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Sticky Post

For those of you who are new or are still confused on how to make a post to spnstoryfinders, please take a look at all the rules and guidelines below before posting.

This post is not where you make searches, please go to the profile and click "post". All comments coming in as a search on this post will be screened and ignored.

If your post/requeset has been in the queue less than 24 hours, please don't leave a comment on here about how your request hasn't been approved yet. Sometimes I and the other mods are all busy at the same time and can't get to it yet.

Now, if your post/request remains in the queue over the 24 hour mark, please send one of us (Mods) a PM (message), don't comment on here, and let us know.

I've made a visual aid that should be pretty straight forward and to help you expedite the approval of your search. Please take a minute to look at it and familiarize yourself.

A subject is required. Please put what you're looking for in the subject line; J2 college fic, kidnapped!Dean, death!fic, non au fic, something quick and descriptive. Basically something that has to do with your search. It can be as little as a pairing or a character or persons name or a genre. Not 'please help' or 'I'm going crazy looking' or "looking for...' or 'hey y'all', those kind of subjects don't help us or anyone who is browsing the comm. Also please refrain from using 'fic search' or anything like that as a subject it's a given, that's why you're here. Your post will be rejected if it does not have this.

Tag(s) are required. Your post will be rejected if it does not have this.

Every post should have a 'character' or 'pairing' or 'person' tag, no matter what you're searching for. If you're searching for specific pairings, there is no need to use the character or person tag for that pairing unless your talking about secondary characters. If you don't use one of those, it's up to the mod who views it to either reject it or approve it, so I suggest you use it. Genre tags are not character/pairing/person tags i.e. hurt!jared or powers!sam. Character tags have the word character before it, ex: character: dean. Pairing tags have the word pairing before them, ex: pairing: dean/sam, 'wincest' is not a pairing tag. Person tags have the word person before them, ex: person: jensen ackles.

For non supernatural "person" tags, please see this post for rules and restrictions.

If we remove tags from your post do not add them back, same goes for if we add tags to your post do not remove them.

Do Not abuse tags. If you're not specifically asking for it in your request do not use that tag.

To edit or add tags after a post is made click the tag icon and add the appropriate tags.

If you can't find the tag your looking for or think there should be a specific tag for your post, you can mention that in your post when you search for something, i.e. "Mods: I couldn't find the tag for the episode I'm looking for." And we'll see what we can do to help.

Concerning Deleted Stories and PDF's, please see this post: here.

New rule 10/11/12
The new rule is that you have to wait 24 hours before you can ask for anything having to do with a new episode. Any posts coming into the queue asking for fic or anything else within a 24 period pertaining to an episode that just aired will be rejected.

From now on requests submitted on mobile devices that say "mods I can't tag this because I'm on my phone/ipod touch etc" will be rejected.

If you are submitting a request using a mobile device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android powered devices etc) you can not just select tags. It will not go through when you hit the submit (post) button. You have to manually type them out in the tagging area and separate them with commas. This is a big thing, they need to be separated or else they come in as one huge tag. AND they need to be all lower case, that means no capital letters. There's no excuse on this. Most of the time I'm on my phone (Android) approving and rejecting posts, and posts that need one or two more tags (or more) or the person needs help tagging, I have to manually type them in. If you're unsure about the tags, take a look at them before you start and type them in before you hit the submit button.

Another thing. When a mod leaves a comment on your post for you to fix something, whether it be your subject line, tags, LJ cut etc, you will now have 48 hours to fix whatever is wrong with your post. If it's not done by then your post will be deleted without further notice. If you need help with anything don't hesitate to ask. That is what I and the other mods are here for.

Before Posting:

Please check the existing tags. We all work hard on them to make sure people can find what they're looking for. Submissions that contain subjects easily found using tags will not be posted. ie. wincest - :D

Use google or delicious: Many fan fics are easily found on Google and/or Delicious by title and/or author. Google and Delicious is your friend. Use it.

If you know the title of the story you're searching for use google and/or delicious first. I find it helps to put a character/person's name after the title if it pulls up too many results, i.e. Jared or Dean. If I (or another mod) can find what you're asking for on either of those sites with the title that you posted, your request will be rejected.

