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I'm looking for any werecat or "big cat" shifting boys. Lions, tigers, panthers, anything but house/domestic cats. RPS, SPN, GEN, doesn't matter. Any pairing, any character, no pairing, whichever. I have already read Let Not the Sun Go Down by lexicale (which is a really really extremely good you-must-go-read-this-now fic), this fic made me dream werecat boys, so I obviously need more :D Also read Purrrfect Mate by Cas (virtualpersonal ) and Fetish (deans_fetish ) and A Unexpected Turing by vivhasarifle (WIP), and Instinct by highermagic .

All ratings, any characters/pairings, self recs and WIPs welcome. I didn't see a thread in the nonhuman tag for werecats, but if someone knows of a thread, link would be awesome :)

FOUND: I'm hoping for more but some awesome people rec'ed these fics:

The Mountain's King (WIP, J2, werecat!jensen and werecat!jared)
Sacrifice of the Heart and sequel Heart of the City (GEN, werecat!dean)
Special Way We Fuck and sequel Between You and Me (J2, werecat!jensen, werewolf!jared)
Tags: creature: not human, genre: au, pairing: dean/sam, pairing: jared/jensen
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