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Runedgirl's fics?

Hi all!

I've recently come back to the SPN fandom after a loooong absence that began during Season 6. I'm desperately looking for runedgirl's fics, but whenever I click on a link, it tells me access is denied. Has she locked them? Anyone know how I can access?

Thank y'all!

FOUND! LFS J2 Cowboy/Rancher

I'm looking for a specific J2 rancher story. Things I remember:
- Jensen owns a ranch, possibly left to him by his parents
- Danneel and Chris are Jensen's best friends and helping him out at the ranch
- Jared comes to the ranch to help out as well
- Jensen is in the closet, and goes to a gay bar a few towns over whenever he needs
- Jared isn't in the closet but isn't advertising it either, Danneel and Chris know about it, Jensen doesn't at first
- Danneel is with Jeff, wanting to move out but staying with Jensen to help out at the ranch, Chris also has someone

Hope that rings a bell? Thanks a ton in advance!

ETA: Found by babybluebird11! It is I Leave My Heart in the Dust Where You Walk by whispered_story (used to be akintay on LJ). 

Soulmates Dean/Castiel!! Mute Castiel!!

I am looking for a story in which Castiel and Dean are Soulmates. It is a story with soulmate identifying marks / words. 

 Dean has no soulmark. I remember that he has no soulmark/words on his body. Dean has no soulmark because Castiel is mute. Castiel had an accident that made him mute.  

Dean and Castiel meet in the supermarket. And there he shouts the words that Castiel has on his body. This way they find out that they are Soulmates.

In the end they go to a BBQ en tell everybody that they are soulmates.

FOUND - Specific Dean/Sam Outsider POV

I'm looking for a specific fic where Dean has a condition where has to wear gloves because he can't touch anyone but Sam. The fic never discloses what would happen but in the last chapter we do find out that he's eventually recovered.

This makes the boys retire from hunting for a time and Dean becomes opens his own garage. The story is written from the point of view of a young  man who works for him.

I remember two particular scenes. One is where they host a big barbeque at their house. The other is after they have sex in the garages office and the writer catches a glimpse of Sam before he buttons up his suit shirt. Up to this point the writer doesn't understand why Dean puts up with Sam because they periodically has huge arguments in the office that end with Sam storming out.

I believe this may have been posted on Sinful Desire.

Please help if you have any info. 

tellthenight’s Destiel Fics

I searched ao3, in its entirety but couldn’t find tellthenight previously known as captainawesomellie or ellielephant’s Destiel fanfic “Match Me”, which was an alternate soulmate AU.

If anyone has files of the authors any other works too, I’d really appreciate it.
I’m a fan of their work and would be extremely grateful if anybody could email me the fanfic.
Here’s my email:

Specific John/Sam/Dean story

Hey guys...any help is appreciated.  I have search everywhere for a story I read and need help finding it.  John gets possessed and hurts Sam permanently (shattering his ribcage).  This spirit keeps trying to hurt Sam.  It possesses Dean but he fights back.  Bobby, Caleb, Josh are all in the story.  Thanks in advance!


A/B/O Dean/Cas Mpreg fic

Hello all. I read a story awhile ago that I swear I bookmarked on AO3. It was Cas finding Dean walking naked on the side of the road. He was pregnant and had just escaped some sort of facility that held omegas captive or something. It was long and had snippet sequels and now I can't find it at all. It even had another fic inspired by it that I read and I can't find that one either so I can track it back to the original. Does anyone know the fic I'm talking about? Please?

Found: J2 Story

Edit: Found in comments.

Hi all

I'm.trying to find a story where I think Jensen is a Dr who has gone back to take over his adopted father's clinic or position at hospital, or the father is still trying to persuade him to. I think it was more like a mentor taking him under his wing rather than official adoption (possibly due to being disowned for being gay).

I have a lot of vague memories so may be mixing up a number of stories.

1) The father is called to help at his friend's party as he is in ill health, becomes unwell himself so Jensen steps in. I think the friend is either royalty, a lord or rich - someone with power. Jensen and his mentor stay at the castle(?) where the party is being held over a few days. Jared is the son or family friend.

