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Frequently Searched For Recs, PDF's/Podfics and others // Deleted/Purged Journals // Deleted stories (authors still active)

J2 specific fic Artificial Intelligence Android

Hi SPN friends,

I’m hoping you all can once again help me find a fic I read once that I (aka idjit) did not download and now cannot find. *eye roll*

Here’s what I remember... it is J2. Jared is a brilliant Artificial Intelligence design engineer who once created an AI bot that changed the world. Something disastrous happened, he blamed himself and chose self-exile on another planet (dimension/world?) where he is surrounded only with robotic house help. He also is scarred from the event.

Jensen is a very advanced AI that was created through the efforts of Jared’s efforts and he crashes into the land of Jared’s compound. Love ensues as Jensen resists his primary command programming.

Hopefully this will jog someone’s memory. Thanks in advance.
Jensen smile

Old oneshot apocalyptic AU


First time poster here, and hopefully you’ll be able to help me find what i’m Looking for :)

It was an old Sam/Dean oneshot (posted here or in ao3 i’m really unsure) ,about Dean being in a organized military apocalyptic type of world, and Sam joins his team but he doesn’t speak / can’t speak.

I remember one part where a person in dean’s team tries to hit on sam and Dean just absolutely loses and is asking Sam to be his?

I don’t think there were brothers in this one, just dean being utterly besotted basically.

Thank you for the help!! 😊

Jared works for Jensen

I'm looking for any fics where Jared works for Jensen. There was a great fic a while back where Jared was a camera-man to Jensen's TV survivalist, which is a similar concept to what I want. I'd rather plotty stories rather than just porn. Something sweet, although I am partial to hurt!Jared. The longer the better :)
Thanks in advance!

Specific (FOUND) J2 fic, bottom Jared, "Lavender"

I read this story a long time ago and cant seem to find it no matter how hard I look. I was so sure the fic was called Lavender but I cant find any results, so maybe it has been deleted?

The story has a sweet and friendly Jared and a grumpy Jensen who meet at a farmers market. Jared (I think) makes coffee or is a type of florist and maybe Jensen makes pies or something? Jensen is kinda rude to Jared in the beginning and has him go get tea far away etc.. Misha is there too, possibly makes honey, and he and Jensen make ice cream the manual way by rolling a ball around. It's sort of D/s, with willing sub!Jared, but Jensen is worried about hurting him because of a past relationship. Near the end of the story, Jared uses their safeword "lavender" because he can tell Jensen is still scared of hurting him. 

Sorry for the weird mash of things I can remember, and sorry I cant remember what their specific booths are at the farmers market! If anyone has any idea what Im talking about I'd really appreciate it, I loved this fic. Thanks :)


lf: Flagstaff fic


I am looking for an old Flagstaff fic.
What I remember is that Sam ran away while Dean was out hooking since they were out of money.
When John comes back he first beats Dean up, then they separate - Dean goes out again to look for Sam (hitchiking?). John tries to find him and slowly realizes that Dean was selling himself because he did not leave them enough funds.

Anyone recognizes it?

Mary and Sam's not so great relationship

Hi guys, it’s the first time I’m doing a request here so I’m sorry for anything that may be wrong. So, a while ago I read A Mother's Love, by Leahelisabeth, and I absolutely loved it. Now I’m obsessed with this kind of fanfic but find no other like it. So, I wonder if you guys have any fics where Mary:

- can’t forge a bound with Sam;

- finds out about Sam’s past and doesn’t take it well;

- learn about the boys before meeting them and think Sam is evil/using Dean;

- finds out Samuel had come back to life and Sam killed him;

- anything that makes Mary denial, refuse, neglect or misunderstand Sam.

I would like fics were Sam is really affected by it even if he tries to hide it. Any pairing is cool while you let me know of it.

Dean can be protective of Sam or not or he can be unaware of his mother’s thoughs, but I would like Mary to have a normal relationship with Dean. All story lengths are fine.


