madd_x (madd_x) wrote in spnstoryfinders,

J2 roommates fic, pranking each other - update: FOUND!

Hi guys!

This is what I remember:

- Jared and Jensen are friends
- they are roommates (though I'm not sure if they're in college or not)
- they are not a couple/don't have a stablished relationship yet
- they are pulling pranks at each other for some reason
- one of them jerks off in the shower
- when the other jared/jensen finds the mess in the shower jared/jensen puts Viagra in the jared/jensen coffee
- jared/jensen spends all day with a boner and makes the other "take care of it"
*dont remember which one of them did what

Pleeeease help me! 
Tags: !specific fic, genre: humor, genre: roommates, pairing: jared/jensen
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