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Fic Recs

Im going through Cas/Dean fics by genre and at the moment Im looking for 3 type of recs

1. Any fic where Dean is Micheal, not a vessel but the actual archangel whether fallen or otherwise

2. Fics where Dean has wings, dont care if he's a demon, angel or creature, I just really want to see him and Cas interacting using their wings

3. Crossovers with his dark materials. I'd love to see Dean and Cas's daemons in love

Dean/Cas or Jensen/Misha only and please no wincest

Thanks in advance
Tags: abilities: powers!dean, abilities: powers!jensen, altered: demon!dean, creature/changed!boys, crossover: his dark materials, genre: wing!fic, pairing: dean/castiel, pairing: jensen/misha
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