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Frequently Searched For Recs, PDF's/Podfics and others // Deleted/Purged Journals // Deleted stories (authors still active)
Su in NII

Looking for specific John/Sam/Dean fic (Found!)

Hi! I’m looking for a specific fic with John, Sam and Dean.

John and Sam both fancy Dean in a sexual manner, hence they got this witch to place a curse on Dean. Dean would wake up every morning thinking he was still 16(?) years old and that it was the morning of his birthday. But he would be unfamiliar with the room and couldn’t recognise grown-up Sam, so John and Sam convinced Dean to record a video explaining his ‘unfortunate condition’. The main part of the story revolves around Dean waking up one day with no recollection, and being tricked by John and Sam into thinking that the 3 of them were in a consensual sexual relationship, and they would play nice with him by cooking him his favorite breakfast etc. When night fell, John and Sam restrained Dean and tried to convince him that it was something he liked, except it was revealed that they were the ones who asked a witch to put the curse on Dean. I think there was a short sequel where Dean wakes up and for once, remembers what happened and tried to escape and find Bobby for help.

Couldn’t find this fic anywhere, hope a kind soul could lead me to it, thank you!

Edit: Found! Link in comments below.

My Stories

Hi all its me crynintherain.

A few years ago I pulled my fics from here and asked that they not be shared. Recently I got my rights back for them and as I'm not writing nor in fandom any longer, I wanted to let everyone know you're free to request and share them.

I contacted kruel_angel and gave her a sendspace link containing a folder with all my stories in it. I believe she added it to the deleted stories post but I'll include it here as well.

I appreciate anyone who has read or searched for my fics in the past.

Happy reading!

Looking for a pdf or epub for 'We Were Twenty' by Elohvee !found!

This story is ao beautiful and I immediately fell in love with it. So now I am looking for a pdf or epub of the fanfic 'We Were Twenty' by Elohvee. The story is published here on lj and pretty long. Can someone help me out?

Thx in advance for all the help u can give me!

link to various formats of the story can be found in the comments. Thank you!

Advance warning: Cillastuff is deleting their "2 Alphas" series

Cillasstuff just posted an updated chapter on 2 Alphas Walk Into a Bar that reads:

"On October 23 I will be removing this fic along with and heartbreak ensued."

Cillla has requested that these fics NOT be shared once they are removed because they will be published as original fiction (yay!!!), so if you want a copy of these fics, which were part of the 2016 and 2017 SPNJ2 Big Bangs, download a copy for yourself to keep now!

2 Alphas Walk Into a Bar...:  Jared was a dick. However, he was an Alpha dick and his status allowed  him to get away with his callus attitude towards Omegas. All that  changed on the night that he met his soulmate, Jensen Ackles. Jensen was  the smallest and prettiest male Omega Alpha Jared had ever encountered,  and to him that meant that Jensen was to be his Omega. While  consummating their union Jared attempted to claim and turn Jensen, but  Jensen's wolf had other ideas. Now the two of them have to navigate  their new relationship as they fight both enemies Jared made in his past  and Jared's denial about his new place in the world.

Free Your Mind Instead: Jensen meets his mother for lunch and learns something about himself, his mother and Omegas.

...And Heartbreak Ensued:  Jared loves Jensen, he does; he just doesn't like being an Omega. He's  assimilating, but he'll never be the perfect Omega that society demands.  After a year of hell, he's still attempting to reconcile who he was  with who he is now and the answers aren't easy. Especially when Jared  spends his free time dreaming of subjugating his Alpha and have Jensen  bend to his will.

Series details:
Pairings:  Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki, Matt Cohen/Chad Michael Murray, Megalyn  Enchowke/Aldis Hodge, Michael Rosenbaum/Tom Welling, Misha Collins/Vicki  Vantoch, Stephen Amell/Katie Cassidy, Steve Carlson/Christian Kane. Characters:  Aldis Hodge, Alexis Bledel, Chad Michael Murray, Charles Malik  Whitfield, James Laffery, Jared Padalecki, Jason Mamoa, Jeffrey Dean  Morgan, Jensen Ackles, Jim Beaver, Moira Kelly, Rick Worthy, Samantha  Ferris, Sterling Brown. Tags: A/B/O, Abortion, Abuse, Alpha  Jensen, Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Alternate Universe, Alternate  Universe - Dystopia, Anal Fingering, Anal Sex, Angst with a Happy  Ending, Attempted Sexual Assault, Bottom Jared Padalecki, Dubious  Consent, Dystopia, ephipany, Full Shift Werewolves, Implied/Referenced  Suicide, Mentions of Abortion, Miscarriage, Mpreg, Omega Jared,  Omegaverse, Short Jensen, Soul Bond, Suicide Attempt, Top Jensen Ackles,  Were-Creatures, Younger Jensen

