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Sam and Dean preseries, gen--FOUND! in comments

I can remember the first line, "It was twenty-five miles to Boone" when Dad pulled over and told Sam and Dean to get out of the car. It's an exercize to test your training, he told them, not allowing them to reach into the car or the trunk for any gear or extra clothing. Meet him at a little town several miles away in two days, and then he drove off, leaving the boys shivering in the dark on the side of the road.

They start looking for a place to shelter till sunup, to build a fire--all the wood is wet, and they only have a few matches. At dawn they start down the mountain, but they run across a long-abandoned farm, and find ghosts of a woman and child. Her husband comes home, and is abusive both to her and the child, and, as Sam and Dean watch from a short distance away, they see when he turns that his eyes are yellow.

I had this bookmarked on AO3, and searching for another fic, discovered the "This has been deleted" note. I'd not have known what story it was if I hadn't added my own note that the YED had crossed paths with the Winchesters before. It was written in S1 or S2, and I can't recall either title or author. If someone has a link, or a copy, I'd be very grateful if you're willing to share. Thanks!

! found! looking for fanfic (stripper dean/jensen & mob boss sam/jared)


I once read a fanfic in which Dean/Jensen is a stripper and Sam/Jared is a brutal mobster that has no problems hurting and killing people and he is very interested in owning Dean/Jensen.

Everyone is pretty scared of him and he forces Dean/Jensen into a "relationship".

I am pretty sure it was a Sam/Dean pairing but it could also have been Jensen/Jared.

Can anyone help me out with a link or title or copy of the fic?

Thx in advance


Hello Snpstoryfinders community.

1. Dean and Sam find out when they are older that they are not brothers and then the relationships changes because they were both secretly in love with each other. 

2.Any fics with Dean madly in love with Sam a lot of pinning any plot is fine as long as Dean is crazy in love with Sam

3. Any fics with good background story where Sam and Dean discover how in love they are with each other. I love The Hunter Games by theproblematique

Thank you 

Gothic fic? Sam/Dean, J2, or Gen

In the mood for Gothic fanfic right now, whether it’s Sam and Dean, or Jensen and Jared.
No tag here, and not much under the Gothic tag on AO3 – not sure whether that’s because no one uses that tag, or maybe no one writes it.

So Imma list the usual Gothic tropes here – not trying to be academic, but thought the specifics might trigger your collective memory. The story will contain some, if not all:

- Darkness – physical, emotional, psychological, atmospheric.

- Dark, abandoned settings – often a haunted house, usually with a terrible secret or monstrous inhabitant. The scenery in the fic is important, atmospheric – sometimes rises to the level of a character in the story.

- Mystery as a key element. Usually the Past is somehow affecting the Present.

- Supernatural elements – monsters, witches, ghosts, curses, etc

- Lonesome, isolated heroes (or anti-heroes)

- Strong undercurrent of romance or sexuality – usually dark and repressed

- Horror, fear, disgust – affecting the reader emotionally, sometimes viscerally.

Hmm – maybe not so surprising that there aren’t more stories like this.

Any bells? Let me know. Thanks so much. (And no angel sex, please.)

LF pdf of winterlive’s Talking Points

I’m looking for a pdf of winterlive’s 2009 Big Bang “Talking Points”. It was posted on a separate site outside their Livejournal, which has now disappeared. I would really love to read it again.

Summary: Texas state senator Jensen Ackles (D-16) is a dyed-in-the-wool idealist, a squeaky-clean boy scout, and a notorious press-dodger. His star is on the rise, and it's worth a career to get the scoop on him. The L.A. Times' star reporter Jared Padalecki might just make it to the Washington Post before his 30th birthday, if he can get the story - he'll have to go undercover and join Jensen's team. But it isn't long before the lie starts to feel like a betrayal, and Jared never expected to like his subject as much as he does.
rain and flowers

Jensen Kidnapped/Jared genetically modified

Its  J2 slash.  From what I remember Jensen is the son of a political family, I think his mom is governor or senator.  Jared kidnapped him because he has been genetically modified by black ops military and thinks that he needs to save Jensen.  Chris, Steve, Chad, Jeff and others are part of the Jared squad and they have all been modified in some way.

Please help!!!!