Also for google you can type in the search bar: site:http://spnstoryfinders.livejournal.com what your looking for here

and it should pull up relevant searches.

There is also the LJseek tool on the profile and in the sidebar, I've set it to only search the comm and it looks a little different than the normal ones cause I changed it.

Check the comm for at least the last three months: If you are looking for it - someone else probably is. If there's a search just like the one you're searching for in the last three months, it may be rejected.

When Posting:

Please try to compose a clear request. Correct punctuation, spelling etc is always helpful!

Posts that come into the queue that have weird colors or changes in the font style or size (other than the default) will be rejected. There's just too many problems with posts that come in formatted. And some people ignore it when the mods ask them to fix it. A lot of the members here read everything - so don't worry about your request getting lost because it doesn't stand out.

A way to avoid your post coming in all funky (lines running all the way across the page and beyond, random blue fonts etc) make sure you check the html tab in the top right corner of the posting box. There a picture below to show you what I'm talking about.

Please use LJ-cuts for any explicit content and spoilers for Season 12. Any post with season 12 content that is not behind a cut will be rejected.
To quote the original community rules "If you wouldn't feel comfortable describing the story you're searching for to your 103 year old grandmother or your three-year-old nephew, put it behind a cut!" If it's especially explicit or offensive please put it behind a cut or it will be rejected.

How to use LJ-cut

Here are some pointers for how to tag posts in this comm:

Choose all the tags that represent the basics of your request (if you have multiple searches in a single post, tag for all of them).

Every post you make should have a character or pairing or person tag.

• Tag only for what is in your post! Make sure that everything you're searching for in a story (or rec) is actually in your post before you tag.

• Less is more. Don't add tags that repeat a point another more specific tag is already making. If you're looking for a pairing, there's no need to use the 'character' or 'person' tag. Genre tags indicate your willingness to read a broad range of pairings or characters, an episode tag is not necessarily a future!fic, crossovers and fusions are not also AUs, and so on.

• If you're not sure what you're looking for or welcome a wide range of recs, while you're welcome to list examples in your post you should not tag for them! Tag for what you insist on in the recs, not what you're alright with. In other words, if it's not explicitly stated/asked for in your request, don't use that tag.

Remember that you can only add existing tags to a post; you can not delete tags or make up new tags. Only mods can do that.

If I reject a post, I usually leave a note asking you to fix something. Please fix whatever was wrong and resubmit it. Don't just resubmit the same exact post with no changes because it's going to get rejected again. If you don't know how to do something like tags, you can mention that in your post. Something like "mods I tried to tag and it didn't work, help" and we'll most likely approve the post and help you tag it.

If you don't want to go that route you can send one of us a message (kruel_angel, vinylreckoning, cherry916, silverblaze85) just go to the persons profile that you want to send a message and click the link where it says 'send message'.

Or you can comment on any one of the posts tagged !mod-post and ask your question there.

We have a new rule and a few old rules that we wanted to reiterate.

The new rule is we will no longer accept posts that request 'new fics', 'recent' etc. Previous posts on this has had little to no responses to the query and we will no longer accept these posts, so we ask that you visit and look through communities where fics are posted daily to fulfill your request. Posts that ask for new fics within X amounts of months will be rejected.

Another new rule that I forgot add when I first posted this is that we will no longer accept posts asking for "the best of the best", "must reads", "fandom classics", or anything to that degree. If you're using the word "epic" in your post please don't use it for quality of the story, it will be rejected. Clarify if you're using it for length. There have been numerous problems with those type of post and from now on they are no longer allowed. Any posts asking for these will be rejected. You are allowed to ask for favorites.

Do not screen comments

When you post a request please don't change the 'comment screening' option to anything but 'journal default'. The comm's default comment settings is 'visible to everyone'. (example) There's no reason why you should change this option at all. If you post a comment on a post and notice that it's immediately 'screened' please let me know.

The only time there should be a screened comment is if it's rude/offensive (which you should take to one of the mods) or it has nothing to do with your request and you don't want it cluttered up. Usually when I post a comment for the OP to correct something I'll screen it 'cause I don't want to single people out. There's no need to reply to it, after you fixed whatever I asked, you can leave the comment alone, unscreen it or delete it, that's your prerogative.

