 pm
Hi, I was wondering if there are any fics where Dean goes to college instead of Sam, leaving him with John. I don't care what happens next, I just need some fics with Dean leaving Sammy.
Thanks, love ya all
11 October 2014 @ 02:36 pm
Kinda vague, but I'm looking for stories where, either has younger boys/teenagers, Sam and Dean (maybe even John) realize that Sam is better with knives than guns.  More specifically, how Dean and/or John react to Sam being better at something than Dean.

I often read stories about how Dean is so much better at hunting and all the skills that come along with it, and I thought that, hopefully, there might be some stories that go the other way.

Gen or Sam/Dean is fine.
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I'm pretty sure this was an abandoned WIP but its an AU, I think pre-series or Stanford!era (or at least Sam is at Stanford), and Dean is called out to help some hunters with a case. It takes place in the desert and Dean is called because he knows Enochian really well. There's like rings around something, and each ring has Enochian guarding it. At one point Dean manages to get through a ring but it brings up (bad) memories; other hunters take bets on who can go farthest (whose the toughest); one of the hunters was Gordon. Anyway as they get closer to the center Dean starts to remember this guy Castiel, whose the love of his life. At some point they get through the rings and Zachariah was the one keeping him trapped (in a cave or below ground?) I remember the place floods but Dean and Cas get out and they end up in the hospital. When Dean wakes up - I think he has the burn on his shoulder and is extremely tired but is otherwise ok - he pushes to get to Cas's room and an OMC hunter tells the doctors to let him.

Other random parts I remember: there was another hunter about Dean's age who Dean used to have a crush on but he's married, and one scene (chapter?) is from his POV thinking about this and that he cares a lot about Dean. (Who I think was called - or he called Dean - Slick or Ace or Lucky.) During the story we find out Dean is in charge of making fake IDs for hunters (this OMC could have been better at it if he had more patience.) (I think he also had an extra insurance card that Cas uses?) I also remember - there may have been two hospital stays - but the OMC is calling all these hunters out (Bobby, Rufus, Jo, Ellen, OCs, etc) to help him rescue Cas and Dean - with his low self-esteem - expresses surprise and the OMC is like "duh, of course, if you love Cas we want to help." (Dean may have tried to call Sam for help and didn't get an answer right before this.) OMC was also worried about this Cas guy being good enough for Dean.

Not 100% sure but I think it was on A03.

Thank you so much for any help!


Found -- You are all that I adore by jenny_wren

I'm looking for a specific fic I read in the last year on Ao3 or I think. John winchester goes on a hunt, takes the car. I think the boys run low on money and decide to live in a shack. Sam is in elementary/junior high, wants to join soccer. A monster is around their shack and they decide to fight it (maybe a wendigo?). Dean gets injured badly and Bobby shows up at the last minute to help. I think it was about 10 chapters, gen, like a pre-series case fic. Thanks!!!
Hi :)

I´m have one general request and one specific. No wincest if you don't have to, please, but if it is, please mention it so that I´m prepared :)

1) Any story where either the CPS, suspicious neighbors, teachers or friends (I would love to read a story where someone at their new school...) suspect that Sam and Dean are being abused or neglected - either because of something they say or something they don´t, or bruises or where they live, or after meeting John. Either stories from an Outsider POV or from the Winchesters.
+ If there is a story from the Stanford!era where Jess suspects abuse I would love to read that too.
Preferably gen and no wincest (but if the story is good enough - I can read that too.)

2) This is a story I´ve been looking for for quite some time and I can´t find it. I think Sam just got accepted to Stanford - and he fights with John and runs off. John sends Dean after him with money (after they discover that Sam doesn´t have any), but he is already gone. Sam hitches a ride with a truck driver - and after a while ends up with this family who has a ghost in the barn (their dead son I think...)