Rec for 4x02 Are you there God, it’s me Dean Winchester

After the talk with Castiel and his line “I dragged you out of hell, I can throw you back in.”, Dean is terrified. He does everything the angels ask of him, he respects all orders or rules he would normally ignore, so much so that it affects his personal life (e.g. no illegal parking, no bar fights or even credit card scams etc.). Sam of course notices it but doesn’t know what to make of it. When Cas finally catches on, he feels super guilty. (I would prefer it, if it would be gen and not Destiel 😊).


Looking for deleted fic "And the stars of Heaven shall fall" by supernaturalis (Dean/Castiel)

Hello, I'm searching for the fic "And the stars of Heaven shall fall" by supernaturalis (formerly divinitycas).
The author deleted all her fics from AO3. I had no luck with Google, and Wayback Machine gets stuck on the adult content filter page from AO3...

Summary: When Castiel crashed to Earth he thought he’d fallen in every way possible. He found his revelation in Dean; his hope, his lifeline, lover and friend. They clung to each other as the world collapsed around them, trying desperately to stay alive in an ocean of destruction that threatened to drown them both. But there are things that love can’t withstand, some challenges so impossible that even the strongest of bonds can’t survive them. When the world falls apart, sometimes people do too.

Thanks :)

Omega Dean/Alpha Sam, Doctor Sam

Hi everyone,

I am looking for a fanfic in which Dean moves into a new city and suddenly his circle goes haywire. He goes to see a doctor, which i am pretty sure was Sam, to check him out. Sam figures out that Dean might have found his true mate which causes his circle to be so strange. They mate in the doctor's office. I also remember his secretary having balloons :D I have no idea which platform it was on.

Sounds familiar to anyone?
twinkling stars

1 specific fic + general requests

i can't remember much about it, but i read it years ago and what i recall is that it had:
> destiel
> human au with the angels as a dysfunctional family (may have also been a high school au?)
> there was a background plot reveal of anna being pregnant with michael (her older brother's) baby
> gabriel and michael fiercely disliking one another, i think?

also looking for some general destiel fic recs that are preferably:
> long (>60K)
> set in the canon universe
> explores the way dean is less than kind to cas, especially in the beginning, and doesn't treat him like a person (uses him)
> explores the brothers' emotional codependency
> explores cas not having the morality of a human being and also being old as hell
> just something that handles how they aren't especially healthy

Looking for specific Gen Fic SPN Dean and Sam- Hurt/Comfort?

Hi All,

I am looking for a fic I believe it was posted on "Fan Fiction' Site way back maybe 2007 to 2010?

It was a possibly hurt and comfort?

All I remember it was set early season 2- 3? Dean was being a jerk to Sam because Sam was making Dean take a break because Dean strained his shoulder or dislocated it? Sam was driving the car and it begins to rain or was Dean driving the car- needles to say they car either gets stuck in mud or the rain made the road impossible to drive (something like that) so they are force to get a motel and stay there. Dean is really mad at Sam- so he purposely get two rooms.

Sam is hurt by this but doesn't say anything- this is where the trouble begins with Sam ( as always- grins)

Sam goes to bed but he gets awaken cause he feels something in the room/ something staring at him- he sees a purple monster at the end of the bed- and he thinks great we had to get a motel that has a monster in it- Sam is not worry cause he sees what kind it is and thinks it on the scale of not dangerous and simple to get rid of? - I think he called it a boogie and knows they scare easily- I think the best way to at least make it go away- you just go under a blanket and Sam does this but instead of it going away- it step closer and closer Sam does not get out until at the very last minute when it actually attacks (slashes with its claws)

So basically I remember the first whole chapter is on his own trying to kill this thing but everything he knows he tires on it and it doesn't work with all the yelling and being thrown around; Dean finally get mad and walks over wondering why is Sam making a lot of noise? When he opens the door just in time to see his little brother in trouble and takes actions- Dena actually makes the monster disperse (run away) Sam wonder how come the stuff he tried didn't make it go away or hurt it? Dean lets Sam know it wasn't what Sam thought is was it was something else( really cant remember the monsters name) it was similar?

