Son of a bitch! (syngates_guitar) wrote in spnstoryfinders,
Son of a bitch!

wincest, terribly unrequited destiel

Alright so I'm in that sorta mood where I want some really heavy wincest. I found a new love for unrequited destiel where Dean leaves Cas hanging in favor of banging his little brother heh. That being said, I'd like some fics where Sam and Dean are together together and Castiel has this massive thing for Dean but Dean turns him down preferably brutally because he's in love with his brother. The wincest can either be pre-established or they're now figuring out their feelings. Also preferably bottom!Sam but bottom!Dean is loved too. If anyone could rec any fics like that, I'd be eternally grateful. :)
Tags: character: castiel, pairing: dean/sam, position (sex): bottom!dean, position (sex): bottom!sam
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