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Last of the Princes

Fresh Start Fic


I'm new to the community but a long itme fan of the show.

I'm looking for a fic I read years ago and this is all that I can remember:

Sam and Dean bought a house, Sam bought a dead woman estate online to decorate the house
Cas showed up as a human and liked a weird popcorn flavor
Dean got a note from God

Any help would be appriciated!

Also, any fic recommendations for when the boys retire/get a fresh start away from hunting would be amazing!

Thank you

Mike Holmes/Supernatural house inspection

This is an old one from back when I first started reading Supernatural fic, so it may be gone now. It's fairly short, gen or crack/comedy.

The only thing I remember is Mike Holmes from Holmes on Homes and Mike Makes It Right comes to a house Sam and Dean are at because of a hunt. Mike goes through the house like he does in his show and finds numerous things that need to be fixed, both mundane and to keep out things like ghosts and other supernatural creatures.

Looking for two old j2 stories

Hello i am
Looking for two really old j2 fics
Like before season 4 before Misha/Cas

Fic 1.
J2 live together as roommates jared is openly gay jensen is straight and a bit of a homophobic dick jensen is struggling to pay a huge school debt i think
one night while j2 and company are at a bar jensen pisses jared off later when they get home jared says i will pay off your debts if you let have your body this kind of scares jensen off for a bit and he trys to get the money some other way but has no luck he reluctantly agrees to Jared's demands all the while through the fic jared falls in love with him and trys to ignore it until jensen also fulls in love too

Fic 2
J2 earley season one or two jensen is in love with Jared but jared is straight and has a girlfriend sandy i don't remember much but what i do remember is sandy told jared about jensen feels and broke up with him Jensen was sick at the time jared confronts him about his feels and he's quit cruel about it jensen was naked and had just got done eating chicken soup and went out to the kitchen to throw the bowl in the sink and jared barged in and sexually assaulted him against the kitchen wall there was no penetration but jared made jensen like ride his thy until he came all the while says very hurtful things about him and then he left jensen after

A little while after jared realizes he's in love with jensen and trys to tell him but can't find him until he goes to chris house

[Found] Looking for PDF version of Aleia's College Verse

Hi.. I'm looking for PDF version (or epub) of College!Verse: Second Verse (Not Quite Same As The First)

The story is still available at but the link for PDF is dead.

If someone still have it, please share them

Thank you.

Found. Link in the comment.

FOUND! specific fic - kidnapped Sam (underage)

Oh, this one's really vague (in my memory). Sam is kidnapped - I think he's in high school - and held at some sort of secret (government?) facility. He's tortured and raped, spends a lot of time tied to a chair. Some of the torture/rape happens in the dark, so he learns to be frightened of that. I seem to remember that more than one man tortured him. Not sure whether they were demonic.

Can't remember why Sam was kidnapped. There was a doctor overseeing the experiments - he watched many of the sessions through a two-way mirror. Sam never left the one room. Ultimately he was rescued - can't recall the break, the doctor may have finally had a change of heart, but I won't swear to that.

Writing was very intense - just reading the fic was harrowing. I don't think it was Wincest. I don't remember John and Dean being involved in the story much; it mostly focused on Sam.

Any bells? please and thank you.


Sabriel, human au , model sam

Hey guys i've searched hard for this fic and havent found it so please help me
Its all human au i think in a03 where gabriel is in an art class and sam is the model . Gabriel sees sam and literally falls of the chair.
I think its about 50 thousand words and maybe gabriel is later found to be a millionaire? dont know for sure
Please help guys
Thanks in advance

Dean/Castiel - Looking for specific "It's a Terrible Life" Verse Fic

Hi! I'm looking for a specific destiel fic that I remember being set in the "It's a Terrible Life" verse. Dean is the boss, Castiel is there as the new secretary, I think? Cas stays late one day and finds that Dean is having sex with his clients (specifically, Crowley) to close deals, and Cas helps him through the aftermath in the bathroom (?). There's something about Dean presenting himself as uptight but actually being addicted to sex. Dean keeps a planner/agenda/journal where he writes out all the things that he does for the day. Cas tells Dean that he's not going to have sex with him until he learns to "love himself" or something.