Bobby Kennedy - sexy grin

LF specific Sam/Dean - amnesia

Hi all,

I'm looking for a fic from a while ago, like back in 2010 maybe. The details are vague but I think something happens that causes Dean to lose his memory and Sam doesn't tell him they are brothers for some reason. He tries everything to get Dean's memory back but nothing works -- it's quite sad I think. And over the course of a while Dean falls in love with Sam and I think eventually Sam gives in, thinking Dean will never get his memory back. And then he does and is completely horrified and things get really bad, but part of what he's so upset about is that he's still in love with Sam. I think he says something along the lines of "I'm in love with you, you asshole."

Anyone remember anything like this? It's not the Pied Piper one.
Ranma anime

Dark!Dean Stories

1.   Sam and Dean were in a restaurant that ended up getting robbed.  They were both shot and killed. Sam was shot in the head up against a display case.  Dean came back and went after the people that were involved.  He tried to find Sam.

2.  This story involved Dean and his flashbacks from hell. He created a rack out of Sam's bed frame and tortured him. Sam was able to escape and stayed with Bobby. It was a long time before he felt comfortable being around Dean.

LF specific fic - first time Wincest, bottom!Dean, bunker era, exploding(?) car

I posted a search for this earlier this year but no one was able to find it.

It's set in the bunker, and Sam and Dean's relationship is strained for reasons I can't remember. Sam takes one of the cars out to run some errands but he has to cut his outing short when the car stalls and then catches on fire (and might actually have exploded). He walks back to the bunker to find Dean jerking off in Dean's room, murmuring Sam's name. Cue bottom!Dean.

Specific fic: 68 Days of Summer by AsteroidBuckle (LJ) - Found

Summary:  For two months a year, he shares his house and his bed and his life with a man he barely knows. A man who own life is a secret he never tells, not even to Jared.

The journal is deleted and I've checked everywhere else I know to. Crossing fingers someone has saved it! Thanks, y'all!

LF Dean with Aphasia

Hi guys!

Im looking for a copy of a story that I think might have been deleted :-(

In it, Dean was in an accident and developed aphasia after he woke up from his coma. Cas is his doctor and he eventually develops a relationship with Dean. Sam and Ruby are also married and expecting their first child together.

I think it is called My Very Own Doctor Sexy

Specific fic! The trials

Sam is getting tortured by Toni and thinks Dean is dead. Somehow a hellhound attacks the base and Sam kills it, getting the hellhounds blood all him. He then remembers the Trials of Hell and says the chant to activate it. I remember the British men of letters freaking out about it but eventually ends up letting Sam do the trials. So for the second trial Sam goes through purgatory again and meets up with Benny, who followed Sam because he smelled him. They go to the entrance to hell and the British men of letters gave Sam a compass type thing that points out innocent souls in hell. He finds a girl who sold her soul for her sick sister I think and brings her back. He gets attacked on the way back but Benny comes to the rescue! So they go and Sam does the spell thing to Benny’s soul into his arm and revives him but Sam doesn’t have much time because the British men of letters is expecting him at a metting point. At some point Sam prays to Cas and explains how he started the trials again and Cas tells Dean. I’m pretty sure the Sam and Dean had been having connected dreams but didn’t know. They just thought it was a dream and Dean starts ranting at Sam about how he started the trial again and how could he do that and they realize that the dreams are real. At some point Toni is making Sam have a dream about how they’re on a date or about to sex and Dean shows up and makes Sam realize he’s being tricked. Dean ends up saving Sam but they continue with the trials because of some reason and use Crowley as the demon to cure. As Sam is curing Crowley demons come and like beat up Crowley I think and it makes it so that if Sam cures him, Crowley would die but Sam still does it. After Sam completes the trials he pukes up this tiny thing and realizes it’s the demon blood and then dies in Deans arms. Billie comes reap him but Sam has this torch thing that Amara gave to him that was from chuck that basically brought him to life. Could’ve been Wincest, idk. There is also another character called Mary who talks with Sam during his captivity and is meant to be kind of like a motherly figure.

