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23 January 2011 @ 05:41 pm

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Frequently Searched For Recs, PDF's/Podfics and others // Deleted/Purged Journals // Deleted stories (authors still active)
I'm looking for a specific fic I read a while ago on livejournal.

It was preseries and John knew about the demon blood in Sam. There's a little part about Sam being into magic tricks (card tricks etc) at the beginning.
In the fic they are kidnapped by hunters who want revenge for when John accidently got one of their own killed, like he had a choice which hunter's kid to save and he picked the closest one or something.
So the hunters decide to do the same to John. They're holding John, Sam and Dean in a cave and they make John choose which son they will kill. John can't choose and so they do a coin toss to decide.
John picks which son will be 'heads' but the twist is [Spoiler for ending of fic!]that the coin is double heads and so basically John picked Sam to die and Sam knows this (but not Dean). But there's a cave-in before the hunter kills Sam and so he doesn't die.

Does anyone know it? It was a really good fic.

Lots of random stuff:

1. Stories about Mary and John from around the time Dean was born to around the time Sam was born.

2. Pre-series stories from John's POV (or Mary's if it's an AU) about the kids, specifically Dean. I'm looking for fics about more when they were kids than right before the Pilot.

3. I lost the majority of my bookmarks for Sam/Jess/Dean. I've found a lot of them at this point, but I figure this way I'll either find the ones I'm missing or I'll get new ones, so any Sam/Jess/Dean you have. I've gone through the tags here so if you've recced it before I've probably seen it, but feel free to do so again.

4. Any good a/b/o verses? Specifically Cas/Dean but I'm open to any/all pairings. (I've probably come across all the Cas/Dean ones on A03 at this point, but feel free to rec them just in case I missed it.)

5. And I'm looking for any of the following rare!pairs:

Bobby/Rufus/Ellen, Bobby/Rufus, Rufus/Ellen
Sam/Sarah, Sam/Sarah/Jess
Claire/Krissy/Josephine, Krissy/Josephine
Kevin/any of the 2nd generation kids (Lucas, Michael, Ben, Claire, Jesse, Krissy, Josephine, etc), Kevin/Channing
Jo/Anna, Jo/Anna/Ruby
Cas/Ruby - though I'd much rather fics that focus on friendships between them (with, say, Destiel and Sam/Ruby background), I'd be open to ones that are more than friendship

oh and 6. Inception crossovers/fusions?

I'll take any cis-swaps, self-recs, etc.

Thank you so much!!! (And sorry for the long and not really connected list!)
31 July 2013 @ 12:00 am

The story I'm looking for is from John's POV where he and the boys (young teen?Dean) are at a diner when something happens and John ends up shot in the stomach.  Dean commands the help of the waitress, and cauterizes John's wound.

There is a sequel told from the waitress' POV.  It has more details (John keeps drifting in and out) with a surprise twist ending.

I recall reading this on LJ, but I know it's been cross posted to other archives.  I think it may have been written in four parts/chapters.

Any help with this would be wonderful.

Thank you in advance,
*FOUND: Ten Going on Thirteen by dodger_winslow with the sequel Stay.
Thanks for the speedy find!
01 July 2013 @ 05:39 pm
1. With the record-setting heat out west, I'd love to see a fic where the brothers have to deal with the weather while on a hunt. Still dressing in suits, having to put up with crappy, barely functioning hotel AC. The cause does not need to be supernatural in nature.

2. Any 4th of July fics. Pre-series or during.

3. Any stories where they have a case that touches on the history of Lawrence. This August marks the 150th anniversary of Quantrill's raid. Maybe spirits get a little stirred up with planned commemorations?

The Specific. I know I've read it before and I'm not really sure of the title or I'd search by that. Anyway... TNT was showing "In the Beginning" this morning and it reminded me of a fic where through the years, Dean slowly picks up the items and quirks that define him and John sees the hunter that he had met in the past. For some reason, I want to say it was called "Becoming Dean" or something similar.
FOUND: Building Dean Van Halen Thanks to grasshopr_molly

Please, no slash or wincest, thank you!

(I think I have all the necessary tags. If I'm missing anything, let me know!)

I got two specific fic searches.

1. The first is a J2, where something happens to Jared (hits his head maybe?) so he acts like a child. I remember Jensen taking him somewhere they could swim, and Jared's got these kid trunks on that looks obscene on him cos he's an adult. Jared also eats so much ice cream, and is really proud of that, but then he gets sick, and vomits all over the car I think. 

He gets normal again at some point, and they kiss I think.

Ring any bells?

