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Frequently Searched For Recs, PDF's/Podfics and others // Deleted/Purged Journals // Deleted stories (authors still active)
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Specific fic search

Looking for a specific Dean/Cas fic told from Sam’s POV. Sam, Dean, and Cas live in a house together and Dean and Cas are a couple. Sam meets a girl and at some point tells her that D/C are both his brothers. She’s a neighbor and sees D/C cuddling in their backyard and thinks there’s an incest thing going on and she tells Sam she can’t be friends anymore. Sam explains things and everything is okay again. Help?

Two Specific Casefics

Hi, I am looking for two specific casefics. They are both older fics, and I'm pretty fuzzy on the details ,but I remember the first one had to do with ghosts in an abandoned mine or a ghost town in the wild west. I think it had to do with some women and kids, and I remember that it was dusty and hot,stifling. It was a longish fic, and a wincest fic I'm sure.
The second fic takes place in the south ,and it has to do with I think Dean being a reincarnation of a smuggler, and Sam was waiting for him in some house. I think Missouri was in that one too.This one is wincest too.
Hope somebody knows where I can find those.
Thanks for your help

Empathy Jared.

Hi guys,

I need your help again. I feel like this is a really well known fic, but I can’t for the life of me find it in my bookmarks.

Jared is some kind of empath/telepath and he lives at a centre run by Jdm. Jensen meets jared as a child on a trip to the centre as a kid and he sort of bonds with Jared. Jared bonds with Sandy (I think) but she dies. This affects Jared deeply, so Jeff brings Jensen to the centre, hoping he can bond with Jared. I think there is some political unrest in the fic too and it’s possible j2 escape the centre. Please, if you know what this is, Help!

Dean chooses the world over Sam

There’s a ton of (amazing and incredibly well-written) fics out there where Sam goes darkside, becomes the Boy King, pretty much destroys or enslaves the world, and Dean doesn’t have it in him to stop him, and eventually ends up by Sam’s side (or in Sam’s bed).

Are there any fics (gen, Wincest or otherwise) where that doesn’t happen? Where Dean, despite how much he loves his brother, can’t just stand by and let the man Sam turned into destroy the world? I don’t care if Dean succeeds in stopping Sam or not, I just want to see him not give up the fight because no matter how much I enjoyed some of the abovementioned fics, I don’t actually believe Dean would be able to stand down and let Sam get away with it.

Thanks and have a great Sunday, everyone!

au post apocolyptic dean/michael and sam/lucifer

I was hoping one of you lovely people might know this work I read ages ago, but can't find now:
it was set in a post apocalyptic world, Sam and Dean were travelling around and finally end up at a human camp. But the twist was that dean was Michael and Sam was really Lucifer, but Sam didn't know as Lucifer was repressed somehow. All was going well in the camp until a preacher (for some reason I can't remember) tried to exorcise Sam and releases Lucifer. I can't remember much else about it.
Would like any recommendations for post apocolyptic au's and any for the boys being michael and lucifer.

rainbow hair

Found! Sam as Boy King, Dean part of the resistance

I'm looking for a one-shot fic (at least it was a one-shot at the time that I read it), wherein Sam accepted the role of Boy King and is either currently ruling what remains of the world, or is in the process of taking it over. I think it was implied that a lot of people have died, but I don't know if the war was ongoing or over at the point of the fic.

I do remember that it's set in Sam's throne room, and Dean comes in, after having been in hiding from Sam for a long time. There were a bunch of hunters trying to resist Sam, and Dean has been with them for a while.

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I don't remember that it was explicitly Wincest, but it might have been.

I originally found this fic on Livejournal, but since I forgot to save my memories when I deleted my old journal... Does anyone know it?

(Also mods, I couldn't find a boy!king/king of Hell Sam tag; not sure if that's an oversight or if I just couldn't find it.)

J2 Werewolf fic

I can’t find a fic I really enjoyed so I turn to you for help.

