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Frequently Searched For Recs, PDF's/Podfics and others // Deleted/Purged Journals // Deleted stories (authors still active)

Looking for a specific au fic, kind of amnesia!sam fic

Hello all, thank you for your patience as this is my first post to SPN StoryFinders, or LiveJournal at all for that matter.

I'm looking for a fic where Dean finds Sam intoxicated and Sam has no recollection of who Dean is. Although Dean is adamant about the fact that they are brothers, Sam has an entire tragic history which has led him to become a drunk adult. Dean will not give up and kidnaps Sam to try to figure out what is happening. At some point, Sam runs away, Dean tackles him, and Sam twists his ankle. I think that Dean also drugs him at some point so he can casually go to get food with him. 

Thank you all for any help you can provide!

Sam&/Dean Jealous gen fic

Hi Everyone,

I am looking for Fic (gen no slash) that involve Dean or Sam jealous by maybe on of them having a close friend. just pure brotherly love non romantic!

I've read a few where we meet Sam's friends from Stanford (more of these would be great!) but I was wondering if there are any fics where Sam meet some of Dean's friends that he seems close to; would be great if he meet them when Sam was at Stanford, but that is not a specificity!

any fics that has brotherly moments between my babies are great!

Thank you.

AU & nonAU Destiel kid fic

Hey there! So, I've been looking for fics that revolve around two themes:

1) AU or Non-AU fics where Castiel, while still being an angel, has a child or children or at least is a present parental figure in a child's life.

2) AU or non-AU fics where Dean and Cas, or either, have a sick child. Established, pre-relationship or gen is totally fine.

I'd appreciate enormously if you'd point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance!

FOUND IN COMMENTS | Specific Fic Search: superhero j2 / secret empath!jared / self healer!jensen

Hello all! I was hoping someone might be able to point me in the direction of a fic that I know I have read so many times (and somehow can't seem to find right now ...argh)

Collapse )


Specific J2 story Cop J2

This was few years ago and I loved it when I read it I would love to reread it. In the story Jared and Jensen go undercover into a gated community where gay couples live and two of them were killed of I think. They pretend being a couple and I think at the beginning they don't even get along well. Some people I remember living in the gated community are Tom, Mike, Jason and etc.

Specific Destiel Fic Search *Found in Comments

Okay, so I have looked for ages for these but I just cant seem to find them.

The first one is a college au, where Dean is in college and Castiel is the English Lit teacher and Dean has schedule lessons 'cause he has a job and has to look after Sam. They live with John, I think, but at some point John burns down their house and Dean and Sam move in with Castiel

The second one is where Castiel is mute and stays in like a halfway house? Bobby and Ellen run it, Sam is a lawyer and he was adopted when he was a baby. Dean got arrested when he stole a car and Sam got him out of jail, but doesn't tell hime he's his brother.

If anyone could tell me where these fics are that would be the literal best 'cause I have no idea.

Thank in advance!!!!


Pre-series Sam/Dean Wincest


Read this ages ago - season one? Season two? It's a Sam and Dean as teens fic. They are staying somewhere rural, not a lot of neighbors. Dean is cooking and whatnot, John is around.

The thing that I remember most clearly from this fic is Dean cutting up apples to put into the oatmeal he's making, and he and Sam snatching a little moment in the corner of the kitchen, just out of sight of John.

Not much to go on, I know, sorry. I remember them running in the morning, training, and it being cold.

Jared forced into a Harem

The story that I am looking for is not Phoenix1966 ''The Golden Cage.''

However, it does have the same premise however the one I'm looking for I'm sure was A/B/O and Jared was an Omega who was travelling with Timothy Omundson and had to wear his collar to protect him, it doesn't work and Jared is taken and forced to join Jensen's harem.

Hopefully you guys can work your magic and help me find this!

Humor Fan-fictions.

Hi everyone. I'm feeling pretty bad today and I'm in need of some humor fan-fictions. It can be literally anything. Just fan-fictions that have a lot of humor and will make me smile and laugh. Please nothing beyond season 8. I'm only on season 8 ep. 10 and I don't want any spoilers. Please just send me your favorite funny fan-fictions.

