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J2 ; Jensen/Misha fanfics


Hello! Curently I'm in a mood for something good to read ^^ I would like read some amazing fics :) Not long ago I have read a fic called "The Doors of Time" and I woul loooooooooove if someone would recomend me something as good as that fic.It could be something with the classical musc,with Jensen with problems from the past,or just with amazingly written stuff^^ It could be eather with J2 or Misha/Jensen. I'm also searching for fics:

1)Kidnapped Jensen

2) Something with protective and posessive Jared or Misha

3) Sam,Dean,Castiel fighting with Alastair
4) I would alos like to read something with Jensen having some magic powers (I prefer Jensen but It can be Jared or Misha ^^) Maybe some similar powers as in "The Doors of Time",not some kind of superhero.

5) Maybe also something adorable and funny with J2 being sick and with Misha taking care of them ( or someone else)

6) Please also recomend me something hearbreaking  to cry,but not too long.Could be a death fic too.

7) Some hypothermic fics

8) and the last one.I'm looking for some fanvids :DIt could be some vids for fics or whatever :)

Tags: !videos, abilities: powers!jared, abilities: powers!jensen, affliction: crying, affliction: hurt!jensen, affliction: hypothermia, affliction: kidnapped!jensen, affliction: sick!jared, affliction: sick!jensen, attribute: adorable!jensen, attribute: protective!jared, character: castiel, character: dean, character: sam, genre: death!fic, genre: hugging, genre: hurt/comfort, genre: tearjerker, genre: weather, kink: threesome, pairing: dean/castiel, pairing: jared/jensen, pairing: jensen/misha, position (sex): bottom!jensen
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