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23 January 2011 @ 05:41 pm

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I am looking for three different fics!

1) Any fics involving the angels as a family. Must have Castiel and any other angels. I would not mind some shipping as well (particularly Castiel/Lucifer, Castiel/Gabriel but any Castiel/? welcome). Gen is great.

Angel family AUs where the angels are all human are okay too.

2) Fics with Cas whump. Hurt Cas, sick Cas, abused Cas, they are all good! All warnings welcome (including noncon and abuse fics). My only stipulation is that it have a happy ending. Any pairings or gen.

3) Your favorite Castiel/Sam fics.
I'm looking for any fics anyone can recommend in which Sam is, for whatever reason (demon blood addiction, soullessness, anything else) evil or abusive or scary and mean and dark, and mistreats Cas, hurts him or holds him captive or uses him for his own ends, etc. Non-con, slavery, abuse all okay (even recommended ;) lol)

Anything at all along those lines, especially where there's Dean/Cas comfort to go along with it after the Sam/Cas hurt :)

Anyone? :)

Thanks :)
16 April 2013 @ 10:22 pm
Okay, I deleted my bookmarks and found out how sorry I was about it. I lost a couple of stories that are very similar- one i was reading and the other a favorite i wanted to re-read. Please help me if you can, it is very appreciated.

Both stories are centered around Castiel being held captive by Lucifer!Sam and used as a play toy. In one I remember they were bound by Gabriel to make sure Castiel didn't die before they rescued him. In the other Lucifer not only had cas but two others( Bobby, Sam, or Dean not quite sure) in a coma like state. They end up breaking out in the end.
If this sounds close to anything else please also send a link- I would like to cover all my bases.

​Thank You Guys for ALL your help!
01 March 2013 @ 01:36 am
Ok, I feel a little awkward doing this. but I'm not having any luck on my own... so here goes.

Sub/Bottom Castiel only.

1) Gagged Castiel. For any reason.
2) A fic where someone uses sextoys on Cas, fully consensual or dub-con fine.
3) A fic where someone punishes Castiel (ideally I'd love one where he breaks some kind of rule someone has put in place because they don't trust him, or because of the nature of their relationship D/s maybe, and he is punished for it, but whoever is punishing him doesn't reach the "forgiving" stage because they're too angry, are distracted by a hunt, or just assume Cas knows he's forgiven once the punishment is over, only to have to comfort him later when they realise he's been really hurting over it... I think people call it sub drop aftercare or something)
4) A fic where Castiel is an unwilling participant in a D/s relationship, would majorly love some public bondage.

and lastly, a slightly different (but still sorta the same)

5) Any fics where Castiel's wings are restrained. I'm talking actual tethering, maybe special demonic chains that don't let him uncurl his wings. Can be consensual (Maybe Cas does it to show his willingness to submit to them) or non/dub-con.
23 February 2013 @ 05:52 pm
I think it's a prompt from one of the memes but Dean goes to kill Dick Roman for revenge on Bobby but overhears some leviathans and finds Castiel being kept prisoner in the basement. I remember Cas wouldn't go with him at first because the leviathan had been taking on Dean's form and pretending to rescue him before. There was also a point near the end when Cas tries to leave Dean on a bus because he thinks he's useless or Dean hates him or something. I think non-con and destiel were also implied in it.

If you can find this fic from my ramblings I will love you forever because its driving me insane!
Searching for a fic in which Alistair makes Castiel believe that he (Cas) is being abused by Dean. As the fic progresses, Castiel becomes more confused as to what's real and what's happening in his mind. Meanwhile, Dean doesn't understand why Castiel begins to fear him. I believe this may have been a prompt fill for Supernatural Kink Meme (spn_kinkmeme) but it may have been someplace else. Thank you for any help!
20 July 2012 @ 05:11 am
It was a long time ago and i don't remember the title but the pieces i remembered is Dean saving Castiel from something and in his pain, Castiel accidentally revealed that Dean had tortured him when he was in hell. I think Castiel begging Dean that he doesn't have to do that anymore because he was there to save him or something. Ring a bell? Thanks in advance. :)
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16 July 2012 @ 02:29 pm
I've found a new "Cas" kick again! They beginning to A Reason To Fall had me thinking about Cas being in a Hospital with no memory or with and how he would react. Would he call Bobby, Dean, Sam, or would he just get up and go? Then I went on a side trip to him being Kidnapped. Either by bad guys or good guys (as in one of his brothers trying to keep him safe etc.) But Alas! I can't find very many! So I would love your guy's help! If you have any Favs related to this as well please rec those too!

-Cas Kidnapped or in a Hospital
-Him haveing to get help
-I love comfort and hurt to go along with it
-if you have any fatherly!Bobby I would love you!

Thanks to any who can help!

(Mods- I couldn't find a Cas-kidnapped but one for each of the boys. I would love if you could add Cas to the list as well ;) Thanks!)

Edit: Help! I still want more :p I suck I know but I would love more it you guys got them! Thanks!
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28 June 2012 @ 02:06 am
I'm trying to find a Destiel AU fic where Dean and Cas are in high school together and Dean finds out Cas's father is very abusive and Cas ends up self harming and in a mental hospital?

any help would be great!
Hi, three fic searches.

1. Any Misha/Jared Alpha/Omega fics. I'll take anyone being the Alpha/Omega but I dont want any fics where its very BDSM style, I don't like that stuff.

