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Frequently Searched For Recs, PDF's/Podfics and others // Deleted/Purged Journals // Deleted stories (authors still active)

Jack & Dean Bonding/Post season 12 Dean is thought to be Dead

Okay, I’m back again, not a surprise. I’m looking for two things today.

1. Dean and Jack bonding!! I would prefer if it’s like father-son bonding, but I don’t mind brotherly or anything like that either. If it can be prevented, I don’t want it to involve more Sam and Cass then Dean when it comes to bonding with Jack, and I really don’t want it to be Destiel-centric. I want it to be Jack and Dean bonding centric.

2. Any fics out there where after the end of Season 12 finale, Dean doesn’t immediately return, or the others end up still believing he’s dead after a while? Even death!fics where he actually did die are fine I suppose, but not entirely preferred.

≻No Wincest! Other ships are okay but I don’t want them to be the center of attention, especially Destiel!
≻No a/b/o, eggfics, anything of the sort please!
≻Please don’t rec me any fics where Dean acts violently in any form towards Jack, even if he does make up for it. I don’t want to see any of that.

Thanks all!

Dean with mind Powers

Hi1 Im looking for this fic I have read a long time ago. Its about Dean having powers, I forgot how he got it but the only thing I remember is a scene where Dean went of to face off with a bunch of what I remember was the football team of the school he was currently in, He talked them to beating each other up and when he was questioned by the principle he said they where inviting him to join in a Fight club but it was just Dean making them fight each other

FOUND: Omega!Jared and Human!Jensen

Hi! I'm looking for a fic that I read a while ago and I'm hoping someone can help me. 

Ok so if im remembering correctly Jensen was trying a bunch of dating sites and finally found one that seemed good. But he didn't know it was a dating site for unmated weres. I remember him going to the place where you go to see if you can find a suitable match by talking to someone who worked there. When he found out it was typically for weres he didn't mind and they helped him out.

I think he went on a date with Danneel first but they both went their separate ways afterwards. Then Jensen and Jared started going on dates.

I believe his friends were Christian and Steve, who were a mated pair. Also, when they were at Chris and Steve's place, Jared went into heat and Chris told him to leave with Jared. Jensen tried helping Jared out the best he could.

Thank you in advance for any help!

UPDATE: found in the comments! Thanks so much!!

Looking specific fic “ monsters news” and/or “winchesters news“

I’m looking for a specific story i read, i think it was a year ago or something.

It was during season 12. How Dean Sam and Cas deal with how the British men’s of letters don’t differentiate between good monsters and bad monsters.

I remeber that Mary was kind of a bitch and even sam went with her and the British. While Dean and cas created a network to protect good monsters. I remeber that crowley was with then and in the end chose to stay and remains human with them.
that sam got back on the good side at some point. That mick davies turned a new leaf too.

Also i remeber that it always said “ monsters news” and/or “winchesters news” by a siren, nymph?or something ... she used a fountain and i thing she was even in a bath at some point.

i believe it was a Destiel fic. I know it was completed and i’m almost sure it was on AO3.


Tattoo Dean

Hi. I am looking for a fic where Dean is 17 (I think) and he and Sam are with Pastor Jim. John and Bobby are back from a hunt early in the morning. John went to see the boys that are still in the bed and saw a small tattoo on Deans arm "vixit" or something like that. John got mad and Dean told him that he is a hypocrite because he has 3 tattoos and is not a big deal. I think that was something like "do as I say not as I do".

LF a few old RPF's - All Found

The first one I am looking for is a twofer. These are all J2 btw. I only have the vaguest recollections of these but if you can help then I'll be eternally grateful.

1. Pretty sure it was a bigbang prior to 2010, at least one of the boys was in politics, and don't think they were nice to each other, possibly married to other people. What I do remember was there was a sequel the following year and this one had a definite unhappy ending - they didn't end up together. Found link in comments

2. A high school fic I read on LJ that may have had Green Grass in the title, I remember it being melancholy. Found download link in comments

3. Another melancholy fic, again super old and pretty long, may have been a big bang. Jared and Jensen were long term friends, think they lived next to each other, they were both married and they were having an affair, they would have sex in the basement. One of them, I think it was Jared was really unhappy with the situation. It isn't 'Nothing Ever Happens' it was longer ago than that fic. It didn't have a happy ending.

