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Wincest fuck or die / love spell witch case fic

Hi, I am looking for a fic I read a few years ago! IIRC, Sam and Dean are investigating a case in a town where unlikely couples are suddenly getting married because of some kind of love spell. At some point Sam and Dean get hit by the curse and have to fuck or die, and they give into their growing feelings and have sex. Afterwards they still feel attracted to each other and they assume that the spell hasn't broken but it turns out they are genuinely attracted to each other now. I think the witch who cast the spell makes fun of them for it? 

 I'm very hazy on the details so if this sounds at all like any fic you've read please let me know. Thanks!


Specific Zombie/Apocafic J2 Fic

I'm trying to find a Jared/Jensen fic I read quite a while ago. I don't remember the name or author but I do rememeber it has Jensen alone initially. Jared then stumbles into his shelter and they hole up together until one day, Jared comes back from a supply run and Jensen finds out Jared got bitten.

Jared eventually turns into a zombo and Jensen is heartbroken and eventually ties Jared up on a mattress to restrain him before having sex with him (can't rememeber if it was once or multiple times). I think the end had Jensen realizing Jared seemed like he started understanding him and that Jared might somehow turning back into a human again.

FOUND by onlythefireborn in comment below! Riyku's "Evolution"

A fic you thought you'd hate - but you wound up loving it (J2, Wincest, gen)

SPN serendipity - when I start reading a fic and think Oh, I'm not going to like this one - but then I read on and wind up loving it after all. Doesn't happen often, but it's great when it does. Is that just me?

If not, please share some of your J2, Wincest, or Gen fics that you thought you would hate - a fic where you were wary of the style or the subject matter, maybe even uncomfortable with it - but now that same fic is one of your favorites, even one that you re-read from time to time.

I don't just mean fic that you can admire from a distance - but a story that got right down inside you, spoke to you in a surprising way. Maybe you saw the Boys in a different light, or learned something new about yourself from it.

Thanks so much. As always, no angel sex, please.

Cas/Dean threesome + specific fics

Hi all, I’ve got a few requests if anyone can help.

First I’m looking for fics where Cas & Dean are together but have a (consensual) threesome with someone else. I don’t care if the 3rd is male or female as long as they aren’t related to either of them (no Sam or Gabriel). Future/Past/AU’s of either of themselves is fine tho. Happy with a oneshot or part of a longer fic.

Also looking for a specific fic of the same theme. It’s set after 12x23 and Dean is traveling through the rift trying to find a way to bring Cas back. He comes across an Alpha/Omega version of themselves and ends up in a threesome with them. Omega Dean is pregnant in it. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Lastly does anyone have a copy of He Breathes by Rainylemons? I’d love to reread it. Thanks!

Michael is Dean and Sam's dad. They are Nephilim!

I'm looking for stories that are either AO3, Fanfiction or Livejournal where Michael knowingly or unknowingly fathered the Winchester brothers.

I am also looking for one I read where Dean said yes to Michael and at the end while inside Dean's mind they talk and Michael turns back time where he became their father, not John, and Michael has John adopt Balthazar, Castiel (Jimmy, I think) and Anna. And Dean wakes up with his memories to Michael in a younger John Winchester's body. (I think this was on but I could be wrong.

Please and thank you~


LF: Fics from cherry916's PDF masterposts

Hi. I was hoping I might have some luck in trying to get a hold of some PDFs.

I've seen cherry916's Two Part PDF Masterposts and I tried asking for them through the comments and also through email when I noticed no requests had been answered for almost 6 months. Both have gone unanswered for me unfortunately after waiting close to a month.

I'm hoping big time someone might have ALL Pdf's listed on both posts (maybe from someone who has gotten them all from her in the past or something) that they could send my way.

