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23 January 2011 @ 05:41 pm

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04 January 2015 @ 01:30 pm
Hello guys!

I'm trying to recall the title of a specific J2 fic and failing spectacularly. In the story, Jared fall upon hard times financially and moves into a big house with roommates Jensen, Danneel, and Misha. Jensen and Danneel are a couple in the story initially but they don't last long. After a while of living in the house, Jared realizes that something is off with Jensen and he finds out that he has multiple personalities - one being very flamboyant that also makes sure everyone knows about his attraction to Jared. There's another personality who's a bit more reserved and shy that I think had feelings for Misha. Danneel breaks up with Jensen after finding out that Jensen's personality was in control and slept with Jared. And I think Jared felt really guilty about it because he felt as though he raped Jensen since he wasn't in the frame of mind to give consent.

If anyone could help me find this awesome story again, I'd appreciate it greatly! :)
01 July 2014 @ 12:12 pm
does anyone know of any fics where one of the boys is knotted by a female alpha? basically a female with a cock and knott and the boys bottom for them. j2 or wincest and any pairing. i do prefer that its just a porn ficlet, dont want a huge long story but whatever is fine. thanks!
17 April 2014 @ 02:11 pm
So I'm trying to find any stories that have one of the boys (was thinking Jared) as a yoga teacher and the other comes an starts taking classes trying to find a girl to date, but ends up hooking up with the yoga teacher. Searched through the tags and didnt see anything regarding a fitness/trainer career. Don't know if anything like this exist. A story line just popped into my head today in yoga.
thanks for your help everyone!
05 November 2013 @ 05:09 pm

I am looking for a specific fic that had Jared pining after Jensen. Jensen in the fic, is dating a girl names Tuesday.

At a party Mike discusses with Jared his feelings toward Jensen because he knows what it feels like because of Tom. Mike ends up asking Jared out. The two start dating and Jensen starts to get jealous.

Thanks for all the help in advance!

16 September 2013 @ 01:58 pm

The story I am looking for is comprised of one-shots I believe that has Jensen breaking up with Jared so he can marry Danneel to have a "normal" life.

Jared is hurt and sadden and I think stops talking to Jensen on & off set except for when they are doing scenes. I think Jensen still invites Jared to be his best man, but Jared never shows up. The fic progresses with the aftermath of the wedding and how Jensen misses Jared.

Thanks in advance for all the help!

I'm looking for a specific fic involving Biker!Jared, who is sort of creepy and dom on shy Jensen.  I think Jensen had a girlfriend or a friend that liked him and they went to some sort of dinner involving her family and that's how J2 met? Jared was instantly attracted and Jensen was shy and sort of terrified yet hot for it?  I think Jared and his gang might have been werewolves as well, or maybe there was just the Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamic.  Jared was very grabby and I think sexy times happened pretty quickly.  Dubcon or noncon occurred if I remember correctly.

Unfortunately I don't remember anything beyond that and I don't seem to have it saved or have been able to find it on google or delicious. If you can tell me the author and title of the story or link it here I would be ever so grateful! It's driving me crazy!
Hi there!!

I've been searching erverywhere for this one specific fic but it seems that i can't find it.
The story goes like this. Jensen was very young when he went with his parents to chose his angel. he chose Jared because he only had one wing and Jensen felt sorry for him and he was scared that nobody would pic jared because he wasn't perfect like all the other angels.
From what i remember is that Jared falls in love with Jensen but he is sure that jensen doesn't return his love ( and I thinsk he walks in on jensen making out with a girl or he finds out that jensenw went on a date or smoething similar) because he has only one wing so he tries to cut off his wing and ends up in the hospital
I think Jared's mood shows but only to his mother because he glows different kinds of colours.
I could be mixing up two different fics but i would be very glad if you guys could help me find them!!

