deethy (deethy) wrote in spnstoryfinders,

found: dean-centric, supernatural crossover fic

I'm looking for a specific crossover fic I read a few years ago (this came out around season 3 of SPN). For the life of me I can't remember what fandom SPN was crossed over with, but I do remember it was some kind of crime drama. Dean lets himself be captured by this team- it might have been FBI, so Sam doesn't have to be. Throughout the fic Dean is interviewed/interrogated by different members of this team- one of them is a psychologist/therapist/behavioral specialist of some sort, another was a girl- Dean might have called her Daisy? They actually end up getting attached to Dean, who at the time believes he's going to die and go to hell. I remember specific scenes from the fic- Ellen pretends to be Dean's wife so she can visit him, Dean helps one of the members of the team correct their stance while shooting a gun, towards the end Dean gets shot while being taken to court and dies in the therapist's arms while telling him he can "hear the hounds coming." Dean eventually gets resurrected and calls to tell them he's alive. I originally read it on I'm sorry my memories of the fic are so fuzzy, but hopefully someone can help me out!
Tags: !specific fic, character: dean, crossover
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