Sam centric fic

The fic as I remember it had Sam being rescued and there were markings on his arms plus a necklace. Whoever had the necklace was able to command Sam to do what they wanted. I remember at some point Sam had lost the necklace and Dean found it. He put it in his pocket and started telling Sam to do things - on accident but then Dean started to have fun with it. I remember near the end of the fic Dean got angry with Sam and commanded him to sit in a chair with his eyes closed until Dean came back. I believe Cass was the one to find Sam and he made Dean apologize to Sam when Dean finally came back. As a punishment, I believe Cass turned the spell/curse on Dean but didn't actually use it against Dean. I hope that's enough info!

Found: J2-AU, Mafia boss!Jared/eventual NASA!Jensen

I am looking for a specific fic I read a while ago where Jared is a Mafia Boss and has a son (who I think was face credit Colin Ford?). Jensen lives across the street from them but doesn't know them. The son knocks on the door one night because his dad (Jared) is being kidnapped/tortured by a rival mob and he needs help. Jensen decides to help because this kid is freaking out. We see Jensen rescue Jared and then flash forward to Jared telling him it was all a set up so that he could get close to Jensen and see if he was worthy of being in Jared and his son's family.

Jensen is really resistant and annoyed at first but eventually gives in. There is also a side story about Jensen's brother (who I believe was named Jamie?) and a lot of guilt because of something that happened earlier in their lives.

Chad Michael Murray is the son's body guard and I think Misha Collins is also a body guard. Jason Mamoa (I'm pretty sure) is Jensen's friend/tutor-ee.

The whole story ends with Jensen starting his first day at NASA or a few years after he has been working at NASA.

FOUND:J2 au police!Jensen pregnant!Jared

Jared is pregant and comes to town trying to get away from an abusive relationship.  Jensen is a police officer in the town and I remember he delivers Jared's babies. They fall in love and have a couple more children.  There also was at least one timestamp where Jensen was shot.

Found -  It was the Mending Verse

pure {dw}

Jack Kline, John returns and Hallucinations

Hey guys.

First, I'm looking for stories centred around Jack or including him and his relationship with his three dads. Bonus points if it includes hurt/comfort of any of them. (PS. Can we get a Jack Kline tag?)

Second, I'm looking for stories where John returns. Preferably after Sam returns from hell. 


Third, I'm looking for stories where either Sam or Dean are hurt and alone, maybe trapped, and they start to hallucinate John or Bobby or some sadly dead friend as they wait to be rescued. Or something along those lines. 

Thank you!

Teenchesters/Weechesters Neglected Sam

I'm looking for stories pre-Series/pre-Stanford which focus on Sam growing up. Stories in which he is abused or simply neglected by John, for example left alone too long during a hunt without money or being ignored when he is sick etc. It can be Wincest or Gen and it can be either John is being purposefully awful to Sam (because of the YED or because Dean got hurt or...) or he is just so focused on Dean/hunting that he forgets Sam.
It can also be that someone else (Dean,Caleb,Ellen,Bobby,Pastor Jim...) realize what is happening and step in to help Sam.
No rape/dub-con please! Major Character death is alright though I prefer everyone to stay alive :D

Wincestiel Neglected Sam

I am looking for fics in which the 3 boys are either in an established or new relationship and Sam feels left out by Cas/Dean, they forget him over each other, neglect to include him etc. I just want some angsty Sam wondering about his place in the relationship. Whether Sam decides to leave for good ir the boys fix their relationship, I don't care. Juat give me angsty!Sam :D

Looking for infantilism/Adult Baby Dean Stories!

Hiya everyone,

I have the desperate urge to read as many "adult baby Dean" stories as possible!