Thanks, guys, if you can find the stories from my rubbish descriptions you are geniuses.

Jack and the Brothers

I'm looking for anything that contains Jack's observations on the Winchesters. How they interact, Dean takes care of Sam, Sam pushes Dean back from the edge. That and hurt!Sam would be wonderful.

Also, Mary's perspective on her boys now would be great. Again, maybe hurt!sam (I guess John's too at this point)

Platonic preferred, but Wincest is okay. Top!Dean if so though please.

Thank you!

Specific Fic Hurt/Ignored Dean

Hi I went to recommend this fic to another post in this community and now I cannot find it because I can't remember the exact name.  I know it starts with Nir possibly.  John and Sam argue and ignore Dean.  Dean encounters I think a fairy who curses Dean.  Whenever John and Sam argue and ignore him Dean feels pain that keeps getting worse and worse.  Bobby figures it out and gives Dean an amulet.  Dean dreams of running with white dogs?  Does this sound familar to anyone?  Thank you. 

Looking for Lone!Dean/Bamf!Dean/Hurt!Dean Recs

Basically looking for threee things—most of which involving a “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” scenario. Looking for Rec lists and fics in general.

Preferably only Dean-centric.

1. Dean leaves John and Sam (or just Sam? If it’s later seasons), or is ditched by them both, and is either hurt for it and ends up rather alone and sad, but I’m more interested in scenarios where he is better for it and becomes stronger. Bonus points if he remains a hunter! A badass one at that!!

2. Basically fics where Dean is a Bamf character, the kind where people speak of him as though he was infamous, could be an AU, but it would make me smile brighter if he’s still a hunter or something. X) I love scenarios where this request and the first are combined too, like he is left to his own devices and becomes a strong hunter of the community.

3. Fics where John or Sam argue a lot, and fail to keep Dean’s own opinions or feelings in mind, basically where he is stuck in the middle of the arguments. I don’t mind how the scenario plays out from there but I’m just craving plots with asshole!Sam and John and hurt!worried!scared!Dean, etc.

Ik that’s a whole lot of Dean-centric ness and angst and crap, but I love it all so yeah...

⇨Please no Wincest in any form! Other ships are fine.
⇨I don’t mind angel involvement.
⇨Please no crossovers! I think I’ve read about all the ones where I know of both fandoms.
⇨Self recs are always okay!
⇨I’m not looking for Hurt Sam fics, so please none where Sam goes with Dean or anything.
⇨Please no sexual abuse/unconsenting sexual harm/sexual assault!
⇨I don’t have a working computer currently or anything, I’m on mobile as of the moment, so I can’t see any recs using Delicious or anything requiring Chrome.

Thanks everyone!

Can’t find a fic

Hey everyone,
I’m looking for a fic I can’t find and have been searching for awhile.
Jensen infiltrated a racist group to help take them down. He finds Jared, a young and really smart kid who is being abused by his dad after having been abandoned by his mom. He ends up having Jared stay at his house after he interrupts Jared’s dad abusing him. I remember that Jensen takes Jared out hunting to try and help get him out of his shell. In the end, the raid goes off and Jensen doesn’t see Jared for a few years.

Thank you SO much!

General fic request - unrequited wincest & demon!sam

Hi! I'm looking for fics with either:

1) Unrequited wincest where Dean's in love with Sam but Sam doesn't return his feelings. Like, any type — I don't care whether Sam knows or not, whether he's disgusted or neutral or trying to give Dean what he wants at his own expense. Anything works

2) Any good fic with demon!Sam. Go wild.

Also, I don't mind whether there's sex or not — only, I prefer bottom Sam, so fics including that would be great. 

Self recs are fine for both, by the way.


Two specific RPS au fics

All my google searches have turned up zilch, so I really hope you guys can help me out.