2) One of the guests had abused Jensen in the past. He is either related (like a cousin) or friend of Jared, but I don't think a close friend.

3) J2 either have a past relationship or are beginning to when Jensen discovers Jared knows his abuser (possibly the friend is blackmailing or threatening Jensen).

It could be unrelated Sam & Dean or Destiel but almost positive J2.

It must be at least a couple of years old aa a while since I read it.

Thanks all

Jensen's parents are not homophobic anymore

I don't remember whether J2 were in high school or not. But I remember that when Jensen was a kid he witnessed his parents be homophobic towards some group of people. They were homophobic in general as well. This is why later on Jensen is afraid to tell his parents his sexuality. But as the fic goes on, it turns out that his parents actually changed their beliefs and are now OK with gays. Rings any bells?

Unfortunately this is all I remember :( I don't even remeber whether the fic was AU or NonAU.

(FOUND! in comments) LF specific J2 fic

I’m reading my way through some rec lists and came across the title and description:

A Love Once Forgotten
Back in 1996, Jared's parents made his wish come true. For his birthday they bought him tickets to see hi favourite band and meet them. But something happened that crushed Jared's teenage dream. Now, in 2008, Jared meets his co-star for his latest movie that just happens to be his old crush. Jared has never forgotten that day, so what will happen when these two are forced to work together? How will it work out?

I know I’ve read it, and I loved it and want to read it again so badly! I’ve tried searching, but all I can come up with are recs and no working link. Wondering if anyone knows where this is posted?

Thanks for any help!

Parents finding out, pining Winchesters, JohnxMary, fem!Sam, au!Michael

1. Mary and/or John finding out about Sam and Dean being together. Just no John's A+ parenting.

2. I would like Wincest stories that have one or both boys pining over the other. Whether they get together or not doesn't matter.

3. JohnxMary stories of any kind. If applicable no John's A+ parenting again.

4. Stories with fem!Sam, later seasons preferable but not necessary. Wincest is also a plus but again not a necessary.

5. Any stories dealing with au!Michael with a preference of Michael!Dean.

Thanks everyone!
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Vigilante Justice: Specific and general requests

The specific story I'm looking for is pre-series and involves one of the boys being molested. Bobby and Jim are discussing how to handle it (John is off on a hunt/unreachable). Bobby says he won't kill the guy, but he figures what the pastor doesn't know won't hurt him.

I'm almost certain I found it through someone else's search here . . .but I have no idea which one.

In general, any fics where one character takes the law into their own hands in defense of another are welcome! Gen only, please.

ETA: Specific story found, with link in comments. Recs for the general search still more than welcome!


Long story with kids Sam and Dean, Mary and John alive

Hi everyone!
I'm looking for a story i read years ago. Sam made a deal with some demons that he would never kill another demon if John, Mary ans Dean were brought back to life.
There was a djinn involved. Time was supposed to go back to sam's birth and nobody would remember anything except for him.

John and Dean woke up from a very vivid nightmare a few weeks before what was suposed to be sam's birth and Dean remembered everything about their former life
Mary gave birth to a girl, Abbigail, instead of Sam ans Dean spent his life looking for his brother

Sam was raised in Foster families and took away around 12 years old and strarted redoing the hunts he had once done with Dean.

It was a pretty long story, i'd say more than 10k words.
I would really love to read it again, if someone found it for me it would really make my day!

looking for specific older bobby/crowley fic

Hi all, I'm looking for a specific older Bobby/Crowley fic. It had Crowley frequently popping up on Bobby's hunts and dispatching things for him, at one point I'm pretty sure he dispatched some ghouls? with a sledge hammer (I seem to recall they were in a sewer at the time) It might have been a 5 things/times style fic but I'm a little fuzzy on that.
It is not "If That's Your Thing" by thimbleoflight (
Thank you for your time and help in advance.

Wincest fic where sam is raised by Anna

Hi. Im looking for a fic i read a while back but cant seem to find the name of again. Heres what i can remember:

1. Dean is raised by John to the hunting life after mary and sam are killed in the fire.

2. Sam doesnt die in the fire, but is taken by Anna (the fallen angel) and raised as her son. She trains him to hunt and to use his powers.