Thanks very much in advance
I've been looking for this story for days, I don't remember alot about it. Just some things. Jensen is engaged I want to say her name is Amy but I could be wrong, his parents are very religious and so are her's I don't think they've had sex. He is looking for a roommate I believe and he finds Jared, I believe Misha is in the story as Jared's co-worker and when Jensen gets married he lets Jared rent his house. I want to say Harley and Sadie are in the story but I can't remember for sure. It's really driving me crazy because I can't find it. Jensen ends up getting married and then one weekend they are at some kinda fourth of July type thing and with Jensen's wife down the hall they fool around giving one another handjobs while she sleeps. Then Jensen and his wife end up divorced and Jensen moves back in with Jared, but while Jensen is married I believe he doesn't see Jared much at all because his wife doesn't want him to. I also believe there's a dinner party that goes horribly wrong for Jensen's birthday and Jared's there. Okay that's all I remember I hope you can find it.
Hi everyone,

I read this story a while ago and cannot remember the name of it and I have searched this community but cannot find it :(

I cannot remember if it was Jared/Jensen or Sam/Dean. I think it was Jared/Jensen. They were both abducted, along with Chad and sent to a sex-slave camp/ring/something. Tom Welling was there, as one of the trainers. Jared and Jensen were kept by 'Mistress' along with a girl named Ghost. Jared is younger than Jensen. Jensen acts very protective of Jared and they eventually start a relationship.

They were all forced to have sexual relations with clients. Eventually the feds are able to free them.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?
Hi guys, it's been a while, and again I NEED YOUR HELP! lOl this time is about a fic that i read a couple of years ago, for what i can remember, the story is set a few years after the end of the show, (I'm not sure) Jensen and Danneel were married and had a daughter, and they were really happy, until Danneel died and Jensen was devastated and didn't know what to do with his life anymore and his poor daughter was missing his mom and though his family tried to help him, he wanted some time to himself and his daughter,or something like that,??? on the other hand Jared, well, Jared followed his acting career, and can't remember if he was successful or not??? but at some point he had decided to run from this life, and goes to texas to try to take some time for himself??? bcuz i don't know but he considers himself as a failure??? so, he returns to the house of his parents and finds out Jensen's misfortune and decides to try to rebuild their friendship and help his friend, but in the course of the story he falls for Jensen and his daughter, who is impressed by his size and kindness, and he decides he doesn't want to return to his former life and didn't want to leave Jensen, but at some point his agent called giving excellent news about a role that could be the big break of his life but Jared is reluctant to return to LA, until Jensen finds out and forces him to consider this opportunity but Jared doesn't want to leave his family not when he just discovered these feelings.

What I want from you is to help me find this fic, Please.....*puppy eyes* and please do not tell me that the author closed his account! and don't want to share his stories with anyone, because at this point I'd settle even with a PDF! lOl and don't send me to this page j2_recs because I've been there and the result was really frustrating :( this is my email levana84@hotmail.com just in case someone has this story and want to share it with me! :)

Found it in comments= Finding Ourselves
22 May 2013 @ 02:53 pm
Hey everyone!

I'd really appreciate it if you’d all help me find a fic. It’s driving me crazy that I can remember most everything about it except the title and where I saw it last! It’s a little kinky though, with possible underage (I can't remember how old Jared is), maybe D/s, and Jensen as Jared’s stepfather. So just in case, I'm going to put it

under a cutCollapse )

Thanks everyone!
18 April 2013 @ 02:14 pm
Hi y'all! I read the first part of a j2 au fic a while back and now can't remember where it was. What I recall about the story:

1) Jared was going to visit his brother in New York

2) Jensen with blue hair, in a kilt, breaking up with his girlfriend at the airport

3) At some point the boys made out in the airplane bathroom

I know it's not much to go on, but this has really been bugging me for a while so any and all help appreciated.
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15 April 2013 @ 03:31 am
Hello everyone,

You all are always so helpful. I was wondering if you might have some more suggestions for me, specifically any fics that deal with the following:

1. Jensen cheating on Chris to be with Jared.

2. Jensen or Jared now dating a female character that the other J used to date (this is how J2 meet) and J2 start to develop feelings for each other.

3. Your all-time favorite first-time Wincest fic (Weecest is fine).

4. J2 D/s theme that is more about the need to have someone else in control rather than straight forward bdsm (a great example is TKO by Vamphile).

