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Drug fic, and Dean Coming Out/Big Gay Freakout

Ok, so I'm looking for two kinds of fics:

1. A drug fic where someone, preferably Dean, smokes weed. I've seen a lot of drug fics that are super angsty and dark but I really want one where they just get goofy and dumb. Can be Dean, Sam, Cas, or really any side character (Bobby or Garth would be hilarious), Destiel would be awesome, and no Wincest, RPF, or WIPs.

2. I've seen a lot of Dean coming out fics that involve specifically John but I was really hoping to find one that focused on Dean's interactions with other characters either after he's come out or while he's having his big gay freakout. I'm thinking characters like Benny, Becky, Jodie, Kevin, Garth, Charlie, Rufus, Pastor Jim, Joe, Ellen, Ash, or Adam (uh... pretty much any side character). The reactions can be positive or negative. Destiel would be cool or Dean/OMC, no Wincest, RPF, or WIPs.
Tags: genre: crack/comedy, genre: happy fic, genre: humor, genre: orientation discovery, pairing: dean/castiel, pairing: dean/omc, warning: drugs, warning: homophobia
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