Please and thank you for any help given.
Schmetterling in Moskau

Specific fic: Weechesters

I‘m searching for a specific Weechester!fic. Sammy is four Dean is seven or eight. They‘re  alone in a motel room or a house and Dean has to look after Sammy who is a real pain in the neck. He wants to eat Dean‘s cereals talks back and doesn‘t go to bed. At some point he reads a book which was given to him by Pastor Jim or Bobby. It‘s a NEW book - that’s from special importance because Sammy has otherwise only used things.Dean tries to take it away from him and tears it up accidentally. Sam is very upset and says something like „I hate you“ or I wish you weren‘t my brother“.  Brotherly drama insues. Sammy feels very guilty, Dean is devastated. In the end the brothers sit together on a couch and Sammy apologies. The story is very in character and full of details. I tought it was from authoressnebulas RaBB verse but I can’t find it anywhere. I read it on or maybe livejournal around 2012. It‘s definitely an old story. 

specific fic: Sick Dean (found!)

I'm looking for the very old fic, i believe, it was posted on LJ. Dean got sick, something like a ghost curse, he was coughing up come constantly? Apparently the only solution was to give Sam a blowjob? I clearly remember Sam had a shirt on his face, so Dean wouldn't see whose on the recieving end of the blowjob.

Thanks in advance!

Your favorite wincest romance fic

It's been years since I've used livejournal but need help finding specific fics and this particular community never let me down in the past. AO3 is disappointing me in my searches lately. I mostly seem to find kinky pwps and I'm looking for the opposite.

Can anyone please share with me their favorite (preferably long) romance fics with Dean/Sam. Whether its 'soulmates', 'meant-to-be', or 'finally admitting their feelings' I don't care. I feel like livejournal use to be flooded with those kind of stories and now its overwhemingly PWPS. So whatever stories that took your breath away, or maybe you could never forget, whichever one still to this day affects you, please share with me.

I loves stories that remind you they would never put anyone before each other. I love a good non-con/hurt & comfort too as long as it's not the boys hurting each other.

Thanks so much to anyone who can help.

Specific Fic: Kidnapped Wincest


I’m looking for a Fic I barely remember anything about since I read it a long time ago. However, from what I remember both Dean and Sam are kidnapped. There’s a big probability that the story didn’t start off as Wincest (75% sure). Anyhow they are both tortured sexually and are usually kept in separate rooms. The point is to get them down to like their animalistic defaults??? If that makes sense?? (It might’ve been ABO or they might’ve given them something that gave Sam alpha-like instincts and Dean omega-like instincts). By the end, they are ADDICTED to each other and are constantly fucking. Like almost, if not all, of their humanity is shattered and they only want to fuck with each other. I’m not sure if they were rescued or released but Crowley/Castiel/Bobby (someone like that, not sure who) finds them in like a truck or van fucking.



looking for a specific fic.


i am looking for a copy of to serve and protect by Garvaldmains. I havent read the story in forever and really wanted to re read it but it appears the author has purged their journal and i cant find a trace of it anywhere. If anyone has a pdf or a saved file of it and would be willing to share, i would be forever in your debt! If anyone also has a copy of the sequel 'The surfing mouse' that would be great too.

I don't know if the author doesn't want this story to be shared, but if that is the case, i will of course respect their wishes.


Specific Sabriel Fic

I’m looking for a specific sabriel fic I read back in about 2012-ish. I think it was on and it was Gabriel working as a firework conductor at an amusement park. I think Balthazar may have worked with him? And he had/gets scars all over his hands from fireworks that have exploded to early. I think at some point there is a warehouse that explodes too? Sorry if this is a bit vague, it was a long time ago, thanks in advance!

J2 Relationship Misunderstanding Fic

Hi community! So I’m looking for this fic where Jared and Jensen are neighbors but I don’t think they every had sex but Jared still believes the two of them to be a couple. I even think he has a picture of Jensen at his desk. When Jared then finds out Jensen never thought they were together he is crushed. But in the end they end up happy. I think the two of them were working at the same office perhaps! I really hope you guys can help me find this fic or if not perhaps some similar ones!

Thank you guys❤️

!found! Looking for fanfic (owner!Cas, bottom Sam, top Dean, top Cas)

Hi everyone!