5. Internalized homophobia - one of the characters has a really difficult time accepting his attraction to men (bonus if one of the characters is a police officer).

Thank you in advance for any recommendations you may have!
27 March 2013 @ 01:31 pm
Hey, so I had a dream the other night about Jensen Ackles. Probably not that all unusual for anyone in this fandom. LOL. Anyways I went online the next day and tried to find what I was looking for. The only thing I've come across was a story called Dark Secret by sakura_no_mi. Which is pretty great, go read it. Unless you've got some aversion to the dirtybadwrong, guilt ridden agony that is infidelity, also it's NC-17.

Basically, I just want to know if there are anymore Jensen/Genevieve stories out there. Any length/genre/subject matter is fine. I would prefer no WIPs, but will take what I can get. They can be together any way, either behind Jared's back or everyone's moved on and they're being mature about things or Jensen orginally was Gen. It doesn't really matter. However, I don't want Jared/Gen/Jen fic or wifeswap!fic. I just want Genevieve and Jensen to be in a relationship, it doesn't exactly matter if its the healthy kind or not.

If anyone can help point out some recs I've missed, I will be forever thankful!
25 February 2013 @ 04:59 pm

I might get a few details wrong but just bear with me. I remember Jensen and Daneel were about to get married and at Jensen's bachelor party, him and Misha start making out. Things are kinda tense between Misha and Jensen but they eventually get together. I remember this one part where Jensen and Daneel go to Jensen's parents house and Jensen tells his parents about him and Misha. At one point it somehow gets out that Jensen and Misha were seeing eachother and Jensen writes a letter to the public about how him and Misha are dating. Please and thank you!

24 February 2013 @ 03:24 pm
Hi everyone,

Do you happen to know of any fics where one of the J's leaves his wife (or girlfriend, I suppose, depending on when the story was written) to be with the other J, and his wife, though heartbroken, tries to be as understanding and amiable about it as possible?

In the spirit of this post, please no Danneel or Genevieve bashing. I'm an adult.

Top!Jensen preferred. Thanks!
20 January 2013 @ 09:58 am
I'm looking for a specific au where Jensen was going to marry Jared sister but finds out it was just for his money. He leaves her w/o knowing she's pregnant. Years later she gets arrested and Jared gets custody of the twins, and finds out he has cancer but doesn't tell anyone. He decides to take the kids to Jensen so the kids have some where to go when he dies. Jensen doesn't trust him and just wants his kids and for Jared to leave.

That's all I can remember, sorry but if any one could find this or others like this (one of them secretly really sick), it would be greatly appreciated. :)
11 November 2012 @ 01:30 pm
I'm looking for an AU verse told at first through the perspective of Jensen's kids from a previous marriage, which ended because he told his wife he was gay, but then she died and the kids ended up with him. The kids hate Jared at first but that changes; I think Jared ends up famous as an actor. I remember a lot about it except the name and author *facepalm*.
20 August 2012 @ 07:31 pm
Looking for an AU, 2-part J2 story in which they were best friends growing up, and then moved in together during college. Jensen dated Danneel and Jared was out, and accidentally kissed Jensen as they play-wrestled at a party. And of course Jensen has a big gay epiphany. There was much angst with a sweet happy ending. Any ideas?? Driving me nuts today thinking about it!

Edit: FOUND!

I’m looking for any stories that involve Jensen or Jared appearing on TV shows like
The bachelor or the bachelorette any type of situation were they compete to win a date with someone or each other.

Would really like it to be Jensen/Jared pairing but if it’s someone else that’s okay too.

The reason I am asking is I read part of an entry were Jensen is requested to appear on a show to win a date with Jared I think I can’t really remember.