At the end of the fic, I remember there being Dean's planner, with all the things he was going to do being crossed out and replaced with "Cas time," or "Sex with Cas" because he was ready to do the do blah blah.

I'd be absolutely over the moon if anyone knows what this fic is!

Looking for a specific fanfic

I'm looking for the fic

Nature Is An Evil Bitch, Or How Jared Learned To Stop Worrying And Let His Freak Flag Fly By Maryroyale.

It looks like it's been deleted. I've looked through the list of deleted fics and haven't found it. Is there a PDF somewhere? I'd love to read it again, if the author isn't against it :)

Email is
Dad's graphic

Looking for a Harry Potter (Mr. Black)/Supernatural crossover

Hi! Over the weekend I started re-reading the Harry Potter is Mr. Black fanfic stories.(Started by Rorschach's Blot). As I was reading them, I sort of remembered a story where Harry saved the Winchesters when the Impala got t-boned during the search for the yelloweyed demon.
I remember
John Winchester thinks it's because Mary was Black;s daughter (she wasn't but did ask him to save her sons).
That Harry had a life saving healing potion from Henchgirl in a green glowing hourglass.
And Harry gave them new identies and cars.
It's been driving me nuts. Any help is appreciated.

Lost fic! Sick Sam and Sick Dean. Insufficient shelter. There were original characters.

There was a story I read quite a few years ago that I cannot find. I believe both Sam and Dean were sick at the time and they couldn't afford a motel. They were staying at some abandoned cabin I think, somewhere in the woods, and it was not very good shelter for them. I remember some type of monster was also in the woods. There were also several original characters I think, two of them were an older couple who I think were or still are doctors because they end up taking Sam and Dean in and they had medical equipment. I believe another original character was a girl but I don't remember what age and I could be wrong about this as well. Like I said, it's been years since I've read it, but I'm hoping someone can make sense of all this and help me find it! Thanks in advance!

Sam/Dean (?) Gothic Soundtrack with fic

It might have been a big bang. I know it had a soundtrack with it, very gothic. I know one of the songs sounded like it had the phrase "knuckle bone tree", but I'm having no luck with the song, which I thought would lead me to the fic. Pretty sure Sam/Dean was the pairing. They might have been tracking a witch or ghost. I think the tree was an important part.

A few lost fics

Hello all,
I am looking for a few fics that I can't seem to find and I'm hoping that some wonderful person here can help me.

1. I haven't read this one, it was written by starweather, it's called but thank the stars we are entwined. This one I found on this site, but the link is broken to both the fic and the audiofic. It was suppose to be uploaded to A03, but there is not an account with her name on A03. Help?

2. In this one Dean is possessed, he waits for Sam back in their motel room and things get hot and heavy, Dean keeps begging (internally) Sam to see that he is possessed while Sam is f&@cking him, but doesn't think that he does, obviously Sam can not hear him because the demon keeps him quiet. Sam is talking very quietly the whole time they are having sex and at the very end it turns out he was saying an exorcism. Please someone tell me that you know this fic! Oh also there is some NSFW art along with it.

3. I swear this fic was written by zubeneschamali but I can not find it on her A03 or livejournal accounts. In it the world is attacked by aliens, Jensen is part of the very small resistance, and gets caught and abducted by the aliens, who put a helmet on him and it does mind control. Jared watches this on tv and decides to go into college for some sort of doctor to see if he can reverse the affects. Jensen gets free and makes his way back to a bunker, where Jared figures out that he is still under mind control to turn them in.
Please help!

4. I am really in the mood for tattooed and pierced boys, I have gone through the list here, most of them are old. S/D or J2, bottom Jensen/Dean only, no other pairing than the boys please, and no underage.

Hurt Sam/Tree spirits

I cannot locate a specific story.  This one has Dean, John, Sam and Caleb in it.  I can remember that Sam thinks they are hunting tree spirits but John disagrees.  Sam equips Dean to fight them but Sam and Caleb get hurt.  It may have not been complete that is why I cannot find it.  Any help is appreciated.