3) Any really, really good fic that you feel falls within the range of these requests :)

Thank you! :)
11 September 2014 @ 10:49 pm
I'm looking for a specific pre-series fic - in it the boys are hunting with John during a really bad storm. They are going up against a warlock or wizard who has his lackeys armed with guns. The Winchesters are able to escape, and in the car Sam tries to get John and Dean's attention, but they tell him to wait while they try to get away from the warlock's lakeys in a car chase. They get away by blowing up a bridge. It turns out Sam got shot in the abdomen, and since they have to hole up in a safehouse to ride out the storm they don't have access to a hospital. John does his best to treat the wound, but infection sets in. As the night progresses Sam's condition starts to deteriorate and John has to make a desperate call to the Warlock he was fighting earlier to save his son. The Warlock promises to help Sam if the older Winchesters leave him alone with the youngest Winchester. Dean of course refuses to leave. Some sort of dark ritual is performed to save Sam (involving Ruby?) and Dean witnesses it.

It was a really good fic, and for the life of me I can't find it anywhere. I think it was on LiveJournal. 
03 September 2014 @ 01:34 pm
howdy all.

I've read pretty much everything by dodger_winslow and I was hoping y'all could rec me some other authors who write in a similar vein, where they show John as a good, if flawed, man/father and not the beast fanon made him.

Gen or Sam/Dean is preferable but no PapaCest or Destiel or any other pairings.

ETA: Nothing AU where John doesn't hunt or Mary lives or Sam and Dean are raised apart or anything like that, please.

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02 September 2014 @ 04:59 pm
Hey, y'all! So, I have a pretty vague description of this fic I'm looking for.
You know that song, "Hooked on a Feeling" by Blue Swede? Well, in this fic, Dean annoys Sam by chanting "ooga chaka, Sammy chaka."

Yep, that's it. That's all I've got. I'm pretty sure it's preseries & underage, and I know I loved it to death, but that's all I can remember about it. I know it's a long shot, but I really hope somebody can help me find it!

Found! It's "[Untitlted {13}]" by drvsilla.
28 August 2014 @ 12:06 am
Me again =)

Looking for a Sam/Dean story - this was I think a Big Bang fic from a few years ago. In it, they are teenagers (older teens I think?), and there's some kind of a survival thing that John puts them through - Sam has to stay outside in the wilderness for an extended time... That's really all I can remember. Camping, mountains, the great outdoors, and it ends up being Sam/Dean.

Ideas? Much appreciated.
25 August 2014 @ 10:34 pm
Hello there! Does anyone know of any fics where young Sam feels like he is less important or is being left out of John and Dean's lives. Sorry crappy explanation!! Anything like by: herebutnotremembered would be great. Happy ending's only please. Any length is okay, no WIP please, Self recs are awesome. Wasn't sure of the tags sorry!!
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15 August 2014 @ 11:12 am
Hello everyone!

Today I'm looking for two specific stories:

1) The pairing in the first story was Dean/Castiel. Their relationship developed very slow, especially when it came to sex. There was this scene, where they finally wanted to sleep with each other and Dean bought condoms. Sam saw the condoms and came to the conclusion that Dean planned to cheat on Cas. Dean had to tell Sam, that he and Cas were about to sleep together for the very first time. Sam was flabbergasted ;)
FOUND!! Link in comments.

2) Another Dean/Castiel story. The fic was about Dean trying to hide that he is gay troughout his entire life. Sam knew about it all along, but didn't tell Dean. In one scene Teen!Dean was holding hands under the table with another boy. At the end Dean and Cas were together and Sam finally told Dean, that he knew all along and that Dean didn't have to hide anymore.

Any ideas? Thank you so much for your help in advance!

09 August 2014 @ 03:01 am
I'm looking for a specific hot like fire Dean/Jo fic. Here's what I can remember:

  • Pre-series

  • AU where they possibly (??) knew each other growing up

  • Sort of dub-conny

  • Jo POV (not 100% sure on this one)

Dirty details!Collapse )

This is my first time posting to the comm, so I hope everything's right!

