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Sam/Jared Being Hot But Oblivious

Hey guys!

This time I'd love any stories you have where Sam/Jared is beautiful, just stunning, and everyone knows it but him. Maybe he thinks he's ugly, or he could just never really think about his own looks. It'd be awesome if it was the main point/one of the main points of the story, but something as vague as an errant comment at a bar would be fine too.

I'd really love it if somebody were able to convince him of his beauty in the end, but it's definitely not crucial.

I ship most everything, and I'll take anything as long as it's bottom!Sam/Jared!

It can be set in Canon, a complete AU, or whatever else you can get, I'm not too picky:)

Thanks for the help!
Tags: attribute: pretty!boys, character: sam, person: jared padalecki
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