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Two specific and one general request

I have a long international flight ahead of me in a few days and was hoping to stock pile some stories to read.  There are two I have been looking for but can't find.

1.  A Weechester story where the boys had a fort in the woods they liked to play in.  They were fairly young, Dean still played like a child but I think he was eleven or twelve.  John abuses Dean only but not Sam.  At the end of the story, I think John makes Dean destroy the fort but maybe he just makes them leave it.

2.  Sam has a Special kid dream about his past and sees a bunch of things Dean has done for him.  He sees Dean taking care of him and making him a sandwich with the last of the bread and I think rice.  CPS shows up and Dean makes Sam think they are playing hide and seek.  Dean breaks up with his girlfriend so he can stay home and watch Sam because John doesn't want him to be alone, and he takes a punishment of extra PT so Sam can play soccer.

3.  Finally any generic Weechester or preseries stories that focus on John and Dean.  I'm looking for a depiction of their relationship as complex not with John as a complete super villain or a sweetly loving father.  One thing I really liked about their relationship in the early and mid part of the show was that John was an ass and was rotten to Dean but Dean still loved him because he knew there was good and he was afraid of life without him.  The stories can be about Dean waiting for John to come home and taking care of Sam or John can be present but basically anything that realistically tackles how they feel about each other.

No slash or Brotherhood AU, please.

Thank you for your help. 
Tags: !specific fic, character: dean, character: john, genre: wee!chesters, warning: abused!dean (physical)
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