The first fic is from a recent ask on this community. I am looking for Love Burns by Dante-s-hell. I know the fic has been deleted, so can someone please send me a pdf? My email is

The second one is kinda obscure, because I only remember vague details. The pairing is Jensen/JDM, set in a verse where they’re actors on supernatural. They either have a one night stand, or a relationship that falls apart. Jensen ends up pregnant and doesn’t want to tell JDM, for some reason. He finds out about the kid when he comes back to film a guest appearance or something. I know this description is vague as hell, but I have faith in the fandom.

Angel!Dean/Reverse!verse/Vessel!Dean/etc. Fics

I’m posting another one, shocker, but I warned I would make a post for angel Dean fics in one of my other posts so...

Anyway, not only am I looking for angel Dean, I’m looking for fics where he is a vessel of someone powerful or something, or even fics where he forms a bond with someone while they take him as a vessel. I love Reverse!verse fics as well!!

ℂ𝕠𝕟𝕕𝕚𝕥𝕚𝕠𝕟𝕤 ↧↧↧

↳ Please no Wincest!
↳ Other ships welcome.
↳ Please no a/b/o, egg fics, Mpreg, ageplay, or anything related to a/b/o.
↳ Extra points if Deano is Micheal, Lucifer, Seraphiel, one of them higher-up-angels, etc.
↳ Self recs are just fine!
↳ If Deano ends up being a villainous angel I don’t want to see anything where he brings any unconsenting sexual harm or anything of the sort to anyone.

Thanks everyone!!
We're all mad here...

Specific fic search: And Hell Followed With Him - FOUND

Does anyone have a copy of "And Hell Followed With Him" by legoline? It was a Big Bang fic from 2016. I have the link saved but it seems like the journal has been mostly cleared out or deleted. I didn't see the fic on the AO3 masterpost or on The Wayback Machine.

If the plot helps jog people's was a post-Apocalypse fic where Dean comes back from the dead. Sam is leading a group of humans who have survived the Apocalypse. Around the same time Dean returns from the dead, things start going wrong with weapons and food runs and a lot of the other humans think Dean is actually a mole for the demons. I don't want to spoil the ending but Castiel and Bobby are in it and Dean is extremely broken from his time - 4 years - in Hell.

Blaine and Kurt

Superatural and Criminal Minds Crossover


I'm looking for a specific crossover fic, it has to do with the supernatural books. All I remember is that both Prentiss and JJ are reading the books. the boys end up in custody and the agents interrogate them and realize the books are about them. I know that's a little confusing. sorry. Hopefully someone will recognize it.



Looking for Sam/Dean—Sam Pines Over Deano

Okay... I’m not normally a Wincest or Incest fan/supporter (I mean no disrespect to those who are), but one day, yesterday, I came across a Fic where Dean was a were-cougar. When I was looking for more Dean as a Cougar fics I ran across one... it’s a long story, but anyway Sam was pining after Dean.

Now I cannot believe it, but I want to read more like it, I don’t mind wether or not the feelings are reciprocated, I just wanna read more fics where Sam pines after Dean, maybe gets all hot and bothered when Dean says some stuff. Idk.

Doesn’t mean I’m a hardcore Wincest fan as I am towards Dean rarepairs, I’m just kinda interested in more stories like that.

Below are some things I do not/do prefer or don’t mind...

⋉Self-recs are just fine!
⋉PleASE no Weechesters... that’s crossing a line I don’t want to look over. It can be references or something-a flashback, but nothing where young Sam and Dean do ‘that’ sense.
⋉Please please please don’t involve any domestic violence between the Winchester’s (including John). It’s rare to have this opinion, but I don’t think John is as awful as fics make him out to be. I think he always had the best intentions even when it didn’t seem like it—so I don’t want to see any fics where he neglects or acts violently upon the brothers.

Much appreciated!!

Dean in Luci’s Cage Fic recs? (Maybe some angel dean on the side?)

Howdy there fellas, I’m back again because reading fan fiction is honest to god all I ever do. And I’m looking for some more rare shit because I dig that kinda stuff.