Basically, Jared and a few others (Christian, Alcide, Chad) are werewolves looking for mates (one of them is mated) and they do it through an online forum. Jensen meets them in a cabin in the woods and they ‘catch’ Jared who eventually makes Jensen his mate (there is bestiality with wolf Jared).

At one point, Jensen realizes he’s been drinking cum in his coffee prepared by Chad.

Gen Fic/ Dean calls John back from the dead

Sam and Dean go to Bobby's. There is a hunter there who Sam has a bad reaction to. It turns out Sam had disappeared from Bobby;'s when he was 16(?), but turned up a few days later. Dean had been sent to hunt with another hunter and John wanted Sam trained by this one. It turns out he drugged Sam, took him from the salvage yard and molested him while taping it. Dean hunts the guy down and kills him.
Later he calls his dad's spirit back to tell him off. He shoots John with rock salt and at one pont asks him if he meant for Sam to survive that summer.
Mary's spirit shows up and warns John about the boys.
I think it's 5 - 7 chapters and using every combo if words cannot find it. Any help would be appreciated!

FOUND by chellexxx Live To Regret It by Morgana07
fanfic, sam

Dean Saves Kids While Living in Suburbia

I'm looking for a story that I'm pretty sure takes place in a post-S5 world in which Dean is living with Lisa and Ben. But what I really remember about the story is that there was some (human, I believe) threat to the kids in the neighborhood, and Dean played a big role in keeping them safe. I remember he came up with a list that he took around to the local schools for them to implement, and I think a lot of the neighbors backed him up on it because they remembered his help from "The Kids Are Alright." It may have been a crossover with a law enforcement type show, but I'm not certain of that.

Request; J2 ABO Specific Fic- Alpha Jensen/ Alpha Jared- Turning to OMEGA

Hello All I am Looking for an Specific ABO Fic.

It was written by "Kinky Heels" it was called "A Soul that tasted Death" Alpha Jensen and Alpha Jared are forced to mate to united their two packs together. Jared hated Jensen because Jensen had killed his older brother in a fight.
This is what fuel Jared anger thinking it will be enough to beat Jensen and turn him. Too bad fate had other plans

It used to be on AO3? But its no longer there?

If someone has a copy of it and knows the author would not mind sharing I'd appreciated it :)

Its for a friend who is doing Chemo and loves J2 fics especially ABO and I wanted to recommend this one to her.

Thank you

Dean has a severe nightmare

Request: "Sam and Dean are sleeping in the bunker when Dean is having a really bad nightmare about hell & Alastair. He can’t wake up from it and it goes on for some time. Because Dean is really quite at first, he suffers alone. When he finally begins to get more vocal and screams Sam’s name, Sam runs to help. By now, Dean is in his nightmare for quite some time already and Sam has a difficult time waking him up. When he is finally awake, Dean has a difficult time figuring out what is real. Sam tries to help. I like me some hurt Dean and brotherly moments with Sam."

Teenchester; depressed!Sam; popular!Dean;

Hey hum I was searching for some teenchester ones where Dean isn't being that great of a brother, pretty much thinks Sam is a burden and preferes to spend time with his friends or girlfriend leaving Sam to feel alone and depressed. Also if Dean is popular at school makes it even better.

Or some teenchester ones where Sam gets bullied and Dean doesn't care or bullies him too.

OR even some where Adam leaves with them and Sam feels excluded from the family and just the typical middle brother.

Just please NO WINCEST.

Thx very muchhh :)

Dean in abusive relationship (M/M)

Request: I am looking for a story in which Dean is openly bisexual and Sam has no problem with it. The brothers are still as close as ever. Dean is in a relationship with a guy but this guy is abusive towards Dean. It takes some time until Sam figures it out and when he does it's not all roses but Dean keeps insisting that the guy is only doing it occasionally, and when he does it he's done something to deserve it and that he really loves him. This is mostly due to Dean's really bad self worth and Sam tries everything to help him recognize that he is worth having a good life. No Winchest please. 

LF recs A/B/O, forced relationship and forced change of statuses.

