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looking for must-read bottom!Sammy/Bottom!jared fic's

Hello Folk's!

I've been having an urge to read Fic's (when don’t i have the urge?! xD)

Anyways, since you wonderful people have helped me before, you might be able to help me this time I’m looking for Fic's.. that’s it XD

It can be J2 OR Sam/dean doesn’t matter, Case fic’s, pink elephants dancing around - it doesn’t matter!

But there's a tiny itty bitty detail.. I only read bottom!Jared and bottom!sam fic’s. And yes I know about the bottom_sammy community and I think that I’ve read all story's posted there (isn’t that just sad? xD) So I was wondering if there are any Bottom!Jared/bottom!sam fic’s out there that haven’t been posted at bottom_sammy.

Self rec's are loooved

Ty so much if you take the time of the day (or night) to help me

Take Care // Nagatzuna

Tags: genre: rpf
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