Maria (thepuppeteer) wrote in spnstoryfinders,

Sam and Dean = soulmates


I don't know if I was in some dazed or asleep state during season 5 but I guess I misunderstood or didn't realize some things.. Anyway, I am looking for fanfics based on the episode Dark Side Of The Moon where Sam and Dean go to Heaven... and where they meet Ash who explains that ... well, most of you should remember what he explains more vividly than I remembered until I was reminded yesterday. 

If you can't recommend me wincest stories based on or set during the episode, then I can definitely settle just for stories in which the boys are referred to as soulmates, are told they are soulmates, realize they are actually soulmates (and it isn't only a sentiment) and so on.

Aside from that key factor..... Rating NC-17 is preferred, but not necessary. Bottom!Sam .. also - very much preferred. 

Thank you in advance!! :)
Tags: ep: 05x16 dark side of the moon, genre: slash, season: 4
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