3. Sam and Anna run into John and Dean during a hunt. I cant remember what they were hunting exaxtly, but it may have been some kind of dog like creature? After the hunt Sam and Dean find a pup and Sam decides to keep it and Dean helps him get it back to the car without letting John or Anna know.

4. Im pretty sure sam is still in high school when he meets Dean.

5. John starts dating Anna.

6. Eventually, Dean and Sam start dating, without them knowing they're brothers.

I cant really remember much more than that. Thanks!

Podfics - Five Futures & In the Silence Afterward

Hi all

I'm looking for copies of the following two podfics:

'Five Futures Dean Sure As Hell Isn’t Going to Let Happen', which is a compilation of five individual stories focusing on the episode 'The end'. It was on the Audiofic Archive as a single file.

The other is 'In the silence afterwards' read by fullondazzled. I have part 2 but unfortunately I can't find a working link for part 1.

Please let me know if you have a copy you could share. Thanks heaps!

LFS's and Recommendations for Teen!Dean Reuniting with John and/or Mary

Hi, all,

I'm heading out on vacation and need some good reads. I have requests for two specific stories and recommendations for mostly teen!Dean-centric fics:

1. Story where Sam is with John (and maybe Mary). Dean lives with an uncle, I think Ray, who is abusive. Sam and Dean become friends and John goes to save him.

2. I think Mary and John are estranged and think the boys are dead. John finds a mysterious photo of Sam that leads him to Sam/Dean. All eventually reunite.

3. I would like recs for any story in which Mary and/or John lose both boys, or just Dean, and are reunited later. I'm not picky about rating but prefer not to have Wincest. I have the link for "Familiar Faces" on

4. Recs for any story in which an abused Dean meets or interacts with John or Mary, or any other parental unit who try to protect him. I know "In Shadow" for this one. I am good with Sam being part of the fic as long as he is either with Dean or part of the family trying to help him, just not the only one needing help. I'm in the mood for strong/damaged/in danger Dean.


LF J2 amnesia fic - Found link in comments

I'm looking for a shortish oneshot. I think it was Jensen who went into a coffee shop daily and Jared was the barista. It was just a cute little coffee shop AU where they chatted and had chemistry. Towards the end of the story, it transpired that Jared was either his boyfriend or husband and Jensen had been in some sort of accident and had amnesia. I probably have some of the details wrong but if anyone remembers anything sort of like this I'd be so happy.

Specific Deleted Wincest Fic (Fenix21) / AO3

Hello everyone! I'm trying to help a friend find this fic which I recommended for them, but it seems to have been (or the account had been) deleted! :( I'm not good at using the Way Back Machine, but if anyone can find it there or if anyone maybe has a PDF, I would really appreciate it! <3

  • Settling Up, Settling In - by: Fenix21 - Dean's been running himself ragged keeping Sam from scratching at the Wall Death put up in his little brother's head, and things are not okay between the brothers because Sam won't let Dean anywhere near him, and the only thing Dean really wants now? To retire. Because it's the only way to keep Sam safe. But a routine salt and burn leads to a cursed object that causes Sam to go into a sexual frenzy and get Dean pregnant, which is okay with Dean because that seems like the perfect ticket out. Until the Hell in Sam's head starts to spill over and he freaks out when Dean tells him about the baby.

Weechester!Dean Fic

Hey guys! This is my first post so sorry if I mess something up. Lol anyway the fic I'm searching for is weechester. I think that Dean gives Sammy a little bit of alcohol for some reason (maybe because he wouldn't stop crying?) and John finds out and yells at Dean who then thinks that John hates him and he hides. John and Bobby panic and try to find him. I don't remember anything else about it except for a part where Dean thinks John is leaving him and he chases the Impala and falls and scrapes his knees. At the end John apologizes for yelling at Dean so heavily and everything is ok. I don't think it was a very long fic either if that helps.

Also for my general search, if anyone knows of any fics that include any of these:

1.) Outsider POV of Dean 

2.) There is someone (teacher, police, etc.) that think the boys are being abused but actually aren't 

3.) Any other angsty pre series fics featuring John and Dean 

I would greatly appreciate any help, thanks in advance!