Please help me.
27 March 2012 @ 06:57 pm
Please, can you help me find some stories where Jensen finds love in an original female character? I'm ok with another actress from the show or something, too. Just not any older women. Maybe the actress who played Bela? Hell, even Alona. I don't care. Though I do prefer if it's an original female character. The guys have to still be actors in the show.
Now, I'd love some Jared/OFC, too. As for how long they can be, the longer the better.
1. No slash (I've read a ton of it and I'm trying to broaden my horizons)
2. No character death
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14 February 2012 @ 04:02 pm
Does anyone know if Down the Rabbit Hole and its sequel are available anywhere? I originally read it on Sinful Desire. These stories are about Alcoholic!Jared. The first one is told from Jensen's point of view and the sequel covers the same time period, but is from Jared's point of view.

Spoilers behind cutCollapse )

Hopes this sounds familiar to someone.

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03 February 2012 @ 12:10 am
Looking for a fic, it was GEN where the boys get very close with their new neighbors in Canada. A single mom & his son...The mom was older than the guys and Jensen later starts dating her....Can anyone please help me??????
28 December 2011 @ 12:44 pm
Hi ya'll!

1) Are there any good RPF het pairing stories out there? In the mood for some reason. Will take long or PWP but prefer something R/NC17. Would prefer Jensen or Jared to be the male main character...and I'll even take one of them as alwaysagirl! But I'm not really into genderswap.

2) Any good RPF femslash stories? I just read an amazing Danneel/Genevieve one and would love some more. Again, long or PWP, doesn't matter as long as it's good.

Thank you!
06 December 2011 @ 08:30 pm
Hey, ISO any fics where michael weatherly is not a douchebag, especially to jensen. I've seen a lot of them where he's the main antagonist. I would prefer it to be j2, but I'll take other pairings too. Thanks in advance guys!

(I have aready read bjjones fic guest appearance.) X
05 December 2011 @ 03:10 am
I'm looking for some well-written, longer het and gen fic with Jensen and Jared.  Big bang type length is ideal.  And involved, angsty, hurt/comfort type plot lines.  Is there any out there to be found?  I've read Sincere Friends of Liberty and I really liked it.  I'd love to read more like that.
I'm looking for stories where either Jared or Jensen have a bf/gf or are married when they meet and become friends. And they end up leaving them or getting a divorce so they can be together. They can be either AU or non-AU. Happy ending please!
25 October 2011 @ 02:59 pm
Hello peeps

I'm going to be with no internet for a few days and i'm hoping you guys and gals can help get some fics I can sve and read.

I'm looking for fics where either Sam/Jared Dean/Jensen have to change their lives.
for example :

they are rich and then end up poor or are poor and then become rich.
They live in the city then have to live in the country or the other way around
Have a high end job and then has to do a lower job
or always lived on their own and end up living with loads of people.

Or anything similar where their life just does a 180.

It can be Sam/Dean Jared/Jensen AU ,non AU

They can be in another relationship as long as they end up together.

I do prefer long fics but short ones will be fine

I will take any warnings on fics,non-con,Mpreg etc

I will be Supernaturally grateful for any fic that you can give me.

Thak you for all your help in advice.

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16 October 2011 @ 03:26 am

Hi peeps! So anyway, I was watching this ad yesterday:

and it got me to thinking, are there any stories out there with one of the boys dating the other one's sister? Maybe keeping it a secret for a while, then gets found out, and the reaction etc... Or just anything with the basic premise anyway. I can't seem to find anything out there, surely it's been done at least ONCE??

Thanks guys!! :D 

Also re tags: I know ofc & omc generally refer to original characters, but I thought it could also just refer to other characters, and there aren't ANY tags for Megan or Mackenzie or family members in general or anything, so... If the tagging's wrong, please fix!

24 September 2011 @ 05:52 pm
I'm looking for some fics where some crazed female fan kidnaps either Jared/Jensen or both and has her way with them. As realistic as possible would be good. Like there married and think shes justs nuts but cant help feeling aroused when she touches them hehe XD

Well all I wanted was to be your one and only 
And all I ever got from you was being lonely 
Now that dream is laid to rest 
'Cause you have failed the test 
Hey blame it on your lying, cheating, cold deadbeating, 
Two-timing, double dealing 
Mean mistreating, loving heart 

-- "Blame It On Your Hear" (Patty Loveless)

Me again.  (I may be trying to procrastinate writing the ending to my meanttobe murder mystery by looking for fics to read...)
Anyway, I noticed that J2 Recs is seriously lacking in an "infidelity" or "cheating" category.  