I am looking for a specific fanfic in which Cas is the owner of Sam and Dean and as the two always fight, Cas decides to make Sam an Omega(or just cut his balls off, I am not certain which) which happens at Dr. Gabriel's office. Lots of smut with top Dean and Top Cas with bottom Sam. Sam and Dean are treated like dogs and i think at the end sam is pregnant.

Anyone have a title or copy of that fic for me? I'd appreciate the help.

Thank you in advance!
boys in love

Top!Sam or Jared

1. Hey all, lately all I have been able to find is Top!Dean or Jensen and I am at the point now where I need some Top!Sam or Jared! Please please please, anything where Sam or Jared is almost exclusively the top. I am also okay with switching a bit.

2. Girl!Jensen or Dean, again where Sam or Jared is the top. (pegging is okay for a switch, but mostly bottom Dean or Jensen)

Only Wincest or J2 or a mixture of those pairings for the main pairing. I am great with most kinks except underage.

Thanks in advance!

Wincest or Gen recs with manipulative!calculative!selfish!dubious-morality!Sam?

I do not mean evil!Sam, boyking!Sam, or soulless!Sam. 

I'd just like to read some fanfic that shows Sam in a different light. Where he's neither black-or-white, good-or-evil, but instead very grey. Not necessarily evil but moreso like he's so intelligent that he can't help but be somewhat manipulative and calculative. Like his sweet persona might be 30-50% performative and he partially just knows how to emotionally manipulate people extremely well. 

The one-shot "Control" by eluna on AO3 is a good example of what I mean about Sam's characterization. Unrequited wincest with a pining Dean and Sam uses Dean's feelings to his advantage. Knows what to say to purposely hurt Dean or to make Dean do what he wants. Makes a conscious choice to hurt or not hurt him, etc.  "Captured by the Game" by rivkat was another one. I adored her Sam. He was raised by Azazel and tilted a little closer to "evil" but not completely moralless. More just selfish and self-serving than outright "bad."

The tone of the recced story can be neutral, positive, or critical of these aspects of Sam's character. Any season or pre-series, I don't mind. Any length is fine as well: epically long, short, one-shot, WIP, completed are all fine. I'd also love to see both a Dean who completely buys into Sam being innocent/pure as well as a Dean who knows very well just how emotionally manipulative, cunning, and calculative Sam is but loves him in spite— or even *because* — of it.

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reed coffee


Hi Everyone!

I'm looking for a Jensen/Misha RPF story that I read a long time ago on live journal I think. It was a story where Jensen and Misha were married, but ended up falling in love and eventually came out. I think their wives found them and might have posted something on line outing them and there was also a twitter thing, where Misha posted a pic to Twitter and it broke the site.

That's all I remember - hopefully it's enough! I've been looking for this story for days!!

EDIT: I believe the author is ru_salki99, but they seem to have taken their SPN RPS stories off their live journal site. Does anyone know if they're posting anywhere else or have a copy of the fic above?

FOUND! Specific Evil!Dean Hurt!Sam Wincest Fic


So there was this specific fic I read (multiple times) but I simply cannot find anymore where Sam and Dean are in a relationship, but Dean is extremely abusive. It opens with Henrickson bursting into a motel room where Dean was choking Sam. Dean escapes but Sam is taken to the hospital. Henrickson has an OC partner in this fic named Adam, who later falls in love with Sam and saves him from his abusive relationship with Dean. I know a whole bunch of really specific scenes and I'm even pretty sure the title was "This Time", based on the song by Celine Dion. If it is deleted, does anyone have access to a PDF?

Update: found on A03

Looking for a kidnapped!dean fic

Hello! I am looking for a fic I read a long time ago on fan, i remember dean getting kidnapped by a guy and I think he also kidnapped a kid too? Not sure about that part, but I know he tortures dean while Sam looks for him. I think I’m the end the bad guy is talking to his mom? Whom I think was a ghost or demon?? Please let me know if I got some details wrong haha

Specific fic: carrying over the threshold

I’m looking for a specific fic, which I believe is J2. Here’s what I remember:
J2 had an arranged marriage
Jensen’s family was fairly traditional
Jared was the dominant one
Jared had a permanently injured leg
Jared was expected to carry Jensen over the doorstep, and manages, but is in pain afterwards.