Also, any fan-fictions with protective Cas over Dean would be nice, too. Just anything where Cas is very protective of Dean.

Thank you!
blue, stop

Author!Sam specific fic search

hello all! I'm in search of a fic where Sam started writing books about the winchester's lives, with changed character names etc. I know that the demon blood saga became drug use, and I know Dean didn't (or Sam asked him not to) read the books.

the specific scene I remember is Dean showing up at a book talk Sam was giving at a university, having read the books, and confronted him about the book being somewhat incesty. I also remember Sam's Author Persona not having a brother.

I think it was wincest, and I remember it being kind of long, and that's all i got. thanks in advance!

Fanfic with Art?

Hi!! It's been a while!!
I was wondering if anyone could rec me some fanfiction that has art to go with them? I'll be forever grateful!!!!
It could be J2 Wincest Destiel Samstiel Sabriel or Cabriel.
 I don't mind the long as it's not a deathfic.
Thank you so much in advance :)


Hi guys! I'm wondering if there's any stories where Dean and Cas are in the middle of sexy times and Sam walks in/watches. Maybe Dean and Cas don't even know Sam's watching. I'd rather NOT have any stories where Sam joins. I'd just like some stories where Sam walks in or watches them.

Also, stories of Dean and Cas getting together would be great. I'd only on season 8 Ep. 6 so nothing that has spoilers, please! It's hard to look for fanfictions since I'm so behind, haha. Humor fanfictions of Dean and Cas getting together would be good, too. And something where Cas is really protective over Dean? Thank you!!!

Sam thinks he forced Dean and other requests

I'm looking for a specific fic where Sam notices Dean uses sex when they're teenagers to get what he wanted from Sam, or to punish him when he fought with John etc. Basically Sam notices and gets really depressed and after they separate and come back in the later seasons (AKA Cas time) Sam notices it happening again and runs away because he thinks he's forcing Dean. Cas and Dean have to find him and Dean apologizes. Ring any bells?

Also, any fics where Sam feels unnecessarily guilty and Dean and or Cas has to fix it.

Specific blind Dean FOUND :D

I'm looking for a specific Blind!Dean story that I am absolutely sure I read on AO3.
I can't remember title or author. The story must be two or three years old, maybe even more.
I hought I had the link somewhere, but can't find it anumore. That is, I believe I had it on Delicious, but that site is absolutely useless now....

Dean is recently blinded, can't remember if it was a curse or an "ordinary" accident.
He and Sam settles in a house with a garden, not too far from Bobby.
They get two dogs, dalmatians I think, that are trained as guide dogs for Dean. (Getting TWO guide dogs, after just a phone call and a short visit... one of the more unbelievable elements of the story ;) )
Dean gets a magic/blessed ring that helps him finding his way around.
A blind martial artist comes and helps Dean learning to defend himself.

The story vas several chapters long. I can't remember how it ended, it may have been abandonded.

Can anyone help me finding it?

Found :)
Dean closeup

LFS: Jensen with Heart disease or serious illness

I started reading pinkisgoth's story Sandpiper and was really enjoying it, I loved how descriptive Jensen's condition was ( tremors,the emotions,unsteadiness, how cold he was), it really made me "feel" how vulnerable Jensen was. Well, imagine my surprise and major disappointment when I found out the story wasn't finished. Or perhaps it was actually taken offline for publishing, I haven't really found the answer on that just yet ( will check for sure after my request here -😊). So now I feel the need to find more stories along the same vein. Stories were Jensen is made vulnerable due to a serious illness.

Please, no death fics or WIPs. Gen or J2 only please. Self recs are always welcomed.

Thank you in advance.
Ze Hot

Specific Jared/Misha RPF Friends to lovers fic

Hello friends!

I'm looking for a specific fic in which Jared and Misha fall in love, with Vicki and Gen's knowing about it and giving their approval. It's RPF and I remember a few scenes: shower sex, Misha falls ill at some point, and Jensen doesn't exactly find out what's going on but it's hinted that he too might have some feelings for Misha (and perhaps Jared?). It was unfinished and I believe the word "awakening" was somewhere in the title.