So I’ve been looking everywhere for fics where Dean somehow ends up in the cage with Lucifer (preferably instead of Sam, but if it’s with or before or after I won’t complain). I’ve read like three fics, one was a one shot where Dean was blind...they played games, the other was about three chapters long and it involved some Dean and Luci bonding till Micheal pulled Dean out. Other one was incomplete on Quotev, can’t find it though. Kinda irrelevant but hey, it’s whatever.

While I’m at it... if anyone has any angel!Dean fics in mind as well, I’m all ears, mate. Or eyes? Idfk. Simply for the sake of not making another post, I am highly interested in Angel dean. I’ll probably end up making a post later but I’m impatient so I’m killing two birds with one stone here.

Below I shall state things I do not or do prefer...

<>Please no Wincest!
<>I don’t mind any ship otherwise really, as long as it isn’t original character pairings or “(character)/reader”.
<>Preferably Dean-centric! Though that may speak for itself...
<>Self Recs don’t bug me!

Anywho, thanks to whoever finds something new, yada yada.

Angel/Dean—Archangel/Dean Fic Search

Okay okay. Hello, I’m new here, been scrolling through the great wide internet for some good angel pairings with Dean and I’m curious if someone can link me to some more stories and whatnot.

I’m seeking out stories where Dean is paired with one of the archangels (I don’t care who) or one of the angels who made briefer appearances but are still loved all the same (Balthazar, Gadreel, Samandriel, etc. etc.)

Slash is preferred.

Below are some things I do not prefer in the fic...

•I am not a fan of Sam and Dean Wincest, wether it’s Luci in Sam’s noggin or not...I just... no Wincest please. (I don’t mind it quite as much if it’s the younger John as Micheal, I don’t know why. Don’t ask)

•No Destiel please! Love the ship to death, but I outta make room for others!

•Final rule, I promise!! I don’t really like dub-con or anything worse then it when it comes to fics and shit. I don’t care if it’s a torture fic, but please no fics involving sexual assault or unconsenting sexual interaction of any kind. Unless it’s a comfort fic. That’s my only exception.

That’s about it. Thanks if you end up linking stuff to me, etcetera, etcetera. Really though, I appreciate it. I’m off to search for more as well now...Adios!

Specific Fic: (not related) Dean x Sam Mental Hospital au

I read this fic a year or two ago.

(i don't know if these are correct) In it sam and dean are not related. Dean had been at the hospital for a while. Sam is new to the hospital. Sam had been seeing lucifer everywhere. When he was with dean, lucifer was at bay. Dean was in the hospital for  trying to kill himself too many times. It started one time in the kitchen with his dad. He had dropped a knife he was using to cut vegetables, when dean tried to catch it he cut his hand. Dean began to cut whenever his dad got mad. Then it became a habit. In the hospital they don't even trust him with a plastic fork. Dean is on cut watch. Everyday they would come in and check him. Dean is in the hospital by his own choice. Every time they would try to get him to leave he would say he'd end  it the minute he got out. Sam helps to calm him and Dean makes lucifer go away. 

here's a quote i remember: (sam and dean are going to shower together when sam sees the cuts) "don't go all lovey dovey on me. Don't try to kiss my scars and say they're beautiful."

Specific Sam/Dean Fic - Mechanic Dean, Sam w/ Daughter - FOUND!

FOUND - The best gift of all by virtualpersonal

I have tried extensive google searches and going through my bookmarks but no luck:(
Pretty sure it was Sam/Dean, may have been Jared/Jensen though, Sam was on the run from and abusive partner and had his daughter with him (want to say her name was Emma or Emily but not sure). Dean was a mechanic/salvage, had some kind of chronic pain/injury, Sam might have been a massage therapist? They end up meeting at a diner, and Sam stays with Dean. Pretty sure it was on LJ, think it's fairly old (at least 5yrs). It was AU, pretty sure there were no supernatural elements, the boys weren't related, and it was fairly long. At least 15000 words, probably more.
Any help would be appreciated, I hope it hasn't been deleted.
Thank you,