Any help would be great!
Thanks in advance
dean winchester, supernatural, gabriel

Looking for a specific j2 story

Every 10 years, a town sacrifices one of their young virgins to the werewolf pack. This year is girl!Jensen's turn. She doesn't want to, but they bind her, dress her in a sheer white dress, then make sure all her holes are ready for the werewolf who will claim her.

I believe it’s called the howling, if any knows where I could find it or has a pdf my email is

SPN - Dean/Castiel

Christmas fic from a while ago, help please.

Hi, I’m searching an old Christmas story.

Dean, Cas and Sam are living in a house together, is not the bunker, is really early seasons of the show.

They are trying to have a good Christmas together, and they do shopping in a mall and also Dean searches and buys a piano for Castiel.

Please help. Be well, Monica

Found it at last!! Posted in comments in case someone was tracking this!!
VM V Me? (bong hallway)

Looking for Jared/Jensen Alaska fic

I’m trying to find an AU J2 fic that (I’m pretty sure) takes place in Alaska. Jensen moves to remote Alaska and meets Jared who lives in a broken down old Airstream trailer. Jared is a nature guide. Jensen is bored and learns woodcarving. Jensen is also harassed by some mean guys who attack his dog. Jeff Morgan owns a bar, I think, and his wife is a vet? (I’m pretty sure I’m not mixing up details of different stories!)

I hope someone recognizes the story!

Thanks in advance!

J2 Non-AU specific fic

Hi, i've been looking for old fic i read years ago. unfortunately i cant remember the title and barely remember the plot.

i think jared got hurt on set (stunt go wrong) and cracked his ribs and jensen is taking care of jared. during filming hiatus they travel back to texas by car, and they start to admit their growing feelings for each other.

thank you in advance :)
reed coffee

Time Travel Fics or John/Mary resurrection fics

Hi! I am looking for time travel fics where the boys and/or Castiel go back in time to fix things. I love ones where they are sent back to their younger selves and have the knowledge and powers of their older selves.

I'm also looking for fics where John and/or Mary were resurrected and they see the boys as they are now. I love fics where John is surprised by how awesome Sam and Dean are. I also like ones where Dean, Sam, or Castiel put John in his place. (I'm not the biggest John fan if you couldn't tell). I've never seen ones like this with Mary, so I'd really appreciate recs about that if they exist.

I prefer Dean/Castiel, Sam/Gabriel, Sam/Dean/Castiel, Sam/Dean/Castiel/Gabriel, or Wincest.


Dean Winchester, alternate reality

I'm looking for a fic I read some time ago. I believe Sam and Dean were on a case and they were in a warehouse when Dean touches some magical object (I think it was a crystal) and he gets sent to an alternate reality/universe. In this universe he is married or mated to a version of Sam/Jared and they have kids. He is not treated well by Sam/Jared and I think the oldest teenage son tries to force himself on Dean. It maybe A/B/O as I remember people not being able to control themselves because of the way Dean smells. I think a version of Dean/Jensen is sent to the spn universe and is looked after by Sam. Any help is most appreciated
EDIT. Fic link found in comments

Cas pays Dean to be his boyfriend

Hi All,

I am searching for an older Castiel/Dean fic, I think it was completed in 2015, and it was posted on AO3. The premise of the story was that there is no Supernatural stuff and Sam was just accepted into college. In order to pay for it Dean gets back into the Dom/Sub world and Cas buys his contract. Not a ton of sex happens in the beginning mostly Dean kneeling at Castiel's feet. I remember later in the story they actually start dating and they meet each others family. If anyone knows where I could find this story that would be great!!!