FOUND (see response)! looking for specific J2 fic - another world, another time

Looking for a specific J2 fic. Here's what I *think* I remember:

Jared was the prince of a city on some planet; his parents were the rulers of the city (king and queen?).
Aliens invaded and destroyed the city; Jared's parents were killed, but he himself was saved by Jensen.
Jensen might have been a cyborg. He might have been Jared's bodyguard. Maybe both. Either way, he didn't seem too impressed with Jared. Lots of snarky conversation.
Jared knew the secret codes or secret base (or secret whatever) that might defeat the aliens.
He and Jensen walk through the desert for a period of time, headed for the secret place. They might have stolen one of the alien spaceships. Jensen turns out to be a super-soldier type. Jared is impressed.

I don't remember if it was finished or not. Pretty sure they got as far as the place they were looking for, but I can't remember what happened after that.

Little help? please and thank you.

Found! Looking for kinda succubus Jensen, who sneaks into Jared's dreams while they're in a cabin

Hi! I'm looking for this fic where Jensen is supposed to be like an incubus/succubus with a little devil's tail. In the story, they're staying at a cabin with their girlfriends, and jared keeps having these dreams of Jensen, and he's really close to coming, but I think he always wakes up before he can. But before they leave the cabin, Jensen sneaks into his dream one last time, but as he's about to get off Jared, Jared wakes up and Jensen can't escape because Jared holds him down. He begs jared not to come inside, but he does anyway? 

Thanks in advance! 

Poisoned/ Mauled Dean

Hey All,

I’ve searched a few years back in the hurt dean tag and can’t find this one.

Dean gets mauled by some kind of a demonic creature that poisons him as well, to stop the spreading poison/infection, Johns and Sam take him to Bobby’s and flush the wound with Holy water (I think) and it’s really painful for Dean.

Maybe I’m combining a couple stories in my head, but I remember it was super painful and Dean almost dies, but it did have a happy ending. Was possibly pre-series. Any help would be super appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

looking for specific fanfic (self blowjob Sam)


It's been ages since I've read this specific fanfic and I have no clue as to where to find it or how it's even called.

Summary approximately:

Sam figures that through yoga and, therefore, more flexibility he'll be able to give himself a blowjob.

He achieves his goal and Dean finds him and fucks him while Sam keeps on sucking himself off.

Ring any bells?

Have a link or pdf for me?

Thank you for all the help!

Case Fic Dean and Sam join the Coast Guard

Hi All,

I read a fic which I can no longer find and I hope one of you remember it. It was incomplete, very long, and well written with lots of detail - in the fic Dean and Sam need to join the coast guard for a case. They had to do weeks of training and Bobby helped set them up with a flat. They are then posted to the place where the case is, and end up buying and renovating a house they got the money for the house from selling something to Bella. I remember that it was a very slow build towards an eventual relationship. Dean adopted a cat as well.

I hope this triggers something for someone. Thanks in advance.
Jensen and Jared

FOUND in comments~~AU Jensen Soldier and Jared as Alpha Werewolf

Been thinking on this one and if I could remember the title and who wrote it, but it eludes me. So I'm coming here to see if anyone can help me with it.

Jensen is a black ops soldier who is on a mission to kill werewolves. JDM is part of his team and was bitten by a werewolf...I think most of the team was killed off. Jensen takes JDM to find the wolfpack in the northwest that is run by Alpha Jared, cause he wants JDM to be with a wolfpack when he turns....Jared wants Jensen as his own. Genevieve is co-leader of the pack and is very jealous of Jensen....Jared bites Jensen, but Jensen cannot change into a werewolf, only partially...I think it was a work in progress.

If you can give me a name or title, I would greatly appreciate it.

Fic based on Robin Hood? Sam/Dean or J2 or Gen

Y'all have any recommendations for stories based on the legend of Robin Hood? I've seen a couple of humorous ones (Men in Tights), but I'm looking for something a little more serious - more mystical. Think the British TV series Robin of Sherwood starring Michael Praed and later Jason Connery.

Guess it could be J2 just as well as Sam and Dean.

Not sure about the tags, hope these work. No angel sex, please. Thanks in advance for your help!

j2s are married or one of the boys are married

im looking for stories where j2 jared/jensen are married or one is married and they finally admit they have feelings for one another or have sex after they have been married. i dont know if any of you have seen cold case forever blue but im looking for similar stories with happy endings. heres a link to a short video of an example of what im looking for but cold case orientended

im also looking for stories where the boys fall in love while living together filming supernatural and or while in the middle of dating gfs. but previously straight

rec me some good ones

misc ♥ cat's eye

FOUND 1 Looking for two specific hurt!dean fics

Hey guys! I'm looking for two specific hurt!dean fics I read a few years ago.