I've scoured my reading list, bookmarks, etc. but have been unable to find it.

I would love to read it again so if anyone out there knows the fic I'm looking for and can provide me with a link or download, PLEASE HELP ME!

Thank you :)

Abused Castiel Fic

Looking for fic with abused Cas, one where he’s either being abused in secret and the boys find out later in the story or they know and they’re trying to help Cas. I’m even fine with the boys abusing Cas, I’m just looking for a fic with an angsty Cas. Also any type of abuse is fine but I’m mainly looking for non-con.
j2 b+w almost kiss

Seeking Specific AU J2 Friends w/ Benefits Fic

I'm looking for a fic I read quite a while ago. J2 were friends with benefits which of course turned into something more without them realizing it.

The only thing I really remember about it is the first scene. It had Jensen cooking dinner but turning off the stove when he gets a text from Jared that he's on his way. When he arrives, Jared is practically pulling off his pants as he comes through the door and they have sex on the counter.

[Spoiler (click to open)]I think there was something later about them exchanging Christmas gifts which is where they start to realize things have changed, but I'm not sure.

LF Specific story - maybe post-apocalypse

I really hope someone can help me with this. It's a story I read a while back and I think it might have had brackets in the title? Something like 'Saving Humanity (the Gospel of the Winchesters)' . Here are some of the things I think I remember::

- those who survived were in a house...I think Dean was calling the shots and Sam was his second in command. More people keep showing up at the house and someone (Ash, maybe?) was hooking up computers. 

- There was some sort of prophecy I think, and they thought Anna was the one referred to in the prophecy but it was really Dean. If I remember correctly, three things had to 'come to pass' but I can't remember for the life of me what they were

- I think it was Dean/Cas and at one point Cas was gone for a while and he finally showed up on the road outside the house. I don't think Dean left the house because he wa

I'm sorry this is all so vague, and I could be remembering some of this wrong, but I know I read it and I remember liking it. Does it sound familiar to anyone else?

Nice guys Michael Wetherly and CMM

Hi all

I'm looking for fics where Michael Wetherly is a nice guy to Jensen but they are just friends. Doesn't have to be a big part or main focus.

Same again with Chad Michael Murray. Love to see fics where he is actually a nice guy and even though is Jared's friend is supportive towards Jensen (don't mind initial friction, e.g. overprotective or jealous), particularly would like him pointing out to Jared that he is being harsh/unfair towards Jensen.

Looking for au or non-au, gen or J2 please (added bonus for hurt or angsty Jensen).

Sundown Verse, Desperate Times part 2 and one other

I was rooting through my friends list and saw that the Sundown comm had been deleted. Has anyone got a copy of the verse they would share please?

Also noticed that Hemrage has deleted her journal and I wondered if anyone had part 2 of Desperate Times saved that they could share.

Finally I'm pretty sure that Hemrage (I might be spelling that wrong) also published under a different name and had a story where JDM had either kidnapped Jensen when he was young, and was held in sexual slavery. Jared was a bodyguard. it was a WIP if anyone can point me in the right direction please, or have a copy that'd be great. Thanks

Angels galore

Hey guys. So lately I have been have the weirdest craving for angel centric fics (cas, balthy, Gabe, Luci, Michael, and mabye even Anna or Alfie aka samendriel) and was wondering if you could recommend any to me. All of them are great (I do take self recs and all ships except wincest are welcome) but you would make me extremely grateful if you could find any of the following(warning there are a lot):

1. I read one fic where castiel met a preist and another where Gabe and Lucifer went to therapy (I am sorry I don't have the links) and they made me really want to read ones with the angels meeting the non-hunter people and really just freaking them out.

2. I also really want ones where they act as family. For it warms my fangirl heart to see the angels together again.

3. I haven't found any yet but want to see ones with prank wars between the angels themselves or angel vs Winchester. Because, just why not!

4. Also I want to maybe find one where the angels meet law enforcement. I really would find it funny to see Gabe or cas or Luci up against a cop.

