RosaLui (rosalui) wrote in spnstoryfinders,

Fic Search!


1) Are there any fics about Sam and Dean's (or John's) reputation in the hunter community? We know that everyone knew (and had a few fights with) John, and knew he had kids raised in the life. We see in various parts of Season 5 that word had spread about their being responsible for the Apocalypse - but just as interesting was the comment that 'you just killed his brother, do you really want Dean Winchester to come after you?' I'd really love to read anything that mentions what the community thinks of our Winchesters. :D

2) Any fics, AU or canon, from the perspective of Sam's friends... on Dean? So that's the infamous brother or WTF he actually has family or But Sam is so clean-cut, who the fuck is this guy or whatever. >.>;

3) Anything like Red by big_pink?

A bazillion thanks in advance!

Tags: character: dean, character: john, character: sam, genre: gen - no pairing, point of view: outsider
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