1. Dean has to go to the hospital (I can't remember why) where his needle phobia he developed after he returned from hell becomes a serious problem. I think he has a near panic attack and Sam talks him through it? That's about all I can remember.

I think I read it over at hoodie_time, but I've looked through all of their tags and I just can't seem to find it again.

Found it! It's "'Tis But A Flesh Wound" by princess_aleera. Sadly, she seems to have deleted her account, so if anyone happens to have a copy of that specific fic and would be willing to send it to me, please let me know. It would be much appreciated.

2. Dean get's hit with a curse that will eventually turn his insides to liquid/black goo (?) and/or causes extreme stomach pain. I remember the cure being very difficult to find.

I know it's not much, but I hope it jogs anyones memory. I've been nearly driving myself crazy trying to find these. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Found! Specific Fic and General Search

I'm looking for a short fic, or possibly part of a fic set in New Orleans. It may have been a crossover with NCIS: New Orleans. The cops visit Sam, who is like the high priest of the city and Dean is his bodyguard. The cops are nervous about visiting him and one says they mostly leave him alone, I think? I thought it was in 5D5D, but I can't find it. It was wincest.

And if there are any other good NCIS: New Orleans crossovers, I would love to read them, so I'm asking for recs.

Thank you everyone.

Found! Thank you to nicky69
Here's the link -

Genderswaped Destiel fic: Stress Relief by annundriel

Hi everyone, I hope it’s not against the rules to post here again so soon. These is just such a cool community. I found this in a rec list of genderswap fics and I was hoping someone had a copy, it was posted on livejournal. Here’s the summary:

Stress Relief | annundriel | 1027 | NC17 | SU
Castiel takes a break from her busy schedule in Heaven to see Dean.


Underage!Dean/adult!Castiel Neighbors Fic

I’m looking for a fic where an adult Castiel is a new neighbor to the Winchesters (I believe Mary and John are alive). Dean is a little kid and pretty much claims that he and Castiel are some kind of soulmates. I can’t remember if Dean is the alpha or omega, but Dean’s parents and Castiel agree that it’s best if they wait until Dean is of age to start their relationship. Fast forward a few years, Dean finally has his first heat or rut and he and Castiel consummate their relationship.
Cold Solitude 2

FOUND!!! Sam/Dean, Mermen in Atlantis fic

So, Hi! I'm looking for a fic I read some years ago: Dean(?) discovers a hidden trapdoor in the Bunker basement and when he opens it Merman Sam comes through.... Quite a long fic that ends with Dean going under water to live with Sam and getting changed too. They have a kid (hatched from an egg, I believe) and there's a scene where they visit the hatchery to check on their egg's progress (I think?)
Anyway, if this jogs anyone's memory please, PLEASE let me know! It's positively haunting me!!
Hugs, Dee

Little Known or Recently Published Hurt Sam Gen/Bottom Sam fics

Hello, all!

I have been reading SPN fanfiction for seven years, and the last two/three years I have been insanely busy at school and not reading as much. But this summer, I have FREE TIME! And I would like to consume all the fics.

So ignoring very popular/well known fics from 2012-2016, PLEASE send me ALL THE RECS YOU HAVE that are:

-Bottom Sam, or
-No bottom or top, but very wincesty, or
-Gencest, or


-Hurt Sam, or
-Heavily feature some kind of hurt/comfort or angst

Any seasons, any AU, any plot, any kink! Autistic characters, mermaid characters, disabled characters, queer characters, super angst, super fluff, happy ending, sad ending... Just as long as it fulfills these two wishes! Underrated faves or recent reads appreciated! Thank you so much! I want to become a fanfiction reading zombie!

Hurt Jared or Sam? FOUND

I can't remember much about the story but I'm hoping there's someone who can find it based on the brief description. I believe it was about Jared and Jensen and Jensen was an abusive husband who kept Jared away from all family and friends. I believe Jared found his cellphone under the floorboards and realized he had a ton of missed calls from his mother. I want to say Jared has amnesia or something which made him believe Jensen was his husband but I'm not positive. Hope someone can find it!!

looking for cala_jane's fanfics

Update: A kind soul emailed me a copy of Public Masks! Yay! As noted in the comments, the author has a Dreamwidth account and the fic is there, just ignore the master post links because they still go to LJ. Also, her Semiautomagic series is still on AO3.