Anyway I know there is a scene (again the boys fighting) Sam walks into the bathroom a slams the door- but that was a mistake while washing his hands he notice the mirror shimmer and then when he looks closer "BAM" hands come out of the mirror and grab him- He is holding on to the sides of the mirror walls kicking and banging on the walls and the sink - since he can't scream he is Head and neck in the mirror- Dean again comes to his rescue.

So thats all I remember- being October I was thinking this could be a good one to read :)
I hope someone remembers this one and can link me over :)

Specific Hurt!Dean fic

Looking for a certain fic where Dean I think was either a teenager or a kid, but Bobby and John had gone out on some hunt and John ended up getting possessed ( I can’t remember what by but I know it wasn’t a demon) all I know is that possessed John goes back to where Sam and Dean are staying and tries to get Dean to sleep with him. But Bobby gets there in time to stop it! I remember reading this on AO3 but I can’t seem to find it anymore.

Fall bench

specific J2 story

I'm looking for a specific BDSM J2 story, but I'm hazy on the details. I don't even know if the story was ever completed. I remember reading that Jensen agreed to be Jared's Dom but only on certain days (weekends maybe), and Jensen took on other Subs. I remember Jared being really upset about that and possibly even wanted to severe their contact because Jensen wasn't being exclusive with him. That's pretty much all I remember, so if someone knows the story...that would be fantastic.

specific!fic j2 pining jensen (status: found)

Sometime ago someone gave me this awesome rec and i can't find the title or the author. The basic idea of the fic was: Jensen admitting his feelings for Jared, after a little freakout from Jared's side they went on a test - date together and decided to give their relationship a go. I clearly remember they've had a first kiss in the kitchen of their home (they were leaving together) and Jared was reassuring Jensen that everything is okay. It was a non-au j2 pining fic.

Thanks, as always, guys! :)

J2 being roommates, Jensen doesn't like Jared

I'm looking for a fic where Jared and Jensen are college roommates. As far as I remember there are a few other guys living with them. Jensen doesn't really like Jared but then Jared finds himself a boyfriend. I remember a scene where said boyfriend tries to have sex with him or something and Jared pushes him away. Afterwards Jensen becomes all protective of Jared.
I thought it was It Ain't Easy by whispered_story or Maybe This Time by BewareTheIdes15, but even though the summary fits, there's no other boyfriend or anything.
Any clue?

Cant find wincest fic!

This fic is super old and very long. I dont remember there being chapters, but it was several parts of a series. I can't remember any titles, but I know that it followed the actual story of Supernatural seasons throughout the years, but with Sam and Deans relationship and how they got together. 

I remember in the teenage years right before sam left for stanford a character named Dom who worked with Dean at a garage, really liked sam and would flirt and try to take him out on a date, and Dean was really jealous. Dom and sam almost have sex but sam cant go through with it bc he's in love with dean. Dom helps sam leave for stanford. Dean punches dom in the face and breaks his nose.

in the WAY later years after theyre together sam and dean have dinner with Dom and his new boyfriend, and sam and dean are married at this point i believe. Dom still tries to hit on sam, and dean gets jealous again.

Anybody? :)

Looking for a fanfic copy of 'Do Dandelions Roar' by kuwamiko/kyrene !found!

The fic 'Do Dandelions Roar' by kuwamiko can be found here on lj but I am looking for a pdf copy of this fanfic. The pdf was one available on ao3 but has now apparently been taken out. Does anyone have a copy left?

Thx in advance for all the help you can give me

A big thank you for everyone who helped me!