Dawnstarrising Icon

Sam Demonised and Dean Does Powerful Magick To Rescue Him. - possibly wincest

Hi guys,

Im looking for a fic tgats quitd old. Sam has been demonised and hes being held by a spell that involved children buried in the four corners. Dean has performed a powerful spell on himself. John sees it and thinks the dragon on Deans back is a tattoo, but then Dean says something and the dragon moves to become projected over Dean as like a magical armour. I think it become wincest.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? Its driving me mad trying to find it!

Thanks for any help.

D xx

Sorry Mods, but i didnt know what else to tag it with.

Looking for a lost fic

Hey y'all,

I am looking for a Destiel fic from ao3. 

I can remember most of it but cannot find it and really want to reread it. 

Basically it starts out with Dean and Lisa breaking up and Dean walks to Bobby's but it starts to snow and Cas drives by and calls Sheriff Jody. The next thing I remember is that Dean goes to the bar that Gabriel works at and ends up becoming Castiel's roommate. Cas and Gabe are dutch I believe and at one point I believe that their comes by and makes pannekoek for them. Cas and Dean end up together and so do Gabe and Sam. I cannot for the life of me remember what it was called or find it. Thanks in advance for your help!

FOUND: Specific search: J2, mpreg, pregnant Jared, rejecting children

Hey again,

I was re-reading old fics and remembered one in particular, but can't seem to find it.

It was J2 with Jared being pregnant repeatedly and having multiple children. Jared initially didn't want the relationship with Jensen, but ultimately fell in love with him. Still, he never wanted children even though Jensen expects them to have some and after each birth Jared always rejects them. Jensen is convinced he'll come around eventually but Jared never does, he doesn't react to the crying and doesn't feed them.

I think I remember it being a/b/o with Jared being turned against his will and that's why he doesn't like the kids and initially rejects the mating.
Could be regular mpreg though, I'm not sure. It had at least a relatively happy ending.

Thank you for any help!

Edit Found: The one with the scene I wanted is More Than Words (Jensen having the children), found in comments. I must have another story with pack alpha Jensen on my mind and mixed them together.

Dean with Amnesia -FOUND

Help - I just started to read a fic where Dean was found in the doorway of a Dei or Bakery and refused to move. I believe it has 15 chapters & I lost it at the start of chapter 1 !!

What I remeber is a Sheriff named George was able to coax him out, however every question the Sheriff asked Dean his response was " I don't know ". When Sheriff George introduced himself, Dean thought his name was George.



Found - The Garden of Memory

Wincest Recs

I've been thinking about and watching old SPN for the last few days and it has got me wanting to read some good old-fashioned Wincest. Can y'all rec some of your favorite fics, please?

I'm looking for fics set in season 1 or 2 (or even pre-series). Sam and Dean written fairly in character. Absolutely no angels, please. Just Sam and Dean and the Impala, saving people and hunting things. Prefer bottom Dean but its not a deal-breaker.

Thank ya much.

(found) Stanford Era Pregnancy Spell

I read it a few years ago but can't for the life of me find it!

It was kind of mpreg but not the typical deal. For starters there was no romance, no smut or any slash; the only relationship in it was platonic between brothers. Sam was at Stanford when he was hit with a spell by a woman who couldn't have children (i think she found the spell at some kind of new-agey shop?) I forgot some of the details but it somehow targeted Sam resulting in a fake rapid pregnancy along with all of the symptoms. Dean hadn't heard from Sam for quite awhile but he got a message from him asking Dean to come to Stanford to help with his "issue".

FOUND! Specific fic: Cas/Dean, side pairings: Anna Milton/Charlie Bradbury and Michael/Adam Milligan

I've been looking for this fic for a while now, I would really appreciate it if someone could help me find it.

It's cas/dean with side pairings including Adam/Michael and Charlie/Anna.

John Winchester tries to sell Dean to the angels, the angels accept Dean but do not pay John as he's abusive.

Dean is then paired with Castiel as his mate.

Dean cannot live with Castiel until he is 18 so he lives with the other human mates in a centre of sorts.

Angels have control over their human mates and Castiel is able to dictate Dean's diet and bedtime inside the centre.