Hey there

I have found a real liking for ABO fics so looking for recs.

I particularly like where one party is forced to become an omega like

Alpha Falling

Novae Vitae

Two Alphas Walk into a Bar

I particularly like universes where Omega's have very little agency...what can I say it's a kink. I also prefer bottom Jensen/Dean. I can read bottom!Jared but not bottom!Sam, again don't know why. I have also recently enjoyed a couple of really well written Dean/Cas so don't mind that pairing but for my tastes it has to be bottom Dean.

Two really good ABO's I've recently read

A Hole in the World

The Retraining of Dean Winchester

So please rec me any of your favourite (prefereably long) ABO's thanks
Dean in black

B J Wolf's Baby Mine Series/ Additional recommendations

I just stumbled across the first story in the above mentioned series called "Tony Stark Requests Your Presence"and it has me craving more...a lot more! While searching for more stories in the series, I came across this entry in this forum:

additional stories were not provided. Does anyone know if more were written and if so, do you know where to find them?

Also, I will gladly accept any recommendations for other Tony Stark/Dean Winchester stories. I love the two of them together (the whole self-deprecating,insecure, oddly vulnerable and self sacrificing gorgeousness of them is just wonderful).

Thank you in advance for any answers to my specific requests but also for any other recommendations you may have.

Specific Delted J2 Fic from SPN Cinema LiveJournal site

Hello All,

I promise this is the last one of my help and request for another J2 deleted fic also was posted on the SPN Cinema LiveJournal site. Does anyone have a copy of this fic and can share it?

This is it:
From Dusk Til Dawn [?]
Dark Night (art) (Jared/Jensen, PG-13) by smut_slut
Dark Night (fic) (Jared/Jensen, NC-17) by crynintherain
Escaped convicts Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are on the run after a bank robbery. After taking a group of college kids hostage they head to Mexico and to freedom. The only thing standing between it and them is a bar full of vampires. To survive the night Jared and Jensen will have to team up with the hostages in order to make it out alive.

You guys are awesome and I am always Freaking Grateful

Specific hurt!dean fic

So, I've only recently made an account on LJ and this site is the most confusing thing ever. Normally I wouldn't even think about doing this, but I just really need to figure out what fic this is.

Dean was cursed or something to look dead. His heart only beat like once a minute and Sam only realized cause he put his head on Dean's chest and heard it. Earlier Ruby had said that only a talented witch could be able to do that and Ruby had been a witch so Sam figured out that Ruby had known. Sam might have excorcised her, maybe not. I don't remember how Dean woke up, but he did. I just remember that Sam did something.

Looking for a Specif J2 Deleted FIC another one

Oh my gosh you guys are great and you help me find deleted fic from 2011-

so what the heck here goes another one :) it was in the SPN Cinema Live Journal also deleted

Flatliners [?]
Today is a Good Day to Die (Jared/Jensen, R) by dante_s_hell
Med students play around with death and learn about themselves and each other.

It be great if someone has a copied or is allow to share this? (puppy eyes)

Thank you!

Stanford era, Dean is cursed and changed into a girl (Found in comments!)

I am looking for a fic I read and cant find anymore.
It happens when Sam is at stanford and Dean is cursed and slowly changed into a girl and there is no way to reverse the curse.
I dont remember well but I think that when Dean realise he is changing he tries to hide it from John and have Bobby help him look for a cure.
Then John take him to Missouri so he can learn to deal with being a girl.( I mostly remember Dean and Missouri shopping for bra.)

Thanks in advance!

(Found) J2, Afterlife

Hi! I'm looking for a J2 fic on ao3
It's based on the afterlife and starts out with Jared dying from a poisonous taco (lmao), and then continues on to him reaching heaven. At first Jared likes heaven, but it gets kinda boring because everything's perfect so he asks to be reassigned somewhere more fun so he gets sent to shadow Jensen, who's like a lawyer in hell. They become friends and fall in love. Their relationship is kinda taboo because one belongs in hell and the other in heaven, so there's like a court case deciding whether they can be together legally. Oh, and I think Jensen was in hell not because of any crimes he committed, but because he feels guilty about not saving a girl from someone (sorry, if this is kinda vague).
It was a really fun fic, and I'd love to read it again so thank you!

