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FOUND! specific fic: an old outsider pov, post-apocalyptic, hurt!dean

I read this many years ago and can't remeber where the plot really went, but the opening chapter was beautifully written and very moody and told from an outsider POV of something like an old man/farmer stubling upon an injured Dean in some kind of field out in the country in a post-apocalyptic world. I think Dean had some amnesia (or was just concussed), and he and Sam are separated but find each other again. and they have a little walking dead style gang they run around with, I believe, but I can't be totally sure. I just really remeber the originality of that opening scene! I've searched the comm here without any luck. Old timers, help me out!

Found: Lazarus Came Forth by oselle.

LF Sam/Dean tattoo fic

Hi all

I’m looking for an older fic. It was a Big Bang story, Wincest.

The story was set pre-Stanford - I think it was mostly AU.

The general plot was - Sam and Dean were in a relationship, John found out, he made Sam leave and he made it so that Dean forgot all about the relationship he’d had with Sam.

Sam left and met a girl who was a submissive. he ended up getting a tattoo of Dean’s initials on his back.

Dean somehow remembers (it was a spell or something and I think Sam wished for Dean to remember?), and he comes and finds Sam and they resume their relationship. Dean discovers the tattoo when they sleep together again.

Anyone?? Thank you!!


School for Hunters fic

I'm looking for a au fic that has sam and dean as hunters  and they operate a school for to be hunters. Then past dean and sam come through a portal chasing a demon.  They meet this sam and dean and they find out things that have happened and are going to happen.  Then at the tale end there is a fight with a demon? and all the kids in the school are involved.  Can't remember if gen or slash and I believe I read it on lj.

I've tried to post/tag things I rembered as it has been awhile since I read it and forgot to bookmark.

Fics by magser

I am looking for certain fics by magser. I have found some of the fics but I am looking for pdf of the rest. Can anybody share it with me if they have it?
1. Jared's Charge
2. Second Changes
3. The Curious Case Of Jared Padalecki
4. Someone Else's Life
5. Borderline
6. The Blind Date
7. Could've Been Me
8. Choices
9. Careless Whispers

Not sure what tags to add.
thank you

Old fic about random disappearances

I read this fic a while back about there being random disappearances all over the world. The last disappearance was Sam. Dean and Mary try to find him but can't. Later, people start showing back up, Sam is the last to return and he says something like "did i get them all out" when he gets back. Does this sound familiar to anyone?