J2, The Lie That Keeps You Warm

I'm looking for a J2 fic called The Lie That Keeps You Warm by aerithqoc.
Jensen is a Hollywood actor who's quickly fading out of the
spotlight. To create a new buzz, his agent suggests a double whammy
tabloid shocker; Jensen Ackles is getting married... to a guy. But of
all the people his agent (Misha) picks to be his groom-to-be, Jensen
didnt expect it to be Jared Padalecki, the once dorky kid he used to
bully in high school.

Sloe Djinn is posting and orphaning her fics on AO3

For anyone who has mourned their absence — it may take some searching to find them, but she's leaving them on AO3 for posterity. (Hopefully someone will compile a list of them.) Also note the permissions in the lovely third paragraph, for anyone who has works that she has not posted there.

From her <a href="">AO3 post</a>:

"Hello all. I have been reposting a number of  my stories and orphaning them as I do not wish this account  associated with them, but was about to delete them from my computer forever (spring  cleaning time, so to speak). But it seemed a shame that some of them  would be gone forever if I did that. I was setting these stories free,  as it were.

It has come to my attention that some people believe that someone else is doing this and stealing my stories. 

To  clarify, the recent group of stories posted and orphaned was done by  me. If someone else wants to post others, so long as they are posted as  ‘orphaned’ or anonymous, that is also fine, so long as no one else tries  to take credit in their own name.

I will probably delete this eventually as well."

General request for these hurt!Dean fics

1. I am looking for any fics where Dean is hurt or about to pass out and whoever he's with (Sam, John, Cas, etc.) doesn't realize at first. Bonus if the other character/s are angry with Dean before realizing he's hurt

2. Fics where Dean is seriously hurt but he powers through and keeps going to the worry of other characters

3. Fics where it's kinda Sam's or John's fault that Dean is hurt and they feel guilty

4. Fics where someone hurts Dean or says something bad about/to him and Sam, Castiel, or John gets pissed and protective. The more pissed they are, the better ;)

Thanks for any help!

Specific Sam/Dean Make/Up Curtain!Fic *Found*

I am looking for a fic on AO3. Sam had separated from Dean, then Dean went through a hard time. Sam goes to talk to Bobby to find dean. Dean has settled in a small town, in a beautiful house, with a huge green lawn. Sam finds him in the back yard, spinning around a small, beautiful woman, wearing an apron. Sam has to earn Dean's trust again. He gets a job in the town where Dean fits really well, they all think he's a veteran. Dean invites Sam to the town cookout or barbecue where Dean gets a lot of attention. The female friend that Dean lives with is someone he met in a mental hospital. Sam works hard for her approval and isn't getting it. Eventually Sam and Dean get together and move in together. Can't remember the title, author, or tags. Can't find it it my AO3 history, despite searching 25 pages.

Looking for specific Omega Dean/ Alpha Sam fic

I’m looking for a fic that I think I read on AO3. Dean was an unusually independent omega, but Sam was a very traditional Alpha. John was okay with Dean doing his own thing. But Sam kidnapped Dean, took him to the woods and forced Dean to submit to him. Fast forward a few years and John is sitting in a diner. He sees Dean walk in with 2 children and then Sam follows. John thinks about making a move to rescue Dean but realizes it’s too late for that. He lets the family be. I looked through about 200 posts in this community and I could not find the fic I’m looking for.

General search for J2 romance stories

Hi! I've just been laid up and was looking for help finding some J2 stories to read. I've missed a lot over the past 3 years or so, so I'm not up to date on recent fics.. Would love some romance, J2, happy ending, big bang-type stories. First time J2 is a plus, though prefer them to be adults. Hurt/comfort is awesome if happy ending. No J2 infidelity (once they are together), no WIPs and no J2 death please. Love the usual supporting cast, ie) Christian, Chad, etc. Any suggestions?

Jensen-sexy feet

J2 Dragon Fic!

I'm looking for a fic that is a couple of years old by now. It's time for Dragon!Jensen to find a mate, so they set up a competition for anybody who wants to try to win Jensen over, at the end Jensen will choose his mate. Jared enters and there are a couple of different tasks he needs to do, I think one was archery, but one was definitely finding a flower to bring back to Jensen. Pretty sure Jensen always had his eye on Jared, but he still had to go through the whole process of the competition because it was just the way things were done.

