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Looking for specifics fics: Hurt/Sick!Jensen, Mpreg, Christmas!fic and the "Children Games" verse

So..here i am once again, looking for 5 fics i read a while ago and i forgot to put in my bookmarks, and one fic that it's been deleted. Don't forget that i'm italian and that my english isn't very good.

1. Jensen and Jared live together, i think they are boyfriends too. Jensen gets sick and is coughing a lot but he doesn't want to take medications (or go to the doctor, or maybe both...i'm not sure), he cough so hard to hurt himself. Jared calls the set medic to help him (they are at home). The doctor declares that Jensen has a popped rib.

2. Jensen gets sick just in time to the Christmas holidays break, he comes back to Dallas and Jared misses him so much because Jensen can't even talk on the phone (he has a throat infection, or something). Jared talks with Jensen's mother and she tells him that they are going leave soon, so Jensen will be sick and alone on Christmas. Jared excuses himself with his family and takes the first flight to Dallas to be with his friend (well, maybe he is more than a friend).

3. Jensen has nasty headaches lately, Jared is worried but he think it's just stress. Jensen is really stressed because he is hiding something from Jared. Jensen finally tells Jared that he is in love with him, and that it's the reason behind the stress and the headaches.

4. It's Christmas morning, Jared wakes Jensen up but Jensen thinks that it's way too early to be up. Jared tells him that their babies, Harley and Sadie (the dogs), want to open their presents now.

5. That's the "IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND" fic, because i can't remember almost nothing about it. I'm 90% sure that it's a Sam/Dean Mpreg and Sam is the pregnant one. I only remember that Sam isn't too thrilled about the pregnancy and he says something like "we should have fun, not give each other baby bumps". I remember the sentence "give each other baby bumps" very well because at that time i didn't know what "baby bump" meant, so i thought "WTF is a baby bump?"

6. The last one is an Mpreg/post-Mpreg verse that it's been deleted, and i was wondering if maybe it's been uploaded somewhere else or if someone saved it and put it online like they did with the not_refined fics.
The title is "Children Games"  and the author is nightmare007. It's split into 3 parts:

Children Games:  Hide-And-Seek
Summary by billysgirl5: Jared tries to find his husband and daughter.
Pregnant: Jensen
[ original link: http://community.livejournal.com/nightly_splash/1200.html ]

Children Games:  Peek-A-Boo
Summary by billysgirl5: Helen plays with her baby brother at the end of her birthday party.
Pregnant: post-mpreg Jensen
[ original link: http://community.livejournal.com/nightly_splash/1471.html ]

Children Games:  Bad Egg
Summary by billysgirl5: The Padalecki-Ackles' go to a picnic with their families. 
Pregnant: past-mpreg Jensen
[ original link: http://community.livejournal.com/nightly_splash/1667.html ]

I know these fics are hard to find, but i'll thank SO MUCH everyone who will help me to find them.

Bye and Thanks for reading :)
Tags: affliction: hurt!jensen, affliction: sick!jensen, genre: hurt/comfort, holiday: christmas, kink: mpreg, pairing: dean/sam, pairing: jared/jensen
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