Specific spy fic Jared/Jensen

Hello all,

I’m searching for a specific spy J2 fic where Jensen is a secret agent trying to bring down an international arms manufacturer (or drug trafficker?). Jared speaks multiple languages and he speaks Polish (or French, I’m not sure) to seduce this man and distract him while they get evidence. I remember that Jensen and Jared had gotten together before this and Jensen stops listening in when Jared is seducing the arms manufacturer. Jared disappears for a while and Jensen tracks him down in the end and I think they get back together. Hope this rings some bells foe someone! Many thanks!

J2 are a couple pretending to hate each other

I think they were in high school. They were working together in some kind of a store. They were a couple but they pretended they don't like each other in front of their friends because they belonged to two different groups which I think didn't like each other. There was some sort of trip that they all went to together. It was a school trip.

It was on ao3 but I can't find it.

FOUND!! Specific pre!series Wincest: the boys get kidnapped and held underground.

I can't find where I had this saved, but I remember this fic very specifically. - Sam and Dean are kidnapped/captured and wake up in an underground bunker-like room with one bed, a toilet, sink, limited canned fruit rations and no way out.

Found in comments! Details contain spoilers / under the cut.

Collapse )

Werewolf!Jensen Human!Jared Fic

Hello everyone!

So I’ve been looking for a fic where Dean is a werewolf and also working as a nurse at a small clinic.

Sam suffers from a chronic disease that makes all his limbs hurt. When he’s at the clinic he meets Dean who realizes that Sam is his mate.

They start dating but when Sam finds out Dean is a werewolf and eats (human hearts I think) he gets really mad.

Sorry that’s the only thing I remember.

(It could also be a J2 fic but I’m pretty sure it’s unrelated wincest)

I can’t find this fic anywhere and I’m hoping some of you might be able to help me!

I believe it was on ArchiveOfOurOwn but I’m not sure

Thank you!

Looking for 2 specific stories. EDIT Both stories found in comments.

Guys, I've been thinking about these two stories for a couple of days, but can't for the life of me remember what they are called or where to find them, hopefully one of you good people can help me out.

Fic N0 1. : This is a J2 were fic. I'm sure the guys were in rival gangs/packs and Jared was the Alpha of his. He and his friends have a reputation for being vicious and like to party at a specific club. I remember Jensen moving into Jared's compound and the girl giving him a hard time. Also, while not mated to them, both Sandy and Gen have children by Jared. There is a fight and the children and their mothers are sent away to keep them safe.

Fic No 2. : Sam is at Stanford. I remember a scene early on where Sam is  with Jess in a coffee shop and a guy waiting in line is struggling with a crying child/baby. Turns out that Dean  is the guy in line and he came to Stanford to tell Sam he is an uncle.

Not a  lot to go on, but hopefully someone will recognize the stories from my vague recollection, because I'd love to read them both again.

Thanks for your time. 

Help! Specific Death!Fic involving Sam AU!

Please help me find this specific Death!Fic with Sam dying in the end due to cancer or terminal illness.

i) He had a wife and Son
ii) Dean was staying with them helping out
iii) Parts of stories involved, Sam shooting glass bottles while he was supported by Dean. Dean and his nephew had a strong bond. Sam's wife was writing in a publication.
Sam waited for Dean before he passed on.
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Non-con in a Barn

** FOUND! I'm looking for a non-con in which one of the brothers (cannot recall which one - maybe Sam) is on his own, gets captured by group of men in a small town, is taken to a barn, is tied to a 'horse,' and repeatedly raped by multiple men.
His father and brother go back to find him and are told by local authorities he'd left town.
They may have encountered a chained man who warned them about what was going on (or, I could be mixing up my stories!)
There may have been bestiality with large dogs involved.
Sam's father and Dean (?) come to the rescue.
If there's more to it I can't remember.

Thanks in advance!
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Trying to find a Sam/Lucifer AU Fic... FOUND IT!

