Alleonh (alleonh) wrote in spnstoryfinders,

iso height!fic and Raisedyoufromperdition!fics

Evening all,
I'm now fully in love with this community since my last post gave me so many jewels to read. So I'm back for more!!

I'm looking for two types of fics now::

1) Height!Fics
More specifically, one-shots or drabbles where Dean realizes that Sam is taller than him. Just some pre-series musings where it hits Dean that, as Sammy is looking up to him.... he's actually looking down at him. Gen/No Slash please.

2) Stories/One-Shots that show the battle and subsequent rescue of Dean from Hell. I'm re-watching the 4th season right now, and would like to read some takes on just how that went down, the desperation of the Angels to reach him in time, the agony of not doing just that, etc. I'd prefer Gen, but I know this will probably be a majority Destiel fic type. So I'm okay with that, just so it's more "blink and you miss it" slash and not "Castiel got his groove on with Hell-boy" slash. I'm also a bit interested in why Dean remembered everything about Hell except his rescue....

Thanks for the help!!!!
Tags: affliction: hurt!dean, character: castiel, character: dean, character: sam, ep: 04x01 lazarus rising
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