2. Wincest fic where John either suspects or knows, I'm not sure. I only remember two things about it... First thing is that it's from John's POV. And the other is that he suspected about it already when they were children. The scene I remember is under the cut.

Read more...Collapse )

Can anyone help me?
Looking for two fics, any help would be greatly appreciated.

One is where John leaves Dean and Sam with a hunter and he sexually abuses Dean. When Dean calls his dad John misunderstands and tells Dean not to be lazy/weak. When the boys run away to Bobby's because the abuser wanted Sam, John realizes the truth and is guilty. Anyone know it?

The second is an eventual wincest fic, where Dean and Sam are raised apart but somehow know each other via phone calls without knowing they're brothers. Sam is an artist and his art is throughout the chapters, he's also gay and in love with Dean?

I can't for the love of me find either so any help would be awesome!
10 March 2012 @ 07:48 pm
Nothing more specific than that. Just want to know where the Winchesters were. Actually any canon character will do. Thanks!
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19 December 2011 @ 12:42 am
A new story find, if possible!
Im looking for any stories- with Jhon/OC/Dean
Please  no incest -The sotry I have in mind is the OC is in <3 with John & Dean. Or John is in love with the OC,
Souds quite odd, but I rember reading a fic with John/Jo by the author of 'those who favor fire' Shes a good writer so she made it really amazing!
ive looked in the tags but couldnt find any:(
05 December 2011 @ 11:39 pm
Years ago I read a fic where John never answers his phone so he has a lot of phone messages and the fic is him listening to Sam and Dead. I think that they often forgot the phone was recording so they have whole scenes. The final chapter had Sam finding his Dad's phone after he died and starting to listen to the saved messages. There was a line where John was thinking that he had to get his sons version of their childhood one day because a lot of what they were saying confused him. The fic disappeared on and I was wondering if anyone remembered it and has a copy lying around somewhere on their hard drive.

Thanks :)
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Okay. I've been looking for this for weeks, and, god, it was SO easy the first time, but, I cannot not find a damn thing on the new frigging delicious anymore, and, from what I hear, I'm not the only one with that problem, so, here I am, again.....

The first fic I am looking for is a YED!John fic. Didn't there use to be a tag for that on here once, I miss that. Anyway, pre-series, or, should I say, AU. Dean goes with Sam when he goes to Stanford, and, as I remember it, possessed John had found their little house in woods, and, Sam came home, he was a lawyer, (so, this is post stanford) the wincest was faint, not even any kissing, could have easily been called gen in some circles. (all in the eye of the beholder I guess, like some say that Erik and Charles, from the x-myn, wouldn't have been jumping at it like bunnies...... well, thats their opinion. Cough, nuts, your nuts, people!) but, it was implied in the whole 'living together' thing, then, John dies, realizing he hadn't even felt all the numerous protection charms everywhere, and, this had been a trap.

The second is set in a large verse where, John dies when the boys are both young, but, Dean is old enough to take care of Sam. I really remember that there was short fic set in the verse, where, Sam and Dean were on the beach, rubbing lotion on each other, (sigh) and, a girl from Sam's college, crushing on Dean, had said some mean things about Sam, and, Dean gave her the look of death. Her friend reflects that her friend won't getting anywhere with him now. The boys are already sleeping with each other by this point in the game, by the way.

I have been looking for so long, (used to be so much easier on delicious, cries) but, I'm so hoping someone here can help. So, please, please? LonePanther.

EDIT: Found! On the first day! First one By imaginecoolname, so fast, and, noticable mention to one ofthe wonderful slash loving sis(bro)er of My soul, who jumoed in so close it was a photo finish, sandycub! And, second found by, the persen, if I was ever having kids, I now owe it to, reilaroo! Thank You!
18 October 2011 @ 07:58 pm
Tracking down fic lost in the delicious debacle. This one John gets in deep with some demons. In exchange, he promises them dean. John returns to the motel, where a sleeping Dean is handed over to the demons. John sits in a chair and watches as they abuse dean. In the end when they leave John abuses Dean.

I've gone through blindfold, spn_kink meme, and spn_hardcore. Either I'm just not seeing it or it wasn't there. Help would be greatly appreciated.

Ps. Was hoping someone found my previous post? Dean taking in a stray. John making him leave it behind.

ETA: Found
I kept looking and lo and behold I found it.