Charlie fights like a girl

FOUND: story about Sam using Magic

I read this story just recently, but for the life of me, I can't remember the name/refind it.
It wasn't super long, in the first part Sam was young and he met a lady or John left him with a lady for a short time who was a good witch who taught him things. He knew his dad and Dean wouldn't approve so he kept it secret. I remember something about crows in the trees of her house or Sam being able to talk to things... not sure if I'm mixing this up
He only met her one more time, but it was a good experience.
Then the story picks up when he's later and I get fuzzy about this, but I think he saved his whole family or maybe it was only Dean by using magic.

Any help finding this with my super fuzzy description would be greatly appreciated. I don't even remember if it was slash or gen.

Found by caranfindel it was their wonderful spn_summergen fic: These are the days of miracle and wonder (this is the long distance call)
Mr. Bowie

Scriggly's J2 Stories

If there was announcement that Scriggly was pulling her stories, sadly, I missed it.  Her name and stories seem to have been completely scrubbed from AO3.

My plea:  If anyone has "This Cage I Built From Good Intentions" and the sequel (title?), could you please send me a copy?   Thank you so much.  

Compendium of Dean-centric Stories

About a year or so ago I stumbled upon an account (I think) that had a massive list of Dean-centric (I think hurtDean - maybe it was something like a hoodie-time kind of thing?) stories going back some years. I think it was mostly gen but not positive. There were so many authors and aaaall kinds of stories, case fics, curtin fics, adventure, au, h/c; all the show's characters were represented too, but it was all Dean focused, hurt, heroic and otherwise. I just pretty much started at the first and used the calendar and went through each date that had stories posted but I can't seem to find it. Maybe it was just a search function I somehow stumbled on but I am pretty sure it was a single account. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Is it real and if so can I be directed to it?

Thank you!!! I love this community, I've found so many good stories here and I love reading about what other people are looking for too. Y'all are great!

Found! Kidnapped Jared, Dark Jensen

I read this story forever ago and it just popped back into my brain. Jensen is rich and owns an island or something and Jared’s boyfriend sells him to Jensen. It’s pretty much non-con sex for I think five or so chapters. At one point they’re on a boat and someone else teases Jared and drugs him. Jensen calls Jared “toy” a lot. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

UPDATE: It's called "Acquisitions" by Tipsy_Kitty

Searching for Ursa1ita Podfic

I'm looking for podfics read by Ursa1ita :

By All Means Rome - Author : deirdre-c - Reader : ursa1ita
The Allegory of the Cave - Author : tryfanstone - Reader : ursa1ita
Open Mike Night at the Fremont - Author : audrarose - Reader : ursa1ita
We've come a long way - Author : gypsy_sunday - Reader : ursa1ita

All links at audiofic are invalid and her journal was deleted and purged.

If anyone have them, please share them with me. My email is

Thank you in advance.

*Found thanks to Lenka*

Two Sam/Dean Fics

Hello! I'm looking for two Sam/Dean fics. Unfortunately I can't remember their names but I read them somewhere on LJ (I think).

The first one is a non-hunting AU where Mary is alive and the boys have other siblings. Somehow I remember that John and Mary might have had five kids overall. I think the fic was told mostly from the parents' and the other siblings' POVs.

The second one is a pre-series AU. John died at some point and the boys are raised by Bobby. I vaguely remember there was very brief Caleb/Dean in it because Dean was being silly and trying to resist Sam.

I think both fics were fairly short.

Thanks in advance!
young jay

Specific Fic: Med School!Jensen and Stripper!Jared

I just recently read a story where Jensen is in med school and really enjoys the eggs at a strip club so he goes there to study and eat. Jared is his server/dancer, but Jensen always ignores him. Once Jensen finally notices him, Jared takes him outside for a smoke break, where he reveals that Jensen was his TA and that he's a Nursing major. Jensen was expecting sex. The next time they go out for a smoke break, however, Jared sucks him off, and invites Jensen back to his apartment.

I can't even remember who wrote it, but I read the story less than three weeks ago.


I tried to apply as many tags as I could.

you're kidding me

FOUND AU destial, ABO, arranged marriage to an uninterested Jimmy?

I've been at a loss trying to find a fic. It might have been ABO and starts out with (omega?) Dean being married to Jimmy. When Jimmy turns out to be uninterested in providing an heir, his father Castiel steps in and it becomes pretty solidly Destiel. I'm pretty sure it results in mpreg but I'm a little foggy on that part.

Thanks <3

Destiel fic, long and domestic fluff!