I found it completely on accident! It's "The One with Jo in a Skirt" by beckaandzac.
06 August 2014 @ 05:07 pm
I was hoping for something with the teenchesters and Sam feeling like he's "not pure." Maybe he feels like there is something wrong with him or he knows something that John is hiding (with the demon blood and all the jazz.) Self-recs are welcome and I prefer gen but wincest is cool too. Thanks!
01 August 2014 @ 10:05 am
I can only remember a few things about this story. I know that it was preseries, and John had left for a hunt. I think that Sam and Dean got in a fight causing one of them to throw a boot at a wall and disturb or break the salt lines. Sam then left and after a little while a monster was able to get into the room and attack Dean. It ended with Dean needing to be the one to kill it.
Any help would be appreciated!
22 July 2014 @ 09:02 am
I really don't remember much about this story, so I don't know if anyone will be able to help me find it. I think it is around Sanford or pre-Sanford era. And from what I can remember of the story, I think Sam's face was scarred during a fire (cannot remember the how or why of it, sorry). The only thing that I can remember is that he and Dean are on a beach and they make out in front of some girls who were making fun of Sam. And Dean tells him how beautiful he is. I think Sam is ashamed of his face and tries to hide behind a hoodie most of the time. I could have it backwards in who I'm thinking about with the scars. Sorry, that I can't give any more info, but this is all I can think of for now. Any info would be appreciated and thanks in advance.

21 July 2014 @ 11:28 am
The first fic I'm looking for is a Wincest fic. I think it's a comment fic. John found out that Sam is going to Stanford and decides that Sam needs to be brought under control, his control, under his collar. Sam is rather disturbed by this, and Dean is all "Hell no, Sam is mine!" and tells John he knew about Sam leaving and that Sam had Dean's permission to go since Dean was going with him.

The second one was a J2 fic, this one was a longer fic, but my memories are vaguer. They're in some sort of containment center, though Jared's section includes an area outdoors. Jensen ends up in Jared's area because some of the other inmates dumped him there, I think. I know that Jared is feral and someone, the government maybe, is using him as an assassin. Jared latches onto Jensen and everyone is surprised that Jared doesn't kill him. I *think* they have sex, but I'm not sure. Jensen ends up becoming a stabilizing influence on Jared, I think through a mental bond? And then they both end up escaping. That's not quite the end but I don't remember what happens after that. Also, I have read Feral by riyku and while it is a bit similar it is not the fic I'm looking for.
-FOUND! Link is in the comments.

Do either of these fics sound familiar?
15 July 2014 @ 06:43 pm
Hi there, I don't remember a lot, just that it was in the first season. Jess just died and Sam calls Dean, just when Dean appears he does it with Cas. He presents him as his partner and Sam thinks Cas is a little weird but he doesn't know that he's an angel. And thats all I remember. I just want to read it again but I can't find it. Help please.
05 July 2014 @ 05:59 pm
I have seen a few good stories that mention Sam and Dean around/avoiding CPS so I wanted to find some more. Give me any stories with CPS being involved from Sam and Dean dodging them to being take in by them and getting away or taken in by them and in a home/fostered out. Any with CPS investigating to filing suit against John or Sam and Dean slipping through the cracks. Maybe they get the boys and split them up, or they get the boys and John, Bobby, Caleb or Jim or even Ellen come get them. Can be a major or minor part of the story. Also any cases where as adults they solve a case involving CPS or the kids in CPS or a CPS worker they ran into as kids. Can be gen or a pairing (don't care who pairs with who). Crossovers are cool too (think Criminal Minds/NCIS/CSI or something with cops) Happy or sad endings, angsty plot, dark plot, heck I'll take fluff too, or holiday stuff.

Any recs or help pointing me in that direction I would be grateful for. Thanks.

Also not sure about tags so I added a few.
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Just read Real Men Don't Make Cheesecake by apocalypsos and loved it!