Thanks for any help on this. :)

FOUND! Building Sandcastles by ashtraythief

Request; Looking for any 1st time Chad/ Jared but ends Jensen/Jared?

Hello All,

Happy Birthday to me 9/25 is my Birthday and I am hoping some you know some great Chad/ Jared fics...where they are best friends but cross the line to dating.

Or some Chad and Jensen competing for Jared- who ever he ends up with its all right

Or first time Chad and Jared sleep together - it could because they drank too much or experimental- they can end up together or decides they love each other just as best friends

So anything along those lines...but must be bottom Jared fics

Thank you all <3
Blue pentagram

Looking for specific hurt Sam fic: underwater w/barbed wire -found!

Looking for a fic that I believe is on LJ (in my memory, the page has white text on a black background). Sam is fighting a monster inside a farm structure (a grain silo?) and he and the monster end up falling into water. Sam is tangled in barbed wire and attempts to amputate his own arm to escape. Dean drags him out and tells him not to look at the arm, because it’s pretty mangled, and Sam misunderstands and thinks it’s gone. Any help is appreciated, thanks!

Looking for retelling from S1 Dean and Cas, Sam stays at stanford (FOUND!)


I'm looking for a fic that was a retelling of the first 5 seasons but with just Dean and Castiel, Sam stayed in Stanford.

I think Dean and Cas went back in time or something and went about the whole apocalypse in a different way.

Sam stayed at stanford, and he wasn't really aware the apocalypse was starting. Dean and cas got a whole gang of hunters to join a network to stop the apocalypse. John was kinda kept outa the loop in the story.

Ringing any bells for anyone? It was probably Gen or Destiel. I remember it being kinda longish.
Mr. Bowie

Teen Sam & Dean in a Forest **FOUND**

I wanted to re-read this story, which I'm sure I had saved in my Delicious account, only to find that Delicious is no more!  Looking for help - basic plot:    John drops his sons off in a forest one night, with no prior notice, because something evil is in it - it is a test for them?  These rather vague details doesn't  begin to describe this excellent story.  Here's some more info:

This was a multi-chapter epic, maybe 30+ parts
I'm pretty sure the word "highway" was involved
Sam and Dean were barely out of their teens
They encounter spirits/ghosts in the forest, and have hallucinations that seem real to them
This is wincest - the brothers are involved with each other
The spirit is of a settler in the land from 100+ years ago (revealed toward the end)
The boys get separated for a time and one encounters the spirit, who tells their whole backstory

Thanks for any help.  I'm gonna feel really dumb when I'm told the title, which I SHOULD remember.

Gen "Realistic" Sam and Dean Fic and Recs

Hi! I'm trying to find a fic for a friend of mine.

This is what she remembers:

"it was all about how sam & dean’s bodies were screwed up from all the abuse they’ve been put under and i want to find it so bad cuz it’s like “adding the sense of realism” and “this all isn’t as glamorous as it seems” like that one ameliacareful fic

the problem is.... all i remember about it is

1) sam & dean had corns on their feet and
2) their fingers were all screwed up from being broken/punching things so often"

That said, she would also appreciate more fics along the same line: adding realism to our boys. Only gen, no pairings, please!

Specific fic search - please help !Found!

hello lovely people.

I've had this scene stuck in my brain for over a week and I cannot recall which fic this belongs to, and I was hoping someone might be able to help?

it was quite a long fic, but the scene I remember was Jensen as a young boy in a school, who see's a classmate being abducted from the playing fields. I remember he runs after the abductor and stops him, and gets hurt somehow?

and that's it! if anyone can remember this fic I'll be eternally grateful :)

Mods: really sorry that I can't put more tags but I don't remember much!

boyking!sam [STATUS: FOUND]


I am looking for a sam and dean fan-fiction, here's all I can remember: 

Sam is the king of hell and dean is sort of his consort in training. Sam is usually cruel, lucifer/crowley type of typical ruler of hell, but he still "cares" deeply for dean. He wore a pin that changed colors to better communicate with dean about when his mood was changing (it ranged from yellow-happy to black-livid, there was even a color for lust and sadness). dean used the pin to determine when he should stop pushing. There are a couple other brief scenes I remember: dean is chained to sam's desk while sam works (sam gave him a movie and he watched Aladdin — a movie he used to watch with sam as a kid), dean pushed too far and sam left to kill a lot of people and came back calm, dean realizes that sam isn't manipulating him into enjoying making love with sam and that freaks him out, sam has a plan that once he gets dean on board with being his consort he's gonna get dean on board with being his second in command (killing/torturing people for him). 