Does anyone remember this fic? It's an old one too.
It's AU because Sam and Lucifer are together as a happy couple.
Sam makes a bet with Lucifer that he wouldn't have fallen for him if he didn't know who he (Lucifer) was (I think). Lucifer says that he is iressistible and goes back in time to before the whole Lucifer story arc...Sam and Dean are investigating some incubus at a strip club (Disney Princesses maybe?) and Sam wanders around and finds a door to another part of the club where Lucifer is dancing dressed up as a stereotypical devil (with horns and a tail). Sam is really, really attracted to him and they end up having sex with the horns and tall. Lucifer then blurs Sam's memory and goes back to his Sam and unblurs the memory for him.
I can't believe I remember so much of the story and can't find it!
Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

EDT - Found it in some old bookmarks... It's Betting Is A Sinner's Game by Hades_the_Blingking

Jared/Jensen. possible A/B/O

I am looking for a fic from a while back. It was a possible A/B/O where Jensen is moved into Jared's home. Jared essentially bought Jensen from his family. Jared looked down on Jensen and pretended that he wasn't going to change his life for him. Sandy was Jared's housekeeper. Genevieve and Jared had a kind of friends with benefits thing. Jensen pretty much kept to his room and ended up getting slapped by Genevieve at one point and got real sick at some point.

I can't remember if it was on Livejournal or AO3.


other couples heavily mentioned along with j2

hi im back again. im looking for reccomendations. are there any stories where other couple(s) (im happy with one other couple) are heavily mentioned like for instance/example mike/tom or some pairing with chad. ive already read loveland high im looking for other fics where oter couples are heavily mentioned along with j2. it would be nice to see chad paired up with someone or a couple like mike/tom mentioned. thanks in advance.

Im Down

Looking for pre-series Sam death!fics

Hello! Does anyone know of any pre-series stories that involve Sam dying as a child or teenager, and how that affects the Winchester family? Bonus points if Sam stays around as a spirit. I saw that a similar request was posted by another user in 2011, but I'm hoping that there are more recent stories out there. Please no Wincest.

Thank you!
The Winchester Gospel

Reality TV - Jared/Jensen - FOUND!

I'm looking for a specific fic, I wanted to re-read it ad found it then lost it (because today has just been a crap day) and now I can't find it.
It's about Jared and Jensen being on a reality show where the goal is to get married/find the perfect match. Jensen is on it mostly because his mom is sick.
Thank you!

EDIT: Found it!

Forever J²

Hi everyone!

I'm in the mood for some good old J², hence the title of this little post. ♥ Here is what I'm craving:

  1. Jared plans to propose to Jensen. Any outcome is accepted. (happy & heartbreaking endings)

  2. I love the concept of secrets and white lies. Jensen or Jared keeps a secret or secrets from the other, and it creates problems between them. They can be in an established relationship or on the way towards having one. All types of secrets are welcome.

  3. One of them coldly breaks off their relationship with the other for what they believe is a justified reason, disregarding what it may do for the other person's feelings or their own. They can be open about why or keep it to themselves, thus angering the other person. Bonus points if the other tries to get them back! Different fallouts accepted. I don't mind the dumpee getting angry and throwing punches at any point because of it. (for instance, Jensen breaks it off because he doesn't want to come out publicly, and Jared gets angry and calls him a coward because of it, maybe even throws punches at him or takes it out on his own friends. In this scenario, Jared can be pushy sometimes, not always a pushover. Jensen can be soft, not always a dick.)

  4. Jared and Jensen run away together because their families and their whole world as they know it would never, ever accept them together. They're alone; it's them against the world.

Some recommendations from the wonderful firesign10:

Jared Padalecki has a problem. The government agent's search for a possible sex trafficking ring lands him at the Isla Grande Resort on the Gulf of Mexico, and he needs a cover to finish the job. When he meets the sexy wedding planner while planting a bug in his room, Jensen blackmails him into pretending to be his boyfriend. Jared doesn't mind--he thinks he's been handed the ideal cover.

Except Jensen stumbles into trouble, and Jared has to decide if this resort romance is just play-acting—or the real thing!
Jared and Jensen are the honor attendants for their friends' wedding. As such, they're running around town helping with all the arrangements. While they're happy to help Genevieve and Danneel, they're less than thrilled to keep bumping into each other. Each encounter only reminds them of their own engagement...the one that ended abruptly a few years ago. Can they remain civil until the ladies' big day, or will everything between them explode at the altar?


