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Specific Kidnapped Sam fic (Found, in comments)


I’m looking for a fic where Sam was kidnapped and kept in a glass box in a basement. Other men had been taken but didn’t survive.
Because of the sensory deprivation, the hospital kept him blindfolded and earplugged and wheb Dean took him ‘home’ he had to continue to remove the eye bandages slowly and lower the level of earplugs so as not to traumatise him further.

I looked back through the kidnapped Sam tag with no joy. Any ideas?

027_308 (JA)
  • julsus

Deleted Destiel fic

Would anyone please have a copy of the deleted fic Force Of Nature by etcetera-kit?

Summary: Dean is a detective with the Lawrence P.D. with a huge crush on Cas, a C.S.I. in the department. Dean, and his partner Rufus, make up the P.S.I.T. - Psychopathological and Sociopathological Investigative Team. A vigilante killer begins posting his executions on YouTube, correcting items that justice has failed. Dean and Rufus are assigned to the case and Cas is their appointed C.S.I. They race against the clock to solve the case as the victims become higher profile, and Rufus dusts off his matchmaking skills.

Alternate pre-college timeline

I got back into spn since the 15th season came out on netflix and now I have the storyline of a fic stuck in my head that I can't figure out if it was an actual fic I read, or an idea that I never wrote, so any help will be appreciated!

It was pre-season 1 after Sam had gone to college. Dean was hunting on his own and somehow got basically a job offer (I think by Gabriel/Loki) to run a boarding house for monsters that don't want to hurt people and are trying to fly under the radar of hunters.

That's all I got. Pairing was either Dean/Cas, Dean/Gabriel, or Dean/Benny but I'm getting nowhere with AO3 tag searches. Thank you!

LF: J2 College Fic

Hey there ! I am looking for a Fic that I read a long, long time ago. I used to be a part of the fandom and recently just got back into re reading old favorites.

Details of the story:

It started with Jared in high school and Jensen in college. They were fooling around during Jensens break from school. Jensens brother catches them and Jensen runs after him when he freaks out.

I remember that Jensen then ignores Jared. Jared ends up going to the same college as Jensen but Jensen is away in New York on an internship. Jared has a bunch of roommates and friends in college and is doing really well, and then Jensen comes back to school and tries to win Jared back.

Jared says they can be friends but eventually they get back together when Jensen reveals that he has come out to his parents.

Other things I remember!
-Jared is bisexual
-the story also features other CW actors. Like Brock Kelly I think ?
-Jensens parents are shocked by his brothers attitude towards gay people.

I have looked all through the tags here and on J2 read. I can’t believe I can’t find it !

Help !
  • ell_em

J2 domestic fic

I'm looking for a story where the boys were married (or at least living together) and one of them had some kind of disability and using a wheelchair. J1 was home alone and was reaching for something but had an accident and fell out of the chair. He couldn't get up by himself and had to wait a long time for J2 to get home.
They had a doctor come to the house to check on J1 after the fall.
Does anyone know this fic?

Season 4 alternative ending

Hi everyone!

I'm looking for a specific fic that I'm pretty sure was on It was a one shot and an alternative ending of season 4. Here's what I remember:

- The story begins with Sam and Dean fleeing St Mary's convent with the Impala, I remember the road going down behind them and they barely managed to outrun the destruction

- Dean and Sam manage to stop Lucifer from rising, I think it involved Dean stabbing through his hand and Sam's hand with a knife (might be Ruby's knife) which mixed their blood

- Once they stopped on the road because they are safe, they are joined by Bobby and then by Castiel and another angel (I believe it was Uriel because in this fic, the angels didn't want the apocalypse to happen)

- The angels asked Sam and Dean to rebuilt the seals that were broken to ensure that Lucifer can't rise but Dean refuses and says that he and Sam are going to stop hunting, that they're goind to buy a house with a library for Sam and that Sam will be able to go back to college, which makes Sam emotional

That's everything I remember. Thank you in advance to whoever finds it!!