LF: lion!Jared/leopard!Jensen (FOUND!) + Wincest sex tape

I'm looking for two specific fics.

1. The first one is a werefic where lion!Jared is out unsuccessfully looking for a mate. He eventually gives up and happens to claim a territory that overlaps with leopard!Jensen's, which lead to them meeting and mating. There's eventual mpreg!Jensen, with Jensen giving birth in his wereform while Jared helps him in human form. One of the pups is born all black due to the leopard/panther genes form Jensen's side, which freaks Jared out.
Found: Fighting For Territory by morrezela.

2. The second fic is one I fruitlessly searched for here a few years(?) ago. It's an older fic where a female FBI agent/cop hunting down the brothers finds a VHS tape left behind in their motel room.Turns out it's a sex tape (bottom!, and she watches it on the TV in the room. It was bottom!Dean.

Specific J2 fic: Jared and Jensen lost in forest/ snake bite

Hey y’all! I’m driving myself crazy looking for this fic and having no actual luck. :(

Here’s what I remember:
- in this fic j2 were already together and were filming for SPN out in the Vancouver forest or something
- they had a break and wanted to go fool around out in the wilderness
- the set people quit and went home early and everyone thought j2 just got their own ride home / the crew accidentally left j2 stranded and lost in the woods
- I think someone falls down a hill or small cliff? And the other one follows?
- Jensen is eventually bitten by a snake and they argue a lot

Ringing any bells?:(

Looking for a specific fic - Cas isn't sure he is welcome to stay at the bunker

I'm looking for a specific fic I remember reading where Cas is fallen and comes to stay at the bunker with Sam and Dean. Cas is unsure of whether he is welcome to stay and asks if there is a laundromat nearby that he can use. Dean explains that he is family and can stay with them in the Bunker and use all of their stuff. Dean/Cas pairing.


Found: Loking for a Jensen/Misha personal trainer work

I remembered te other day this fic but I can't find it now, and I really want to read it again.
I am afraid that my google-fu habilities are really low, because I remember a lot of details.
As I said in the title it was a Jensen/Misha story. It started with Misha and I think Rob in Mishas store about yoga or something like that and he was trying to lift some boxes and failing pretty bad so Rob? told hi to join a gym.
It was Jensen's and Jared's gym and I thing Gen was the receptionist or something.
He joins the Gym and Jared starts to train him but then Jensen trains him. Someone tolds MIsha Jensen's name but he hears it wrong, and then he can't find Jensen because he understood Jason. Misha is bad at weights but good at running and there is sex in the office and stuff.

There are a lot of details but I can't find it. I read it in AO3.
Some help would be awesome.
Thanks in advance.

LF an old gen FIC of hurt Sam

I'm looking for an old fic. I remember that it was gen. The brothers get together after being apart (Stanford, probably).Dean has a dog, who dislikes Sam. But Sammy loves the doggy a lot. He saved the dog from an accident and gets badly hurt. The dog then feels guilty.
I remember one particular scene where the dog sneaks into the hospital and hides inside the cupboard of Sam's room to be close to Sam.

Please please please please please please help me find this FIC.

Thanks bunches in advance.

Looking for Fic Recs and links - veteran/military/LEO Dean, being recognised/mistaken

Hi! This is my first post here. I am in search of recs for military veteran, law enforcement veteran Dean, anything in that realm is welcome!!

I'd really love some hurt/comfort, especially Dean being mistaken for or recognised as a veteran, by another veteran would be brilliant, him getting some appreciation and support would be awesome!!

This can be he was in law enforcement or the military or his experiences in Hell and resulting PTS being taken as a result of service. Short or long, I'm after fics that have Dean being helped and recognised.