Specific fic found! Overdue by righteousbros, found by jdl71

Jared/Misha (and Sam/Cas), especially stories that aren't on AO3

I feel like the first request is somewhat a long shot, but I'm feeling a bit desperate... At this point I think I've checked out all the Jared/Misha stories an AO3 and would love to read more. I'd especially love to read longer stories that aren't fluff or smut, but I'll pretty much give anything a chance. I'd also appreciate stories where they are just a side pairing.

I'd also appreciate any Sastiel recs,  stuff that isn't on AO3, but also great stories I might have missed on there. Again, I especially like longer narrative or character-driven stories, but any recs are welcome! I'm fine with any other pairings in the story, too (although I'm not big on Gabriel/Sam). If it includes Wincest or Destiel it'd actually be a bonus to me.
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Found! - Looking for a pre-series AU fic

I'm looking for a fic where Castiel time travels (I think?), causing Henry Winchester to be let out just before John proposes to Mary and then Abaddon kills her parents? So John finds out about hunting and Mary, John, Castiel and Henry go into hiding in the Men of Letters Bunker for about ten years, raising Dean and Sam while there. Does anyone know this? I read it recently but now I can't find the link.

Specific Zombie fic Dean/Cas Edit: Found! In comments

The basic gist of the story is that Dean, Sam, and Cas are all in high school. The Zombie Apocoalyspe happens and Sam and Dean come to rescue Cas.

It’s hinted that Sam and Dean are some kind of hunters. Everyone is human except the Zombies. Sam, Dean, and Cas end up at some kind of research facility and Charlie is there (maybe Ash?). Eventual Dean/Cas.

I want to say there are several chapters, or maybe a couple of separate stories. Maybe altogether 30k words?

Does this ring a bell for anyone?
I’ll be happy to take any other Zombie stories you have too. Any genre or pairing.

Thanks y’all 😁😁
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lost ones

Hi again, I looked for these two fics a while ago here and was not successful, I am hoping that maybe someone will see this post who knows them this time.

1. This one is J2, both of them are FBI or CIA or something like that, they meet the first time where Jared meets the head honcho, Jensen is UC and shoots the bad guy. At some point in the story they are somewhere with a bridge or something and Kane stabs Jensen, making it look like he is dead, I think at that point they are trying to sell guns to a bunch of guys and it goes sideways. Jared thinks Jensen is dead but Jensen contacts him a bit later to come work for them, I believe Jeff might be their boss?
Help please?

This next one I will put under a cut...

Collapse )

any help on these would be very appreciated.

Stories by FateBegins and others like hers

I found the amazing FateBegins when she was on LJ from one of her Spartacus stories and fell in love with every single one of her J2 fics.

I know she moved to AO3 and I happily friended her and continued to follow everything she posted. I know she had some personal issues and wasn't posting often, so I started checking in to see if there were any updates every few months. When I checked this time, it looks like she's deleted her profile. I checked the deleted journal/stories tag here and was able to find some of her older stories, but does anyone have or know where I can find her latest stuff? Even if it's not finished? she was one of my favorites and I love reading her writing.

Also, does anyone know of any J2 stories along the line of what she writes/wrote? Ie. longer stories with deeply developed plot, hurt Jared (either physically or emotionally), and of course bottom Jared? Everything that I have found is either really short, there isn't much any plot to it, or it's top Jared.

Thanks for any help! :)

FOUND! (see Comments) specific J2 fic, Jensen as a long-haul trucker

Looking for a specific fic where Jensen is a long-haul trucker and Jared works at/owns a small diner somewhere along his route. Jensen can't seem to settle down, and Jared's never been anywhere. Over time, Jensen falls for Jared, usually stopping at his diner along the route.

Seems like Jim Beaver was Jensen's boss. I think J and J initially hooked up through a blowjob, maybe (in the parking lot of the diner?) And possibly at the end the Js move in together in a small apartment somewhere, when Jensen gets over his fear of commitment (and being out).

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.
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Non-specific abused!Sam or Jared/OMC, rescuer!Jensen & others

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