FOUND IC - Specific - deleted/purged - "Clueless" by Viviansface

I'm looking for a pdf of a specific fic, "Clueless" by Vivansface. I'm not finding any indication that the author doesn't want things shared, so I was hoping someone might be able to post or send as a private message? :) Summary below, in case the title itself doesn't trigger a memory:

J2 are married, and the story mentions briefly that the marriage was arranged, but they find they get along great from the get-go. After a while Jensen starts to worry that Jared is losing interest, and tries to reconnect. Jared is wrapped up in work and doesn't really respond. There is a scene where they are at a party or club, and Jensen gets drunk and dances with someone else. Jared is furious, Jensen points out that Jared doesn't seem to care anymore anyway.


Hi everyone. I'm looking for stories with a few different themes.

The first theme I'm looking for is Jensen/Jared being a couple but still working on Supernatural. Something about them dating but having to hide it from the crew/fans. Or the crew/fans supporting them; I'm just looking for anything that has to do with Jensen/Jared dating while filming Supernatural.

Along with that, I'm looking for stories that involve Jensen/Misha being a couple. Basically, I'm looking for the same things as above but with Misha instead of Jared; Jensen/Misha dating while working on Supernatural.

Lastly, I'm looking for stories where Jensen gets hurt on set. One of my favorites is "Just One Breath" and I'd love something like that!

Thank you!
Deadpool: proud of it

Specific Wincest fic

This is a fic that’s at least a few years old, but I can’t remember the title OR the author so I’m stuck. It’s complete and I think it was written for a minibang.
It was basically a twist on WIAWNSH where Dean touches a magical mirror (I thought it was called elderglass??? idk) that sends him to an alternate reality where life is just better, but without a djinn slowly killing you. In this reality, he and Sam ended up getting together whereas in the “real world” neither of them had made the choice to kiss each other after a specific event. Most of the fic involves Dean road tripping with other-Sam while trying to avoid telling him he’s really a construct inside of a mirror as he tries to get back to the “real world”.
Angel of the Lord

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If you get a legitimate comment from someone outside the community, please unscreen their comment so everyone can see it.

Thank you!

Looking for podfic "The Year of Letting Go" by leonidaslion and others !found!

Title says it all. I can't find the podfic "The Year of Letting Go" anywhere anymore. It's been deleted from every platform I've looked at. Can someone help me out here please?

Leonidaslion has a lot of great work done with her fanfics and a lot have been recorded as podfics. I'm only interested in bottom dean, though. Anyone have any other recommendations? Possibly even with a downloaad link?

Thanks in advance for your help

thank you all for your help here! All recommendations in the comments

Specific Fic-Found (In Comments)

I'm looking for Original Sin by alexadean. I read a work by paperback writer called Original Sin-Unfallen that was related to the Alexa Dean fic which I never read but want to. I followed some links but the journal is deleted and purged . Does anyone have a copy of know the author and if he or she would be ok with it being shared. I haven't read it so my tags are going to be wrong probably.

Specific fic John and Mary divorced, Dean hides his intelligence

I'm looking for a fic I read several years ago on ao3, I think, a modern highschool AU where John and Mary are divorced, John stayed in Lawrence to raise the boys, while Mary travels the world for her career-possibly something academic in nature?-Dean believes the divorce was his fault, I think, and due to that chooses to hide his intelligence. He's very gifted at writing, but deliberately hides it from his family and teachers. I remember a scene where he wrote an essay for his teacher, Henriksen I think, but deliberately left the conclusion off, so it wouldn't receive an A grade. I think it was Dean/Cas, and that Cas is the one to finally convince Dean to tell his family the truth/live to his full potential. Please help? Thanks!

Adopted Sam, adopted Dean ,past abuse

Hey guys I am looking for stories with either Sam or Dean or both will be adopted by the Winchesters or just John with the boys were past abused and tortured . I read once a story called lightness and darkness it was exactly what I wanted and another one similar called coming home So i was hoping someone would help me find something similar these two stories any suggestions are really welcomed

J2 x Chuck (TV) Crossover Fics?

