phastphish22 (phastphish22) wrote in spnstoryfinders,

Two Specific Fics: Permanently brain damaged Dean, Hawaii 5-0 Crossover

Hi All,

I am looking for two specific fics

1. Dean was hit by a car when he was young (driven by a possessed human) and now has permanent brain damage, with intermittent seizures and difficulty using one side of his body. When Sam gets into Stanford, he decides to take Dean with him and away from John. The fic is about them settling in at Stanford, finding Dean a job working with cars, meeting Jessica.

2. This is a Hawaii 5-0 crossover with Gabriel/Danny. In it, Gabriel is a slave who is inherited by Danny from his grandma (I think). Danny has 2 kids and Gabriel helps care for them. There is a persistent threat from one of Gabriel's old owners.

Thanks in advance!!
Tags: affliction: hurt!dean, affliction: seizures, character: dean, crossover: hawaii five-0, stanford, warning: slavery
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