5. I was also hoping for any and all fics with the angels interacting with their vessels in any way. I once read one and it was the story behind Balthazar and his vessel an it was awesome.

6. And I was hoping for any fics where the angels somehow get de-aged or gender-bent by a witch or something. It doesn't even have to be a witch it can be a prank by Gabriel as long as they weren't always like that.

7. And finally I was hoping for one where they are on a road trip or stuck with each other for a long time. The reasons for this are probably very clear.

And in the end I hope I didn't bore or scare you off with my droning on list or weird request and I would love anyone who could find me a fic.
driver picks the music

Dean saves Sam from hell

Hi all,

It's been driving me nuts, and my google-fu is failing me.  Thank you all in advance, you're lovely.

I remember Dean is trying to save Sam from hell/possibly the cage.  Cas got him an army of parallel!universe Deans that had lost Sam in some way to help him fight his way to Sam.  Cas explained some of their backstories, such as "this one stayed in Folsom prison" or "this one Sam was killed by the Shtriga".

That's pretty much it.  It was a great fic and I miss it; again, thank you!

Two specific fics

1. I could have sworn this was titled "Monster" but I've had no luck searching for it. Anyway, temporarily de-aged Sam is with Dean when he's arrested and the cops are suspicious that Dean is a child molester and has kidnapped Sam. I'm pretty sure Sam is indignant that they want him to show them on a doll where Dean has "bad touched" him and then Smart!De-aged!Sam breaks Dean out of jail.

2. This is kind of a long shot but I hope you can help me find it. It's a "Bobby meets John and the weechesters" story and all I can remember is that Bobby looks at John and thinks that he's "a good man gone up in flames." That always struck me as the absolute perfect description of John and I'd love to find the story again.

Thanks everyone!

FOUND! Specific Fic: J2, A/B/O, buying pheromones to protect against unwanted Alphas

Hi guys!

I'm not 100% sure it is J2, I could be wrong. But basically they live in a world where Omegas can get Alpha pheromones to protect them from unwanted Alpha attention. It's kinda like an agency you get it from and the Alpha's pheromones are not supposed to be distributed locally because it could cause problems. I'm pretty sure Jared is the Alpha and comes across Jensen who smells like his but they've never met and it turns out there was a mistake when distributing Jared's Alpha pheromones. And they live happily ever after.

Thanks to phoenix1966 for the help! ♥

FOUND: The link can be found in the comments! And it turns out Jensen was the Alpha, my bad :)

Specific fic- post-canon, bunker!fic, retired Winchesters teach other hunters

I'm looking for a specific fic (almost certainly AO3) in which Sam and Dean are retired from hunting, and they teach seminars to other hunters in the MoL bunker. I remember one of them was struggling to come up with a subject to specialise in, and eventually decided on the Winchesters' own history, and was then surprised that a lot of people turned up to listen. I'm pretty sure Jody Mills and Claire Novak and that gang were in it, but I doubt they'd have been tagged as characters.

Pairing would be either gen or Destiel, NOT Wincest.

Any help greatly appreciated!!

Dean's Abuse!

Hey I'm looking for any Fic where Dean was abused in the past either by his dad or someone else. 

I would prefer these Fic's to be base around season 12 where Mary is alive again and she finds out about the abuse Dean went through. 

Either Sam already know about the abuse and tells Mary [Or doesn't tell ] Or he is just finding out as well.

Please let me know if there is any Fic's like this that you know of.

Thanks x


Dean has a brain tumor

I think Dean might have been a stripper or internet porn star or both. He meets Dr. Castiel, and they are about to live happily ever after until Dean finds out he has a brain tumor. Not sure if this is a WIP or I missed the final chapters but I think it was on AO3. The last I read Dean was going in for surgery with Neuro-surgeon Baltazar! I would love to find out what happened. Thanks in advance!

Specific Fic

Dean witnesses someone hitting on Sam or touching Sam's back or something of that sort at a bar. The man is asking Sam if Sam still does the job or something along those lines. Dean learns that Sam solicitated himself or prostituted during Stanford.

three things: Law enforcement, destiel, and shopping

Hello my friends! Today I am looking for three different things

First I am looking for any and all fics where the boys get involved with law enforcement. I would prefer ones with castiel and/or Crowley but all are fine. Crossovers are great and please no wincest.