Hi there, I'm looking for a multi-chapter fic that I read maybe end of last year? It's a Dean and Cas established relationship from pretty early on I think. From what I can remember Dean is a mechanic and Cas may be a teacher (not sure). Cas usually bottoms cause he does yoga and is very flexible but there is at least one switch chapter. They often have games nights with their friends and get in trouble for PDAs! One bit I remember is when Cas is housesitting for Sam and leaves a "home video" in the DVD player there, leading to a conversation with Gabriel about "cleaning and maintenance"! Hope someone can help I loved this fic and would really like to get a chance to re-read!xx

Destiel with asexual Cas / unrequited Wincest or Destiel

I’m looking for two types of fics, non-AU only, please.

1. Destiel fics where Cas is asexual (and preferably his season 4-ish, decidedly not human self) and he and Dean try to figure out how to deal with Dean having needs that Cas can’t fulfill. (Unhappy endings welcome.)

2. Wincest or Destiel fics where one is pining for the other but their feelings remain unrequited – either because they never express those feelings, or they do but the other one just doesn’t feel the same. I’d be especially thankful for fics that focus on the long-term aspect of living and fighting alongside someone who doesn’t love and want you the same way you want them.

Thanks for any recs, and have a great day y’all!

LF: Specific Bakery Fic

authors TakeThePieNow and TricksterMode

title: A Little Slice of Heaven (40505 words):
written by TakeThePieNow and TricksterMode
story summary:Collapse )

I was hoping someone could either help me locate this story or provide me with a copy of this story?

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you

tags: deleted story, specific story, specific author, pairing: Castiel/Dean, Alternate Universe - Bakery, aspergers!cas, Naive Castiel, Baker Dean, Cake Decorator!Cas, Big Brother Gabriel

Sam I Am

Hey y’all! I was hoping you can help me with this specific fic. Its name ( or the sequel’s name I don’t remember which one) is Sam I Am and it was about how Sam was kidnapped by some scientists after he went on a “school program” it was a trap obviously to abduct him and the other special children to train them to be assassins and to train their powers. Pastor Jim, Bobby and Caleb were in the story too and it was finished but it had an unfinished sequel last time I checked.

I went back to re-read it again but found the author’s account on ff was deleted so I was wondering if anyone had a copy of it and is willing to share it (if that’s ok with the author) I’ll be forever grateful cuz I absolutely adore that fic.

And if anyone has a fic similar to this I’d absolutely love to read it! So just comment the name of it or the link, just no slash please!
Thanks in advance!

UPDATE!! Fic found in the comments. Unfortunately the sequel was only on so if anyone has it and is willing to share I’d still love to have it.
And if you have similar stories I’d still love to read them too! Thanks🙏

Specific Fic! Hospitalised Dean. Angry with Sam. Sam was struggling to get a home for Dean.

Dean was hospitalized.And was angry with Sam everytime he visited

Sam at one point had to stay in a shelter. An elderly woman helped him
Sam still visited Dean but Dean would be mad at him.
Sam was struggling to set up a place for Dean when he got released from hospital.At one point,Dean felt guilty.

There was a garden or something in the house and the elderly woman visited thte boys.

Sam will one point go back to a nearby community college or something.

Thank you.

Edit: FOUND! - Brotherhood AU with hurt!dean and worried!caleb

I'm looking for a fanfic of the Brotherhood!AU I read many years ago. It was not written by Ridley herself or the other active brotherhood writers. It was very Dean-centric, I think he was around 16 or so? He and Caleb were fighting about something and Dean felt very misunderstood and lost the whole fic. He started doing dangerous stuff with some other hurting kid of a hunter. I remember something about him riding a motorcycle on a train track and in one of the last chapters they were about to enter an old unsafe cable car. In the end Caleb safed him and they made up. The fic had around 16 chapters or so and I think I read it on, but I can't find it anywhere. Thanks for helping! 

Found it, it's called "Looking for space"

LF two RPF stories - both found

The first is a bigbang length story. Jensen is a pop/rockstar and picks up Jared, I think at some award ceremony like the Grammies, and they have sex, Jared is gone in the morning off on tour. Later they end up on the same tour, I think Jensen is the opening act or something.