--<...read what this girl wants...>--Collapse )
I haven't been able to find any stories fitting the criteria I'm looking for & I've looked on the community page scowering all the tags & comments. So maybe you can help.

1 - NON AU J2 story where Jared, Jensen, Gen, & Danneel are all involved w/each other as one big, happy couple.
2 - It doesn't matter how they evolved into the foursome & whether there were blood, sweat & tears to get there (as long as they are a happy foursome by the end of the fic)
3 - would prefer it to include Gen/Danneel sex w/ or w/o J2 watching (preferably them stumbling across Gen/Danneel involved in the throes of passion lol That would make my year!)
4 - must include three & foursome sex (J2/Gen, J2/Danneel, Jared/Gen/Danneel, Jensen/Gen/Danneel, J2/Gen/Danneel)
5 - prefer more then just a one shot story...something w/ a few chapters is a bonus!

I think that's it!
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12 June 2011 @ 06:35 pm
Hi again! :)
I'm searching for a J2 fic where the Js have been together for a long time - they even have adopted kids. Anyway, Jensen has (I think) sort of a mid-life crisis and starts cheating on Jared. It's not a one night stand but an actual affair. Jared finds out and throws Jensen out of the house. I believe at the end they got back together, not sure though.
09 June 2011 @ 03:01 pm
 So I've got nothing against Miss Adorable Danneel Harris, but I'm itching for J2 fic where Jensen starts out either dating or married to Danneel and ends up with Jared. Preferrably from jared's POV (not picky about it though), and Danneel is a total bitch to Jared, convinced he's trying to turn Jensen gay, or she just doesn't like him. Any rating (I'm a perv!), self recs are a-ok.
09 June 2011 @ 01:23 pm
 So I'm pretty sure there are plenty SPN stories where Castiel is asexual. There might even be one or two where Dean is due to emotional trauma (The Bright Lights of Disturbia by leonidaslion, anyone?) But I only ever read one real-person story where one of the guys was asexual (it was Jensen, in the brilliant short fic Perfect When We Started by coffeewordangel). Could it really be there's only ONE story where Jensen or Jared or the person they're interested in is asexual? Only one?? Can't be! Please kind people, help me find more! 
06 June 2011 @ 05:30 pm
Hi So I searched long but didnt found the right thing yet. Hope you guys can help me.

So I wanted to read again a real long non Alternate Universe Fiction about Jensen and Jared. Would love if it shows their journey throughout the seasons. I am searching for a longer build up. So friendship first. Maybe Jared slowly pulling Jensen Layers one by one. ^^ Really big bonus points if they both are Bisexual or had realtionships with woman and when they move in together Jared discovers one morning a guy on their kitchentable (Jensen pickup from the night before) and then discovers that his best friend likes guys too. (if you have any fic were this is in please post it too.^^);
They should both get together some way in the story... and it would be awesome when there is described reaction of the public, family, the supernatural set and so on. Maybe even some stuff past Supernatural.

ok Iknow its very specific but I hold my fingers crossed. If you have a fic which is just slightly this please post it too. And there should be humor and schmoop there too. Lots of it. ^^

25 May 2011 @ 08:22 pm
 Hey y'all,

So, I've recently discovered J2 RPS, and I love those stories; however, as I'm sure most of you know, there isn't a lot of het in this fandom.  I am wondering if anyone was aware of RPF where Jensen or Jared get together with an original female character.  I prefer it to be non-au or the guys are still actors on Supernatural (although, can you consider it non-au if they're getting together with an original character?).  I've already read Misconceptions by  kateyes085  and Resurection and Absolution by yasmine32068 .  

As I searched for these types of stories I ran across two that have either been deleted or reposted elsewhere.  The first one is Jared/Shannon, but I have no idea the title or what type of story it is.  The second one is a Jared/OFC story where Jared met the original character in an airport.  I know, very vague!  Sorry!

