childlike_pearl (childlike_pearl) wrote in spnstoryfinders,

specific sam/dean fic-truth curse

i'm awful at this-sigh. so yet another story i cant remember the title or author of.
wincest, set mid to late season 2. sam and dean in an established relationship, maybe about 5000 words? not a lot longer.
dean gets cursed by an old native american wise woman and can't lie, or stop talking really, sam thinks its pretty funny, turns out he has a crush on reo speedwagon's bassist or drummer or something, and uses sams toothbrush and tells sam he loves him while eating mashed potatoes. sam likes it coz he thinks dean doesn't open up to him enough, but then realises he does in his own way, and he's just as bad anyway.
it gets a little nc17, i guess thats the rating, at the end, when sam realises that for the last few hours deans been cured but been telling him everything anyway.
they're in the mid west? somewhere flat, sam says kerouac country, and the motel room is western themed with a judgemental buffalo head on the wall.
it is NOT 'Verbal' by big pink, although they are very similar
thankyou so much
Tags: affliction: cursed, character: dean, character: sam, genre: slash, pairing: dean/sam, point of view: sam winchester
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