I'd love for you to post as many links as possible here so I can read to my heart's content.

I don't really care who fills the spot of "daddy". I enjoy stories with daddy Sam and daddy Cas the most, though.

It isn't even important if it's sexual or non-sexual infantilism. All stories are welcome!

I've already read most of the 75+ stories list that's wandering around on the internet.

Thank you in advance for your help!

J2 Oblivious!Jared Specific fic search

So I think the story starts off with Jared talking to his mom about Christmas and Jared says he wants to stay with Jensen for a little while longer. Jared and Jensen are living together. Jared and Jensen get a tree I think and Jared makes a comment about how either this is the first time he’s had a tree like this since Sandy or it’s the first time period. They end up going down to LA I think and Jared ends up accidentally packing one of Jensen’s dirty shirts from the laundry and finds it when he gets to LA. Jared decides to wear it all day and goes to the bar to hang out with friends, including Jensen. Jensen notices that Jared has his shirt on and asks Jared about it. Jared kinda gets a little flustered but Jensen tells him it’s okay. After that Jared goes to his moms and Jensen goes to Jensen’s moms. Jared spends some of Christmas in Africa looking after his sister and her new boyfriend. A little bit later in the fic Jared is back at his mothers and drives all the way to Jensen’s mothers in a really cramped car and gets back pain. He shows up unannounced and Jensen is surprised to see him. Jensen tells Jared to take a shower. In the shower Jared resolved to tell Jensen about his feelings and immeadiately marches to Jensen’s room after the shower in nothing but a towel. Jensen is actually waiting for him in the room and gives Jared a massage that ends up turning sexual. Turns out Jensen know about Jared’s feelings the whole time and decided to make a move on Jared.

Specific Abused Sam Help

I need help finding a story I read about John abusing Sam on the anniversary of Mary's death.  He mistakenly leaves Sam handcuffed in the bathroom so Dean finds out.  John tries to convince Dean that it wasn't him.  I know Caleb was involved but I cannot remember to much else.  Any help will be appreciated.


Dean/Sam Specific Fic HELP!

Hi all!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday weekend and that your families/friends are well! If no one has told you that they are thankful for you, just know that I am!

I am looking for a fic I read not too long ago and I am hoping someone can help me locate it! I have to admit I only have blanket details but you guys have performed miracles for me before (which is why I will always be thankful for my SPN fam XD)!

It’s a wee!chester fic that is slow build from pinning!sam and pinning!dean discovering this forbidden connection. Once they give in everything is hot and heavy with constant teasing in public, around John, in the impala, restaurant bathrooms, etc.

Things specific to this fic are that Sam really wants to go all the way but Dean thinks he is too young. It gets so tense between them that Sam decides that if he can’t have all of Dean then they won’t do anything and won’t let Dean touch him!
They also get left by John a lot, like 2 weeks to months at a time. Once in a house that John rented in walking distance from their high school. They play house and are very fluff-tastic other than when Dean stops them from going to far. Dean does finally give in and they seal their bond and dream bout their future together. While they are living in the house I remember Sam ties Dean to the bed frame and drives him crazy once. Maybe there is Sam in panties or stockings at some point? While they have these moments alone there is a lot of Sam trying to convince Dean that they should just leave and be together just them but Dean is reluctant but sure that he will always be with Sam.
John eventually comes back and they have to continue stealing moments together between his late nights and hunts. There are several times when John takes Dean on hunts and they can only communicate over the phone and phone sex is had.

I believe I read the fic on AO3 and it might be a WIP but I’m not quite sure! Hopefully someone can help me, I know those details are running themes in lots of wee!cest fics and they are scattered but maybe someone knows what I am talking about!

Thanks for the help ahead of time!