I'm very open minded and open to suggestions within the RPF/RPS realm, but I would lovelovelove some RPF/OFC/NON-AU stories.  Say that three times fast. ;)

14 January 2011 @ 10:06 pm
"In the Blink of an Eye" is one of my favorite fics. I'm looking for similar fics where one of the boys wakes up after being in a long-term coma. I'm not picky about which one, but I'm a sucker for hurt!jared. Also, I'd prefer fics where the boys were in an established relationship prior to the coma and the healthy one has started to move on. I am a sucker for angst, so the more drama the better.
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01 May 2011 @ 06:51 am
Hi guys, can someone help me please? I'm looking for a fic I don't know the name of it or it's author. All I remember is the boys are in college and roommates and Jared doesn't really like Jensen. Jensen gets on Jared's nerves and also sleeps around alot (I think mainly with girls). Over time, the boys start a relationship (Jared is still leary of fully trusting him though). One day Jared goes out to get food for them and when he comes back, one of the girls that Jensen used to mess around with is half dressed on his lap and trying too undress him or kiss him or both while Jensen is trying to get her to stop and leave. He tells her he is in a committed relationship but she doesn't believe him. Jared comes back while they are at it and I think Jared says something like..."He knew Jensen hadn't changed" and runs out. Jensen goes after him, looking all over campus and asking all Jared's friends until he finds him. In the end, they make up and the fic may end with sex I don't remember.

So can someone direct me to this please or offer up a copy of it if they have it please?
Thanks so much all. 

 *FOUND* by simplybeing and is called Crashed by [info]deathbymutation
I can't remember if I've read this story or imagined it....so, now I need help.

1.  Either Dean dated a girl that was deaf/blind or a girl dated Dean who was deaf/blind.  They were in high school it seems like.  It's been so long since I've read it, the details are fuzzy- so I apologize for lack of specifics.

2.  Or any stories where Dean(or)Sam has a relationship with a blind/deaf/mute woman/girl is welcome too. :)   -Also can be Jensen(or)Jared.  Not picky when it comes to them. hehe.

Prefer Het. No Wincest....unless they are like really really really good. Definitely won't turn it down. lol.

Thanks ya'll! *cheers*
20 January 2011 @ 01:40 pm
Misha's recent "twitter war" with Charlie Sheen reminded me of a fic I read a while back. If I remember correctly, the fic started at a dinner party thrown by Misha and his wife. Jensen/Danneel and Jared/Geneviive are there. Misha and Vicki's "partner" arrives and that leads to a discussion about Vicki's book and life in a threesome. At one point Jared/Genevieve go into one of the guest rooms and "relieve some tension." I want to say that Genevieve convinces Jared to ask Jensen to join them (though I could be confusing this with another story). I don't remember all the details, but the story is eventually J2.

There is a scene where the boys (Jared?) smoke pot so I included that tag.

Does anyone remember this story? I'm pretty sure it was written before the weddings.

FOUND: Link in Comments
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02 March 2011 @ 04:38 pm
I saw a similar search yesterday and it prompted me to look for a fic that I read earlier this year.

Details under cutCollapse )

I searched through the tags and didn't see it. Hope you guys recognize the plot!

FOUND: Link in comments
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27 February 2011 @ 09:38 am

I am trying to find a fic that I read a while back.
Jensen had a kid with his best friend who dies. He and Jared start a relationship, but he is stil grieving.

I particularly remember a scene where it is the anniversary of the woman friend's death (or maybe her birthday?) and Jensen's friends take him out for the day. He is in a dressing room trying on clothes, a little drunk and dancing to Scissor Sisters.

ETA: Found in the first comment!

15 February 2011 @ 12:45 am

Hey everyone! I'm looking for some really hot het fics! I really want to read Jared/OFC, Sam/OFC, Dean/OFC, or Jensen/OFC. Not looking for really long fics, just one shots. PWP! please.

11 January 2011 @ 02:12 pm
So...Ive been searching for these 2 fics for a while now. I distinctly remember that they're all J2.