Secondly, I think this was a wip, I only remember that Jared and Jensen were at the Grammies and weren't talking to each other. Pretty sure Jensen walked with a walking stick. They bumped into each other in the toilets and either had a big fight or sex. Yep that's all I can remember

Any help greatly appreciated.

Found in comments! specific J2 with slave or sub Jared

I read it a while back, and I only remember a few details clearly. I’m pretty sure Jared was kidnapped. He was either being trained to be a slave or a sub by Jensen.

The particular part I remember was Jared had finally called Jensen Master. After that I believe Misha hurts or rapes him, and after that I think Jared stopped calling him Master because Jensen was supposed to keep him from being hurt? I think I remember Chris in it as well.

I’ve been through so many previous posts looking for it, and other searches. It is NOT Smoke and Mirrors by alecx_5, though it’s along those lines.

I’ve also looked through the fics I’ve downloaded and I don’t already have it. Any help is appreciated if that scene sounds familiar.

This community has been amazing with my previous requests, and I’m so thankful for this place! I’ve found so many good fics to read going back through old posts!
J2 hand/heart

Looking for fics around the episode Lebanon

I would really love to read any fics surrounding  the events of the episode Lebanon. The boys - either together or separately - giving John information about their lives and things that have happened since John has been gone.

Like I would love to get to be a fly on the wall to the boys getting to tell John that his Dad didn't take off and leave him. Or his take on finding out they had both been in hell. Or that they knew about Adam.

Into the Woods we go again - Sam, Dean, or J2

There are ao many great fairy tale fics out there, both on the SPN side and the J2-AU side. Is anyone aware of any fic that follows the basic premise of the Sondheim musical INTO THE WOODS, combining several fairy/folk tales into one narrative? There's an idea scratching at the back of my brain. . .

Please share your favorite fairy tale fics about Sam and Dean, or the J's.

favorite fics in terms of writing style - J2, S/D, or Gen

Tell me some of your favorite stories in terms of writing style.

Maybe the characterizations aren't to your taste, or you don't like the twists and turns of the plot - but the writer's style is so good that you read (and love) the fic anyway. Whatever impresses you - voice, originality, word choice/usage, sentence structure, use of narrative tricks and tropes, dialogue, themes and motifs, etc.

I'm looking for specific writers or specific fics - even specific scenes, if one particularly impressed you.

J2 or Sam/Dean pairings (or GEN, none at all); Weechesters, apocafic, curtainfic; canon or AU or RPS. No holds barred, except - no angel sex, please. Thanks.

Specific fic: Sam/Dean domestic/done with hunting after Sam gets hurt

Hi! Looking for a fairly long (and pretty old, I think) fic that is about Sam and Dean's domestic life after Sam gets a serious injury during a hunt. Dean thinks Sam isn't going to survive and when he does Dean says they're done with hunting for good. It's a slow burn and builds to Sam/Dean as they adjust to their new life. I remember a few random details:

— I think it starts with a line that goes something like "Dean almost ran 3 stop signs on his way to the hospital the day Sam woke up."

— Dean rents a small apartment nearby and has to help Sam get upstairs when he is discharged from the hospital. I think Sam has a bad leg injury or something.

— Dean works on a construction crew and gets a blood blister on his thumb at one point, and he drills a hole in his thumbnail at home and Sam is grossed out.

— Dean goes on a few dates with a woman who works at the grocery store (who maybe has a child?) but keeps thinking about Sam on the dates.

— Sam might work at the library — this detail I'm not sure about (might be from a different story).

Any help is greatly appreciated! I remember loving this fic but can't find any trace of it on Google.

Lawyer Sam represents slave Dean

I read this WIP fic on a03 a long time ago where Dean was a slave who killed his master and Sam was the lawyer who represented him in the trial. Lisa was also a slave and it turns out Dean killed the master to prevent him from selling Lisa's son Ben. I think it was headed towards eventual Sam/Dean

Thanks for any help!

Sam/dean specific fic emotional!dean

Hello, I'm looking for a specific sam/dean fic. All I can remember is that they were on a hunt for some kind of ghost carriage or stagecoach. They are facing it down on a bridge when Sam goes over the edge. Dean has a total meltdown, basically goes catatonic, because he thinks Sam is dead. Sam calms him down, but Dean is emotionally shattered after. That's all I remember. It was from years ago, and it might have been on an LJ or other site. Any help would be appreciated.