Please please please may I have more Dean in HomeEc class.

Authors note said it was written in response to spn_flashback prompt #124 which I frantically failed to locate and a quick google only seemed to turn up AUs with no demons and a non-angel Castiel. Generally I say blech to AUs.

Please any more stories with all the hunting, monsters, trauma of the show's canon intact but just pre-series wherein Dean, for whatever reason, takes HomeEc in High School.

Thanks for any and all.

20 June 2014 @ 06:32 pm
Hey there!

First of all: sorry for my english, I am not a native speaker

I am looking desperately for a specific fic.. gonna freak out if I won´t find it..
I do not remember the author or the title but I know some things from the plot (at least) ;)
The story goes like this:
Dean and John go on a hunt and leave Sam at his uncles (he is the husband of mary´s dead sister) and cousins home. Sam is around 13/14. At first everything is just fine, Sam enjoying the time. But then the creepy older cousin starts doing creppy things and Sam is getting afraid of him. At some point, Sam locks the door so his cousin won´t get near him, but the cousin has an extra key. Sam jumps out of the window, hurts his leg, and runs into a forest. During this accident he was on the phone with Dean (or Dean picked the phone up while Sam was jumping out of the window). So the family gets concerned and they come back home. The uncle and cousins say that Sam ran away (?) but Dean and John do not believe them.
End of the story: The uncle and the cousins are witches (I think) and Sam is perfect for the ritual they want to perform. But Dean and John rescue him before it is too late.

I hope someone knows what I am talking about. Going crazy here :D

Thanks, Annie
(And again: sorry for my english ;) )
I'm looking for any stories in which wee-Sam or young-teen-Sam sees Dean almost die or injure himself on a hunt (perhaps protecting Sammy), and is suddenly aware of how easily he can lose his big brother. Sam can be terrified at this notion, or angry at Dean for being so reckless, or even guilty for being the one who needed to be saved. Basically anything teen!chesters with lots of brotherly love and protective big!bro Dean. Don't want anything where Dean actually ends up too seriously injured - I want him being the one to offer comfort in the end. Gen only - no slash please.
19 June 2014 @ 09:40 am
Hi everyone! I'm looking for a fic that is during the Stanford era where Sam is a total bad ass. I was thinking about him having to protect Jess, or having him avoid questions and all that. I was also hoping to find something where he has to save his friends in some display of badassery, like a hunt that is at Stanford or just some regular douche bag human. Lengthy is always welcome. No Wincest please, you would think it wouldn't happen in Stanford era but it has come up. Hurt!Sam is ALWAYS welcome. So yeah, maybe he gets hurt saving his friends or Jess. Something along those lines. Anything you find will be much appreciated, thanks!
13 June 2014 @ 09:26 pm
     I could have sworn I had this fic saved, but I cannot find it for the life of me. It was pre-series, Sam was clairvoyant or a precog, he had visions. I'm pretty sure he once got a visions of a woman being attacked by a werewolf when he touched a map. Dean was the only thing he didn't get visions from, and Dean got him gloves in an effort to help prevent visions. They hid it from John, but as Sam's powers grew Dean got worried. At one point Sam spaced out during a vision, holding a pan and burned himself. Eventually John finds out and flips, the boys go to Bobby and find out that the reason Sam didn't get visions from Dean is because Dean is his Anchor. Ringing any bells for anyone? I am unsure if it was wincest or gen.

Found by herminekurotowa:
1. I am looking for wincest fics, set in pre-Stanford era (funny how we call that an 'era', huh?) in which Dean tries to come to terms with his attraction for his teenage brother. I prefer something from Dean's POV in which he finds Sam insanely attractive and is falling in love with him. But, he also feels that he is sick and tries to stop feeling that way about his little brother. It doesn't matter if Sam returns Dean's feelings or not (though I would love it if he did. We all like happy endings, after all) I just want to see Dean struggling with his feelings.