I noticed when going through my bookmark's that cala_jane's "Public Masks & Private Battles" was 404, and it looks like they've deleted their entire LJ. Does anyone out there have a copy of that fic or any others of theirs?

(Fic description: When the slavery system was introduced as a way to relief the overcrowded prisons, Jensen didn't hesitate to join the Rebellion that was already fighting against the Empire.Years later he was found out, he was sentenced to spend his life as a slave. From that moment, his life was a constant war, with battles he knew he had to win. After he's bought by Gerald Padalecki, to protect his youngest son, all those battles are limited to three most important ones. First: Keep Jared Padalecki alive. Second: Earn freedom by keeping Jared Padalecki alive. And third: Keep his feelings in check while keeping Jared Padalecki alive. Jensen soon realizes he might be able to win only one of those battles.)

Author trying to find own stories!


Once upon a time I ate, slept and breathed Livejournal. I wrote stories from time to time, and posted them. Move on the best part of a decade and my life has completely changed — but I'm thinking I would quite like to get my writing mojo back.

Does anyone have any fic saved by 'ysbail' that I could have? That was one of the names I used to write under. Oh — and if you have a PDF version of any of 'Hemrage's' fics too, that would save me trying to find what I moved onto Dreamwidth so many moons ago. Thanks in advance!

Specific!Fic - "The Proper Omega" by keep_waking_up (purged) !deleted-journal/

Edited: I have title/author thanks to the comment by jimbobjoe below. We're now wondering if anyone has a saved copy?

Greetings! Looking for a specific story. It was pretty short, if memory serves. AU - Jared is an eligible bachelor of some sort of high station - royalty or high social status, something of that that nature, who marries Jensen. I think the marriage is arranged through Jensen's family, but I think it's the case that Jensen is happy about it rather than something being forced on him, and that Jared asked Jensen for his consent before arranging it with the family. Jared is a considerate, caring partner. It might be alpha/omega?? but one where mates can be chosen rather than being the one-true-mate-for-everyone type. Or it may just be that Jensen is of some lower social strata. In either case, Jensen had grown up knowing that he'd be some sort of more submissive partner, and heavily prepped for what would be expected of him. He's been taught that the partner of his station is supposed to just lie there and take it rather than participating in lovemaking, whereas during the act, Jared becomes frustrated and sad, and assumes that the lack of participation means that Jensen was never really interested in him and only accepted the proposal so he wouldn't hurt Jared's feelings. They sort it out, of course. I think it was set in more of a past context - Victorian era, or maybe something like that? I've come up empty in searches. Any info would be appreciated!

Search: Cat and snow leopard Jensen shifter


I'm looking for a fic but haven't had luck finding it. I remember that Jensen shifts into a small cat or some other small animal and he crawls into a house and I think sleeps there until he goes back to his abusive parents. The house belongs to Jared and once he smells Jensen, he knows that he is his mate. In the end, Jensen turns into a snow leopard. Hope someone remembers this thanks!

Mommy dean

Hey! So ive been looking for fics where sam (and john) cherish dean and shower him with affection and are very protective of can be alpha/beta/omega dynamics also...selfrecs are awesome...its a bonus if its long!

There’s some ive read similar wjere sam calls dean mom and john treats him like his wife

Thanks in advance!
Angel of the Lord

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Friendly Mod reminder from the Sticky Post:

Request Status

After your request is found, please edit your post to say so. You can put 'found' in the subject line or somewhere in your post or use the status: found tag. A link to what you were searching for somewhere in your post would be great too!
(This is mainly for specific fic searches, not general ones)

To edit an entry all you have to do is click the blue pencil icon, .
How to add a link to your post.

Also, thanking the person that found your story for you should be a no brainer! People are taking their time to help someone they don’t even know find something.

Thank you!

FOUND! specific fic: post-apocalypse Sam, Dean - Boston church

You know how I said that my last request was my LAST?? Yeah, I lied. *hides face in shame*

Y'all are just so good at this! Hoping you can help me find a specific fic.