2. Any cute Sam/Cas fics, preferably long/epic but i'll take one-shots and shorter fics. (though no WIP's please!)

3. Any Abused!Castiel fics, whether its emotionally, mentally, physically or sexually. Either Gen, Dean/Cas or Sam/Cas. I'm hoping for some Sam/Cas though because I havent managed to find any yet.

Thanks in advance!
06 March 2012 @ 11:27 am
Basically, it's set right after Death's Door (probably) and Dean is about to walk into Dick Roman's headquarters to try and kill him. This suicidal plan depends on the other leviathans thinking he's just one of them having to look like Dean. On his way to Dick's office, someone mentions to him that there's an angel in the basement that everyone has been using and abusing for the last few months. Dean suspects it's Castiel, abandons his chance to kill Dick and heads down to the basement.

Of course it is Cas, and he thinks it's just another Leviathan come to 'rescue' him - get him up several floors and then reveal it's a fake rescue. Dean proves he's human, eventually gets Cas out and...I don't remember the rest.

So yeah, if anyone knows the fic I'm speaking of, I'd love to see the link.

Also, fairly sure it was Dean/Cas by the end, but it might not've been.

Found in the comments!
03 February 2012 @ 10:10 pm
I read a fic (and I can't remember the author or title) where Cas was in hell being tortured by Lucifer and the floor was really hot and burnt his feet. I can't remember much but I'm pretty sure that eventually he got out and the boys looked after him. I have a feeling that it was Destiel.

If anyone knows which fic this is please help me out!
Thank you

I'm sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place but... I had come across a Fanfic a little while back (but I can't tell you the website - may have been LJ or or somewhere else) that I would love to find again.

It was set in ep: 05x04 the end. and was written from both Past Dean and Future Cas' POV.

The basic story went along the lines that Future Dean had ended up a shell of what he was and had taken everything out on Future Cas, when Past Dean shows up, Future Cas is basically unrecognizable. It was a really dark fic but show cased the bond between Past Dean and Cas

They wrote the fic along side what actually happens in that ep, ref. a lot of quotes from Future Dean/Past Dean/Future Cas and it was wonderfully written. I.. just can't seem to find this fic again. Can any one help at all?
03 January 2012 @ 06:32 pm
Happy New Year, all!

Bit of a different request for you all. I'm looking for any fics where God - the 'real' God, not god!Cas - either directly or indirectly heals/comforts/is revealed to/protects/etc. Cas in some positive way. Please no fics with corporal punishment, God/Cas slash, or in another way angry!God. I'm looking for benevolence and overall warm fluffiness, okay? =) Any length. Self-recs are always welcome. Thanks!
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21 December 2011 @ 04:42 pm
1. I am looking for fics where Castiel has been or is being hurt or bullied by the other angels. Any type of torture (psychological, physical or sexual). I would especially love it if someone(Dean, Sam, etc) finds out and comforts Cas or beats the hell out of his abuser.

This is similar to what I am looking for.

2. Looking for the above request but with Castiel in a human AU (abuser can be anyone).

3. Stories where we find out Anna actually fell for something really bad (evil!Anna) and that is why Cas doesn't like her (bonus for also lining up with #1).
1.) i am looking for fics where cas is loosing the souls and stops being god or the leviathans are leaving him and he is hurt mental and physical and he goes back to the boys and bobby and lives with them(human or angel does not matter) dean is stubborn and avoids him ,hates him and is not able to forgive him and sam and bobby are trying to help cas and set things between cas and dean right. thank u all soooooooo much for trying and helping .

2.) i am a big fan of BABYSITTER-FICS (esp. dean raises his child or brother alone and cas becomes the babysitter and they fall in love. so any fics 4 me????please!!!!!!! and thx

3.) i like any kind of slavefic , wich included dean and cas(give some to me please)

4) i am looking for a special is named,, eternal,, but i forgot the author.dean is running away fron his hunter-father and meets the young angel castiel in the forest.dean has an injured ankle and cas helps him.i can not find this fic.

29 October 2011 @ 10:37 pm
So, the new delicious sucks, yes? I really want to reread this fanfic I found a couple months ago, but I can't find it! The story goes like this:

Castiel goes to Hell to stop the apocalypse. He has a few minutes to say good-bye to Dean and Sam, but the guys are tired from a hunt and Dean won't listen when Cas tries to explain. A few years later, the guys get a call from Missouri about weird stuff going on at a hospital. Turns out it's Cas, rescued from Hell by Crowley. They take Cas back to Bobby's house and let him recover. Cas loses his voice, so everyone learns sign language, and eventually Cas joins Dean and Sam on a hunt.

I hope someone recognises this. Thank you in advance!
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11 October 2011 @ 03:25 pm
Hey guys! I just finished reading A Monster By Any Other Name ( which features a totally and completely broken Sam. I've also read Bait ( which has totally broken Dean.

I'm looking for other fics where one of the boys (Sam, Dean, Jensen, Jared, even Castiel or Misha) has been totally and systematically abused (mental, physical, sexual, anything) and is, basically, now somewhat of a basket case. They're just completely terrified and scared and constantly expecting pain. And I want the other to be desperately trying to make it all better. Basically I was extreme hurt/comfort guys!

Keep in mind I have read a TON of J2. I've read all of leonidasden's fics. NC-17, AU, gen, slash, wincest, its all totally fine. So are self-recs. WIPs I can handle as well. Just give me the most gut wrenching hurt/comfort out there. Thanks in advance!