Fics where he gets (or even gives) recognition and not pity with regards to service hit me where I live so to speak :).

- I'm not fussed on pairings but also not fussy about them if the story is good.
- Can be AU Dean as a current or former serviceman being appreciated and recognised
- Can be Dean as he is in the time after his first Hell deal, being mistaken for a war veteran/police/LEO veteran
- Can be Dean at any point with a career in law enforcement or military or similar service career
- Looking for some appreciation/recognition of service, by canonical characters or OCs, prefer Smart Dean if possible
- Someone being supportive of or supporting Dean would be loved
- Can be currently in the job
- Panic attack, pts/ PTSD, general flinching/discomfort type reaction to any catalyst that suits

Any recs that fit this type of appreciation would be welcome, even if not military or police. Any Smart Dean appreciation too!

I have gone through the tags, but am in search of whatever you wonderful folk can give! TIA!

Mods, if anything in this post needs fixing please let me know, I've tried to tag correctly.
Rose Music

FOUND! Marriage & tailor fic

FOUND: Okay, this was a few years ago at least but I had this fic up on my computer before it crashed. I thought it was under this one entery on tumblr but I can't find it. I BELIEVE it's werecat and is possibly a series? If I remember right, Jared was a werecat that got married/mated to Jensen really young and he was feeling like he missed out on things? I think there's some infidelity that happens. I know that ulitmatly Jared & Jensen patch things up and are happy again.
Then I started reading one that I lost as well. Jared is a tailor and he knows that one day he will be with his true love, a man he never met but had dreamed of all his life. Then the man, Jensen walks in one day because he needs to be fitted for a tux for his wedding. Not sure how that worked out for Jared in the end but I'd love to find out.
Thanx guys!

{FOUND} Young Sam is kidnapped, long fic with a lot of chapters

I'm looking for a specific where both Sam and Dean are younger and set at bobby's house. 

The only things that I can remember from the story is that Sam is too young to hunt and wants to have his first but john won't let him. Sam is kidnapped when John and Dean go on a hunt and dean blames himself for what happened to Sam. When they save Sam, Dean goes crazy and kills all of the monsters and takes Sam to the hospital. Dean cares for Sam the whole time after Sam gets out of the hospital and Bobby know whats happening and helps Dean. There is also a shower scene where Sam has a flash back to when he was kidnapped and starts to freak out, and Dean sleeping with Sam to help with the pain of his injuries.

Wincest starts to happen 

Jared slave fic

I’ve spent ages looking for a specific fic, with no luck. All I can remember is:
Jared was Jensen’s slave
Jensen was some kind of nobleman/royalty
Jared was a lot younger than Jensen
Jared might have had piercings?

It’s similar to the Pretty Things verse by keep_waking_up but it’s not that
Any help would be greatly appreciated

[Found] Specific fic: Sams handscar, Jack imitates

I'm looking for a oneshot i read a few months ago. Im 95 % sure it was on ao3.

It's set in season 13 (obviously, since Jack is there). While in the bunker Dean sees Jack constantly pressing his thumb into the palm of his hand. When Dean asks him about it he says that Sam does this when he is thinking. Dean then confronts Sam about it.

bottom!Dean/bottom!Jensen fic rec please

Hi, I'm strictly bottom!Dean and bottom!Jensen reader and I have benefited so much from the wonderful somer's pinboard bookmark collection, which is mainly J2 and Wincest. I also like reading Destiel and I'm wondering if there is any fic rec site/bookmark/blog/journal that is dedicated to top!Cas/bottom!Dean fics and is still being updated now.

I'm also looking for any Wincest/J2/Destiel AU fics where the couple are in an antagonistic/competitive/rival relationship. So far I have enjoyed fics like:
Someone You Might Have Been by Fleshflutter
Alpha Falling by Syls Darkplace
In These Woods by reillyblack

3 out of 4 are ABO somehow but I'll read any setting as long as it's bottom!Dean/bottom!Jensen. Thank you in advance!