2. Any gen or wincest fics in which Sam gets sick or hurt, Dean is partially or fully responsible for that and Dean feels guilty.
I read so many fics that fit the description but back then, I didn't bookmark these fics. Some of the scenarios that I remember are: Dean feeds Sam spoiled chicken and Sam gets sick (though Dean didn't intend for that to happen, he was just angry). Then, one fic in which Sam complains of being sick just before they have to go on a hunt and John thinks Sam is faking it. But, he does leave Dean with Sam and Dean isn't too happy about being left out of a hunt. Later, Sam gets so sick that he is hospitalized and Dean feels guilty. Another fic, which is set in S7, has an alcoholic Dean accidentally shooting Sam when on a hunt and once again, Dean feels guilty (surprise, surprise).
So, rec me any fics that are similar to the scenarios I mentioned. You don't have to find these specific fics for me but, I'm sure they will turn up somewhere in your recs. I'm just looking for fics of the hurt/comfort nature with sick/hurt!Sammy and guilty/protective!Dean.

I do prefer bottom!Sam if there are NC-17 scenes involved. But, right now I am looking for the story and character emotions rather than the smut so, I'll take bottom!Dean too. Just drop me a little warning.

Thanks in advance.

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06 June 2014 @ 02:41 pm
weechester fic. I remember vaguely reading a fic about the boys when they were young.
dean was on his way back to the hotel with groceries when he is hit by a driver. I remember it was winter and Dean had a piece of glass stuck in his side. he got a bad infection and got really sick. that is all a can remember. please help me find it. I think it was on but I am not sure.
27 May 2014 @ 08:08 pm
I feed kinda dumb for not bookmarking this fic that I read a liked and now I need help to find it again. I have looked all over but my mojo doesn't seem to want to help me. Tried looking here too and under tags but not luck. I believe it was on and it's pre-series.

From memory Dean was given a writing assignment in school and actually did it and gets praise for it but John and Sam don't pay attention. Dean is then in an accident (car I believe) right before they have to leave town and they have to stay because he is hurt bad. John is forced to step up and take care of Dean and Sam and finds out all Dean does for them and Sam does too and feel bad about how they ignored him when his story got them money they needed to stay and get Dean well.

Any help finding this would be great and if anyone wants to rec fics were John and/or Sam or someone else like Bobby or whatever find out about how much Dean does for them or feels guilty for ignoring Dean once he is hurt would be great. Any gene, pairing, length, rating.

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23 May 2014 @ 07:30 pm
Hi, guys. I had some hard days, so I really want to read some fics where teen Sammy feels abandoned by his family. I read a lot of this kind of fics on, but please give me anything you can think of. I carving for stories where Sam thinks his family don't want him, like Dean prefers hang out with his friends or John says his Dean is better. I prefere gen stories, but Wincest is ok. Anything, please.
Thanks sooo much
I've been trying to find this story for a long time and it's killing me. I don't remember much, but here's what I think I remember:

I'm pretty sure it was pre-series, but it could have been during the first season. Either way John was alive.

Either Dean finds out John wants to kill Sam because of the demon blood, or Dean finds out John was abusing Sam and he takes Sam and the Impala and they run.

John finds out and chases after them in his truck. They crash the Impala somehow (on purpose) and they both die. I think the very end is from the POV of a cop or someone and he's talking about how one of them crashed through the windshield (although that could have been from another story I read). The cop notes that Johns on the pavement crying, feeling all guilty.

Sorry I don't remember much, but hopefully someone out there can help me out.
17 May 2014 @ 12:27 pm
Hey everyone!

I am looking for pre-series fics where Dean gets badly injured (could be anything- from getting hurt on a hunt to getting hit by a car etc...) and Sam and John are genuinly scared that they are going to lose him.
I would really love for a young Sam to freak out at the possibility of Dean dying and maybe John trying to comfort him.
Bonus points if Dean and Sam had a fight before the accident happened, or Sam having said some cruel things to his brother and now feeling terribly guilty for it.