I just started watching Chuck (the TV show with Zachary Levi) and am really enjoying it (yes, I am aware I am literally years behind the times). I was wondering if anyone knew of any stories where J2 (or Sam & Dean) are characters like Chuck and Sarah, one is smart (but maybe not achieving his full potential) and gets the intersect downloaded into his head and the other is the handler.

Or anything where one is a secret agent and the other is not but keeps getting dragged in some how.

Any suggestions welcome!
Jensen It&#39;s okay

"A Symphony of Silence" by singingsinner

AO3 has the first 4 chapters of this, but I am sure that there was once more. Does anyone have the complete story?

It's a J2 ghostfic AU

"When Jared Padalecki helps Chad Michael Murray renovate his new house, he never imagines that it’s going to change his life. Stumbling across a dusty trunk, Jared discovers 10 year old newspaper clippings reporting on the suicide of promising teen actor, Jensen Ackles. Then strange things start to happen, and Jared has to consider if he’s going crazy or, even worse, if he’s being haunted. "

FOUND - Dean/Sam vs. Azazel, on ao3

I read this several years ago on ao3. Started with John, Dean, Sam driving to Bobby's, I think. Sam was 16 or 17? Sam gets kidnapped by demons or humans who work with demons, and he gets tortured (maybe shocked, water was involved,...). Dean and Sam are intimate, Bobby is gay or at least bi. Some guy (Rufus?) gives Sam and Dean knives that they bind to each other. They spend awhile hiding at a hotel cause the owner was tortured by...something evil, so she has lotsa protections up to keep demons 'n things out. When they face Azazel, he reveals their intimacy to John, who loses it, and Azazel tries to like control Sam, but Sam has been cleansed of the demon blood through his relationship with Dean, so Azazel dies and John works to understand Sam and Dean's relationship.

That's about how far I read, I think, and I really want to read it again. If more detail would be helpful, I can definitely go into more detail. I feel like the name is on the tip of my tongue but I can't remember it.


Deleted journal

Does anybody have a copy of the author minx999 summer challenge stories? Is a challenge of spanking stories where was a lot of nice stories and good authors but she deleted the journal. Of course, I didn't save the stories because it was there and now I regret it very much. She had good stories too. If somebody has any story from that challenge or from minx999, please, could you send it to me?

Fic Search

Been going through AO3 tags and going no where ^^
Not sure if it was a Sam/Dean or CastielDean or just Gen.

Sam finds out from John that he has a brother and has been institutionalized or so. Sam get mad and takes Dean out. Mainly remembers that Dean can play the piano even though he never did before. Sam gets a professor from his school to come and see. He talks to Dean about why the music sounds wrong or so and that Dean listens closely to the sounds to make them sound better.

I believe it is a WIP or unfinished fic.

Thank you for your time and help.

Alien mpeg fic

I remember this story being unfinished but was thinking they were still updating it. Anyway, angels are aliens and they need humans to carry their young/filter their milk? I know Zachariah tricked Dean without telling him all the details and he was modified without consent (wasnt able to pick things up any more because of hand senitivity). Ringing any bells for anyone?

Specific fic, outsider pov, hurt sam and dean

Hi! I'm looking for a fic where a stranger runs into Sam on the street, I think he is concussed and is having trouble remembering what he's doing and its very cold outside- I think he's mildly hypothermic? The stranger helps Sam find Dean by going into the sewers, and they find Sam's walkie talkie. The stranger talks to Dean and he sounds strained and Dean directs them to where he is. They find Dean in a collapsed part of the tunnel buried under a bunch of rubble surrounded by a salt circle and ghosts, and then when they try to get him out they find that he's been impaled on some rebar and has lost a lot of blood. Also Sam's jacket is under Dean's head as a pillow which is why Sam was freezing. 

I think I originally read this fic on, but I'm not sure.

Thanks so much!

Trio of j2 fics

There was 3 J2 fics of AO3. I think the first was called tempted or temptation, one was called trust and im not sure what the other was called. 
Jared was a lawyer and jensen was a bartender. Jared slept around and jensen thought he was straight but jared qanted jensen and wore him down. They ended up in a relationship and then jensens family disowned him for being gay.