Thank you so much! 

Fall bench

specific J2 story

I'm looking for a story from waaay back. I remember Jensen and Danneel agreeing to have a child together. During the numerous attempts of invitro (I believe), Jensen meets Jared. J2 begin to fall for each other, but Jensen never tells Jared about Danneel and their attempts at getting Danneel pregnant. In the end, there's a happy ending for all. Anyone recognize this story?

Specific fic wincest in reverse

Hello everyone,

Can you please help me find a fic i have lost? I am almost sure it was on AO3. It’s sort of wincest in reverse: It starts with the boys having had sex for a while when it looked like the world was doomed, then they somehow avoid the apocalypse and Dean decides he wants to go back to just being brothers. They do and THEN Sam realizes he has somehow managed to fall in love with his brother along the way and how is he going to get that relationship back?

Thanks so much in advance if you can help me find it!

Dean uses a witch to fight demons and save Sam from poison at Bobby's.

Hi hello!

I'm looking for this specific story that takes place at Bobby's while he is gone and Rufus left a witch in the panic room while he was somewhere else too. I do not know which season this takes place in.

Something happened to Sam, I think he was bit by some nasty creature, and Dean had to go to Bobby's for the cure. Bobby warns them about the witch Rufus left in the panic room but she manages to mess with Dean anyway and he also has to deal with demons attacking them. Dean ends up getting beat all to hell, uses the witch to fight the demons and save Sam from whatever the gross creature poison was doing to him (he was tied to the couch or something to keep him from running from his hallucinations I think?). The cure involved dean burning the poison out of Sam somehow.

I know I read it on but I think it is here on LiveJournal also, and I have searched for it both places using several different descriptions etc, but I might not be using the right search criteria or not recognizing it when I start reading.

Thank you thank you!

Little Guy

FOUND!Specific fic there were skittles involved

Hey I'm looking for a story I read a while back and can't remember the title, author, or where I read it. I think Sam and Dean were staying at a bed and breakfast type place and Sam makes a wish that his brother would listen to him. Then there is a scene where I think sam is drunk or otherwise impaired and wrecks the implala and his bag of skittles goes flying everywhere. I think there might have been a zombie horde involved at the end? Thats about all I remember. I'm not sure if it's gen or wincest. Its not a lot to go on but if someone could help me out I would appreciate it.
Thank you


After rereading I have updated the tags

J2 Coworker AU

Hey, I'm looking for a story. I don't remember much but what I do is Jensen and Jared were coworkers in an office building type place. Jared brought Jensen coffee every day as a way to bond and start a friendship. Jensen is kind of standoff-ish during the beginning for some reason.  It might have been a bigbang story. And there might have been some sort of fantasy element to it but my brain might have just made that up out of nowhere. Jensen also might have had asthma or been diabetic or something where Jared has to step in and help him. 

Does this ring any bells?


Fic Search: TrueForm!Castiel + Dean/Cas

Hi all,

I'm looking for a specific Dean/Cas fic.

I read it ages ago on LiveJournal (I'm pretty sure). Like, 2009/2010, probably (although I'm not completely sure on that - it was awhile ago). I don't remember a ton about it but Cas shows Dean his trueform (he's pretty hesistant about it because he knows it'll be overwhelming but eventually gives in). Cas has to bring them to a different plane of existence because otherwise Dean would die and/or go blind. From what I remember, Cas has like multiple animal heads and a bunch of arms, and Dean starts to cry when he sees Cas like that (because he's so beautiful, etc). I think they eventually have sex like that (I remember something about Cas feeling Dean all over with his arms). It was probably around 50k+ words but I don't remember anything else that happened (I think the whole dean/cas stuff was the main point of the fanfic so Sam and other things may have been mentioned but they weren't a big part of what was going on).