Second I was wondering if there were any fics of sam finding out about dean and cas's relationship.
Or also where dean and cas's get confronted or talked to by a homofobe and cas reveals he is an angel. Basically just any destiel you can find.

And third I was wondering if there were any fics of the boys or team free will going on a shopping trip. I once read one like this that was an outside pov and it was amazing so now 8 was just wondering if there were any more like it.
The grocery shopping fic is called the snow people of Walmart:

And another one is clean up on aisle five:

Thanks in advance

J2, time travel to save their relationship

The fic I'm looking for is J2, although I don't remember whether it is au or non au. I think it was Jensen's POV. There were witches or fairies or something like that involved, and I think the fic might have started with them alone. The fic was about giving J2's relationship a second chance, Jensen saying something different when he got another shot. J2 were meant to be but they had an argument or something and Jensen said or actually did not say something that would end their relationship. And that's why the fairies (witches) turned back time so Jensen could do right this time.

Does anyone have a clue what this may be?

young dean moves to an old cabin in the woods and meets cas who lives a few miles

Basically in this story that I'm trying to find John moves him and teenage Dean to an old cabin in the wood for the summer (and I'm pretty sure Sam died when he was a baby with Dean's mom I think? I just know he wasn't in the fic and Dean couldn't talk about it easily). Anyway it's near a lake and there are large rocks which Dean goes to explore and meets Cas who I think it sun-bathing or swimming when they first meet. Some things I remember from the fic are:

— Cas's parents are Naomi and Chuck I think (Naomi doesn't really like Dean all that much)

— Chuck takes Dean and Cas out on a boat on the lake once to go fishing

— Dean and Cas hang out in Cas's room and play computer games and read books

— Once Dean and Cas drive into the town to get a ton of candy and hang out and they get in trouble for it

— there's a part where Dean and Cas are stargazing and I think this is their first kiss 

— Dean's father is literally never there like ever

— they might go cave exploring at some point?

— they woods that they live in are remote and kinda far away from any major towns

— child protective services shows up at the end

I think the fic ends kinda sad if I remember correctly, but I don't want to spoil the ending. I've been trying to find it forever, and I can't remember if it was a fever dream or if I actually read this. I hope the description was clear enough, I just remember parts of it. 

Demon blood addict!Sam meets law enforcement

Hello, everyone. It's my first time posting here, so I do apologise if I'm doing something wrong.

I love crossovers between Supernatural and NCIS/Criminal Minds/(insert any show to do with law enforcement), but I was wondering if there are any fics out there where the boys, or just Sam, encounter LEO's while Sam is addicted to demon blood.

Bonus points if the officers find out about Sam's addiction or catch him in the act.

Fingers crossed anyone knows of any fics like that, because I've been looking and haven't found some yet.

specific Dystopian fic - Dean a Hunter, Sam a Psychic. FOUND

I know y'all will be glad when I get my enormous, unwieldy stash tagged and annotated properly! For the time being, I'm in search of another fic I read a while back. Here's what I can remember:

Still America, but some event horizon occurred, and now the people are surviving in small cities, divided by their gifts/interests. Sam (not Winchester) is an important member of a city of psychics (or possibly witches, can't quite remember). He is the son of the Lady who rules the city. No mention (at first) of his father, although the Lady remembers John.

Dean is a hunter on the trail of Azazel. He comes to the city of psychics/witches (which might also be where New Orleans used to be) for help. The Lady offers to let Sam accompany him on his hunt. He grudgingly accepts.

They stop at another city and encounter Bobby Singer.

They wind up tracking Azazel thru the Western wastes of America. Of course Sam and Dean are strongly attracted to each other and wind up together. When they catch up to Azazel, he takes great pleasure in informing them that they are half-brothers, although raised apart. Then he disappears. And that's where it ends.

Any bells ringing? Please and thank you.

