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1 Specific Fic (FOUND) + General Hurt!Jensen Search


So, I vaguely remember reading this fic a while ago and I totally forgot to bookmark it! I seem to remember that, for whatever reason, Jensen was really down about something and Jared was trying to get him better? There was one specific part in which Jared went away on a trip and Jensen cut his arm and didn't leave his bed for a few days. Jared had to go check on him and there was lots of panicking and drama. I'm pretty sure that he even stayed in a mental hospital for a while. And I think that Jensen's parents wanted to bring him home to look after him, but he wanted to stay with Jared.

In addition, any fics similar to this would be equally awesome! I've read a lot of hurt!Jensen over the past few months and I'm struggling to find new ones, but hopefully you guys will have something. I'm not picky - 'hurt' covers a wide range of things, but if we could try to avoid WIPs, that'd be brilliant. And either J2 or Cockles if possible please. 

I hope you guys can help me out. Thanks in advance!
Tags: affliction: hurt!jensen, pairing: jared/jensen, pairing: jensen/misha
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