Any help would be great! Thanks in advance!

General requests (Outsider PoV, Sam's PoV)

Hi! I'm seriuosly addicted to certain kinds of fanfictions and I'm running out of stories, so I'm asking for your help.
(Just no wincest, Destiel is okay if it's not the centre of the story)

1. Outsider PoV on Dean. Any kind of fic that includes another character getting to know him - High School Fics, Crossovers, Au, Law Reinforcement, Reunion with old characters, Sam's friends at Stanford, or just a OC's PoV - all sounds good to me. Sam's presence is welcome, but not necessary. I'm hoping for longs fics (10k+), the longer the better. I would love Jess' PoV and AUs in which she survives the pilot joining the Winchesters.
Bonus point if the brothers result scary because of their criminal history - or just because they're the freaking Winchesters.
Examples: Accidental Documentaries, In Reverse, The Beer Verse, the Demented Verse, When Worlds Collide, Defect, Kobayashi Maru, Roses in December (is there a sequel?).

2. Sam's PoV, any well written story that explores their bond, but preferably Guilty!Sam over Dean or just Sam missing Dean. I love fics in which Sam thinks he might have/he has lost his brother (literally or metaphorically), or just really hurt him. Death fic, episode related fic or AU is more than okay, as long as it feeds my morbid need for angst. Suicidal!Dean is good too.
Anything about Lucifer Rising would be perfect, but I really want Sam's PoV and I haven't found lots of that. Also, I love Dean's goodbyes.
Example: Crash, Same Time Next Year, No Line on the Horizon, One Night, Voicemail (an AU in which Dean doesn't tell Sam about the deal in 2x22 - are there any more like that?)

3. Winchester Reunions, with the boys finding each other (again, literally or metaphorically) after years apart - or meeting for the first time. Preferably AU's in which Dean never comes in the Pilot, or Sam doesn't go with him. Raised apart is also good, as long as the character's personalities remain more or less the same. I also like amnesia!fics.
Examples: The Obsediance of Memory, In Shadow.

4. Any long fic you think is really worth reading :) like, it's-4-AM-but-it's-a-long-time-until-sunrise-just-another-chapter worth reading.

Thanks! (forgive my english, I'm not a native speaker)

FOUND) Specific Fic: John/Sam ( f*ck or die )

Searching for a friend from Instagram who can’t find the fic they’re looking for. Hoping y’all can work your magic and help them find it:)

This is what they remember: “Its a John/Sam Fuck or Die. There is the possibility that the title might be something with "Virgin sacrifice" where the Winchesters get kidnapped and wake up in a wooden cabing that they can only leave once the only virgin among them has his virginity sacrifice; Sam. The fanfic starts with Dean being beaten by some masked (/colth covered) guards in a deserted square or a place like that”

It may be called Virgin Sacrifice? But I haven’t found it under that yet.

(Including the details they wrote as well)

Found in comments! :)

Have 1 Specific and 2 General Searches. Castiel Centric stuff!

1) The specific fic may have been a comment meme fic. I believe it was very short. But it had Michael (maybe Gabriel and Lucifer) as humans. They end up adopting Castiel and Balthazar who were their abused half brothers. I remember these two boys being terrified of their closet (that is how they were punished) so Michael dry walled the closet and got them a dresser instead.

2) Any hurt!Castiel centric fic. I've read everything under the 'Hurt Castiel' AO3 tag. So fics outside of AO3 or not tagged as such would be best. Bonus for people (Sam, Dean, Bobby, Gabriel, Lucifer, whatever) taking care of Castiel. This one can be any pairing OR Gen except Sam/Dean (Wincestiel is fine).

3) Dean/Castiel OR Castiel/Sam OR Dean/Sam/Castiel which has a part about people (Bobby, Mary, angels, strangers) finding out about their relationship.


Searching for specific fic : mpreg!dean destiel

What I remember of the story — 

1. it was mpreg!dean

2. dean and cas are separated even though castiel knows dean is pregnant

3. castiel's roommate thinks dean is his war buddy

4. castiel has a girlfriend (they break up later)

5. birth is pretty graphic. emergency responders find dean after baby is removed through home surgery. 

6. They get together in the end