Castiel, though not an archangel, is considered to be the level of one. Therefore, Dean bunks with Adam and they have to use a private Golden Elevator.

Please help me find this fic.


Specific fic: Dean and Castiel, musicians in the city (NY? Chicago?)


I  read a Destiel fanfic two years ago that has stuck with me since. In it, Dean moves to a big city with Sam, who has a job at a bar where he meets Jess. Dean and Castiel meet at a dog shelter where Castiel volunteers. Castiel himself works with Anna and lives with Charlie (I  believe...). Dean dates Anna, but as he spends more time with Castiel wishes they were dating instead. There's a really poignant scene where Dean and Castiel sing "Hallelujah" together. I think the bar they work at is a central location for most of the characters. If anybody could please point me in the direction of this fic (originally found on AO3), I would be eternally grateful. 

!found! looking for podfics "The Games We Play" and "I'd Burn This City Down

Hiya again!

I am looking for the podfics:

"I'd Burn This City Down (To Show You the Light)" written by Lotrabc and read by on-verra


"The Games We Play" written by dimeliora

Can anyone help me out with a link or copy? I was unable to find any working links so far.

Thank you in advance for all your help.

Requests for the podfics to me

FOUND! J2 brief break-up - very old fic

ETA: Found!

HI! I'm looking for a VERY old fic so I'm not sure if anyone will be able to help but...

It wasn't a very long fic and it was about a pretty brief breakup wherein all of their friends try to figure out what happened. Everyone blames Jensen but at the end, we find out that Jared was the one that ended it (because he was scared or something). They get back together at the end but when Jared shows up, he thinks Jensen is there with another dude (but it's only JDM).

It's a long shot but I'm giving it a go!

moments and dreams - the Boys

This time I'm not looking for whole stories, but for short pieces or fic fragments that reveal a facet of character, an emotion, a puzzle piece of the story in microcosm. Short fic that doesn't try to tell a story, neither beginning nor end. (Even drabbles, although they'd have to be really intense.)

In other words, what I think of as moments, or maybe dreams. I want to experience the writer's intent in the moment, like a snapshot of the Boys in Time - the way an art or photograph does, but in words. Does that make sense? idk

Wincest is fine, or not. But porn should probably not be the whole point. :-)

Share with me your best, your favorites, those fic moments and dreams that stand out in your mind long after you've read them.

My thanks.


Hi Again!

Just a quick one.

Sam and Dean are staying at a Sanctuary for hunters.
It has some kind of perimeter demons etc can’t cross. I believe hunters can only find it when they really need it. It is run by a woman with scars, both physical and mental. Sam befriends her because I think Sam is overcoming some kind of trauma too. In the sanctuary you can request privacy, so no other hunters staying there will see you, or know you’re there. There was an older Hunter in the story, not related to the boys who lost his lover, but finds a second chance with a guy from a nearby diner I think? Also, one of the staff members is in love with the lady that runs the sanctuary. I’m pretty sure it was wincest.

Hope someone recognises this.

Found in comments.

Recliner chairs!

Hi everyone.

So this might just be my most vague request ever!
But I’m hoping someone can help.
What I remember.

It’s a wincest fic.
Pretty sure it was hurt Sam.
Someone (possibly Bobby) sets the boys up with recliner chairs to sleep in, because I think Sam is struggling with his injuries and is possibly suffering from some kind of PSTD, which means he doesn’t sleep when separated from his brother.

I just have this clear image of the two of them in a recliner with a blanket over them. Like I said I know it’s vague but you have always come through for me in the past!

Update. Found in comments!

Specific fic: Castiel & Dean in the Seelie Court - Found!

hello lovelies - me again!

after binge-reading all the amazing fics from my last request - I've remembered a story I read a while ago that I forgot to bookmark and would dearly love to read again:

in it, Dean & Castiel have to visit the Fae realm to negotiate with the King, while there Dean has to act as Castiel's consort, wearing leather trousers and flowers in his hair? they're not together at the beginning but definitely are at the end!

if you know this and could point me in the right direction I'd be very grateful!!!

thank you x