Request Status

After your request is found, please edit your post to say so. You can put 'found' in the subject line or somewhere in your post or use the status: found tag. A link to what you were searching for somewhere in your post would be great, but all you really need is 'found' somewhere.
(This is mainly for specific fic searches, not general ones)

To edit an entry all you have to do is click the blue pencil icon, .
How to add a link to your post.

Please don't strike your post after finding what you were looking for. Keep in mind that what you're searching for might be interesting to other community members and 'striked' post are hard to read.

Sharing stories

I was contacted by an author a while ago to delete a comment that had a download link to her fic that she didn't want shared. So if an author asks or where it states in this post that they don't want their stories shared, please don't search for it. There's nothing we can do about emails and PM's but don't post a download link to it somewhere in a comment.

Also, the 'weather' tag is used for inquiries regarding weather in a fic, not the weather you yourself are experiencing at the time of your post.

I know it seems like a bunch of stuff is repeated in this post, but that just means it's important. Please follow the rules to the best of your ability. And have fun!

All other rules are posted on the community profile page for your convenience.

If you have any questions regarding anything, feel free to ask on this post or send one of the mods a message.

Frequently Searched For Recs, PDF's/Podfics and others // Deleted/Purged Journals // Deleted stories (authors still active)
Tags: !mod-post, !sticky-post
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Would you consider having some guidelines on choosing tags, or at least a general policy against tag abuse? Sometimes folks use tags to indicated anything they'd accept in a found story, rather than the actual search topic. General searches sometimes end up with dozens of tags, none of which are actually useful when using tags to browse the community. Perhaps something similar to the general pointers given for merlin_finders.
That's a very good point and I just checked out that page and I agree with most of what is written there. I'll bring it to the other mods' attention and see what we can come up with. Thanks for the input!
Does the 'no new fic' rule mean that we have to ask about a specific story or stories that we can't find and NOT ask for stories in a particular genre?

Just clarifying since I'm not sure I understand...

You can ask for a specific story or a specific genre. We're not accepting anything asking for new fics of any genre.


7 years ago

Also, the 'weather' tag is used for inquiries regarding weather in a fic, not the weather you yourself are experiencing at the time of your post.

Thanks for that - my first laugh today ;-)

Thank y'all, too, for clarifying, I hope it works.

One question: the request for "favorite J2-fics", or "favorite Gen" or whatever isn't possible anymore, right? Or did you mean by we will no longer accept posts asking for "the best of the best" or anything to that degree. that only requests for something that is labeled "best of XXX" are not acceptable?
I'm not sure if I make myself clear here ;-)

What happened to the posts that were already there, are they deleted? Just out of curiosity.

I've seen a couple of post using the weather tag for that and removed it. =)

Favorite fics of a specific genre are to be approved by the mod(s) discretion. If we think it's going to cause a problem we'll probably reject it, if not we'll track the post and make sure nothing gets out of hand. "Best of XXX", best of anything will not be accepted.

The posts are not deleted, but the 'must reads' and 'new fics' tag has been deleted since it's no longer going to be used. If you're curious about one or a specific post I'm pretty sure the LJ Seek search thing we have in the sidebar and on the profile could find those post if you use something like "the best of..." or "best of the best" or something along those lines, it should pull it up.

I hope that answered your questions.


7 years ago

I have visted spnstoryfinders both to find fics and to offer responses to seekers. I think it is a great site. I just wanted to say that I like the new format. The search is great and the guidelines, I think, will be really helpful to posters. Thanks for doing this.


March 16 2011, 04:07:09 UTC 7 years ago

Are you screening anonymous comments now? Because I posted some recs to this entry - http://community.livejournal.com/spnstoryfinders/6083742.html and my comment was screened.

I post recs to lots of posts here, and I've never had any trouble posting anonymously before. If anon comments aren't welcome any more, then I'll be a lot less likely to keep answering requests here.
The comm itself doesn't screen anon comments, it doesn't say that anywhere so I don't know where you would get that from, it doesn't screen anything automatically. It is possible for individual posters to set their post to screen anon comments or all comments. That's why I put the message on here about screened comments, to contact me because it shouldn't be set to that, just like it says on here. I'll comment on that post and unscreen your comment.