Found! specific search: Jared/Jensen fic+precuel

Hey everyone! I created an account just for this, so if I’m doing something wrong, it’s beacuse I have no idea what I’m doing. 

About a year ago I read a Jensen/Jared fic, (and its precuel) that I forgot to save the link to and now I can’t find anywhere. In the fic not much changes from real life, they’re actors and they met in Supernatural, except that their marriages are beards (shocker lol) and Gen is awful, basically.

Jared has depression and I think that at a given point, he a Jensen argue at a party and he accidentally overdoses and it looks like he tried to commit suicide.

The precuel is about how they got together during the first(s?) season of spn, and I think, (I might be confusing it with some other fic tho, sorry) that Jared opens up about a guy who forced him to make out with him and tried to go further.

Also in the precuel (again, might be wrong) Jensen buys a bunch of alcohol and locks himself in during a long weekend to sort his feelings out and writes a list of all the things he likes about Jared.

I copy and paste the parts that inspire me from certain fics for future reference, (I already learned the lesson of save the link, but at the time I didn’t) so I have quotes from it that might help. I’ve tried looking them up but nothing shows.

Here are the ones from the fic:

Collapse )

J2 Breakup Fic

I am looking for a specific fic in which the boys used to date in high school, but once Jensen leaves for college he slowly drifts away and breaks up with Jared over the phone. Jensen ends dating Danneel, but he ends up being cheated on and decides to move back to his little town. He reunited with his friends Chris and Steve who have been looking after Jared.

Jared is now a mechanic who also races motorcycles. They tell Jensen to stay away from Jared because he has changed and seeing Jensen would only make things worse for Jared. Well sometomething happens and Jared ends up in an accident, breaks his leg and Jensen has to take care of him and hopes the two can get back together.

Specific Destiel fic, wherein Dean inadvertently/accidentally prays to Cas

Hello all,

So to be frank, I remember very little of this work. Main points are:

1) Dean is in love with Cas (doi). Though he may have only recently discovered or accepted it? I can't recall.

2) Dean often thinks about how much he loves Cas and wants to tell him so.

3) As Dean's thoughts are about Cas as well as directed at him (i.e. C'mon, nut up and tell him you love him), Cas is able to hear them as if they were prayers. Essentially Dean has been broadcasting his feelings to Cas for some time.

4) And finally, I do recall a specific conversation between the two, though not verbatim. Dean asks something about why Cas didn't ever say anything if he knew about Dean's feelings, and Cas says something to the effect of "I wouldn't act on this knowledge if you didn't expressly say it to me." And at some point Cas also says something along the lines of "Either say it or don't, but please stop shouting", referencing Dean's very loud thoughts.

5) It was definitely on AO3.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks :)

!Found Specific fic / Deaf Dean

I’ve searched all day in the forum for a fic where Dean and Sam are young and whenever Sam and John fight, Dean has a panic attack because he can’t hear them and he can’t follow what they are arguing about. It really frustrates him. On one occasion Sam and John apologize to Dean.

Edit: I found it myself. Only took a few days but it’s “And So It Goes” by superchester.

Runedgirl's fics?

Hi all!

I've recently come back to the SPN fandom after a loooong absence that began during Season 6. I'm desperately looking for runedgirl's fics, but whenever I click on a link, it tells me access is denied. Has she locked them? Anyone know how I can access?

Thank y'all!

FOUND! LFS J2 Cowboy/Rancher

I'm looking for a specific J2 rancher story. Things I remember:
- Jensen owns a ranch, possibly left to him by his parents
- Danneel and Chris are Jensen's best friends and helping him out at the ranch
- Jared comes to the ranch to help out as well
- Jensen is in the closet, and goes to a gay bar a few towns over whenever he needs
- Jared isn't in the closet but isn't advertising it either, Danneel and Chris know about it, Jensen doesn't at first
- Danneel is with Jeff, wanting to move out but staying with Jensen to help out at the ranch, Chris also has someone

Hope that rings a bell? Thanks a ton in advance!

ETA: Found by babybluebird11! It is I Leave My Heart in the Dust Where You Walk by whispered_story (used to be akintay on LJ).