FOUND - see Comments

Master list.

Hi everyone. I'm sorry that I've posted so much lately, I just had a question about a few fanfictions. First of all, in a lot of fandoms (Teen Wolf, White Collar), there's a master list that has fanfictions organized into categories so they're easy to find and you can look for specific themes. I was wondering if there's a master list for Supernatural. For example, there's be a tag called "baking" and in the tag, it'd be only fanficfions that involve baking. It'd be very helpful if someone could link me to it, if one exists!

If not, could you possibly just send me links of your favorite supernatural fanfictions? I'm only on season 6, though, so no spoilers! I'd prefer something with Dean/Sam and Jensen/Jared. Hurt/comfort is always welcome, along with any humor fics. Also, I'd love stories about Jensen/Jared working on set, going from friends to lovers. Thank you!


I was wondering if there's any good age-play fanfiction with Jared as the daddy and Jensen as the little. I'd love if Jared and Jensen were still actors on Supernatural (so no AU) and maybe in their free time, they like to engage in age-play. Something where Jensen accidentally goes into little space on set? I'm only on season 5, episode 15, so please don't send any links with spoilers! Thank you! :)

Angels as family

Hello my fellow spn lovers.

I am looking for any fics that are angel centric or have the angels together as family. I always love to see Lucifer, Michael, cas, Gabriel, and Balthazar back together again as brothers.
Bonus points if they have Crowley or the boys in it.

One of the really good ones I read was Arckangel's feather effect

And it's sequel the feather effect two

And I was hoping for something like this.


Tentacle!Cas and Dean

I'm looking for a highly NSFW, long WIP fic centering around Castiel and Dean. I'm pretty certain it's called "The Sea Witch's Mate" or something very similar.

Collapse )

I've used Google and searched everywhere on AO3 but I can't find it. I remember that it was locked so only logged in users on AO3 can see it so maybe that's why it keeps eluding me. If it's been taken down, does anyone have a saved copy they could send me?


The fic is called "The Sea Witch’s Mate" and is written by GlimmeringB52 but they've taken it down. Does anyone have a saved copy they could share?

Outsider pov and fic recs

Hello! I am new so I hope I am doing this right

I am looking for fics of outside pov. I love all of these and I will take any but I am especially looking fo ones where the weechesters are in school or where team free will or just the boys (adults) do non-hunter-like things.
P.s. if it has any of the angels or Crowley in it I will be forever grateful.

Something like this is hope for a child-


Also I am so happy to finally be posting so in celebration I was hoping people could recommend their fav supernatural fics for me.

Sleeping Beauty

Two specific lost stories (both stories found in comments)

Hello Everyone,

I’m at my wits end and coming to you in desperation. I had two of my favorite stories saved on my iPad which died and even though I had the entire contents saved to the cloud, those two stories were not recovered. I’ve searched everywhere for them and I can’t find them anywhere. I believe both stories have been taken down by the authors and I’m heartsick to have lost them since they were my go to stories whenever I wanted something really well written and full of lovely hurt/comfort to read.

1) The first one was called Queensguard. There were several stories in the series. A dragon AU

2) The second was called Days of our Life. It was very, very long and the authors never completed it. A pornstar AU

If anyone has copies they would share with me, I would be eternally grateful!

Jensen getting hurt on set.

Hey everyone. I'm new to this community and to Supernatural in general. I started watching about a month ago and I'm on season 5 episode 6. I'm looking for fanfictions where Jensen gets hurt on set and Jared takes care of him or something along those lines. But please no spoilers, though. Like I said, I'm on season 5. I'd like something along the lines of "Just One Breath" by Kee, if that's possible. Really, just anything with Jensen getting hurt on set and Jared taking care of him is perfect! Thank you!

Looking for two different things.

First one a specific fic. Weechesters where Dean is going to sell himself for prostitution while John is on a hunt because they ran out of money and Dean needs to feed Sam . When Dean goes to leave Sam freaks out because he senses something is wrong. Before Dean can get in the guys car John shows up and stops him.

Second thing is there  a big list some where of weechester fic? I would like to read a bunch.