7 years ago


7 years ago


7 years ago


7 years ago


April 18 2011, 05:32:48 UTC 7 years ago

Does There's no need for weird colours or fonts. mean we should all use the default font for the comm? I know that posts like these - http://spnstoryfinders.livejournal.com/6223860.html http://spnstoryfinders.livejournal.com/6223490.html

are showing up more often, and the hard coded font breaks people's flists, and doesn't respond to stylemine.
You should just use the default font for the comm, which is no html or anything. There's nothing we can do to stop you from entering it into the post. We can ask the people on specific posts to remove the html from their entry. Sometimes they respond and fix it and other times they just ignore it.

I'll comment on those post and ask them to remove it.
Ah, you guys have updated since I'd last been here! Question though. I'm searching for a fic and I only have the vaguest recollection of it. How are my supposed to tag it? I resubmitted my post with a Pairing: dean/sam tag and I'm hoping that will work. But before I thought on it I wasn't even sure if that was the right pairing. All I really remember is Gabriel's horse son was in it. Since I'm fairly sure I've got the right pairing this time, in the future what should I do? I'm used to just describing at random and being shocked by the awesomeness of the finders on here. ^^;
If you know there is a pairing you should tag for it. If it's an OMC/OFC like Gabriel's son, you can put a note in the post like it says up here on this post "mod: there's no tag for this" and we'll see what we can do. Sometimes there are searches that won't have character/pairing/person tags. I'm thinking about adding a "character: omc/ofc".


June 5 2011, 04:29:50 UTC 6 years ago

Comments on the Jensen/Chris request seem to be screened - http://spnstoryfinders.livejournal.com/6442290.html?view=38256434#t38256434
Thank you. Just left a comment and unscreened the others.
I tried to post a comment to help find a fic and it said the queue had reached its limit and was wondering should I wait and post another day or what I should do
You're only allowed one request in the queue at a time until its approved by a mod then you can submit another one.

Re: Poblem


6 years ago

The link to "Delicious" in the above post is a broken link. What is "delicious" and how do I find it? Sorry if that's a dumb question - I'm new at this...
Fixed the link, it's http://www.delicious.com/

Delicious is a bookmarking site where people bookmark stories snd tag them according to pairing, genre, word count etc. It's very resourceful.
Also, is there a way to keyword search within the community? For example: I am wondering if anyone knows a new location for the "phthonus" series of fics. I can't remember who the author was, but I'm sure someone has asked this, and probably when they first disappeared many months ago. If I could keyword search on "phthonus", that would avoid me having to post again. Can I do this, and if so, how?

Thanks again!
You would use the LjSEEK tool, which is located on the comm profile and side bar and just type in "phthonus". I did it, it looks like it's by leonidaslion, which then you would go to the deleted list also located in the sidebar here and it would take you to where her fic is archived and is located here.
I just wanted to say that I was going to post a request to find a specific fic, but I read your guidelines and rules first. Thinking I wouldn't find it, I nevertheless attempted a couple of shots before picking a tag that I thought would work (au: boys raised apart) and began scanning back through the last three months.

BAM! There it was. Just what I was looking for, and only one page back!

Thank you for a well-run and organized community. :D
Hey mods... I was wondering if we could get a Jensen/Jared/Misha pairing tag? Its possible I missed it, but I don't think there is one...

Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask :)
There wasn't one, but I added it. =)
Hey mods! So, I noticed something when I was posting a topic and trying to figure out my tags. The tag for possessive!Castiel is misspelled. You have it as 'posseessive!Castiel'. Not sure if this is where I let you guys know, but I thought I'd point it out.
Yikes! I just made that tag the other day, lol. Thank you for letting me know, I'll fix it.


6 years ago

Hi all!
I'm new here and I'd like to search for a fic, but I can't seem to find a Link or anything to go to the page where I can post a request? (It's probably a dumb question and totally my fault), but where can I search?

Its on the profile page of the journal. Click on the symbol up on top of this post where it says spnstoryfinders, its yellow and red and before. The word. When you get to the profile, on the right it says "post an entry" "send a message etc.
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