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CAS moves on.

Looking for a fic I read recently and just can't find?

After CAS leaves and moves on, Dean regrets very thing and wants him back.
But CAS will not leave himself open like that to anyone again.
CAS is cheered up by Gabriel and rides a motorbike.
That's pretty much all I remember.

If anyone can let me know what fic this is I'd be very grateful.

FOUND! Specific Slave!Sam Fic

Looking for a fic I read a long, long time ago, where the Trickster (who is not an angel in this fic due to it being written before that was revealed on the show) has a sister who is frankly evil. Sam makes a deal with the female trickter, exchanging his freedom for Dean to be released from his deal with Hell. Sam then becomes a pleasure slave for the female trickster (and her friends in one party scene) and the story revolves around his coping mechanisms while in captivity until the Trickster's brother (Gabriel) forces her to free him and let him go back to Dean, who is still freed from his own contract.

I don't remember much more other than sone specific scenes where the female trickster forces herself on Sam and eventually drugs him into submission, with Sam coming to beg for the drugs so that he can dissociate more easily.

FOUND!!! Looking for specific fic: Godzilla Vs Sam

I know this story exists, because I've read it more than once. But I have switched computers and am rebuilding my favourite list and I can't seem to locate it.

I don't remember what causes it, but there's a Godzilla like creature attacking and Sam turns somehow gigantic to try to stop it, only for Bobby to find a very clever and unique way to save the day.

Can some kind soul out there help me?

FOUND! It's Godzilla Vs Samra -- and I couldn't find it because I was scouring the wrong archives! Thanks, y'all!

Found! In comments J2 Missing!Jared Fic

Hello, all~
I'm looking for a fic I had saved on my computer, but my hard drive got wiped and I lost it. If I'm remembering correctly, Jensen and Jared possibly shared a house, but Jared has gone missing. Problem is, Jensen is the only person who remembers Jared ever existing.

I also think the Fates were in the story? As in, they were the ones controlling what happened, trying to guide Jensen into realizing that Jared wasn't just a friend to Jensen.

Is this ringing familiar to anyone? Thanks in advance~~~

Deleted fic request.

Hello, I was wondering if any of you had a copy of When The Stars Go Blue by shiplessheathen? I have seen the synopsis of the story floating around but am not able to read it because the author deleted their journal. If any of you have it and would be kind enough to send it to me, I'll appreciate it a lot. (Email -

Thank you!