Please no death!fic or wincest!

Thank youuuu!!
12 May 2014 @ 09:47 am
Hi everyone,

General search request: I was looking for any fic that has to do with a Winchester running into a gang. They live in such seedy places i figure it would have to happen sometime. It could just be a small part in a story where they see a gang near them, they could join a gang or be targeted by one-anything and everything please!!
Id prefer dean centered and pre-series without slash but will take anything you have as long as its good.

My ideal vision for this story is something along the lines of a teen dean gets noticed by some gang leader and dean, being ignored by his family joins because he likes hanging out with someone then they start to get over their heads and sam or john finds out. Just a thought.

Anyway any help is appreciated and thanks in advance.
03 May 2014 @ 10:36 pm
Specific: teen!Sam & Dean started tailing a car that had a kid (or two) in the trunk. I think the kid kicked the tail lights out and stuck their fingers through the gap? I think Sam (or Dean?) got a concussion or something and the police were relying on him to get better so they could question him about the license plate? It was gen, I think. ETA: Found!!

General 1: are there any similar fics where young/teen!S&D (though older!S&D is okay) save the day, basically? Preferably something involving law enforcement/authority figures to whatever extent. Antagonists need not be of the supernatural variety.

General 2: any fics where young/teen!Sam and Dean are just being extraordinarily badass, particularly in comparison to other normal people.

General 3: I'm looking for something like "The Promise" by Gillian Middleton where young/teen!Sam and Dean get kidnapped and have to survive against less-than-promising odds. I've already read that one where John abandons them in the middle of the woods as some kind of survival training thingy.

Fics can be gen or any slash pairing. Thanks in advance!
27 April 2014 @ 10:12 pm

There's this fic I read, decently long, that centered around Raphael after the Fall. What I remember most is Gabriel going to slay this demon, disappearing, and Raphael leading the search/investigation into his death. It paints Raphael in a very sympathetic light, and I believe it was at least meant to be part of a series. It also involves Michael being standoffish, and I think angels having their own personal heavens/ways to shape them; Raphael was going to make a memorial for Gabriel involving a fountain, I think?

Anyone read this one? Thanks!

(There's no Raphael tag.)
26 April 2014 @ 10:08 pm
So I read the story Suspicious Mind by lizzypaul and I was wondering if there are any other fics like it. So basically I'm looking for any fics where people suspect that Sam is abused. Gen would be preferable and maybe have it be pretty lengthy? Maybe the CPS can get involved? So anything like that would be awesome, Thanks!
22 April 2014 @ 06:35 pm
I'm looking for a specific sister fic where Sam and Dean take their sister to the park. Dean tells Sam to watch her for a while while he talks to a girl. Sam gets bored and walks away, after he does his sister gets hurt. Does anyone know this fic? Thanks!
Hi guys! Any help with this would be phenomenal! I saw a post on her a while ago about a specific story the op had read and I have been searching for it ever since! Unfortunately, I haven't been able to locate it, and I can't find the original post either to see if it's been found :( Luckily, I still have the description saved on my computer, it went like this:

" Sam is only 16 years old and meets a 23 year old guy that he falls in love with and he is very insecure since he has zero experience with men. The guy Sam is dating is really trying to push him into having sex with him and I remember him threatening to leave Sam if he doesn't "put out" soon. Dean overhears that conversation and goes all protective-big-brother over Sam and ends up almost dragging/carrying Sam to the Impala and then refuses to let Sam see the guy without him being around. He also makes Sam promise to not sleep with the guy until he is 18. I think the story ends with the guy leaving when Sam won’t have sex with him and Sam seeks comfort from Dean. Somewhere in this story Dean has a sex-talk with Sam since he realized no one had ever had that conversation with Sam."

Please help! Love you all! xoxo