Here's what I think I remember: Post-apocalypse. Sam/Dean. Boys separated - Sam may have gone Dark, although the apocalypse in question may not have been THE Apocalypse.

Here's what I know: Dean was helping or leading a group of survivors. They stayed in an abandoned church in Boston for protection against - demons? Forays out into the city were dangerous and had to be strategically planned.

Ring any bells? please and thank you.

Specific Fic - Deleted from AO3 - Ace Pornstar Stanford Sam

Hi, guys,

I read a fic during July of 2015 (when it was posted) where Sam is at Stanford and he starts doing gay porn to pay for tuition. He is ace but it feels good and he has crazy endurance, so he keeps doing it, making more and more money doing riskier and riskier shit--there's one specific scene I remember where he's doing a BDSM dungeon porn scene where several dom guys have their way with him. Between shots he does homework/studies in the corner.

When I read it, it was a WIP and the most recent chapter had Dean involved in some way--probably Dean visiting Sam at Stanford?

It was one of my very favorites and it got deleted from AO3, so I would be very thankful if anyone had an LJ link/download/other source.


FOUND! Looking for a specific Dom!Dean/sub!Sam fic

To start, I know it isn’t “Please Dean” or “The Freak on His Leash”, both of which I’ve read, but something similar.

I recall it being set during S5E1, started with Dean and Sam driving somewhere. Sam was feeling guilty over freeing Lucifer and decided to just start obeying Dean, since Sam thinks everything he does is wrong.

I distinctly remember a scene where Sam pees in the car because he didn’t tell Dean he had to go. I think maybe Dean told him to be quiet and that’s why?

After that, some D/s stuff happens but gradually Dean starts becoming more abusive to Sam and Sam just takes it. If I recall correctly it just sort of ends like that but I’m not entirely sure. It’s been years since I read it. That’s really the only specific stuff I remember.

I think I read it on LJ. Pretty sure it was a long one-shot but I can’t say for sure.

Thank you in advance for any help!

FOUND! Patience is a Virtue:

LF specific non-au J2 with jealous Jared

I can only remember bits and pieces of this fic. It was early seasons non-au, when Jared and Jensen were living together. Jensen was pining and Jared was oblivious. Jensen eventually decides he needs to get over Jared, I think after Jared announces his engagement to Genevieve. When Jared is out for the evening, Jensen picks up a random dude and brings him home. Jared comes back unexpectedly and interrupts them, and gets crazy jealous and angry. He says something to Jensen like “this isn’t your house”. I remember a scene after with someone, maybe Chris, giving Jared hell for his behaviour and saying something about Jensen having lost his best friend and his home. I may have many of these details wrong. Any guesses?

Angel/Sword of Michael!Dean fic

I’m looking for a fic that takes place in heaven at some point. Dean is an angel and sword of Michael, I think. I think Lucifer and Dean are lovers or good friends, and when Lucifer rebels against god, Dean literally cannot help Lucifer because he is the sword of Michael. I think in this fic Sam is also an angel and the Sword of Lucifer? Maybe Dean eventually falls from heaven? I can’t remember all the details and I could be confusing details from another fic. I have searched all over and cannot find this fic.

post-apocalyptic or dystopian fic featuring Sam and Dean

Y'all have been so helpful lately - thank you! One more request:

Please hit me with your favorite dystopian or post-apocalypse fic (or lists). Love the trope of Sam and Dean crossing the country in the aftermath, just trying to survive. (I was hoping the Show would go there for the final season, but no such luck.) Gen or Wincest, either one. No angel sex, please.

Dean kidnapped and Sam finds him with the dad of the Kidnapper; update:Found! Thank you!

One of the first stories I read in this fandom was set in S1 or S2. Dean was kidnapped by a guy to make Sam use his powers to find his missing sister and he was also going to teach Dean "a lesson". The dad of the missing girl approached them with a stuffed animal and pretty much begged Sam to hold it to find her psychically but he had to say no, it doesn't work that way. I don't remember many more details but the guy just beat Dean all to hell in a barn and it caught on fire and Sam made the dad help find where the guy had Dean. I read it Thanks!!

Dean scared of Sam

Hi, I'm looking for any stories of Dean being scared of Sam (for any reason). I actually found a lot of stories about Sam being scared of Dean but not the other way around (expect for Fortune's Son by salacious_newt) so any recs (Gen or Slash) would be very much appreciated. 