Number 2. Is still missing though.
02 August 2011 @ 10:27 am
 hey all,

I'm looking for a non explicit, non-con, Dean/OMC, from John POV. John and Dean are in a bar and they separate. Later, John overhears some tough guys talking about a green eyed young man with "soft lips" and John realizes its Dean and runs into the back rooms and find Dean on the floor in one of them. 
The stories in two parts, and in the second part, John goes after the rapists. One of them is named Ted. 
09 May 2011 @ 12:41 pm
Hey you guys! I have a few requests today...

1. Does anyone know if there are any fics in which John comes back from the dead to find his boys in a relationship with each other, Dean/Cas, or Sam/Gabriel???

2. Are there any where John doesn't die and ends up finding out about Dean/Cas and/or Sam/Gabriel?

3. Does anyone know of any RPS with Matt Cohen? I'd take slash with him paired with pretty much anyone...

Please and thank you! (And self recs are great.)

Mods: I know this is the second time I've asked for a tag, and I hate to be a bother, but can we get a "person: Matt Cohen" tag please?
Two fold search: (please include summary and length when reccing fic? The longer the fic the better, Gen or wincest only please. completed fics only please, if execptional WIP please warn.)

1. Fics that emphasize/ details the similarities between Dean and Mary. I can't think of any good examples presently... The longer the better. (This would probably have to be told in John or the Yellow Eyed Demon)

2. Where Bobby has a big presence in a fic, as in helping the boys/ needing help from them. I managed to find an older search looking for the same thing, hopefully there'll be more fics now or more will come to mind. A few examples of what I really enjoyed are below or more here[Notes may contain spoilers for the story]:
Mirrordance's: (I really love all of this person's fics, simply amazing!!! these are completed fics.)
With Blood » reviews Bobby Singer was just a friend to a widower, not minding the occasional babysitting. But his devotion for the Winchester family truly began when he was struck by a terminal illness and saved only by a sacrifice from Dean. Pre-Series.
Open, Shut » reviews A street prophet foresees a deadly disaster and goes to the only people who would believe him: the Winchesters and Bobby Singer. It's an open and shut case except the only solution is -how do you empty a town of four thousand people? Post-Family Remains.

A Foreign Country by relli86
Sammy wants a bike for his birthday and Dean's going to try his hardest to make it happen while trying not to forget "before", even if it hurts.

I Can't Remember (the sound that you found for me) by bellatemple
Dean and Bobby meet when Bobby finds the little munchkin squatting in his junkyard.

Note: if there's a serving of hurt!dean on the side, even better!

Thank you for the help!!

Mods: I couldn't find the tag for gen, please help?
 My first post (I feel giddy !).

I've been looking for on Google, LJ and some communities but I haven't been able to find what I want.
I love Destiel (Dean and Cas in love, sittin' in a tree, K I S S I N G ...), I love John Winchester and I love when people find that Dean and Cas are together.

So could you give me fics that have : Dean and Cas being together and John finding the truth about his son's relationship with an Angel.
(His reaction could be good ... or not !)

Could be AU or not (from John being brought back from Hell to being a normal Dad in a normal world), rated from R to NC 17, WIP or not, self rec, I'm taking everything !

Thanx for your help (and sorry for my english, it's not my mother-tongue)
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20 December 2010 @ 12:06 pm
I'm craving some fics that focus completely on the unbreakable bond between Sam and Dean. OPV is a bonus, Bobby gets you cookies and possibly even a little squee.

I don't mind if the boys are smoochy, dark, angsting, cursed, changed... anything is fine as long as they are *together* in body, mind and soul. Wincest or gen is fine, but nothing where the boys choose another partner or RPS please.

I've read a lot of fic and afaik, all of the 'classics', but please don't hold back just because it might be something I've already read. I can click over those stories or hell, read 'em again ::grin::

The tags reflect the wide general nature of the request --- sorry!


29 November 2010 @ 05:52 pm
 I'm looking for a story where Dean gets molested and John isn't portrayed as a bad father. Something where Dean has, for lack of better word, the 'symptoms' of a sexually abused child. Preferably something where John finds out. I guess something similar to The Lights of Home by maychorian.

P.S. If you haven't read The Lights of Home, I highly recommend it. It's really good.
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22 November 2010 @ 06:52 pm
I'm looking for:

1. Stories with Sam's powers and how John feels about them. That's really vague. about something where Sam has a vision with John there? Or a pre-series fic where John notices Sam having weird abilities like visions or mind reading or moving things with his mind.

2. Pre-series fics where John is really nice to Sam. Again super vague. *smacks unspecific mind* Okay, maybe something where John plays a game with Sam (hide and seek, I spy, tag, etc). Or John reads Sam a bedtime story. Or Sam has a nightmare and John comforts him. Cute parent-child things like that.