1) I remember that Jared had black eye, and Jensen admitted hitting him. So Jared ended up leaving and everyone (sandy, Chris, Chad, etc) were blaming Jensen; Telling him to go and fix his mistake etc. Finally in the end, we see that Jensen was right in whatever caused him to hit Jared and Jared was the one needing to apologize. I distinctly recall Jensen never correcting anyone on whose fault it was, though I think he snapped at Chris(or Jeff) for assuming he was the bad guy.

2)All I can remember is J2 in bed together (I think they were not in a relationship) and Jensen in a towel, falls asleep beside Jared. He wakes to the bed shaking and figures out his ass is exposed and Jared's masturbating to it. I vaguely think after that some frottage ensues but no penetration, 'cause for some reason Jared won't do it.

As for the General Search, I want something where j2 is having an affair. One or both could be in a steady relationship with other people, and yet they sleep together and may or may not feel guilty about it. Bonus if one Jay is friends with the other's partner! (i.e. - Misha/Jen & Jen/Jay, Jay + Misha = BFFs).

And I would like something where Jensen is sneaking around with Jared, but Jared is like a family friend, Jen's brother's friend, or even just an authority figure like a professor. J2 only, preferably with bottem!Jensen.
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18 December 2010 @ 04:46 pm
I just had the craziest idea: What if Jensen and Jared meet while they're NOT knowingly gay/bisexual? Meaning not in the closet, but actually very much into girls and believing themselves to be pretty straight and only upon meeting fall in love with each other?

So, I was wondering if somewhere someone of the great writers out there wrote something like that?

I would be thrilled if you could rec me something along those lines.
I'd rather they not be married or parents already, and please, ONLY AU-stories.

I don't mind who tops, don't mind the rating. Don't mind their age (tough it'd be cool if they were under 60), don't care about the length and I don't really mind about the rest of the plot. I'd love a cool plotty, twisty thing, but for this, it's fine if it's just the romance.

I do care about some things, though:
Please no death-fic and I really am quite disturbed if the story is written badly. English is a great language and I don't mind occasionally mistakes, but it'd be really important if the writer has a grasp on the language she/he is writing in.

Oh, of course, self-recs are always welcome!

Thank you SO much
15 December 2010 @ 11:36 pm
Hey! I have always been iffy on RPS/RPF, but I've read a couple that are really good so I was wondering if I could get some recs from you guys.

I'm not picky on the genre or rating. It can hurt/comfort, romantic, comedy, angst, dark, disturbing, cracky, anything. I'm also not picky on pairings. Although I do like Gen (which I don't see enough of) and Jared/Jensen. But any of the actors can be with anyone, boy or girl. I love Misha, so I would love fics that either revolved around Misha or a fic where he has a prominent role.

The only thing I don't really want to read are AUs where they are completely different people. I'd like the Supernatural set to be part of the fic. I try to get into AUs, but can't. They can get into an unlikely situation though, like mpreg, age regression, or genderswitch. I just want them to be in the jobs they have in real life.

Thank you so much!
26 November 2010 @ 11:40 pm
Specific Fic
1: Ok the specific fic I could have sworn I saved but it turns out I didn't :( and I'm not sure the name of it or even the author but I remembered the gist of it. Jensen was a corporate guy that was pretty rich and traveled all over the world. Jared was his faithful assistant that took care of everything for Jensen and traveled with him wherever. They get to a hotel they frequent and I seem to remember Sandy, Danneel and I think even Chad(?) working there and anxious to see Jared because of his Mama's cookies he always brings. Jensen is getting married very soon and Jared can't take it because he's in love with Jensen so he quits. Sandy and such devise a plan to get them back together because there both so oblivious and in the end I remember they do get together. I believe Jensen is either getting married to a dude or a Woman though I'm pretty sure it's the girl. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

General request
2. Does any one have any good futurefics where j2 aren't acting or one is and the other ain't and they haven't talkin for years so and so until they finally get back together after so much angst. You know thew general schmoopy love story of the century. What can I say I'm a sap?

Thanks guys! I appreciate it!

SF:FOUND! Link in comments
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