Edit: I am not necessarily a fan of EvilSam, I prefer Sam just being mean (regular or cursed). :)

FOUND!! Jared/Jensen (?) story set in 1960s or 1970s with a neighborhood key party

FOUND!! Bend before it Breaks by tebtosca.


I’m searching for a fic that is Jared/Jensen (?) story set in 1960s or 1970s with a neighborhood key party. It’s where you put the keys in a bowl and whoever’s keys are drawn you would go and sleep with them. I think one of the couples is new to the neighborhood and they get invited to the other neighbors house and they realize it’s kind of a kinky party and they aren’t really sure what to expect. At some point I think they end up having Jared and Jensen sleep together. It’s been a couple years since I’ve read the story so I don’t really remember a lot of details. There may have been a wife swap at one point.

Thank you so much!

Found! Looking for Human Jensen putting werewolf semen in his eyes? and Werewolf Jared

Hi everyone! I'm looking for a fic that's pretty long and has Jensen doing odd jobs to pay the bills. In this universe, people know about werewolves, and theres some bank that purifies their semen? Jensen works at one of the transportation trucks that ships in the semen to the bank, and one day, because he's so curious about the sperm, he takes a couple vials to try it? He puts it in his eyes and it makes his eyes more green and he takes pics of himself to sell online because people that consume werewolf semen get addicted? Thanks in advance! 

!found! looking for a specific fanfic (hurt / dying? Dean)

Hi everyone!

I am looking for a specific fanfic I read a while ago about Dean dying after falling through the floor of a house after a hunt. He calls Sam, Bobby and John and they either think he's drunk or simply don't pick up at all. I think Bobby finds him in the end.

Does anyone know that fic and has a link for me?

I'd really appreciate the help.

Jai guru deva om

I am looking for a specific wincest ff

Hi there, I have read an amazing ff maybe a year ago and I can´t for the love of me find it. I am horrible with titles... But this is what I remember :

- underage wincest
- ff is short... about maybe 5-10 000 words
- I guess it´s from Dean´s POV
- very poetic (beautiful descriptions, imaginary of vibrant colors connected to feelings)
- It´s about Dean!pinning, if Sam is only playing with Dean and his total love obsession with Sam. Or if Sam does feel the same.
- He describes Sam and his behaviour as a different kind of flowers. When young and innocent, seductive, flourishing, blooming.
- In style "he loves me, he loves me not"
- In the end Dean finds out that Sam is obsessed by Dean the same way

Please if you recognize this fic, please, pretty please give me a link or here is my email address:

Thank you in advance :)

FOUND! Looking for shy Jensen baking sweets for jared and his dogs and leaving them by the door!

Hello! I've been looking for a story with Jensen being really shy and unable to interact with his neighbor Jared (whom he has a crush on). But he does have a really amazing talent in baking, so he bakes super often and leaves the goods on Jared's doorstep. Chad encourages him to talk to jared, but he's still too shy. He also bakes dog treats for Harley too! I don't remember what else there is, but thanks in advance!

Jensen and Jared

FOUND!!! Dean with Amnesia

I am hoping I can get some help on this one, but the bad thing is, I don't remember that much about the story or who wrote it.
Dean has somehow gotten amnesia (from a hunt I think) and is terribly hurt. I remember Charlie and someone else living next door to him and helping take care of him. There is very little Castiel in the story. Sam somehow finds Deans, but won't tell him who he a matter of fact he's living in a car. It's set up in New England or somewhere like that, cause I remember Sam being cold.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated it, cause it's driving me nutso...I've looked under the amnesia tags on AO3, but nothing pops to me....

FOUND specific fic - Jared/Jensen cognitively challenged

Need your help again, please, guys. Looking for a specific J2 fic that begins with Jensen as a young adult who is (mildly) cognitively challenged (what used to be called "retarded" - please forgive my use of that word) - might have been caused by an accident. Anyway, he lives with his wealthy parents until one day he decides to move out and try living on his own.

He rents a modest apartment and meets Jared, the abusive landlord's son. Jared is also mentally challenged. They fall in love - somehow there's a plant involved, and maybe some lemonade? - but have to return to Jensen's parents' home because Jared's father, whom he accidentally injured, is threatening them.

Can't remember the title or author. Haven't been able to narrow down any tags to Search, either. Your help in identifying this fic would be much appreciated.