Possessed Jensen


I read a story some year's back. It was something like "key to hell is made of flesh and bone". Its like Jensen moves into a neighbour hood of Jared. The house he has moved in, has a bad reputation, something evil. Anyway Jensen starts acting strange and eventually gets possessed. There is a baby too who is born blind due to Jensen's possession. Finally it is revealed that Jensen's mother worshipped a demon and made Jensen a key to hell. 

Does anyone remember ?


Two requests: Dean’s bucket list fic + s4e11 fic

Hey guys, I’ve been looking for this short fic on ao3. Dean wrote a bucket list after making his deal, and I only remember one thing from his list: Don’t drink on Mom’s birthday.

And then I think Dean got drunk anyway and visited Mary’s grave. That’s all I can remember about the plot. I think the fic may be written in a list format, too—-if that makes sense.

Also, I just got done rewatching Family Remains from season 4 and was wondering if there are any fics at all about the Carter family-—especially about Ted and what happened with the oldest son.

Sam looses a leg. Found in comments!

I’m looking for a fix that takes place in season 5. I believe the plot was Dean and Sam were apart and hunting on their own. Dean runs in to a nasty hunt and Sam saves him and takes Dean back to the hotel both were staying at but in different rooms. Cut to morning Dean breaks into Sam’s room and finds Sam’s fake leg.
J2 hand/heart

Looking for epilepsy fics

FOUND specific story

Looking for fics where one of the boys has epilepsy. Can be J2 or Winchesters. One did I would love to read again is an au J2 fic  where they meet and head back to Jared's apartment. Jared has a service dog who can sense the onset of seizures and push an alarm. Jensen doesn't know any of this. The dog gets shut out of the bedroom. Jared has a seizure.

Thanks for any recommendations!

John tries to exorcise psychic!Sam

Hello! I'm looking for what I think is a fairly classic piece of alternate timeline weecest/teencest. Here are the points I recall:

A. As a teenager, Sam begins to have visions, specifically when he touches objects
B. Dean knows, but Sam makes him promise not to tell John, who thinks psychics are demons or something evil
C. John finds out, and tries to exorcise Sam and essentially it's a scene of abuse and torture.
D. Dean rescues Sam and they run to Bobby
E. At some point, they meet the YED
F. Fluffy ending, but I truly can't be sure how they get there

Looking for a specific Destiel fic

Hi, first time poster! Okay, this was a very old fic on I believe. What I remember was the following:

1: It was before Metatron was introduced to the show, but a version of him was involved.

2: Crowley, Balthazar, Gabriel, and Bobby all were helping fight Lucifer in a second apocalypse

3: Sam was kidnapped partway through and tortured into saying yes to Lucifer

4: Sam ended up dying, and Gabriel went to heaven to retrieve his soul

Thank you so much in advance!

blue frog

Specific Wincest Fic search - Found in comments!!!

Been trying to remember or find this one for a couple days now.

Sam and Dean have been sleeping together, but Dean still sleeps with other people, and Sam is having all the angst. He decides to leave.

I remember he takes off to another motel, makes a copy of John's journal and goes back to the motel where Dean is to leave the original at the desk. As he's leaving in a taxi, he sees Dean walking in with some woman he picked up.

Pretty sure it ended with them back together.

That's the extent of my memory, if anyone knows the fic I'll be so grateful! Thanks.
Jazz Hands

In dire need of some comfort fics

I just finished Season 13 (last time I'd watched the show, I'd hit the end of 10 / start of 11, so I was a little behind). Please do not give me any spoilers for anything after the end of Season 13, as I'm limited to what's available on Netflix. But, I'm wary of putting details outside the cut to avoid spoiling for anyone else who was as behind as I was. So--

Collapse )

Looking for a specific Hurt!Sam fic

It's an older fic.  Sam is hurt by a group of boys at his school.  I remember some trouble with the local law enforcement department (I believe one of the boys involved is related to the sheriff).  It's discovered later that the boys made a video during the attack on Sam.  Cue angry Dean/John.   I know it's not much to go on, but hopefully it will ring a bell with someone.  Thank you.