I apologize in advance to you nice awesome people out there who are trying to help me. My mind is messed up and for some reason always forget people can't read my mind. Even if they could, it probably wouldn't help much. My mind looks like this: akdfajsdfi;achawenhfjwehu. DECIPHER THE MEANING!!!!

Oh god. I've really cracked haven't I?
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22 September 2010 @ 01:56 am
Ciao to everyone!

Two generic requests for you:

1) Dean/Cas fics that deal with Dean's difficulties in admitting, expecially to himself, that he's in love with Castiel... You know, those fics in which Dean has never questioned his sexuality before and has never had homosexual relationships. In other words, fics in which it "hurts" Dean to admit that he loves Cas. I ADORE angsty fics and I like dramatic ones, so I'd prefer these genres, but if you want to recommend something sweeter or more tender, it's surely welcome! :) ...Also, I would really like if these were long fics, rather than short ones.

2) Fics in which John Winchester finds out that Dean and Cas are in love with each other (preferably time-travelling fics in which John, alive, goes in the future and discovers about them). I know a similar request was asked before (twice!), but the only fic of this kind that I remember reading was one in which John receives a visit from a future Cas, right before making the deal with YED. Maybe there's something more recent out there and maybe someone of you has read it! :)

Thank you very very very much.
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19 August 2010 @ 06:45 pm
I'm hope all you wonderful people can help me out with your favorite stories in the following categories

1. Stories where Sam finds out John and Dean are in a relationship and throws a fit over it. The longer the better, the story doesn't have to be about John and Dean's relationship just include it. I'd also really like it if the boys are still hunter. Set pre-series or after I'm not fussed

2. Your recs for ConsortDean stories.

and lastly

3. Any good stories of Jess and Sam where Jess notice Sam just isn't your typical student. 

I'm only looking for stories not already in the tags here as I've already read them :D

Thanks for your help

P.S I think I've got all the tags if not please add
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19 June 2010 @ 11:06 am
Out of nowhere last night I remember this story I'd read...I'm not sure how long ago. I've been unable to find it, but in my search I found this site, I hope you can help.

I'm looking for a specific fic, set pre-series, but I can't remember what the boys ages are. Best I can say is Sammy was walking and talking.

What I specifically remember is this:

- Story was written from John's POV

- John wants to take the boys to a clinic

- Dean's hiding somewhere in their apartment [I believe John finds him in the stove]

- At the end of the fic, Sammy's eating chocolate cake out of the frig and asks John if he's sick as a dog [or something like that]

- near positive it was a one-shot

I've looked under every tag I thought could be relevant here, but no luck. I've also taken into a count the fact that I might be hallucinating that this story actually existed, it wouldn't be the first time ^_~

Thanks for your help!

ETA: FOUND! Thanks to jaimeykay saved my sanity you did!
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14 June 2010 @ 01:32 am
So I've been driving myself crazy trying to find this wee!cest fic I read a while ago!!

It's from John's POV and it's basically a series of vignettes detaliing the progression of Sam and Dean's codependency on each other. I think I remember the premise being that Sam had always needed to be touched as a kid. He always wanted to hold Dean's hand, would cry if Dean wasn't touching him. Of course, being such a selfless and loving older brother, as per usual, Dean had made every effort to accommodate him. And from then on they just became used to always being around each other, lying on each other, etc. At first John found it okay but then, as they grow older, he begins to find their cuddling sketchier/thinks that they should be growing out of it.

Unfortunately, I don't really remember the resolution of the fic... I don't even remember if John ends up coming to terms with their relationship or even if he ever realises the extent of it. For all I know, he represses everything at the end.

Gahh please help me!
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25 September 2009 @ 06:46 am
I'm looking for stories where John does not take the news that Dean is gay well at all. Denial, or complete homophobia. I'd like Dean/other, Dean/omc, or Dean/Castiel pairings.

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20 April 2009 @ 04:52 pm
Hello again. Wow, I must be so annoying. I posted a while ago about fics I lost and remember a few things about a couple that I'd like to elaborate on and hopefully get those fics back into my possession.

Info behind hereCollapse )

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23 September 2008 @ 09:14 am
Hey everyone! Wondering if any of you know where to find this fic:

It's a oneshot with John POV and it's pre-series. Basically what happens is John talks about how he hopes Sam will be strong enough to stay away and he can't let go of Dean because he needs another hunter. I'm pretty sure there's also instances of them growing up, like Sam not liking a chick Dean wants to date and Dean trying to make Sam happy, that kind of thing. It ends with John driving away and Dean being cold and unemotional in the background right before the first episode starts off.