FOUND: The fic is Save Me by Jasmineisland for anyone else interested.   


Specific J2!au Fic: Forget-Me-Not by DarcyDelaney

Hi y'all. I'm looking for Forget-Me-Not by DarcyDelaney (LJ name, journal deleted). It was a fic from the 2015 BigBang.

Summary: Jared lands a job as the new activities director at the Odd Fellows Nursing Home. While working there, he meets his share of characters that live up to the home's name, but he's not betting on meeting Jensen, the shy, so-good-looking-it's-almost-not-fair son of one of the residents. Jared soon learns that Jensen's just gotten out of a bad relationship, so he's instructed to steer clear. Jensen is having issues dealing with the fact that his mother is in a home and all the emotional hurdles that come with it, and Jared decides to make it his mission to be the one to help Jensen through it all, and maybe earn himself a kiss or two along the way.

I had the AO3 link saved, but it's gone. :( Hoping it's posted elsewhere or someone saved it. Thanks for the help!


Hi I have two requests. 

1.  Does anyone has a PDF of Unexpected Destinies by Opt-Destiel.  There was a similar request but it was from years ago that I responded to but it was probably too old so I am hoping someone still has this.

2.  Also I cannot remember the name of this fic.  It has Dean and Azazel.  Azazel sees Dean dancing and becomes fascinated with him.  He tries to kidnap Dean a couple of times.  I remember John and Sam had forgotten it was Dean's birthday.  It was never finished, and I'm pretty sure it has "black" somewhere in the title.

Thank you!

Infantilism BabyDean/BabyJensen

I'm looking for a story that I read a couple years ago. I believe it was an age regression/infantilism story. Where Dean or Jensen was a little and his body had been modified. He was placed with Sam/Jared and his partner. I remember that Dean/Jensen was part of a play group at a park that met weekly and he playing with a girl and someone was trying to bully him. Also i remember one of the parents was getting too close to Sam/Jared and Dean/Jensen didn't like it and kept trying to keep that parent away from Sam/Jensen. I remembered Sam/Jared told his partner and he thought it was amazing. If someone could help I would appreciate it. I know it is not Little Man by Bruin so please dont suggest it.

Season 7 Traumatized!Sam fic

Im looking for a fic last seem on, where Sam winds up in an alley, runs into some thug, feels like Hallucifer is about to jump out at him, smashes his head into the thugs face in a moment of panic, hears a sickening crunch, and runs back to the mktel where dean is.

Sam's barely coherent as he tells Dean what happened, Dean goes to the alley to find the thug dead, his broken nose having made a piece of bone go all the way up into his brain. I think Dean calls rhe cops once he's a fair distance away, heads back to the hotel, and lies to Sam that he actually didn't kill the guy.


Hey guys! This is my first time posting here and I don’t even know if I’m doing this right so I’m sorry for any mistakes and I hope that you can help me find two specific SPN fics.

1- the first one I believe was called “hanter boy” or “boy hunter” I don’t remember and it was pdf and I think it was about Sam having amnesia and hunting alone and John and Dean trying to find him.

2- this one is called “And Won The Soul’s Rest” and this is the Summary: “Sam of Winchester entered the Abbey five years ago. Now, his brother has come to get him out.”
it’s on LiveJournal but the link won’t open so please if someone has a copy I would be entirely grateful.

And if anyone has anything along those lines that would be perfect too! Self-rec is welcome just please NO slash unless it’s a minor thing in the story.

Again sorry about any mistakes and thanks in advance! :D

Looking for a pdf for the story "exit wounds" by BACKINBLACK !found!

Unfortunately, I cannot find the story "exit wounds" anywhere anymore. The author BACKINBLACK blocked or deleted it and I'd love to read and get a copy of the story.

Can anyone help me out?

the link to the fanfiction on ao3 is and the pdf can be found there as well. Thank you very much for the help in finding it!